Wood Paneling Ideas For Walls

Consider Panelling As An Alternative To Tiles

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Panelling is a great way to make a statement in a bathroom instead of tiles, and you can top it with a narrow shelf to provide storage for toiletries or candles that will make bath times all the more relaxing.

But surely wood panelling will warp in a steamy bathroom? Not if you get a suitable material. ‘Panelling with a half-round bead profile can be made on moisture-resistant MDF sheeting,’ says Joan Madeley, co-founder of The English Panelling Company . ‘It looks like the real thing after painting, and is perfect for boxing in pipeworks.’

Use Wall Panelling To Frame Artwork

Adding wooden moulding to your walls will create the look of panelling, and is quick and easy to do. Simply measure out rectangles at even distances along your wall and then cut lengths of moulding to stick on to the drawn out shapes. Make sure you cut your moulding at a 45 degree angle so the corners slot nicely together, and paint the same colour as your wall. Hang a canvas or piece of artwork in the centre of one of the rectangles and it will create a frame for it to sit within.

Board And Batten Wall

Board and batten panels are a type of wall paneling. Its a very popular choice for country homes, coastal homes, farmhouses, and even some modern homes.

I have a whole post on board and batten wall ideas if you want a deep dive into board and batten but the short version is:

Board and batten essentially is using wood or MDF panels to create smoothness along the wall, then add strips of wood or batten to hide the seams. Today, we use board and batten as a design element and rarely use the board pieces opting for adding just the wood or MDF strips over your drywall in a fun pattern or design! I love it because is a very inexpensive way to give a space character, add a focal point, and add charm to your space.

Whats great about board and batten is that it gives you the freedom to express your style and creativity. You can create a more traditional style of board and batten or do something like the example above and try a horizontal style board and batten. Board and batten can look great in any room such as bedrooms, hallways, dining rooms, family rooms, and even bathrooms. My absolute favorite thing about batten panel design is that they are only limited by your imagination!

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Upgrade With Board And Batten

Form a board and batten framework on the existing wooden wall panels. You may use wooden strips and planks for this. Pinewood strips are great for this. Plenty of imitation board and batten designs on ply boards are also available. Mount these on the wooden panels.

You may paint them or leave them as such depending on whatever aligns best with your décor theme. It will upgrade the old panel aplomb to the next level.

How Do You Do Wall Paneling In A Bedroom

Reclaimed Wood Wall Panels: Considerations &  Design Ideas

Assuming you are doing one wall panel as an accent wall, you will need to decide which wall will be covered with panels.

Remove the kickboard. The height from each side of the wall will vary, so you must make a detailed plan of your uprights, expecting slight variations in height.

Aim for ten-inch centers or an upright center that will be equidistant across the length of the wall.â For example, a ten-foot wall may have eight uprights at 1.25 feet of centers.

Depending on the type of wood paneling you are fixing, you may have horizontals, which need to be calculated similarly. Make adjustments as you go so your box sizes are perfect for the bedroom.

Most of your cuts will be simple 90° right angle cuts. Once the layout is configured, you will need to remove any electrical sockets from the wall, isolating the circuit at the fuse board /consumer unit.

Ping a laser for your first vertical and place a stream of commercial adhesive in a zigzag line the length of the upright timber and fix the wall. Continue this method until all uprights are fixed and equidistant, ensuring uprights at each wall end.

Add the horizontal cuts in the same fashion this should be easier as the cuts are more manageable.

Sand any anomalies from the timber frame and then finish with decorator caulk. Once this is done, start applying the undercoat before the finishing color.

You may need to make cutouts to accommodate the electric outlet that can be reconnected.

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Upgrade Your Wood Panels

Rulon International manufactures state-of-the-art acoustic wood walls and wood ceilings. Our expert team designs highly-specialized systems. Rulon International panels completely transform a rooms acoustic and aesthetic qualities.

Wood panel systems by Rulon International are recognized globally for excellence in beauty, quality, and acoustical performance. Our understanding and innovation in the area of sound design is unmatched.

For any industry that uses wood products, adaptation and forward thinking are essential. Wood is a renewable resource only when its produced sustainably.

Thats why Rulon international commits to sustainability as a core business value. All of our products are made with consideration to these environmental objectives:

  • Use of recycled content
  • Use of sustainably harvested wood
  • Protection of indoor air quality

We produce 23 products with multiple sustainability certifications. Our wood panel systems contribute to various credits for LEED, the Well Building Standard, and the Living Building Challenge. To find the wood paneling thats right for your next project, view our selection of wall and ceiling panels. For more information, contact our teams sales representative in your region.

Install Board And Batten Walls

This is one of the easiest projects you can do to improve the look of your basement wall. Board and batten can be installed on every wall of the basement or just on one wall to make it stand out! Board and batten walls use affordable batten boards which are placed on the wall using a construction adhesive. This easy install process can be done in as little as 3 to 4hours, and only require simple tools including paint, primed batten boards, a nail gun, and simple math to determine how many boards you will need to create your paneled walls.

Once youve nailed in your batten boards, you should fill any holes using a thin layer of caulk. You can then use paintable caulk to fill and seal off any edges between your panels and the wall, such as in corner areas. If you didnt purchase primed batten panels, you can then prime your wood and prepare the board and batten for painting.

The great thing about batten panel walls is that they are completely customizable. You can easily install small pieces of horizontal boards in between vertical panels to create a square look. You can also choose your favorite paint to add warmth, add personality to your dedicated tv wall, even paint the wall pink to make a Barbie shrine. The choice is yours!

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Paint The Wood Panels

Perhaps one of the fastest and easiest wood paneling ideas that you can explore is painting. You might want to go for fresh white paint or explore some other colorful hues. If this is the route that you are planning to take, make sure that you begin by using a good primer that will cover all of the wood grain and panels. Next, add a few more coats of your carefully selected white paint. White easily brightens up a room, even highlighting a cottagelike, rustic décor.

Wall Paneling Ideas That Add Amazing Character To Any Room

How to Paint Paneling | Wall Ideas & Projects | The Home Depot

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Originally used for additional insulation and durability, paneling is now a mostly decorative element that adds texture and dimension to walls. Although it’s a common feature in traditional or classically styled interiors, there are many ways to incorporate paneling. Try one of these gorgeous wall paneling ideas to achieve architectural character in any room.

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Modern Bathroom With Elegant Wall Panels

Dont want to have cold rigid bathroom look? Then try to add natural organic elements into its. When marble or granite materials are too cold for some , then its time to install wood wall panels in it.

As a more affordable way to get superb impression out of your bathroom, you may use faux wood in the form of MDF or even aluminum panels. Once finished, it has no differences from the real one. It even has more benefits, like cost, easy installations, and more durable.

Use Paneling On The Stairwell

Paneling isn’t just reserved for the main rooms of your home, and a staircase can be a nice space for wall paneling to shine. ‘The main reason we elected to add wall paneling to this stairwell was to break up the height of the two-story walls,’ comments Brad Ramsey, principal designer and founder of Nashville-based, Brad Ramsey Interiors .

‘By taking the panels up to the height of the chair rail in the upstairs hallway, we were able to divide the large wall to give it more visual appeal,’ Brad adds.

In addition, the designer used the panel design to create a hidden door for the coat closet under the stairs. ‘We maintained the character of the entry without having a door breaking up the beauty of the space. A win win!’

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Can You Fit Wood Paneling In Any Bedroom

Yes. Wall panels can provide depth to any space and are the ideal fusion of traditional and modern design. Additionally, panels can assist in hiding any uneven surfaces or walls that need to be filled.

In addition, your wood paneling will look fabulous and revive your bedroom’s design.

If you are challenged with a smaller bedroom, making a wood accent wall will make a focal point and distract your eyes from focussing on the bedroom’s dimensions. Color plays a part, but by adding texture, you will revive the bedroom’s ambiance.

Wood Paneling To Wainscoting


This idea involves painting the lower 1/3rd of your wood panel wall white. Then you wallpaper the top 2/3rds of your wall. In between your paint and wallpaper, you add a chair rail to separate them.

This option can give you a classier look to your room without having to pay for expensive wainscoting boards. Read Also:Wainscoting Ideas

Here is a link to my Ideabook on Houzz for more Wood Paneling to Wainscoting conversions.

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Create A Modern Rustic Look With Acoustic Wood Veneers

For modern styling personified in every way, choose a striking wood strip decorative panel in a light, Scandi-inspired shade, or rich and dark hue for a dramatic dance with tactility. This on-trend wall paneling style is a key look for 2022.

Jen & Mar from Interior Fox , says: We are cladding enthusiasts and love how it adds a point of interest to walls – it works well in all types of properties, especially new builds as it really helps to add character and interest. However, people are moving away from the simple MDF cladding and working in waved elements and smaller panels. An overall more updated and luxurious way of incorporating this technique.

Featuring high-quality acoustic properties, The Rustic Acupanel slat wall panel range is all handcrafted and available in the latest in-trend colors.

Each slat goes through a specialized process to emboss the veneer face meaning that it not only looks and feels like solid wood but also gives you the hugely popular rustic look. Fast and simple installation allows you to quickly transform any space.

Use Paneling To Disguise A Door

If paneling is used from floor to ceiling on the walls, it can make for a great opportunity to place a hidden door into a secret room. The door will easily disappear into the paneling, distinguishing the space and adding a bit of glamor to your home.

On this project by Chicago-based interior design firm, PROjECT Interiors , the whole wall was clad in hexagon-patterned millwork, including a secret door. ‘Behind the homeowner’s wire-brushed and waxed American white oak desk in one of the home offices, we had Escobedo Group clad the whole wall in a beautiful patterned millwork,’ explains lead designer at PROjECT Interiors, Laura Wwarnock.

‘The panels are actually a hidden door that slides back to reveal a humidor and a gin-tasting bar.’ The door can be opened for continuous flow, or closed and disappearing into the background.

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Impart A Diagonal Look

The usual form of wood panels is either horizontal or vertical. When the boards are old, they make the interior dull and drab. So creating a different design is necessary for giving it a facelift.

It is not essential to replace the entire panel for this. Replace a part of the panel with diagonal paneling. This will add depth and drama to the wall and create a beautiful focal point.

What Paint Finish Is Best To Use For Wood Paneling

An Easy and Cheap Way to Update Wood Wall Paneling

A satin finish is the most commonly used surface finish for interior painting projects, and its the best option for wall paneling.

Youll get a medium sheen with a satin finish, which is easier to clean and more durable than matte and eggshell finishes. The only disadvantage of a satin finish is that brushstrokes are more visible.

If you have paneling in a high-traffic area like a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or family room, you should use satin-finish paint. It complements flat paneling, which can be found in many rooms. Check out the best paint finish for a living room here.

Satin is also a good choice for board and batten and raised paneling in a dining room because it is less shiny but still easy to wipe off. If you have tongue and groove connection paneling in a wall like a kitchen, satin is also a good choice because youll have to clean the walls more frequently.

Finally, beadboard paneling has grooves in it, which trap dirt easily. Satin paint is the best choice for beadboard and wainscoting because it is easy to clean. This is especially important if youre going to paint with a brush or roller.

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Bring Natural Tactility To Life On Walls

Bring nature into your urban home with raised textures on walls – adding comfort, organic pattern, and reassuring tactility.

Shoshanna Shapiro, owner and principal designer of Sho and Co . says: Spring decorating trends will bring more woven textures and natural materials into the mix. Clients recognize the importance of biophilic design – think muted colors, ship-lap walls, bleached woods in paneling and walls, and nature-inspired colorways for a warm and contemporary look.

Design experts at Magnet say: More and more consumers are turning to the beauty of the outdoors for interior inspiration. Homeowners are also tapping into the trend for tactility this Spring, experimenting with textures in interior design alongside patterns and colors.

Tactility can be incorporated into a room in numerous ways and is a lot easier than you may think. From wood-paneled walls to cozy carpets, getting creative with materials can completely transform the atmosphere of any room.

Cover A Chimney Breast With Rustic Panels

Just a few years ago, it was all the rage to cover a chimney breast in a statement wallpaper, but if yours is looking a bit dated, how about a quick fix by covering it in wood panels instead? The rustic boards used in this eclectic living room give the appearance of being slightly weathered and worn, which can be created by giving bare boards a ‘wash’ of paint, rather than a covering. You could even use an extra length to make a rustic mantelpiece to match.

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Extend Your Wall Paneling Onto The Ceiling

Why should walls have all the fun? You can also consider letting the wall panel design run onto the ceiling for a seamless flair. However, ensure that you apply this technique to an otherwise simple or understated room.

This style can quickly look congested in a small space or a room rife with architectural elements. The same rule applied to introducing a shiplap wall into a room. In the hands of a proficient designer, this technique can envelop the room in a cozy, log-cabin air.

Image Credit: chrislovesjulia.com

Be Brave With Color To Add Personality


Interior experts at Hillarys say: Be brave with color! Paneling doesnt mean you cant experiment with textured or fun paints. Horizontal wood-paneled walls can also help balance out bolder reds, oranges, and bright blues.

Paneling is a simple way to bring character and dimension to boring rooms and can also add insulation and protection to walls. Use paneling to frame a piece of artwork in the center of one of the rectangles or alternatively contrasting wall panels with a luxury texture like marble will make your space look more elegant.

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D Wall Paneling Ideas

For a modern touch or to give a transitional space contemporary flair, in an assortment of 3D textures can help. Made from easy-to-clean PVC, 3D wall paneling is lightweight, easy to install and fire resistant.

  • Use crisp, clean wall paneling in white for a cool, contemporary color palette. Add textured white 3D wall paneling for accent walls, full walls or cut to size to fit furniture.
  • Add warmth and texture to your contemporary living room or family room with 3D paneling in neutral tones.
  • Add dimension to a bedroom with 3D wall paneling. This works especially well as an accent wall behind a bed in a modern bedroom.
  • Take advantage of subtle texture in your family room or den. 3D wall paneling is easy to wipe down, so thats a big benefit for busy family spaces with kids and pets.
  • Go for big, bold texture with colorful 3D wall paneling. You can even use lightweight 3D wall paneling on the ceiling for an over the top touch of color.

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