Wood Privacy Fence With Metal Posts

Benefits Of Metal Posts

How to build a wood privacy fence with metal posts. BUILT TO LAST

If youre still not convinced that you should be using metal posts for your wood fence, here are a few benefits of metal posts.

  • Metal posts dont rot or warp. Unfortunately, most wooden posts tend to rot away or warp after a few years in the garage. From the moment that wood posts are placed into the ground, moisture begins to set in, and wood rot occurs relatively quickly.
  • Metal posts arent affected by insects. With all the time that your wood fence spends being exposed to the elements, insects and other pests can begin to make a home in it. If termites make their home within the wood posts in your fence, they can slowly eat away at it, causing irreversible damage. Over time, you will have to replace the entire post.
  • Metal posts are low maintenance. Although treated wood posts dont require as much care, wood fencing of any kind will need regular cleaning, staining, and sealing to avoid drying out and shrinking. Metal posts can cut some of that maintenance, allowing you to focus on the appearance of your fence.
  • Labor Cost Of Installing A Wood Fence

    To build an average-size fence , you can expect to pay between $3,500 and $6,500 for the whole project. Of this, labor costs make up $1,700 to $3,125, or roughly half the cost of the project in most cases. This varies depending on material. Some exotic hardwoods are very expensive and difficult to work with, which can throw off the ratio. Some are made of very inexpensive material, so the labor ratio is higher.

    The professional starts by setting up the corner posts of the fence and connecting them with a string line to ensure that it will be installed in a straight line. Once they do this, they will measure, mark, and dig holes for the post locations installed using a concrete mixture. The top and bottom rails will then be attached along with the face boards that are the fences appearance. Based on your preferences, the material, and the climate where you live, the professional will seal, stain, or paint it.

    When you install a fence, it makes the most sense to hire a pro, with the typical wood fence labor cost per foot being $10 to $20 depending on the selected materials and installation difficulty. Many fencing contractors offer flat rate quotes that include labor and materialseverything to see the job to fruition. This complete package makes it far easier for homeowners to budget and plan for their construction projects. However, fencing laborers can also charge an hourly rate, typically $25 to $60 per hour.

    Install The Corner Posts

    Use a post-hole digger to dig the holes for your corner posts. Each post hole should be at least one-third as deep as the fence is tall. Add a few inches of gravel to each corner post hole before setting the post inside.

    Next, use a level to ensure that the post is plumb and brace it with pieces of scrap lumber. Stick one end of the scrap lumber into the ground and nail the other end to the post.

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    A Stronger Privacy Fence With Metal Posts

    As you can see with FenceTrac the possibilities are endless in terms of fence design, fence style, and fence layout options.

    You can build a durable, long-lasting wood privacy fence, incorporating either a vertical picket or horizontal picket look.

    Or you can build a privacy fence with some other type of infill.

    Fence color options include: black, white, tan, and green.

    Standard fence panel size options include:

    • 4ft H x 6ft W fence panel
    • 4ft H x 8ft W fence panel
    • 6ft H x 6ft W fence panel
    • 6ft H x 8ft W fence panel
    • 8ft H x 6ft W fence panel
    • 8ft H x 8ft W fence panel

    And we also offer swinging gates or rolling metal frame gate kits to match the style of your FenceTrac fence.

    Whether you operate a professional local fence company or want to build it yourself, the FenceTrac system makes it easy to install a more beautiful wood fence with metal posts.

    Contact us for a free quote or for more information.

    Wooden Picket Fence Cost

    5 Reasons Why An Affordable Privacy Fence is Better Than A Cheap ...

    The average cost of a wood per foot is $3 to $8, depending on the supplier and the demand in your area. The cost averages $10 to $18 a linear foot, installed. Homeowners who want some privacy and attractive curb appeal without breaking the bank appreciate the budget-friendly picket fence option. It features the signature pointed tops made famous in colonial times that remain popular in neighborhoods and the front of cottages today.

    Prices are slightly more expensive than split rail but are still relatively affordable for a semi-private fencing solution, offering more security than one with a ranch style. Plus, they are easier to install than privacy fences with a 3 to 4 height, although they are not as secure for pets or children.

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    Horizontal Vs Vertical Fence Layout

    How do you want your wood and metal fence to look?

    While in the past, most privacy fence boards were place vertically.

    Horizontal fence design is quickly becoming the preferred layout for the modern fence installs.

    Aligning boards horizontally gives an older home a new look and provides a great privacy option.

    Dont want gaps in the fence?

    For a gap-free fence installation use tongue and groove boards that fit together to close gaps.

    If youre good with gaps.

    Create a semi-private fence by placing spacers in between some or all of the boards.

    That looks great too.

    One thing to keep in mind.

    A horizontal fence can cost a little more since wind load requirements suggest posts be set at 6-foot spans instead of 8-foot.

    But, as a general rule a horizontal fence is a stronger fence.

    Want to go vertical?

    For some properties that might look best.

    And with a wood and metal fence.

    Vertical pickets look great too!

    Vertical alignment of boards offers the advantage of utilizing a wider span between posts, reducing costs and installation time.

    When building a wood and metal fence, you can easily select either fence orientation to create the exact look you want.

    Now lets talk about posts.

    Ideas For Your Wood Fence With Metal Posts

    With FenceTrac, you are not limited to the same-old look of a wooden privacy fence.

    The FenceTrac rail system gives you flexibility to create a decorative wood fence design that is completely unique to your property

    So you can have the look you want.

    In addition to wood pickets, you can use nearly any type of fence infill material you want.

    Weve seen FenceTrac combined with bamboo, metal panels, welded wire, vinyl planks, PVC, composite fence planks and more.

    You have complete freedom to create a fence that fits the style and functionality that you need.

    Here is a small sampling of residential and commercial fence projects using FenceTrac.

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    Are Fence Posts Hardwood

    You might think that using a dense wood like oak would be the best way to get a long-lasting fence post that wont rot. The chemical preservatives used in pressure treated lumber do not get enough grain penetration in hardwoods to protect them adequately. Manufacturers commonly use incising techniques to ensure enough preservative retention to meet heavy-duty requirements.

    While there are native hardwoods that make excellent fence posts even when untreated, black locust is one example, they are not commonly available and are very expensive unless using self-sourced materials.

    Pressure treated lumber is typically made from pine, fir, or spruce with southern yellow pine widely available at big box stores throughout the U.S. During the manufacturing process the preservative formula is forced into the core of the softwood using high pressure.

    What Are Wood Fence Posts

    Corrugated Metal Fence with WOOD posts CHEAP fast EASY

    Wood fence posts are usually made from pine, redwood, or cedar. Before 2003, they were treated with chromated copper arsenate. This acted as a preservative and pesticide and dramatically prolonged the life of the wood fence posts.

    However, chromate copper arsenate was banned in 2003 because it came with the risk of arsenic exposure. Since then, wood treatment has become much less effective. Nowadays, the life expectancy of traditional wood fence posts is much lower.

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    Summary: Can You Attach Wood Fence Panels To Metal Posts

    Its easy to attach wood fence panels to metal posts. Galvanized metal fence posts are more durable than wooden fence posts and dont decay, so using them to support your wooden fence makes sense. Especially if youre replacing a chain-link fence with a wooden fence and want to re-use the posts. Building a wooden fence with metal posts is easy thanks to brackets and screws. Theyre what secures wood panels to metal. You could also build a sleeve out of 4 pieces of wood and wrap it around the metal post. This hides the metal post but retains its strength. Lastly, you could screw your wood fence panels directly to the metal posts.

    People like wood fences because theyre beautiful, traditional, affordable, strong, and easy to install. But the main issue with wood fences is that they rot over time. And the main place they rot is at the post base. This issue is eliminated when you use a metal post instead. Pressure-treated fence posts can help but they can eventually rot too. Then there are animals and bugs to consider. Nothing bites or boroughs inside a metal fence post.

    Fence posts, on the other hand, should last a long time:

    • Wood fence posts usually last 15 to 20 years.
    • Galvanized metal fence posts can last 50+ years.

    Metal fence posts add strength and durability to the fence while wood offers beauty. By using wood panels with metal posts you get the best of both materials.

    If you have any questions or comments about recycling vinyl fencing Email any time.

    Pointed Wooden Fence Posts

    Pointed wooden fence posts are priced at around $5 to $15 each. The sharper end on makes them easier to drive into the ground, especially in tough soil conditions where the climate is cool and dry, or theres lots of snow. They may not have the same polished appearance as square posts but can be easily touched up to match the wood fencing and serve as a budget-friendly fencing solution.

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    Why Wood Fence Posts Wear Out

    As soon as you place wood posts into the ground, they start to collect moisture, and the slow process of wood rot soon follows.

    Most people dont know that wooden fence posts arent made like they used to be.

    Before 2003

    Pressure treated wood was treated with chromated copper arsenate. This is a pesticide and preservative that prolonged the life of wood placed outside and exposed to moisture and the elements.

    Chromated copper arsenate in lumber treatment was banned by the EPA in 2003, because it created a potential source of exposure to arsenic.

    Ever since this ban, wood treatment has been much less effective, and the life-expectancy of traditional wood fence posts dropped dramatically.

    Typically, a traditional wood fence is met by wood rot at the base of the posts. Over time the rot eats away at the wood causing it to be dry or soft.

    When this happens a simple gust of wind could be all it takes for it to fall over.

    Chain Link Vs Wood Fence Cost

    Build a Wood Fence With Metal Posts (That

    Comparing wood fence and chain-link is a slightly different story chain link is effective at providing containment and security around a property, but is cheaper than other metal fencing. Chain-link is also quick to install, though it is less attractive than more aesthetically-appealing wood fences are. Depending on the metal type used in the chain link, it may be lower in maintenance and longer-lasting than a wood fence of similar quality. Chain link comes in several colors and finishes, as well as heights and link sizes. It is a more affordable fencing option than wood and many other types of metal fence. Below is the average cost for installing 209 linear feet of both wood and chain link fencing.

    $3,500 – $6,500

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    Wood Fence Post Price

    Posts are typically made from wood, concrete, or metal, grounded in cement, gravel, or simply soil, depending on your distinct fence. On their own, without installation cost between $5 and $75 each. One way to prolong the lifespan is to just replace the posts when required instead of taking out the entire fence and installing a new one.

    The price depends largely on the materials. Many homeowners choose wood posts for their wood fence to complete the look, but you can also have metal posts or concrete wooden fence posts.

    Post Material
    $50 – $150

    Wood Fence Cost Per Foot

    The cost of fencing materials ranges between $5 and $15 per foot, with labor averaging $10 to $20 a foot, for an average cost range of $15 to $35 a linear foot installed. The overall cost of a new wood fence is often measured per foot, but the final project bill will be based on the specific type of wood and any extra features you include. Style, wood species, height, and the overall project size dictate your final costs. The most common installation size is around 200 linear feet, which is close to a ¼ acre in size. Below are the average costs for wood fences of varying sizes both for the materials and the cost of the project installed.


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    Split Rail Wood Fence Cost

    The average price per foot is $3 to $6 for an attractive and affordable ranch style option. The cost is $8 to $16 a linear foot, installed. Many homeowners opt for a ranch-style with wide gaps and a rustic appearance. Many wood choices are available to choose from for this style with an organic appearance. This type offers less privacy and protection for children or pets.

    This type has the lowest barrier of all types. Ranch style fencing is 2.5 to 3 tall, meaning minimal security. This is often used in more rural and spacious areas rather than tight residential subdivisions. Due to the shorter height and fewer materials needed, a split rail fence is often the most cost-effective option.

    Where To Buy Brackets

    How To Build Wood Fence with Metal Posts

    Most home and garden retailers like Home Depot, as well as fencing suppliers, carry the brackets youll need. You can also order them online.

    Most fence brackets are designed to fit around a galvanized post with a diameter of 1 5/8 or 2 3/8 inches because thats the most common size. But you can order brackets in all sorts of sizes. The bigger and less common the bracket size, the more expensive it will be.

    Some use a tension bolt to hold them in place, while others simply fit over the post and are secured when the wood fencing is installed. But I prefer the brackets that actually screw into both the metal and wood. Tension attachments can loosen over time but some good screws wont.

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    Set Posts And Install Brackets

    The C-Post is installed with the open channel facing out to accept the metal brackets. No drilling or welding is needed. Slide the bracket in place along the channel and tighten the bolt, locking the bracket in place. The unique design allows the bracket to adjust vertically and horizontally, allowing the fence to follow the slope of the terrain.

    Attaching Wood To A Round Metal Post

    Round posts are the most common metal fence post because theyre used to build chain link fences. When using a round post, you have a few bracket choices. The most straightforward is a pipe rail tie. This wraps around the round metal post and can be screwed into both sides of the posts wood panels.

    A bolt or screw on some pipe rail ties allows the bracket to be tightened around the round post. The stronger the connection, the less it wobbles.

    If you dont want to use brackets, try attaching the fence panels directly to the posts with metal screws. Its hard to screw a flat piece of wood to a round post because there isnt much surface contact. To fix this you can buy or make a mounting block. One side of the block is flat while the other is rounded. Screw the round side to the post and the flat side to the fence panel. Mounting blocks make it easier to attach flat objects to round surfaces because one side of the block is rounded. Just make sure the inside radius of the block matches the outside diameter of the post.

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    +30+ Wooden Fences With Metal Posts

    20+30+ Wooden Fences With Metal Posts. This style of wood fence creates privacy, something that a chain link and standard post and rail fence cant do. Because they are so common, most people are familiar with the pros and cons of using wood posts but want to learn more about metal posts for their wood privacy fence.

    It is one of the more permanent concrete alternatives for fence posts. You could also build a sleeve out of 4 pieces of wood and wrap it around the metal post. Either installation method will provide a solidly installed wood fence with metal posts.

    Source: www.yelp.com

    Lastly, you could screw your wood fence panels directly to the metal posts. This hides the metal post but retains its strength.

    Source: www.arrowfencetulsa.com

    However, aluminum does bend more easily as compared to other metals such as wrought iron. Assemble the frame pieces with galvanized steel corner brackets.


    Wood posts are the classic. The unique design of the postmaster allows a wooden fence with metal posts to be beautiful, strong and easy to install.

    Source: Source: sierrafencetx.com

    However, several years ago, fence contractors started using metal fence posts in place of wood posts when. This hides the metal post but retains its strength.


    Below are 8 different types of wooden fence, including details of their design as well as any potential pros and cons regarding each. This hides the metal post but retains its strength.

    Source: thenerdinsurance.usSource: Source:

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