Wood Burning Patio Fire Pit

Pleasant Hearth Martin Extra Deep Wood Burning Fire Pit

Costco! Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit with Cooking Grill! $129!!!


Pleasant Hearth Martin is a well-known manufacturer of various types of fire pits and outdoor accessories, and this is one of their cheaper wood-burning fire pit models.

It has a built-in circular system, which makes it easier for the fire to get the air it needs for a continuous burn, and it comes with a mesh cover that is designed to provide spark prevention, which is an excellent safety feature.

Finally, this fire pit was designed to be deep, which allows you to add more wood for longer burn times. Plus, it will allow for the fire to get hotter than with shallow fire pits. Overall, it was designed so you can place it in most areas without having to worry about sparks breaking free.

What Customers Are Saying

Most consumers that purchased this model were happy with the cheap propane fire pit compared to some of the other available models. They liked the deep design of this fire pit, which allowed them to have larger fires.

However, a few have mentioned that the metal used to construct this fire pit could be thicker to make it last longer.


  • Could use better metal quality

Yaheetech Square Wood Burning Fire Table

In six easy steps, young families with small kids can smell the backyard barbecue in the afternoon as well as hear the crackling fire at night with this square wood-burning fire pit.

It features a brick design around the heating and cooking surface and sturdy four-poster construction. The pot size includes more than 2,000 cubic inches to fill with wood or briquettes. Or fill it with ice and use the pit for sodas and beer during a summer picnic.

Most fire pit tables tend to be gas burning, so its good to have some options as wood-burning.


Fire wont be the only thing popping in the backyard if you decide to get one of these wood fire pits at Home Depot. The look will pop, too.

Many fire pits come in a black finish, but Hampton Bay has created a burnished bronze look for stylish families that meshes with almost any outdoor décor.

The bowl is plenty big enough for a nice, warm fire. And the lattice design around the large wood-burning fire pit allows people to see the flames from every angle.


  • Sturdy cover ring makes lowering and raising a breeze


At 572 square inches, this is a Home Depot fire pit thats one of the largest on the market. And this large wood-burning fire pit has a bold design that will make a statement in any backyard.

Established, multigenerational families appreciate how this wood-burning fire pit table is more like a piece of furniture, with tile design and unique bracing elements.

Find The Ideal Patio Fire Pit Style For Your Yard

What is a Chiminea Fire Pit?

A chiminea fire pit is a miniature outdoor fireplace with a potbellied body and a narrow chimney. Typically smaller than traditional fireplaces, chiminea fire pits are better able to contain the fire due to their unique enclosed shape. This allows them to retain more heat and create less smoke.

What is a Fire Table?

A fire table is piece of outdoor furniture which features a outdoor fire pit built into a table. Not only do fire tables provide warmth and flame, but they also provide a convenient surface where you can place drinks or snacks.

A fire pit is the ideal place to warm up during chilly nights and gather with your loved ones. With a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect style for your lawn or patio.

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City Bonfires Portable Fire Pit

When space is lacking but your desire for fire is heating up, these portable mini bonfires fit the bill . Perfect for urban settings, these convenient and controlled fires are easy to light and can be reused for your next smores session.

Given an A+++++ from one shopper, these tiny fire pits are perfect for the beach, camping, or just chilling in the backyard.

Best Backyard Wood Fire Pit

Real Flame Hamilton 43

As you can see, there are some great wood-burning fire pits out there just waiting for you to decide which is the best one for you, your partner, or your family.

We believe that the Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit is the Best Overall because its good-looking, has a deep bowl that can handle lots of wood, and includes a grill for those who want to use it for cooking. Its also inexpensive compared to some of the brands on this list.

Others are more decorative in nature, and others may be bigger. Some are more for cooking than standing or sitting next to the fire on a cool night. The Bali Outdoor Fire Pit checks all the boxes.

We also like the innovation of the Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit and the retro look of the Sunnydaze Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl with Stand.

Truly, you wont go wrong with any of the choices on our list.

But if you want to use your wood-burning fire pit for both comfort and cooking and at a good price point, then we think you ought to consider the Bali Outdoor Fire Pit.

If you like these wood fire pits, you also might be interested in these indoor wood-burning cookstoves.

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Cuisinart Cleanburn Fire Pit

Chances are, you may not have known that Cuisinart makes a smokeless, wood-burning fire pit. But the legendary kitchen appliance brand does, and its an awesome one at that.

The COH-800 is built thick, with double walls to increase airflow and cut down on smoke. The vents near the base pull in oxygen, giving the flames fuel from below, increasing efficiency all around. Plus its easy to clean simply remove the ash tray afterwards and this works with pretty much any standard wood too.

Best For Durability : Y

Y-ME Fire Pit is designed to serve you warmth for a long time. Its sturdy construction and features will value the best for your money.

If you think of getting a durable fire pit for your large family or having your gang at your place on weekends, keep them warm and have your favorite BBQ with this Y-ME Wood Burning Fire Pit.

This fire pit is 24 inches big and 12.5 inches deep. You can pour a fair amount of wood and coal in it to burn for a long time. There are star and moon shapes cut out on its surface. These cuts generate air circulation, leading to excellent conduction of heat around you to keep you warm for a long time. The fire pit is steel made. Comes with long durability and all needed accessories, including mesh screen, vinyl cover, appreciably value for money.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • You can use a lot of wood or charcoal.
  • The heat will spread evenly throughout the beautiful star and moon cut-outs.
  • You can use the grate for BBQ, grill, outdoor cooking, or as a log grate.
  • A complimentary $19.99 cover will prevent rusting.
  • You can move the wood or lift the spark screen safely using poker.
  • Get a cozy ambiance with a festive vibe every day in your yard!
  • Value for money.

Things you need to consider

  • The poker can be a little long.
  • The pokers shaft gets flimsy in prolonged use.

Final thought

Deep bowl, sturdy construction, and durable with all necessary tools makes the fire pit a must have one.

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Terraflame Concrete Tabletop Fireplace

You dont need a large setup or expansive yard to experience all the joys of fire pits. This TerraFlame Concrete Tabletop Fireplace comes in four colors. Just place it at the center of your outdoor dining or coffee table, use a match or electric lighter to ignite one of the included flammable gel cans and enjoy the warming ambiance. Its a smaller profile fire option that features 3,000 BTUs and makes a conversation-starting centerpiece your guests wont soon forget. Its also an affordable find and one of the best things to buy at Wayfair.


  • Compact size fits neatly on most outdoor dining and coffee table sets
  • Diameter of just under 11 makes it a fun focal point or centerpiece
  • Comes in four neutral colors to match most decor styles
  • Made of fire-safe cement
  • No wood or gas is necessarythis fire pit relies on affordable flammable gel cans that emit nearly no smoke
  • Budget-friendly


  • Only 3,000 BTUs means it wont give off enough heat to warm your guests in the depths of cooler seasons.

Why Trust The Spruce

Pine Cone Wood Burning Fire Pit Sku# 66F88 Plow & Hearth

This article was written by Camryn Rabideau, a freelance writer and product tester who has contributed to The Spruce since 2017. She owns the Solo Stove Bonfire, which serves as the perfect focal point on her backyard patio. For this roundup, she considered dozens of models of fire pits, evaluating each on its size, materials, versatility, and design aesthetic. Additional input was provided by Joe Raboine, Director of Residential Hardscapes at Belgard.

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Best For Assembly : Ohio Flame Patriot Fire Pit

This Ohio Fire Pit is heavily structured, thick, and sturdy. You will get outstanding durability with no assembly required for using this Firepit.

If you want an easily fixed fire pit for an extended period rather than changing it every year, then the fire pit would be the best choice for you.

The Ohio Flame is a heavy steel gauge constructed. This fire pit is 30 inches in diameter and 68 pounds in weight. It is thick and robust. This type of sturdy construction makes this fire pit too durable to damage. It is a handmade two-piece welded design fire pit. No assembly is needed.


  • Construction: The fire pit is made of a heavy steel gauge. It is 30 inches in diameter and weighs 68 pounds. Very heavy and firm construction to serve you for years
  • Thickness: The bowl is 3/16 inches thick. You will have approximately 7 gauges of the steel structure on your patio.
  • Assemble: Its a simple two-piece welded design. You will require nothing to assemble it.
  • Durable: With its thick, sturdy steel construction, you get durability for decades.
  • Warranty: This product features a lifetime warranty.

Things you are going to enjoy

  • No wood grate is required.
  • The fire pit can be used roughly.
  • No setup is required to assemble.
  • You can showcase this fire pit as a piece of art.
  • Lifetime warrantied.

Things you need to consider

  • No covers included.
  • Too heavy to move single-handedly.

Final thought

  • Assembling Requirement: Yes
  • Cover/Case: Available for purchase

Things you are going to enjoy

Things To Consider Before Getting A Wood Burning Fire Pit

Anything before buying, you should clarify to yourself why you need that thing. How efficient the thing is going to meet your needs. Then the features, specification, appearance, and if the thing is for your money or not.

So if you come to the point that you will buy a wood-burning fire pit, these are the top things you should consider.

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Can You Put A Wood Burning Fire Pit On A Deck

We dont recommend ever placing a wood-burning fire pit on any combustible surface or even on a grass lawn, without the use of a Heat-Shield from Newtex. Additionally, you should have no less than 6 between the bottom of the fire pit and the top of the Heat-Shield.

Alternatively, and if you prefer not to mess with wood burning logs, or heat shields, you can look into the many Gas Fire Pit Tables available Which can be placed safely on any surface.

What Is The Best Type Of Wood Burning Fire Pit

Breckenridge Outdoor Wood

With the evolution of wood-burning fire pits, we think the stainless steel Smokeless fire pits such as our Editors Pick from TIKI, represent the best overall fire pit choice for decks, patios, backyards, or camping.

Smokeless fire pits are a little more expensive, however, and If youre looking for a more economical but fully functional outdoor fire pit, we recommend the Sunnydaze 36 fire pit or the 32 Fire Bowl from Bali.

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Which Fire Pits Give Off The Most Heat

While all fire pits generate heat, some tend to create more than others. Ordinary pits, which are also the cheapest, can put out a good amount of heat. Unfortunately they typically create a lot of smoke as well. Smokeless fire pits do reach higher temperatures since they’re designed to foster a high degree of airflow as they burn. However, in my experience, Solo Stove fire pits channel much of their heat upward. Breeo pits, on the other hand, tend to push more heat outward so you often feel their warmth more.

Best Table: Yardbird Rectangular Fire Pit Table


  • Includes natural gas conversion kit

  • Automatic fire starter button

  • More fire glass needed

The Yardbird Fire Pit Table does double duty in your outdoor living space, serving as a propane fireplace and a convenient coffee table. While this particular design is a 61.5 x 32-inch rectangle, you also can opt for a square or round shape, whatever best fits your space. This fire pit is crafted from commercial-grade aluminum, and a door on the base allows you to store a propane tank inside.

This fire pit table has a brushed stainless steel burner tray, and while the product includes clear glass rock beads, you likely need more glass to fill up the center. The table has an automatic starter button that runs on AAA batteries, and you can adjust the intensity of the flame. The lid covers up the burner tray when not in use, and the package includes a natural gas conversion kit. The manufacturer also offers a glass guard, sold separately.

Size: 61 x 32 x 24.5 inches | Material: Rust-resistant aluminum | Fuel Type: Propane or natural gas | Features: Adjustable flame

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Sunvilla Rectangular Fire Pit

The SunVilla Rectangular Fire Pit is the ideal hybrid between a warming, cozy fire pit and the perfect outdoor coffee table. This 56-inch sleek, low-profile wonder is made of durable magnesium oxide and stainless steel that is naturally fire retardant. The 50,000 BTU burner relies on a 20-pound propane tank outside the pit itself, offering the ideal toasty warmth on cool summer evenings and for November smores. Natural red lava rocks radiate heat from the inner chamber while the exterior displays a timeless brown stone finish that meshes well with both modern and classic decor. The flame is also adjustable thanks to quick light and pushbutton technology.


  • Coffee table size with an inner fire pit chamber
  • Metal alloy stands up to the elements and is naturally fire-retardant
  • 50,000 BTUs of hand-warming heat
  • Fits nicely with most outdoor furniture styles
  • Adjustable flame and quick lighting


Tiki Stainless Steel Low Smoke Fire Pit

Timberline Wood-Burning Fire Pit SKU# 66A71 – Plow & Hearth

When your brand is famous for making bamboo torches for the last 60 years, your fire pit would hope for the same notoriety. Not only does this Tiki brand steel and stained-wood pit look great, its internal airflow system and ash pan mean low smoke, less smell, and less mess.

No wood? It also comes with sawdust pellet packs. With almost 1,000 5-star reviews, it seems shoppers are aghast at just how high quality this pit is. What a good looking fire pit, exclaims one. The convenience of the wood packs also drew attention as a great option for a 30-minute fire.

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Better Homes & Gardens Lattice Antique Bronze Rectangle Fire Pit

Whether youre sitting alone or surrounded by friends, warming up to this pretty fire pit creates magic. Going rogue in shapeits a rectangular with lattice sides, instead of a traditional circleits made from durable steel with an antique bronze finish and includes a steel mesh spark guard.

Shoppers love this pits size. So many more people can stand around it, says one. It also earns kudos for being easy to assemble.

Get the Better Homes & Gardens Lattice Antique Bronze Rectangle Fire Pit at Walmart for $147

Will It Use Way More Wood Since It Burns So Hot

No! It would seem like it would burn more wood but the Solo Stove Bonfire actually just burns much more of the wood than a traditional wood-burning fire pit. You wont be left with a bunch of half-burnt logs once the fire goes out. The Solo Stove seems to actually use less wood than normal, and I think thats because it really completely burns up each log.

Its actually really nice to bring camping because its so easy to start. And if youre in a spot where youre allowed to forage wood/cut trees it can burn stuff that is normally too wet since it gets so hot!

The Solo Stove Bonfire burns so hot that we were able to just find some downed trees, cut them to size and burn even though it had just rained and most of it was damp!

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Propane Vs Wood Burning Fire Pits

Whatever reason you decide to purchase a wood fire pit for sale, youll also be tasked with choosing which fuel to use.

Gas or wood?

Several factors go into the decision-making process.

First, do you have the storage space to hide a 15-gallon propane tank while using the pit? Your guests want to watch the fire, not an ugly propane tank.

Wood will need to be stacked, but the logs can usually be stored away from the pit.

Next, how available is the fuel source? If you live in a rural area with lots of trees, you can chop your own wood. City dwellers may find it easier to call a propane gas company or exchange their tanks at a home improvement store.

Then think about the overall cost. Wood is typically cheaper than gas and may be easier to find during difficult times.

You may want to consider ease of use. Gas fires start at the flick of a switch . Voila! Wood fires need kindling, other fuel sources, and a bit of work to get going.

Finally, think about safety issues. Gas pits can develop a rare leak. Using firewood requires the use of basic safety measures, such as properly storing the wood, dousing the fire, and disposing of the ashes when finished.

And remember, you can outfit almost all fire pits to use either type of fuel.

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