Wooden Shipping Crates For Sale

Custom Crate & Dunnage Solutions

Wooden Shipping Crates for sale
  • SnapCrates in-house engineering team is able to design custom shipping crate sizes and packaging dunnage to protect your specific product.
  • SnapCrate offers CNC and thermal vacuum forming abilities to utilize packing materials such as foam, wood, plastic and steel.
  • A SnapCrate can be customized to your hearts content! We have the ability to add hinges, latches, casters, shelves

Exceptionally Strong Support For Heavy Loads

Oftentimes oversized or heavy and awkward items cant be adequately protected by regular corrugated cardboard packaging and are in need of sturdier containers for a safe, secure shipping process. These goods require more reliable safety measures that can be found in custom-designed crates, boxes, or wooden shipping containers.

Our Denver custom crating and shipping specialists choose from a variety of shipping options, basing their decision on the needs of the item being shipped. These needs may include the items load weight, dimensions, value, and other characteristics necessary to make an educated determination regarding their packaging, crating, and shipment requirements.

However, we understand that it takes much more than just the container itself to ensure a safe, successful shipping experience. This is why we are well versed in providing the perfect internal wood structures to match. Some of these structures include load-bearing members, saddles, cushioning, and other supports as needed.

Fully Tailored Wood Crating Solutions

In-depth knowledge of container styles, internal blocking and bracing structures, and securement methods is essential to the safe shipment of any item. We help you find the ideal enclosure for your items, capitalizing on our extensive expertise in:

Our custom shipping containers are tried and true and our Denver Craters & Freighters specialists know exactly how to get your valuables where theyre going, no matter how fragile, sensitive, oversized, or hazardous. We work with an array of clientele and businesses who trust us to get their belongings where they need to be quickly and smartly. Our custom wooden shipping crates and boxes are built to offer the personal support and security your item needs.

We know that a one-size-fits-all crating solution will never work. In order to gain the utmost protection, our crates need to match the size and shape of the specific item its being built for. This is the only way to provide the necessary safety throughout the unpredictable shipping process.

We have comprehensive shipping services, technology, logistic teams, and skills that make any shipping project run smoothly, providing peace of mind and accountability. Call us to learn more about how Crater & Freighters Denver can reliably get your items packaged and shipped just about anywhere in the world.

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Are You Wooden Crates Ispm 15 Compliant

All of our wooden crates are heat-treated to ensure ISPM 15 compliancy in our on-site drying kiln. Having the ability to heat-treat our shipping boxes on-site allows us to prepare large custom wooden cases for shipping quickly, giving our clients the most efficient service possible.

Were one of only a few UK based companies with this capability and are fully authorised by the National Plant Protection Organisation who assess us twice a year to ensure that our standards remain high. Any and all of our products can be made ISPM 15 compliant if necessary you just need to ask.

Get in touch with us using the contact form or call us on 01642 224092 to find out how we can help you today.

How Much Does A Wooden Crate Cost

Wooden Shipping Crates for sale in UK

The cost of wooden crates varies depending on the size, material and quantity that you order. Whilst its possible to find cheap used wooden crates for sale online, its not possible to guarantee the quality of these products, and they also will likely not be suitable for shipping internationally. Ordering custom wooden crates, made-to-order, guarantees a quality product that you can feel comfortable shipping your items in.

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Do You Stock Any Standard Wooden Crates

All our wooden crates are built to order, so we rarely have spare items in stock. In some cases we may have surplus wooden cases leftover from previous projects, however, these might not suit your needs. Its best to contact us online or give us a call to enquire further, as we may be able to help you in another way.

Crates Vs Freight Boxes Vs Pallets

The right shipping methods and materials vary based on what youâre shipping and where itâs going. While crates described above may be the right choice, you might need other materials like freight boxes or pallets.

Freight box

A freight box, also called a bulk bin, is a container made of cardboard, wood, plastic, or metal thatâs usually attached to a pallet. Get information about using freight boxes for shipments.


A pallet is a platform for stacking items, cartons, or boxes and banding them into a unitized load for increased security and stability. Get information about using pallets for shipments.

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Custom Made Boxes And Crates

Kamps Pallets creates custom wooden shipping container designs to meet the individual needs of your business.

Our experts will work closely with your team, to create small boxes or large crates that will optimize the shipping process of your products.

We work hard to meet the precise demands of shipping requirements to help optimize your packaging process. And when its all said and done, our reverse logistics capabilities will gather your boxes and crates and bring them back for re-use.

Excellent Support & Safety

Wooden containers create superior support and safety for your products by creating a barrier of protection that otherwise is not there with standards pallets.

Asset Protection Via Reverse Logistics

Once your product has arrived to its final destination, our reverse logistics experts will pick up your boxes and crates and return them to your facilities for re-use.

Tailor-Made, Unique, Designs

Kamps uses trim pieces, and other material that may be considered wood waste, to engineer additional shipping materials and give your boxes and crates a truly unique, tailor-made, design.

Common Freight Items By Weight

Standard Wood Crates

Here are some examples of freight items that are commonly shipped in crates.

  • 0â500 lbs. Car transmissions, lawn equipment

0â500 lbs.

  • 500â800 lbs. Commercial cooking equipment, appliances

500â800 lbs.

  • 800â1,000 lbs. Construction material, travertine tile

800â1,000 lbs.

Construction material, travertine tile

Need more help deciding on the right crate?

FedEx doesnât sell plastic, metal, or wood crates, but our customer service team can give you guidance when youâre trying to decide which type is right for you.

  • For FedEx Freight® , call 1.866.393.4585.
  • For FedEx Express® Freight , call 1.800.332.0807.

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Shipping Crates And Wooden Crates

Barnes & Woodhouse specialise in manufacturing individual and standard sized shipping crates from a variety of materials including sterling board, plywood dressed board and sawn timber. Many of the timber crates that we produce are used for the shipment of heavy equipment and can be custom-built for this purpose.

There’s No Such Thing As A Standard Crate

Thats why we custom-engineer every crate we build from the inside out based on the size, shape, weight, and shipping requirements of its contents. With Computer Assisted Design at no extra cost. With all ISPM 15 Heat Treatment Certified lumber. With all the hinges, hasps, caster wheels, ramps, gussets, forklift runners, partitions tiedowns, shock-control systems, padding and other hardware installed, so you dont have to. With extra-ruggedized construction for mil-spec requirements. With on-site assembly when you need it. And with a commitment to meeting your tightest deadlines, even if it means working nights and weekends. Weve built crates for Americas largest piano, Ripleys Believe It Or Not statues, air-droppable AK-47 rifles, motor racing teams, and other very satisfied customers. So give us a call to tell us your crating problem. Within 12 hours, well give you a quote for just the right crate to solve it.

Well custom-engineer your crates with Computer Assisted Design at no added cost.

Well work nights and weekends to fill your rush orders on time.

All the lumber we use is ISPM 15 Heat Treatment Certified, so you can ship to anywhere in the world.

Well ship your loaded trade show crates with unionized carriers, to make sure the venues union crews unload them first. And your military crates with American carriers and drivers, so theyll be allowed into military installations.

Well tell you exactly what your crate weighs, so you never have to guess.

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Wooden Shipping & Packing Crates For Sale

We produce wooden crates which are suitable for shipping in a huge range of sizes, but can also offer you tailor-made solutions for that particular item youre packing. All of our heat treated wood is ISPM 15 certified so is safe to ship abroad if youre unsure of what you need, just get in touch with us. Whether you need boxes for jewellery or to ship a piano, we can find you the right crate.

Thinking Inside The Box

Wooden Shipping Crates for sale in UK

Another factor we address is how to secure the item within the crate or box, or onto a skid or pallet. Bolting, blocking, bracing, and steel strapping are just some of the options we use. When items are shipped in one of our high-quality custom shipping containers, we select the appropriate securing methods and incorporate them into the design and manufacturing from the very beginning of the customized process.

Because of our vast packaging and shipping experience, our Denver wooden crating team will tailor your shipping crate to whatever your item is, wherever your items going. We can ensure that your specific container will possess the treated wood needed for international shipping, meeting all codes and regulations for an efficient entry into the final destination.

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Specialist Shipping Crate Experts

Determined to continually provide our customers with robust, affordable bespoke shipping crates, were proud ISPM 15 specialists with over 50 years of experience in building packing cases, wooden pallets and shipping crates across the United Kingdom.

As members of the Timcon federation, were able to offer shipping crates with the latest technology as were experts in housing your items in the most reliable heated treated wooden shipping crates. As the North of Englands leading shipping crate specialist, we relish the challenge of creating bespoke items for specific purposes, so please dont hesitate to get in touch no matter the item you need shipped.

How To Construct A Crate For A Large Shipment

A well-built, quality crate can protect high-value and fragile items like furniture, automotive parts, motorcycles, or other big or bulky products during transit. Here are some good general guidelines for constructing wooden shipping crates.

Use quality lumber. Avoid oriented strand board , medium-density fiberboard , and particleboard.

Choose wood with as few knots as possible, and donât anchor fasteners into knots or other defective areas in the plywood.

Use diagonal braces on each panel to increase the crateâs strength and integrity.

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Shipping Crates For Sale

Information Needed For Custom Crate OrdersThe Pallet Guys-Houston offers custom made crates which are designed for you, and meet the exact requirements of your products. When youre ordering custom crates, we will need to take some information about the products youll be shipping, to make sure we get the correct specifications for you. Give us a call or drop us a line via the contact page, to get started.We need the following information to create a custom crate:

  • Crate style type Wyman or Plywood
  • Inside measurements length, width and height
  • Weight requirements
  • Heat treated or not
  • Quantity of crates needed

Why We Ask About The Contents Of Your CratesWe ask you to tell us a bit about the contents of the crates the type of product, the packaging used and so on, so we can assess the right crate type for you. If youre shipping a particularly sensitive product we may need to use additional foam or dampener to protect it from shock and vibration, for example. We also need to know the weight requirements to ensure that the style and design selected will meet the needs of the product, and be strong enough to keep your goods safe during transit.

Should I Order By The Inside Dimensions Or Outside Dimensions Of The Box I Need

Heavy Duty Wood Crates

Ordering using the inside dimensions is the industry standard for defining shipping crate dimensions. Shipping crates are built to transport a specific item or set of items, therefore box designs are based on having the right amount of space around that certain item. However, in cases where a box will be used for storage or will be transported in a fixed space the outside dimensions can be specified to ensure that those restrictions are adhered to. Its important to specify when you are using the outside dimensions in these cases when ordering your shipping crates.

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Who Are Our Wooden Crates For

  • Export/Import businesses in need of any number of high-quality wooden crates.
  • British businesses looking for a reliable established crate manufacturer with decades of experience.
  • Manufacturers or large-scale businesses moving operations overseas.
  • Ordinary people looking for everyday storage solutions.

Tips For Ordering Your Sharkcrates

All wood crates and pallets are ISPM-15 certified and export ready

Crates ship with hardware already attached, which means you can’t lose it

Assembly takes about 3-5 minutes

SharkCrates can be stacked up to 8x high for shipment – Saves money on freight!

SharkCrates ship and store flat, saving warehouse cost and floor space

Most standard crates ship within 48 hours


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Over 50 Years Of Manufacturing

As a nationally established business with over 50 years of successful trading under our belts, we understand the value of good business relationships. From the first enquiry to the final invoice, we pride ourselves on our efficient processes that have been refined with hard work and dedication. Although our wooden crates might seem like simple products, we know that businesses rely on their construction to do what they do best which is why every new crate we produce is of the same, consistently high-quality as the last.

We deal in all sizes and volumes, so give us a call on 01642 224092 or send us a message to get a quote for your order of wooden packing crates.

Answers To Your Questions About Crate Shipping

Wooden Shipping Crates for sale in UK

Prices vary depending on their size, what theyâre made of, whether theyâre custom built, and the quality of the construction. If you need help choosing one thatâs right for your product, company, and transit scenario, contact our customer support team.

  • For FedEx Freight , call 1.866.393.4585.
  • For FedEx Express Freight , call 1.800.332.0807.

FedEx doesnât sell crates, but we can help guide you when youâre deciding which style is right for you. We also offer freight boxes in two sizes and configurations. One includes an incorporated pallet. Find out more about the FedEx Freight box or contact customer support for details.

The answer depends on what youâre sending, where itâs originating, where itâs going, how much it weighs, and so much more. Visit our freight calculator for tools to help you calculate your rates.

Drain the item of all fluids and securely mount it to the deck of a pallet. Internally block and brace the engine and use sturdy, expendable crate packaging around the engine. Add stretch wrap and banding for additional protection and containment.

How much does a typical crate cost?

Prices vary depending on their size, what theyâre made of, whether theyâre custom built, and the quality of the construction. If you need help choosing one thatâs right for your product, company, and transit scenario, contact our customer support team.

  • For FedEx Freight , call 1.866.393.4585.
  • For FedEx Express Freight , call 1.800.332.0807.

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Large Production Capacity Shipped On

Whether you need one crate or one thousand, our facilities have the capacity to adapt to your needs. Wood crates can be made up to 60 ft long and can transport items up to 50,000 lbs in weight! All our facilities are certified under ISPM 15 phytosanitary regulations to ensure that your shipment arrives wherever its needed in the world in pristine condition.

Wooden Shipping Boxes With Lids

Our trusted workmen have years of experience designing and constructing a wide variety of boxes and crates, including wooden boxes with lids. Were proud of the accuracy with which our team execute their work and of the high-quality bespoke orders that they produce. Were happy to talk to you about your orders specific requirements so that we can provide you with a quality lidded wooden box that fulfils all your needs.

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Custom Designed Wooden Shipping Crates

We supply wood crates that are tailored perfectly for the products you ship, each one carefully designed according to your required degree of protection, shipping method, and budget. Our packaging design team has 30 years of experience and develops a customized solution for our unique products by employing CNC cutting for the support saddles and using appropriate materials, such as foam, corrugated, and steel. We are able to produce crates in any format or size up to 60 ft long, and deliver as many or as few as you need always on-time and totally in accordance with your specifications.

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