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Great Living Room Decorating Ideas & Designs // Luxury Table Design Ideas For Living Room

Everyone likes to adorn every corner of their home like the living room, bedroom, dining room, and so on. However, center tables are available according to your location. Indeed, it is so important to buy a center table as per the location. You need to select the best center table for your drawing room. In this regard, you need to decide where you want to place this attractive piece? At Wall Mantra, we have everything that you are looking for to décor your premises. Along with decorative center tables, we also include several kinds of adorning pieces for every room of your house.

  • Variety of Center Table for Your Living Room: When you will explore the world of Wall Mantra, you will get to know about different types of center tables. We have center coffee table designs, a double center table for your living room, and so on. Also, these items are available in several shapes like rectangular, oval, circular, and square for drawing or living room. However, these designs are attractive and fancy to define your best personality.
  • Which type of center table design should I pick for my living room?
  • Select a Best Center Table for Drawing Room

If you are going to renovate your house or shift to a new home, make sure to check out other furniture and decorative items at Wall Mantra.

How To Care For Your Center Tables

Cleaning and maintaining furniture is a time taking task that can get quite cumbersome. Not caring for furniture properly can have a huge impact on its life and durability. Follow these cleaning tips to get the most out of your purchase.

Use a wood-friendly cleaner to wipe the dirt away and immediately clean with a dry microfiber.

Wipe the glass and marble tops with a damp microfiber cloth.

In case of a stain, blot the material with a dry cloth.

Use mats or coasters for hot and cold items.

Avoid exposure to moisture, direct sunlight, and heat.

Keep sharp objects away to ensure that the furniture does not suffer scratches.

Avoid contact with chemicals to maintain the natural finish and look of the product.

Do not drag the table as that may weaken the joints.

Adorn Your Living Room With Modern Center Tables

The ideal center table should be placed at the right distance from the couch or sofa for you to reach for snacks, drinks or books. It should be sturdy enough to support your feet, and also blend in aesthetically with the rest of the living room furniture. Remember to leave enough space between the sofa and the table for easy movement and stretching your legs. Also make sure your designer center table matches with the colors, textures, patterns and materials used in the space. If you entertain guests often, get a modern center table design that is spill-resistant and durable.

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Benefits Of Owning A Coffee Table With Storage Features

Imagine having a piece of furniture that is multi-purpose and serves your space with enhanced visuals. Wouldn’t that be the best of both worlds? The same goes for coffee tables with storage features. We Indians love extra, whether it be extra amenities or discounts and storage!

Well, it is for sure that no Indian would refuse extra storage, therefore WoodenStreet brings you our distinctive range of Coffee Tables with spacious and modular storage units that would enhance the whole value and feel of your living room to a great level.

Storage units in Tea Tables increase their versatility of it, one can relocate the table and use it according to your desires.

Apart from the factor of versatility, one can sneakily store all their leisure essentials and give their centre tables a neat organised look.

Such modular wooden coffee table designs not only increase the efficiency of your space but are a great way to create a focal highlight in your living room with such a utile piece of furniture.

Center Tables: Buy Wooden Centre Table Online In India At Best Price


The center of your living room is literally called the center table. Its the natural focal point of peoples gaze. It guides others to focus on things in matters of importance. Like- how the center table is in the middle, the sofa around it, and then the other accessories. It creates adjustable leg space in front of the seating arrangements while allowing for comfortable movement. You can use it to store things and serve snacks to your ready guests as well.

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Modern Center Tables Made From Wood

Wood center table is probably one of the trending in this present day of time. That’s why you need to see these modern wood center tables that will inspires you in achieving the best living room setup for you home.

Center tables and coffee tables are those that we place in the living room in front of the sofa. We also place a stunning centerpiece on top of it while the lower portion usually bears other items like magazines and books. That is why homeowners would prefer to use center tables that have apt storage areas. When we speak of modern center tables, it points to those tables that make use of sleek lines. They are not just appealing but are also functional since modern design focuses more on an items function. Dont get confused with coffee tables and center tables because they are just the same.

So, today we will be showcasing modern center tables and coffee tables that are made from different types of wood. Since it makes use of wooden materials, they appear soft yet strong. It will no doubt give your living room a totally beautiful look. Here are wooden modern center tables for you.

Trio Table

The trio table has so much to offer. It also comes in a series with beautifully and smartly designed pieces.

Modern Wooden Coffee Table

So sleek and so modern with a space in between to place items like magazines.

Mixx Coffee Table

Lots of storage underneath the table! What a surprise for you wont expect that this pretty thing has so much function.

Dining Room


Top Center Tables Online With Best Marble

Center tables with the best marble are another option for human beings. By placing these types of tables, you can spruce up your space in an easy manner. However, a marble center table is a joy and pride of dwellers. You can place it anywhere because marble will always shine like a diamond. According to the study, marble is a perfect symbol of wealth. In other words, it can be afforded by only luxurious people. These center tables with marble help to fulfill your desire by adding an additive flavor to your room.

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Gorgeous Wooden Center Table Designs To Grace Your Living Rooms

Center tables are short tables usually placed at the center of our living room. They are also referred to as coffee table by some and comes in a variety of shapes and colors. One popular material used by homeowners is wooden center table designs. This is because usually goes with most home design and table decors.

Today, many homeowners are no longer using center tables in their living rooms. This may be because of lack of space imagine fitting extra furniture in your small living room or they prefer the small side tables. Regardless of the reason, a central table remains an integral part of the living room both visually and in its functionality.

Center tables often have a standard size of 120 cm by 60 cm, but can be overlooked, depending on the style and the design. Naturally, if you have a larger living room then you can choose a bigger wooden center table design. Otherwise, a smaller one will suffice.

Purchase Center Tables Online With Finest Glass At Wall Mantra

Center table design ideas- Modern coffee table ideas for living room (Sofa table designs)

Are you looking for a different but decorative piece for your house? You should try for the finest glass center table. In comparison to other decorative pieces, center tables are gaining fame in the entire market. Also, the black center table for the living room is most popular in most houses. The base of entering tables with glass may be wood or metal. In ancient times, human beings mainly used wooden center tables with the finest glass. Nowadays, metal center tables have been chosen by many people to modernize their space. Having glass on the center table shows your luxurious and antique personality in front of others.

Also, the glass of center tables is toughened and you should be careful while placing too hot food directly on it. Unlike a simple table, a center table with toughened glass is the best choice to be placed in the middle of your living room. To obtain the best quality, make sure to choose the best and most reliable sellers. However, you can also choose an adorning glass center table online at Wall Mantra.

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Center Table With A Built

Driveaway the winter woos with this thoughtful center table as it brings in some warmth and coziness. With a built-in fireplace, this table is extremely attractive and serves its purpose well. This unique luxury piece of furniture elevates comfort and style a notch higher.

There are multiple design options as to how you want the fireplace to be. Do not stress over safety or smoke, as such table designs use eco-friendly fuel to keep your space warm.

Sheesham Wood Coffee Table Designs

Sheesham wood is a versatile material and Change rich in a look that lasts for long generations. It gives solid strength, an alluring look and popular in the furniture world. We have Lynet Coffee Table, Vesta Coffee Table, Petlin Coffee Table that are made up of high-quality Sheesham wood and available in various finish options viz includes Honey, Walnut and mixed with Honey and Mahogany.

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Coffee Table: Buy Coffee Table Online To Spruce Up Your Living Room

Center Table is a perfect option to amplify the look of your drawing room. When all you need is a place where you can be at peace with a cup of coffee, you definitely ought to have a beautiful Coffee and Center table at your home. It is the focal attraction of your living room that guests or visitors notice first. Thus, the best way to add that stylish silhouette and keeping all those cups, books and souvenirs in an orderly manner is by bringing a classy Tea Table or Coffee Table.

Here, at WoodenStreet, you will find classic as well as modern center table designs & beautifully crafted of premium quality online, which will undoubtedly grab many eyeballs. Choose center table & coffee table from an incredible collection of a modern, eclectic, and colonial pattern from our selection at the best rates.

Indias Beautiful Center Table Online

23.6"  Round Natural Pine Wood Coffee Table Center Table for Living Room

In India, there are hundreds of designs and styles of center tables. In other words, you have an uncountable choice to adorn your space. However, most people like to buy center tables for their living room. At this point, you may choose Wall Mantra to consider an embellished, attractive, and stunning piece of the center table. We have a designer center table for the living room at a low-end price compared to other platforms.

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Glass Wood And Metal Different Materials For Different Styles

Every material has its own characteristics and styles. For instance, a round glass living room table gives a modern and clean impression. A smaller wooden accent table can give your room a very traditional look, depending on which model you pick.

You can try to match your living room table with the rest of your furnishing. Or, you can choose a table that pops out with a bright color or exciting design. And after choosing an accent table you can personalize your space even more with a matching rug. Look through our large selection of rugs in different styles, sizes and shapes to find the perfect one for you and your room.

The Dark Parquet Floors Are Matched With Dusky Red Leather Furniture And A Light Oak Coffee Table

Wooden center table for living room. Buy study table online for students at best price in India. Rolanstar Coffee Table with Storage Farmhouse Coffee Table with 4 Drawers and Shelves Large Storage Wooden Central Table for Living Room Grey. Buying a coffee table online for your living room has never been easier.

A small living room with tall windows that overlook the covered outdoor patios huge stone fireplace. Yaheetech Minimalist Wooden Lift Top Coffee Table wHidden Storage Compartment Lower 3 Cube Open Shelves for Living RoomReception RoomOffice Black 45 out of 5. With furniture from Wakefit you can really create a contemporary living.

Wooden sofa has a classic appeal that can last in a home for years. Our coffee table designs are stylish yet practical and work as smart display units as well as a coffee table. Shop from our wide range of wooden metal engineered wood study tables now.

Free Shipping Low Cost EMI Trendy Study Desk Designs Available For All Your Work From Home Needs. The best coffee tables with storage. Choose from our range of wooden coffee tables online that are designed for urban Indian homes and get your coffee table home delivered.

A coffee table. Get it as soon as Tue Nov 23.

Inosign Couchtisch Center Table Living Room Centre Table Living Room Coffee Table Design Modern

25 Modern Center Tables You Could Find In Any Art Gallery In 2021 Table Decor Living Room Center Table Living Room Sofa Table Design

Pin On Home Furniture

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Instant Guide To Select A Best Center Table For Your Adobe

If you are going to choose the right center table for your home, you need to consider some important factors. Here are some important steps through which you can obtain a perfect and suitable center table:

  • Center tables in the round: Whenever it comes to choosing the best table center, most people like to choose a round center table. But, these types of center tables require around half a foot distance from the sofa. Nowadays, round center table for living rooms is gaining popularity in the entire market. These tables are safe and suitable because they dont have sharp edges.
  • Center tables in an oval: Generally, oval is a common but excellent shape for all the rooms. However, this shape is best and amazing for low center tables.
  • Center tables in square: It is one of the most popular and amazing shapes among the population. Generally, people like to choose square center tables for the living room. Also, it is a universal and most demanded shape by the people.
  • Center tables in rectangular: They are the most amazing and common shape for center tables. However, it is an excellent choice for the living room along with decorative sofas. Many people like to go through such shapes to capture the attention of the guests.
  • Other Important Things to Consider:
    • Accurate size of a center table
  • Sets of center table
  • Storage of center table

Wood Center Table Living Room

Mariana Coffee Table [ Latest Living Room Table ] Wooden Street

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What Is The Ideal Size Of A Coffee Table That You Should Buy

The best way to understand which size of the centre table would best suit your living room would be by buying a coffee table online that size approximately two-thirds the length of your sofa or focal seating.

This way, you are buying a size of coffee table that offers your living room a visually proportioned look and will significantly refine the whole look and feel of the Living Room to a great extent.

Try to balance the visual weight, going for hefty and a big centre table that does not look balanced with your focal seating will only create an optic blunder for your visitors. So always prefer a compact size of tea table that complements the look of your living room while offering functionality.

Designable Center Tables With Cost

Buying the best and modern center table shows your amazing personality. Also, choosing a square shape wooden round center table reflects your stylish and fancy personality. These tables are simple to clean, attractive, gorgeous, and bold.

In the comparison of tea tables, center tables are more convenient and designable. At Wall Mantra, you can obtain such tables along with fashionable drawers. Honestly, center tables are available in numerous patterns with different qualities.

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Types Of Center Tables Online Available On Woodenstreet

We at WoodenStreet use a wide variety of materials to make the coffee table of your dreams. All of our products are made with top-notch materials, so quality is never an issue. Heres a list of all of the materials we use for crafting these centre tables.

Sheesham Wood: These centre tables are crafted with utmost precision and have an irregular pattern as each piece of wood is unique. Sheesham wood is a naturally durable wood and has a long life. The Lynet Coffee Table with Serving Tray is one of our best-selling Sheesham wood tables.

Mango Wood: This highly durable wood sits well in designs with a natural touch. It has regular geometric patterns and is resistant to water as well. It is very easy to maintain and is quite cost-effective. Our Hadley Carved Coffee table is an affordable beauty and is one of our top-selling products.

Metal: When polished and carved properly, metal tables can have a variety of effects on the look of the room. Simple metal rods and a basic design like that of the Dojo Coffee Table with Toughened Glass Top suggests a modern look, and intricate patterns like those on Sino Floral Engraved Metal Coffee Table can have a vintage look.

Marble tables are extremely easy to care for and have a smooth modern look. Discus Metal Coffee Table with Marble Top has a simple design and a patterned top that really brings to surrounding vibe to the forefront.

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