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Wrought Iron And Ornamental Steel Gates

Wrought Iron Fence DIY Installation

Universally across the fencing industry gates fall into two main categories. There are walk gates and double gates. Sometimes walk gates are referred to as man gates. A walk gate is a single panel, called a gate leaf. Double gates will have two gate leafs however. Estate gates are another category. Homes and businesses use estate gates for fencing over driveways.

What Is Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fencing is metal fence, constructed from solid iron components. Sometimes mispronounced as rod iron. Every part of a wrought iron fencing is custom. Crafted by master craftsmen, then welded together. Wrought iron fencing is not commercially manufactured. It isnt sold by the section. You cant find it in a catalogue or brochure. True wrought iron fence is custom made for a specific application. Because of this, costs associated with building wrought iron fencing are costly. If you are looking for the longest lasting, one of a kind fence, then a wrought iron fence is for you. If you are looking for a fence that looks like wrought iron, made from steel, and is readily available, then you are looking for an ornamental steel fence.

Installing Utah Wrought Iron Fences

Installing a wrought iron fence in Utah is a simple and straightforward as any other type of fencing material.

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we provide fast, professional installation services for all of your projects, with a full ten-year labor guarantee and a lifetime warranty on fence materials.

You can use the Utah Fence Warehouse analysis tool to help plan and customize your project, or contact us for a complimentary in-home estimate.

If you prefer to install your fence yourself, the tools you need can be rented from Utah Fence Warehouse free of charge. We offer trailers to transport your materials and accessories, as well as the equipment you need to do the job right.

As for accessories and decorative elements, we are the local go-to choice there too.

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Wrought Iron Metal Fence Styles

Puppy Panel Wrought Iron Fence

To keep your furry friend from escaping, a puppy panel can be installed along the bottom of any wrought iron fence. The panels are closer together, but cut short, to add an element of style to your fence while effectively securing your pets.

Wrought iron fence panel options are endless. Variables include picket heights, finials, additional rails, and lighting. Talk to your Fence Fanatics consultant for more information.

Traditional Wrought Iron Fence

The most economical wrought iron fences are 6 ft. panels with two rails and even pickets. These fences are installed into posts with welds or brackets for a quick, durable, clean finish.

Were eager to engage with you on any design you have in mind. Use the link below to schedule your estimate.

On The Expensive Side

Wrought iron fence with 4x4 wood posts, black caps,

With great durability comes great cost, which is why wrought iron fences are typically on the expensive side. Whereas wood fences cost about $3.00 per linear foot, wrought iron fences usually cost $25.00 per linear foot. The payoff, of course, is that wrought iron fences will last much longer than the alternatives.

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Average Cost Of Metal Fences

In terms of cost, wrought iron tends to lean more toward the pricy end. As of 2022, wrought iron may cost as much as $24 to $34 per foot for the material alone. However, given that a wrought iron fence isnt likely to need replacement any time soonor even all that much maintenancethat investment could well be worth it.

Which Height Do I Need

Our Stronghold Iron fence is available in several different heights for a variety of different projects. Not all of our styles are offered in the same heights, so be sure to check which heights are listed for the style youve chosen

Not sure which height to choose? Check out our video to see a comparison of the 4 most common fence heights.

What iron fence heights do you offer?

Our Classic style Stronghold Iron Fence panels are 8ft wide and available in:

  • 3ft Tall Fence Panel Height
  • 4ft Tall Fence Panel Height
  • 5ft Tall Fence Panel Height
  • 6ft Tall Fence Panel Height

Our Pool style Stronghold Iron Fence panels are 8ft wide and available in only a 50″ height to satisfy pool code.

We can also make custom heights for you. See the Custom Designs section of the site for more details on custom fence heights.

Do you offer iron gates that match the fence?

We carry walk gates that match all of our Stronghold Iron Classic fence panel heights. The matching walk gates are available in a:

  • 4ft Single Gate Width*
  • 5ft Single Gate Width
  • 6ft Single Gate Width
  • 8ft Double Gate Width
  • 10ft Double Gate Width
  • 12ft Double Gate Width

Our Pool style of iron fence offers a more limited selection of gates sizes coming only in a 4ft wide single and 8ft wide double gate configuration.

We also carry a full array of hinge and latch options for all gates. Ask your Iron Fence Shop salesperson for options that would best work for your application.

How do I get a price quote for my iron fence project?

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Sports Complexes And Arenas

Sports complexes are popular places to find wrought iron fences. The extra strength keeps fans from entering without a ticket. Sports complexes are one of a kind. So its no coincidence the fences that surround them are too. Some complexes do have ornamental steel fences. But the professional stadiums and arenas almost always have wrought iron.

What Is Ornamental Steel Fence

Amazing!! 50 Best Wood & Wrought Iron Fence

Ornamental steel is a fence that looks like wrought iron fencing. However, made from steel not iron. Whats the difference? Iron comes straight from the earth. Steel is a combination of iron and other manmade components. Unlike wrought iron fence, ornamental steel fence uses hollow steel tubes, manufactured by a machine. As a result, making ornamental steel fence more affordable and more readily available.

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Cost Of Wrought Iron Fencing By Location

Unlike wood fences, the cost of materials for a wrought iron fence doesnt vary too much based on where you live. Thats not to say, though, that the same national average prices apply to everywhere in the country. Even if the material costs are consistent, the labor costs arent.

In a small town, fence installers will most likely charge a lower rate per work-hour than in a big city. Alternatively, small businesses with fewer customers might charge more than large companies that have more sources of revenue.

Remember that where you live and the specific contractor you hire are significant factors in pricing for a wrought iron fence. Dont be surprised if your local costs are different from the national averages given here.

Mion Wrought Iron Fences In Toronto Mississauga Brampton Milton And Oakville

Fortify your property with durable wrought iron fences in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Milton and Oakville. Mion Wrought Iron Fences creates custom-designed fences, gates and railings for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our range of wrought iron services extends beyond fabricating wrought iron fences we also service automatic gate openers and perform port hole drilling.

Our team of contractors are artists adept at fabricating intricate metalwork using wrought iron. From fences, gates, railings and more, we design, build and service your wrought iron products in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Milton and Oakville. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a consultation and receive a free estimate.

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Benefits And Drawbacks Of Wooden Fences

At the outset, wooden fences are less expensive than metal fences, although your price could skyrocket depending on the type of wood you select. Fortunately, you can purchase reliable and attractive wooden fencing with less expensive wood. Wood fencing is also less expensive to install than metal fencing.

Because wood is vulnerable to rot, you must protect it with a sealant. But youll need to reapply a protective coating every few years to increase its longevity. Even with regular upkeep, a wooden fence will not last as long as a metal fence.

If youre opting for privacy, wooden fencing is a good choice. Although you can find metal fencing options that are good for privacy, there are few design choices that would be appropriate for a residence rather than a business.

Are Metal Fences A Better Value Than Wooden Fences

Iron &  Redwood Gate in 2020

As with anything you purchase, the value you assign to it will depend on a multitude of factors. How much you need to spend at the outset versus how much time and effort youll need to maintain a fence should be one thing to consider when youre deciding on which material to invest in. Youll also need to think about how well the material will hold up to the environment. And, of course, your decision will also take into account your personal design aesthetic.

So, in the interest of helping you make a decision, here are the facts about metal and wooden fences.

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Why Would You Need To Attach Wood To A Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fences and gates provide a very aesthetically pleasing addition to your propertys boundary. However, theyre often quite open and this can be problematic when it comes to having private and secure property.

People can easily see through the fence and climbing over it is super simple as it almost serves as a climbing frame.

But by attaching a piece of wood to the fence or gate, you immediately improve the security and your property will be given some much-needed privacy.

Metal Fencing: Bottom Line

With both aluminum and steel fencing, youll be able to customize your fence design, especially if you prefer ornamental aluminum or ornamental iron fencing. However, many people prefer the look of ornamental iron fencing to its aluminum counterpart, as galvanized steel resembles real wrought iron fencing at a much better price.

Both aluminum and steel will require periodic upkeep. Aluminum will be cheaper to purchase and install, but steel is stronger and more secure. If you prioritize security, steel is a better option. Ultimately, your decision to go with aluminum versus steel will depend on your budget, your reasons for installing a fence, and how much you value the overall look and aesthetic of the different materials.

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Assemble The Fence With The Nails

The first step in assembling your new wrought iron fence is to take down the old one. Next, measure and mark where the posts will go in the ground. Anchor each post with a washer and nut using a hammer and screwdriver.

Place wire mesh around each post before nailing it into the ground. Drive screws through the mesh and into the posts, then attach fencing panels to each end of the posts. Before painting or sealing your fence, be sure to brush away any dirt or dust from the surface of the wood.

You can now enjoy your beautiful new fence.

Fencing Styles And Designs

Fake wrought iron fence tutorial

Beyond fencing materials and functions, fences also come in a nearly endless number of styles. After youve determined the purpose of your fence and the material that you want to use, your next major consideration is the style. Each of the following styles will work in a variety of aesthetic settings, with various goals for your outdoor space.

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What About Residential Applications

Unless you have an unlimited budget for your fencing needs, wrought iron fencing is probably going to be out. Some people do choose ornamental steel for residential applications. However, aluminum fence is far more popular. The added strength ornamental steel fence provides is overkill for most residential projects. Not to mention it costs more. Therefore people tend to stay with aluminum. However, manufacturers do make ornamental steel fence in residential grades. Because steel is stronger than aluminum the sections are wider. The sections are 8 long for ornamental steel fence. Aluminum fence has 6 wide sections. Ornamental steel fence sections attach to the posts with a post strap or bracket. Therefore, they are removable. The 8 wide section provides enough room for a bobcat or small excavator to gain access. Eliminating the need to add a costly double gate you may never use.

The Great Debate: Wood Vs Metal Fencing

With all of the care that goes into creating a beautiful outdoor living spacefrom weekly lawn mowing to dirt stained jeans from hours spent kneeling in flower bedsreplacing your homes outdated fencing can often go on the someday list. But doesnt the system that encircles your sanctuary deserve some attention?

This frequently overlooked outdoor component not only serves as a safety measure to contain pets and small feet, but also as a design feature that can elevate your homes curb appeal. All you need is a little imagination and the right material to create a thoughtful boundary.

While there are a number of fencing options from which to select, the industrys great debate centers on wood vs. metal fencing. Wood has been a longstanding favorite with its low upfront cost and natural charm, but the once white picket fence Americana is evolving as the modern housing era takes root. Metal fencing, by comparison, is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. The once rigid, hard-to-install material has been replaced with easily adjustable, virtually maintenance free solutions. These fencing lines make it possible to economically bring the clean lines and upscale aesthetic of metal fencing to traditional and modern homes alike.

Since each type of fencing has its advantages, how do you decide which material will best safeguard your property in style? Take a look below at how the two materials compare.





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Wrought Iron Fencing Styles

As we already discussed, wrought iron fences are one of a kind works of art. Therefore, built to whatever style you want. A simple design may only have 2 horizontal rails welded to the tops and bottoms of square pickets. On the other hand, a complex design may have 4 rails with turned pickets, including scrolls and finials. The point is, there are no standard styles. As result, you get to design what you want.

Wrought Iron Fencing Installation

Wooden Driveway Gate Kit Wrought Iron Horizontal Ironwood

There are a couple ways to install wrought iron fencing. The first method has the fence sections hanging between posts. First, a hole is dug into the ground. Next, a post is set in a concrete footer, then allowed time to dry. Last, the wrought iron fence section is either welded or bolted to the post. The second method requires a poured concrete footer or wall. During fabrication, the fence sections have angled supports welded to them. The supports are bolted down to the concrete wall or footer. Supports could be a little heavier dimension then the rest of the fence. However, in this method, posts are not used. Brick piers or columns incorporated into the fence line are common. Ends and corners are popular place to find them. Sometimes, the wrought iron sections will be bolted to the pier with a bracket or wall mount.

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Ornamental Steel Fence Installation

Posts are set first for ornamental steel fence. The manufacture will specify at what distance. Concrete should be allowed time to dry before installing the sections. Once dry, the sections will hang between the posts. This is done using a post strap or fence bracket. For high security fences, a tamperproof bracket is available. This prevents a section of fence from being removed. The ability to rack a section is an advantage ornamental steel has over wrought iron fencing. This allows the height of the fence to follow uneven grades better. Ornamental steel fence is easy to assemble and install. As a result, many homeowners tackle installation without any problems.

Attaching Wood To Wrought Iron Fence

In order to successfully attach wood to wrought iron, you will need to drill into the metal. Lets imagine we have a wrought iron fence that we want to attach a sheet of wood to for added security or privacy. Fortunately, the wood should sit flush against the metal and all youll need to do is secure it.

Before putting the wood onto the iron fence, you will likely need to shape it. You can do this by using a jigsaw just dont forget to take accurate measurements so your final piece lines up perfectly with the fence.

While wrought iron is a tough material, you can certainly drill through it provided you can the right drill bit. A good quality metal bit should be up for the challenge but not all will work well.

You see, there are some drill bits that claim to be designed for use with metal but that will quickly go dull when you use them for wrought iron.

Instead of just a general-purpose metal bit, youll need to go for something stronger like one that is made from a cobalt alloy. Now, you will have to pay more for these but theyll do the job much more easily and without causing damage to the wrought iron. Do keep in mind that they must be kept sharp if you want them to perform properly.

Now you have got the right equipment for the job, you can drill your hole and once you have made the holes, you can screw the wood into place.

If youre attached wood to a wrought iron gate then it might be worth reinforcing the hinges just to give yourself that added bit of peace of mind.

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