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How Do You Light A Wood Pellet Grill

Sunstone 30 Inch True Hybrid Gas Charcoal Wood Burning Grill Unboxing Review!

Wood pellet grills are extremely easy to startit requires almost no effort on your part and is similar to preheating an oven. You’ll want to open the lid of your grill, then power the grill on. Once you select your desired cooking temperature, the grill will begin heating up its fire pot and feeding pellets into it from the hopper . It often takes 10 minutes or more for pellet grills to reach the desired cooking temperature.

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Help Along the Way

Once you begin grilling over open fire you’ll invariably experience a steep learning curve. Comfort with your cooking fire is the most important skill you’ll pick up on this arc. Once a feel for fire – each fire – develops you’re off to the races. Before long you’ll be able to tell by smoke, sound and smell rather than thermometer how hot that fire is, where to place dinner on the surface and how to feed it. Wood flame cooking is truly an organic experience. You will get dirty and you’ll ruin a few meals along the way, but we promise you loads of fun on the road to mastery.

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Grilling On Another Level

Your customers will love menu items cooked on our commercial wood-burning grills. Our commercial kitchen equipment doesnt only add flavor and juiciness to menu items, but it also offers ease and convenience for your chefs. Take your restaurant grill to the next level with a specialized commercial grill from Champion!

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Reasons To Think Twice

Skip this one if youre intimidated by power or if you arent interested in taking advantage of its smoking capabilities.

Users have universal love for the Traeger Pro 34 grill, to the point where youre hard pressed to find negative reviews.

That being said, if youre not will to spend a little time learning to manage the temperatures, you might want to give this a pass. Consider a model from Memphis Grills like the Memphis Advantage Pellet Grill for exact temperature precision that doesnt require any guesswork. It will cost you though.

Figuring out the temperature sweet spot and learning the ins and outs of the digital controller will take a few goes. Only consider buying the Pro 34 if youre willing to put in that kind of effort.

Also, you may not be satisfied with the secondary grate, either, as its on the smaller side. Think about it as a supplemental rack.

Wifi / App Experience

Charcoal &  Wood Smoker by Backyard Pro

Both the REC TEC and the Traeger lean hard on how interactive their new WiFi-enabled grills are when marketing them.

The Traeger and the RT-700 can both be remotely controlled through the use of a smartphone app, allowing the user to monitor and change the temperature, set timers, and receive push alerts when the grill reaches a specific temperature.

Both apps do suffer from similar connectivity and lag issues, however, the Traeger app has both a massive database of searchable recipes with automatic temperature settings and is Alexa compatible, for truly hands-free cooking.

These extra features mean that the Traeger app simply has more utility than its REC TEC competition.

Winner Traeger Ironwood

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Grills & Smokers Priced For Every Budget

With thousands of grills and smokers that range in price from several hundred dollars to over $15,000, it is good to have an idea of how much you are wanting to spend on your new grill before shopping. This will help to narrow down your search tremendously. It’s also important to remember that you get what you pay for. Our grills are built with a higher quality than cheaper hardware and home improvement store grills that may cost $100 – $300, and only last a couple years. When you buy a grill from us, you can be confident in knowing that you are getting a high-quality grill that has been tested and rated by our experts and thousands of customers, that will last for many years to come.

Twice The Cooking Potential

Trying to time different proteins on the grill can be a PITA.

You always end up burning something. If by some miracle, your surf and turf ends up coming off at the same time, its probably only because you hovered over the BBQ, trapped because you dont want shoe-leather steak or chewy shrimp.

The Pro 34 gives you the opportunity to cook two different cuts at the same time. It doesnt matter if they have different done temperatures.

Just make use of the grills dual probe temperature thermometer. You can get creative with your meal planning, but you dont have to be obsessive about timing.

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Is Wifi Worth It On A Pellet Grill

Its pretty nice. But a lot of them havent worked out all the kinks, Botello says. Say youre not at the house or something happens, youre kind of screwed. So, especially with barbecue and live fire, I dont like to rely on many other things but myself because anything can go wrong. If the wi-fi component on the grill is reliable and the signal is strong, then having wi-fi compatibility on your pellet grill can be great. Otherwise, it can be challenging to work with or leave you in the lurch if, like one of Botellos friends experienced, the wi-fi dies on you while youre in the middle of an overnight smoke and turns the grill off with it.

Is A Diy Smoker As Good As A Real Smoker

Traeger Ironwood Wood Fired Pellet Grill Review | BBQGuys Expert Overview

No, you will not get competition-class barbecue every time, because you cannot control your temperature with a kettle grill as well as you can with the expensive smokers.

But you can still easily achieve the proper “slow and low” cooking so critical for barbecue.

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Grills & Smokers Built With Superior Materials Are Made To Last

Grills and smokers are built with a wide range of materials that will ultimately affect the durability of the grill. Stainless steel is the most common material used for grills and is typically a durable exterior material. However, not all stainless steel grades are created equal. While 304-grade stainless steel is considered the most durable grade of stainless steel, there are several grades and thicknesses available that affect performance and durability. Exterior finishes such as painted steel or porcelain coated steel offer a cosmetic, cost-effective option for BBQ grills. However, over time with use the painted exterior will likely wear off, exposing the steel which can rust quickly.

Why Trust The Spruce Eats

Cheyenne Elwell‘s favorite part of outdoor cooking is the smell of food fresh off the grill, especially in the hot days of summer. She has experience testing and using a variety of grills including electric, gas-powered, wood-fired, and charcoal models.

This article was updated by Camryn Rabideau, a freelance writer and product tester for The Spruce Eats. She’s written close to a dozen pieces on all styles of grills and done firsthand testing of smokers and grills featured in her articles.

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Be Prepared: Smoking Meat Takes Time

Smoking meat isn’t a quick endeavor, but the time spent is well worth it for seriously delicious results. Plan ahead for the various components of the process:

  • Brining: Brine ribs for 3-6 hours, or even overnight for a pork butt.
  • Wood chips: Soak for at least 2 hours overnight is better.
  • Dry rub: Apply a dry rub anywhere from an hour to a day before you start cooking, depending on how deeply spiced you want your meat.
  • Cooking: Fish will take from 45 to 90 minutes. Chicken an hour to 2 hours. Baby back ribs will take from 90 minutes to 2 hours and 15 minutes. A Boston butt, beef brisket or tri-tip can take as long as 6 hours.

Frequently Asked Grill & Smoker Questions

shanglixiansenxinmaoyi Professional Charcoal Grill

Gas, Charcoal, Wood Pellet, Built-in, Freestanding, Portable…Which type of grill is best?

This is ultimately a personal decision that comes down to a few simple questions: how quickly do you want to cook, and how involved do you want to be in cooking? Natural gas and propane gas grills are ideal for hot-and-fast cooking at a momentâs notice charcoal grills and smokers take time and effort to get going but can cook for hours wood pellet grills are equally capable of extended cooks at low temperatures but are unmatched in terms of convenience. The âbest,â though? Thatâs up to you!

Which brand is best for a barbecue grill?

It depends on your preferences and what you hope to achieve from your grill. That being said, we confidently stand behind Blaze, Traeger, and Alfresco as some of the most impressive overall BBQ brands from the quality of product to the degree of customer service.

How much is a good grill? Aren’t they expensive?

Some are, and hereâs what we look for when making that determination: premium or commercial-grade materials, readily available parts, and responsive and supportive customer service. We suggest you do the same when deciding whether that hefty price tag is worth it.

How long do BBQ grills last?

A grill built from premium materials and properly cared for can last decades. Seriously! Grills made from lesser materials simply wonât last as long, though frequently cleaning your grill and using a grill cover can greatly extend their lifespans.

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Using The Traeger Pro 34 Grill

Operating the Traeger Pro Series 34 pellet grill is as easy as filling the hopper, flipping on the grill, and setting your temperature.

The Pro 34 utilizes an automatic start system that begins as soon as you turn on the grill. At that point, the auger sends pellets down into the fire pot as needed, which receives oxygen from the draft induction fan.

The pellets ignite courtesy of an igniter rod that instantly begins to heat up until it sets the wood pellets to smoldering. Within four minutes, you can hear the sizzle.

X 20 Wood Burning Grill/no Fan System

Our basic wood burning grill ***** $475.

For those who are looking for a good quality wood burning grill without the added cost of a fan system or stainless steel.

Note: this grill dose not have rotisserie kit adapters installed


This grill has an easy to use crank-up handle, that allows you to raise or lower the cooking tray to adjust for better temperature control.

Side shelves

This grill comes with 2 side shelves, they each have a removable cutting board, for easy cleaning.

Steel of a Deal

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What You Want To Cook

Before purchasing a pellet grill, consider what youd actually want to cook on it. Pellet grills are very versatile, so most of them can make any number of dishes. But you should consider the following:

  • Do you want to sear? If so, perhaps opt for a pellet grill with a direct-flame feature.
  • Were you hoping to make pizza, baked potatoes or casseroles in it? If so, youll want to find a pellet grill with a higher temperature range.
  • Do you want to cook low and slow? If so, make sure youre choosing a model that can reliably hold the temperature.

Whatever model you choose, Andersen and Fey say to consider your three favorite things to cook on the grill before purchasing yours, so that you can pick the grill that best meets your interests.

How Does A Wood Pellet Grill Work

Traeger Ironwood Wood Fired Pellet Grill Review | BBQGuys Expert Overview

Wood pellet grills are unique in their operation, and it can take a while to get used to them if you typically cook on a gas or charcoal grill. Pellet grills are fueled by hardwood pellets, which you load into the grill’s hopper. These small pellets of wood are slowly fed into a fire pot in the main cooking chamber by an auger, and they are burned a little at a time. Heat and smoke from the fire pot are dispersed throughout the grill, which cooks food with indirect heat instead of open flames, and the grill will maintain its set temperature by feeding more or less pellets into the fire pot.

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The Grillworks Architectural System Planning And Ordering Process

Our Architectural System is designed to be integrated into a hearth or base designed by the customer. This allows the maximum level of aesthetic and functional flexibility with the minimum level of engineering and installation effort at the home or restaurant. The grills come out of the crate ready to slide into their new space and get cooking.

The system is anchored by our signature framed exoskeleton. Made by hand, entirely in 304 stainless steel, this strong tubular structure houses and supports the Grillworks lift frames that carry the grill surfaces. Fully freestanding the Architectural requires no additional support. Crankwheels and lift system come out of the crate assembled, complete and ready to go. This core offers the flexibility of a myriad of add-on accessories including South American inspired rear “brasero’ fire cages, overhead and rear shelving, food suspension areas, planchas, alternate cooking surface types and of course custom ideas a creative griller may have. Portions of the system can also be finished in ceramic black and brass – the choices are nearly limitless.

Architectural vs EXO Pro.

Planning a high-volume, high-impact restaurant? Make sure to also check out the Architecturals beefier siblings, The EXO Pro Series. Where the Architecturals are svelte and well-suited to homes, event spaces and mellower restaurants , the EXOs are designed to offer the ultimate is heft, strength and drama, and the power to lift our heaviest grill surface options.

The Best Cuts Of Meat To Smoke

One of my favorite things to barbecue is ribs, so Ill use a Kentucky-style bourbon-glazed baby back rib recipe as an example.

The larger St. Louis or Memphis cut ribs will work with this method, too, as will a Boston butt for when you want to make pulled pork. Ive made perfectly barbecued “country ribs” with a kettle, as well as beef ribs, brisket, tri-tip, chicken legs and thighs even fatty fish such as salmon, sturgeon, bluefish or mackerel.

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Who Was The Pro Series 34 Made For

Are you serious about grilling?

Do you love the flavor of wood-smoked meat?

Do you use your grill more than once or twice a week?

If so, the Traeger Grills Pro Series 34 is the right investment, not to mention the correct fit. Its okay if youre a newbie at smoking or using wood pellets. Regardless of its size, this is still a terrific grill for beginners.

However, you have to work with it. Just like any new grill, you have to be willing to learn how it burns.

You dont want to spend big money on something with which you cant form a relationship after all. A grill is just a tool, more or less, but you have to trust it all the same.

Traeger Grills Pro Series Description And Features

Argentine Wood fired BBQ Grill Santa Maria Grills

The Pro series contains ample features that put this line ahead of the competition.

Traeger Grills Pro Series 34 is a winner in a series of winners. From its durability to its precision cooking abilities, it does what you want without a lot of guesswork.

The question is whether or not the features are worth the price, so lets take a look.

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Custom Made Argentine Barbecue Grills For Your Masonry Outdoor Kitchen

Argentine BBQ Grill Kits:

  • Our Custom made Argentine Barbecue Grill Kits are perfect for your custom outdoor Masonry kitchen. The Grill Kits do not come with a firebox but are placed into your Masonry firebox. These BBQ Grill Kits are for Wood or Charcoal Grilling. The Black Steel Grill Kits come with a Stainless Steel Grilling Surface, Adjustable Height V-Grate that includes a Drip Pan so that the grease flows down the V-Grate into the Drip Pan allowing for fewer flare-ups, A Side Wheel that allows you to adjust the grate height up or down. Our BBQ Grills are made of either Black Steel or Stainless Steel.

Argentine Counter Drop-In Grills that include an Open Front Firebox.

  • Our Argentine Counter Drop-In Grills are perfect for your custom Masonry Outdoor Kitchen. These BBQ Grills are for Wood or Charcoal Grilling. The Black Steel Argentine Insert BBQ Grills come with a Stainless Steel Grilling Surface, an adjustable V-Grate that includes a Drip Pan so that the grease flows down the V-Grate into the Drip Pan allowing for fewer flare-ups, a Side Wheel allows you to adjust the grate height up or down. Our BBQ Grill Inserts are made of either Black Steel or Stainless Steel.

Portable Argentine Grills that include an Open Front Firebox and a Cart with 4 Casters

Our Argentine Grills are available in Stainless Steel or Black Steel. Argentine Grills for wood or charcoal grilling.

Made in the USA

Note: We offer our Military Veterans a 5% Discount Year Round.

The Infierno Blanco Oven

The Grillworks Blanco Oven, shown in freestanding configuration

Our wood-and-charcoal oven is a white – or clean oven, hence the Blanco name. There is no fire built in the cooking chamber – rather the ovens internal heat is drawn in through a rear vent from the wood fire below, which also directly heats its soapstone deck. This guards against the surface cooling that can occur in ovens that rely on convection or in-chamber fires to maintain heat. Even with the main doors wide open the deck will maintain high temperature. An intermediate shelf inside the oven allows slower cooking off the deck, effectively creating two zones inside the chamber: searing surface and elevated slow bake. The Blanco is also well-suited to slow smoking with a minimal fire. Simply run a modest hearth coal bed with a slow-but-steady supply of smoldering whole pieces of wood and the smoke is drawn into the cooking chamber.

The Blanco’s hearth is also used as a grilling or searing zone, either directly on the coals or with our optional plancha or drop-in grill surface. You effectively have a combination open grill and oven in one 34″ wide footprint.

Can be delivered freestanding on a short stand for hearth install, or mounted into an Infierno 96 or 154. Call 855-434-3473 or email orders@grillworks.com. Download the Blanco Technical Manual here.

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