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Diy Stone/tile Floor Inlay

Hexagon Tile to Hardwood Floors

I would like to make my own stone/tile floor medallion, and stone/tile border inlay, for setting into 4 wide beech hardwood flooring . I would not like to pre-assemble the stone/tile pieces, but would like to make the opening for them in the flooring and arrange them in place, then do the setting. The new flooring is being installed over 2×6 tongue& groove subflooring, and Im doing it.

Since wood flooring expands and contracts, I am looking for advice on A)what to use for the substrate for the design pieces, B)adhesives or grouting material for the pieces, C)proper technique and adhesive for joining the set design to the wood flooring, and D)how to finish/waterproof the design area.

Ive been told that this is not a DIY project, but I love doing this kind of stuff! I have the time, the patience, and the artistry, but not the implementation details if you have any suggestions for any of the steps A D, and specific product names, or any technique suggestions/warnings, please let me know

linda in Corvallis, OR

  • It’s been a GREAT site/forum, with LOTS of good advice. I would recommend visiting this site and posting your tile questions there. They also have a library that contains information that is critical to tile setting.

    Good luck!

  • Joe, you type like Piffin.

    Do you mean Ditra?A great place for Information, Comraderie, and a sucker punch.

    Remodeling Contractor just outside the Glass City.

  • Oshkosh Designs Wood Parquet Flooring

    Wood parquet floors are a timeless option that brings warmth and character to any space. Stunning parquet wood tile designs range from simple to complex geometric patterns. Wooden floor tiles offer a level of visual appeal that cannot be achieved with traditional strip flooring boards. Although parquetry has a rich history dating back to the 17th century, it remains popular today and can be found in many modern homes and businesses throughout the world. Check out their flooring gallery for examples and inspiration!

    How To Repair Water

    Water damage can ruin some old parquet tiles beyond repair. Typically, it is fingerblock parquet tiles like 9″ x 9″ or 12″ x 12″. Czar Floors can custom produce parquet tiles in similar wood and dimensions. Please note that the minimum order is 100 sq.ft. Both old and new floors need to be resanded together and possibly stained, trying to blend old and new wood. Initially, old tiles will look a lot darker from age and finish discoloration. After sanding and finishing, it should be pretty close to the new flooring.

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    Should Tile Run In The Same Direction As Hardwood

    Hardwood floors need to be installed in a certain direction. Visually, hardwood floors should always run away from the door or entryway. Structurally, it should run perpendicular to the floor joist to keep it together.

    Ceramic tile, on the other hand, can go in any direction. Place hardwood plank to transition from the tile to the wood floor. Lay it perpendicularly if the hardwood row points toward the tile. If the row runs parallel, lay it in the same direction.

    What Is Parquet Flooring

    Wood Effect Indoor Tiles

    Parquet is a module made with multiple wood pieces that are assembled to create a pattern. Common misspellings include parkey,parkay, and parket. A lot of people associate parquet with fingerblock square tile. The most common and popular fingerblock parquet patterns are 12″ x 12″ and 9″ x 9″ parquet tiles. We offer this pattern in various configurations see our M29 model. However, there are many parquet patterns available that you can select on this page.

    Hardwood Floor Inlays Add Style

    Hardwood floor inlays are made by fashioning a pattern or design out of different colored woods and fitting them together in a floor, wall, or ceiling. They can create a dramatic effect in any room. Inlaid borders can be used as a separation between flooring styles, on thresholds between rooms, to mark the outline of furniture groupings or to add a distinctive accent around certain areas or the perimeter of a room. These decorative designs can add real character to an otherwise normal room.

    Due to plentiful amounts of inexpensive labor, inlays were often used in the past with more frequency than they are today. The high cost, however, has recently been lowered because of computer laser-cutting technology. Among all the technological advances are a handful of companies that still do their floor work the old-fashioned way: by hand and scroll saw.

    Types Of Hardwood Floor Inlays

    With the types of wood and finishes available, a wood floor can be put in virtually any room in your house even kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms. Hardwood floor inlays, though slightly less expensive than they were a few years ago, are still pricey enough that you want to make sure they are placed in an environment where they will be protected.

    You can make a hardwood inlay out of just about any kind of wood on the market used for a full floor. The grain and color of the woods you choose for your inlay will determine what kind of effect it will have. If youre unfamiliar with what different woods look like, here is a list of some of the most commonly used species and some basic information about their appearance:

    Oak is known for its dark tight grain.

    Birch is a softwood similar to pine. It tends to have more knotholes.

    Ash is another popular hardwood known for its uniform light texture and grain.

    Maple has a light color and a less pronounced grain.

    Pine is a popular softwood often found in older homes.

    Fir is another common softwood that has large patches of dark grain.

    Specialty woods are more expensive however they are often quite beautiful. If you have an ample budget, you may want the luxurious look of specialty woods. Walnut, teak, and cherry are popular choices.

    Ready to start your Wood Flooring?

    Oshkosh Designs Wood Border Inlay Corners

    Any flooring project with Oshkosh Designs can be tailored to fit your home or business needs. Browse our selection of wood flooring corners and border options today! They offer a variety of distinctive patterns, designs, wood species, colors and more that you can customize to make your floor corners unique. Contact our flooring design experts today to place an order or to discuss your custom project and needs!

    Matching Tile And Hardwood Floor

    Hex tile to hardwood floor transition

    Interior design can affect the look and feel of a house. Part of this is the right choice of flooring that will go well with the space. It will not be easy to remove and change if it does not suit you.

    Choosing the right tile that will go well with the hardwood floor requires careful planning. Consider the factors below before you buy ceramic tile that will match your wood floor.

    Mixing Tile And Wood Floor

    The goal of mixing tile and wood floors is to have a stylish and elegant look. Too many variations can make a space look cluttered or messy. See for yourself the materials to check the colors and patterns that make a good match.

    Color is the link to different materials. Stick to a color that matches the undertones of the wood floor. Dark stained wood should match with red undertone tiles. Light-stained oak will go well with tiles in the shade of browns and tans.

    Having a monochromatic look is one way to mix tile and wood flooring. Floor materials can be of similar lighter tones but in different textures. The colors do not have to be exact as long as the tone or shade looks great when combined.

    Avoid contrasting colors. Stark-colored wood floor with white tile can feel abrupt or out of place. The space should look put together with materials that meld into one another.

    How To Make The Medallion

    All such inset pieces start out with a design, usually drawn out on stiff paper, although the design can be done on the computer and then the individual pattern pieces printed on cover stock. When making the pattern on the computer, take care that the actual printed size turns out as it is intended. Not all printers are accurate in this.

    Rather than making eight segments out of thin material for the inner part of the medallion, it is easier to make one out of 8/4 stock and then cut it into eight separate slices, resawing the assembly on the bandsaw. So, to start, its necessary to cut the four pieces shown above out of 8/4 stock. The different colors indicate different types of wood. Its probably best to cut the pieces outside the scribed line, then plane or sand them right up to it. Accuracy is paramount for making this work.

    The three pieces that make up the main triangle segment can then be glued together with normal wood glue. Some blocks will probably have to be used for clamping, as there are no parallel edges to tighten the clamps to. But if opposite angle blocks are placed around the triangle as shown in purple in the diagram below, then a band clamp is tightened around those blocks, there will be good surfaces for normal F-clamps to tighten up onto.

    Tile Inlays Create A Dramatic Look

    Using a tile inlay is like having a permanent, almost indestructible area rug in the middle of your hardwood floor. Tiles break up the color and texture of a woodgrain pattern. Its an elegant focal point for large wooden floors. This technique helps reduce wear and tear in high-traffic areas around sinks in kitchens and entryways.

    As a design element, a tile inlay resembles an area rug that provides color and contrast. The advantage is that tiles are easier to clean, can handle spills, and wont collect pet hair or other dirt.

    Tile Flooring Color Trends

    Hardwood Floor Inlay Designs  Madison Art Center Design

    This years colors are all about cool tones, grays, and light colors. The lights are getting even more extreme with more white-washed, beachy looks and bright white marble. You wont see as many warm undertones like red, orange, or yellow.

    Homeowners are increasingly using flooring to set the tone or feel of their home. That means, we need more options! And manufacturers are responding with more beautiful colors than ever before.

    Are Transition Strips Necessary

    This depends on flooring material. Wood flooring can move and adjust according to the humidity, swelling width-wise when it absorbs moisture. Certain transition strips can absorb some of that expansion. While a transition strip may not be necessary, keep this in mind when tiling up to a hardwood floor.

    Muted Natural Color Tile Flooring

    Some homeowners are steering towards a muted, neutral look for their flooring. Inspired by the color palette of nature, muted tones bring the browns and beiges of the outside world into your home.

    The truth is, decor trends tend to change more rapidly than flooring trends. You want to choose a floor that can maintain its relevance for 15-20 years. And neutral, natural color tones do that.

    Go gray, beige, brown, or white. These are the hottest neutral tones and will most likely stay popular over the next couple of decades.

    Will the natural color tile trend last in 2022 and beyond?

    Yes. But be mindful of which neutral tone you go with.

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    Blending Tiles For A Unique Transition

    One of the most eye-catching transitions is having no transition at all. Instead, blend your tile and wood floor for a cohesive yet unconventional look.

    This is one of the most effortless transitions for DIYers to make. The result looks like a sawtooth instead of a boring straight line. Its a compromise for people who like straight lines but dont want a straight transition.

    The Visual Appeal Of Glass Mosaic Tiles

    How to Install Prefinished Hardwood Floor Around Tile: Marble/Tile and Wood Floor Togeather

    Need to add a stunning accent to your floor? Use glass mosaic tiles as the wood to wood, wood to stone, or wood to tile transition. Glass tiles come in a rainbow of colors that can match or accent any flooring combination. The glossy shine adds an air of elegance that no other material can match.

    Laying a glass tile border is as easy as laying any other tile. For a clean look, use a wood end cap to define the end of the wood floor then transition to the glass tiles between the end cap and the tile or stone floor.

    Selecting A Wood Floor Inlay

    For the best selection in wood floor inlays, it is best to shop online, although they can also be purchased through most floor covering stores that sell hardwood flooring. A wide variety exists, with the most common shapes being round or square. Many of these designs are also available in different sizes, ranging from 12 all the way up to 70. Obviously, the larger and more complex the inlay medallion, the more costly it is.

    There are also more modern inlay styles, where the inlay might be in the shape of a guitar or a tree. While installed essentially the same, these can be harder to install, as it is harder to make the appropriate cutout. They can also affect the resale of the home, as not everyone would want an inlay of an electric guitar in their floor, where they might be more willing to accept a normal medallion.

    Standard thickness for these inlays is ¾ to match the old standard thickness for hardwood floors. However, they can be purchased in a variety of lesser thickness, from 5/16 up to 5/8, to match the various thicknesses of hardwood flooring on the market. It is important that the thickness of the existing flooring is known, before buying an insert.

    Regardless of the thickness, the wood design part wont be any thicker or thinner. Rather, the difference in thickness will be made up in the plywood backer that the hardwood design is mounted to.

    Tile Rug Inlay For Hardwood Kitchen Floor

    We’re in the process of lightly renovating our first home on a shoestring budget. We were able to get beautiful 3.25″ natural maple engineered hardwood on sale as a small lot and have enough to redo all the floors, including the open-concept kitchen/dining room.

    Friends and family have convinced us that we need to carry the hardwood through to the kitchen, but I’m very concerned about water damage at the sink– we’re apparently very splash-y people? So, I’m wondering about doing a Fixer-Upper style tile rug inlay in front of the sink, in the same tile as our backsplash.

    We’re putting in a simple white arabesque tile like this Houzz photo below so it would be easy enough to just buy enough tile to do the inlay as well.

    Project -3290

    Thoughts? Should we just put down an actual rug? We have a puppy and a perpetually muddy yard, so a textile rug would gather a LOT of dirt very quickly.


  • Another vote for using a fabric rug vs tile

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  • Tile Flooring Layout And Size Trends

    Over the last several years, patterns and creative flooring layouts have made a comeback. Youll see contemporary, updated versions of 1980s parquet flooring patterns, along with fun options playing with layouts.

    Plus, bigger is better in 2022, particularly when it comes to ceramic tile planks. Longer, wider planks continue to steal the spotlight.

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    Wood Floor With Tile Inlay

    Wood flooring tile transition

    I installed the same STRATA_MAT XT and brick tile that I put in the water closet. First I cut and dry fit the STRATA_MAT XT into my inlay areas. It cuts with a basic utility knife or a pair of heavy duty scissors.

    I taped off the wood to try to keep it clean from mortar before installing my STRATA_MAT XT and tile. I didnt win at that!

    I used a laser to keep my brick tiles lined up through each section of the whole design.

    After the mortar set up overnight, I grouted. You can see I wasnt able to keep the wood free of mortar. Oh well. It cleaned up easily.

    With a grout float, I spread the grout into the grout lines and then wiped up as much as possible

    About 10 minutes later

    I wiped up the rest of the grout with damp sponges. Keep a bucket of water close by to rinse your sponges frequently.

    I use 4 sponges one for each hand and each knee!

    Wipe, rinse, wipe and rinse

    Then the next morning youll probably still have some grout haze.

    So wipe one more time and then youre probably good to go!

    Thank you to LATICRETE for providing the STRATA_MAT XT for this project.

    Blending Tiles And Boards Of Equal Size

    Tile that recreates the look of wood is a smart choice for wet areas of the home. To make the transition from tile to wood more interesting, offset the pattern.

    Its a modern approach that protects the wood from the outside elements and creates an exciting design element that highlights both floors. This is a practical technique for transitions around wood stoves and fireplaces. Its perfect for entryways, laundry rooms, and mudrooms too.

    Hardwood Floor Tile Inlay

    Hardwood Floor Tile Inlay. Go032 marble mosaic square floor inlay, entrance tile, shower tile, decorative tile. Made of natural marble micro stones, finished and sealed.

    Floor tiles usually should be laid over a strong underlayment of cement board or treated plywood. Choosing tile vs hardwood is a decision every homeowner must make when considering their next remodel. This was not her fault.. Hardwood Floor Tile Inlay. But great indoors wood floors can take your hardwood floors from just really nice floors to works of art. Borders and corner pieces help set apart seating areas, room spaces and create a. Made of natural marble micro stones, finished and sealed. Floor tiles usually should be laid over a strong underlayment of cement board or treated plywood. These inlays are created from wood, and steel or bronze, to achieve modern compositions. Hardwood flooring is available in many different structures, profile types and finishes. Still, you may need to tile directly over an existing hardwood floor, for instance to avoid raising the floor level significantly relative to an adjacent floor.

    Wood floor tiles american walnut engineered wood flooring/hardwood flooring/wooden floor tiles for room.

    Most home owners who are trying something new for the first time will cut corners anywhere.excep

    Go032 marble mosaic square floor inlay, entrance tile, shower tile, decorative tile.

    Made of natural marble micro stones, finished and sealed.

    Hardwood floor vs tile which is better?

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