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Whether you’re redecorating your bedroom or starting with an empty space, you’ll find all the bedroom furniture you need at Pottery Barn. The selection contains separate pieces such as beds, dressers and nightstands, along with bedroom furniture sets.

How to Coordinate Bedroom Furniture

It’s easy to create a beautifully coordinated look in your bedroom. Simply choose pieces from the same collection or opt for one of the bedroom furniture sets. Some of the collections you’ll find at Pottery Barn include:

Bedroom Accent Pieces

In addition to the bedroom furniture sets and collections, Pottery Barn has plenty of accent pieces for the bedroom. There are sheer drapes and blackout curtains for the windows and rugs of all types to accent the floor. You’ll also find decorative wall hangings that impart color and personality to the room, such as framed prints and macrame wall art.

Shop the selection of bedroom furniture at Pottery Barn to discover all the items you need to decorate your bedroom. There’s also a wide bedding selection from which to choose, including mattress pads, duvets, quilts and pillows. You’ll find down and down alternative bedding options that are crafted with comfort and durability in mind.

Style And Taste Traditional Or Modern Bedside Table

Practicalities aside, youll also want to choose a nightstand which suits your interior taste. A bedroom is a truly personal space where you can express your style freely so its worth finding a bedside table that truly captures the look you wish to accentuate. A nightstand should look great beside your bed, so browse the IKEA selection for one that would look right at home in your own bedroom.

Youll find that many of our bedside tables belong to different furniture series at IKEA. This makes it easy for you to find matching pieces of bedroom furniture, for a cohesive look. If youre unsure which style you want to go for, you can always get inspired looking at our bedroom ideas.

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Finding The Right Bedroom Furniture For You

No matter what kind of bedroom furniture you prefer be it lavish, low-key or minimalist your bedroom will always be your own personal sanctuary. But it didnt start that way. It wasnt until around the 19th century that the bedroom became a realm of privacy. For many Europeans in the medieval era, eating, congregating and sleeping all took place in a single room, and later, royalty such as Louis XIV of France worked on legal orders while sitting in his bed, surrounded by members of his court.

Now, we return to our bedrooms for solace, private space and intimacy. Weve certainly come a long way, and so has our bedroom furniture.

Whether youre seeking bright or moody, Baroque or mid-century modern, consider the amount of time that will be spent in this space. Dont choose furnishings you wont enjoy looking at every day.

The most important piece of bedroom furniture is, not surprisingly, the bed. When shopping for a bed and bed frame, keep the size of your bedroom in mind youll need to navigate your way around the bed during your daily routine. Bed sizes range from twin to king, and there is also the California king. At 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, a king-size bed is approximately 16 inches wider than a queen-size mattress, and your bed frame will probably add two to five inches to each side.

Once your bedding is situated, shift your focus to other pieces for the room.

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