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Gold Wedding Ring In A Wooden Ring

Each piece of wood is genuine, ensuring that each wood inlay wedding band design is unique to its wearer. Many of our men’s wood inlay wedding rings can also be personalized with your own engraved message on the inside.

These rings merge unmatched strength with exquisite elegance to produce a wedding band that lasts a lifetime. In many traditions, wood possesses symbolic and spiritual power. Wood, one of the five elements of feng shui, is associated with new beginnings. Wood is also associated with family, abundance, health, and newness, making our bands beautiful representations of your forever love.

Incorporating fresh, best-in-class designs, we offer eco-friendly, meaningful wood wedding rings for that special day in your life. These pieces will effortlessly accompany you from the aisle to pleasure, to business, and everything in between. Our world-class artistry is a blend of different influences from all around the globe and celebrates heartfelt joy, warmth, and belonging.

Buying a ring is a big deal, and thats why we want to give you a quality wood wedding band without breaking the bank. We offer:

Caring For Your Wood Wedding Ring

Just … don’t go dunking your wooden ring into the pool at the Y. That resin is water-resistant, not waterproof. You know the difference. You’ve seen your buddy’s deck, then one that was due for a re-staining three years ago and looks more like a gray, wavy potato chip than anything you want to attend a BBQ on. Don’t do that to your ring. Keep it out of the pool/ocean/shower/toilet, and all will be gravy.

Who You Buy From Is Just As Important As What You Buy Learn About Us: How We Got Started Where We’re Going And What We Believe In

Ethical Sourcing

We’ve put a lot of effort into sourcing the best, earth-friendly materials. Our rings are made from 100% SCS Certified recycled gold, non-CITES listed woods, and lab grown diamonds, and that’s just the start.

custom design

Whether you’re working with our designer to create your own one-of-a-kind design, or shopping our online store, all of our jewelry is designed and made in-house by our talented team of professionals so your jewelry will be unlike any other.

Genuine Craftsmanship

Bringing beauty and craftsmanship together is a delicate balance. Each of our jewelry designs are tested and considered for daily wear and are approved for production by our goldsmith to ensure the highest quality.

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Wood And Whiskey Wedding Bands

Here at Elemental Bands we offer a wide variety of high quality wood wedding bands made to look classy and elegant. Whether you are looking for oak whiskey wedding band, a koa wood ring, or a tungsten ring with wood inlay, we have a vast selection of wooden and whiskey wedding rings available for you. All of our rings are backed with our 30-day return policy and a 1-year warranty. If your ring doesn’t exceed your expectations and you are not 100% satisfied you can return the ring for a full refund – no questions asked. Please note that a majority of our whiskey wedding bands have no coating or protection and should not be worn while swimming or showering.

Do Wood Wedding Bands Last

Woodgrain wedding band set GOLD wood grain ring PLYWOOD 14 kt

Wood wedding bands can last as long any other wedding band. While they should be treated with care like any fine jewelry, the exotic hardwoods we use are durable and treated to ensure they’ll last a lifetime. In addition, all of our wedding bands come with a Lifetime Warranty so if anything does ever happen we will fix it for you. You cant go wrong with a wood wedding band from Revolution Jewelry.

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Budget First Shop Second

There is a lot to consider when it comes to browsing our selection of wedding rings for women and men and picking out the perfect one. Of course, style and metal are certainly important, but price plays a big factor, too. Prior to shopping for the perfect ring, first consider your budget. Do you want to stick to a specific price range or do you have some wiggle room to work with? When you set yourself some boundaries, it allows you to better narrow down the options. Regardless of the number you might have in mind, youll find countless mens and womens wedding rings that match your ideal range.

How Much Do Women’s Wedding Rings Cost

The price of wedding rings varies based on a number of factors. First, consider the kind of metal you want, as this could impact the price tag. For example, a gold ring may be more expensive than a silver band. Youll also find the simpler designs, which are less intricate, tend to be more affordable than the more elaborate wedding bands. If youre looking for one with diamonds or gemstones, the more embellished and more stones it has, the pricier it may be. Whats more, you might find that the price tag on wedding rings for women may differ depending on the designer and the brand. Browse through our selection of wedding bands and youll see that each ring has a $ symbol next to it. The more symbols you see, the more expensive it is compared to one with fewer symbols. Following this is a smart way to gauge the price range when youre getting to know the inventory.

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What Is A Wood Ring

Our wood rings are an exquisite combination of natural cut hardwood and custom formed alternative metals. The wood can either be used as an inlay on the exterior of the ring or as a sleeve on the interior. We use the finest exotic hardwood available. The wood used in these rings is natural, imperfect and beautiful. The variation in color, character, pattern and quality of the woods ensures no two are the same. We also have a wide variety of wood types that can be used to customize your ring and make it even more unique. You can view the available wood types here.

Our Range Of Wood Wedding Bands

Wood Wedding Rings: Rose Gold and Mahogany with Guitar String Inlays (How It’s Made)

As opposed to those old, original, crude loops sitting in some dusty museum, today’s wooden rings are sleek, expertly crafted and smoother than the pickup line you first used to break the ice with your spouse-to-be. Careful attention is paid to selecting the right wood for the job, and each jeweler takes their time to shape the piece to exact dimensions. Next, it’s coated in a water-resistant resin before being shipped off to it’s new manly owner. Take a look at a few:

The Buffalo: tungsten, with mahogany inlay. Fierce, bold, enticing. A symbol of the proud and strong animal spirit inside you. This ring makes a statement, but only on its own terms.

The Conqueror: tungsten carbide with platinum plating and koa wood. Just try to look at this ring and NOT picture a mighty Viking warrior, staring down his enemies, before laying down a heaping helping of whoop-ass. This ring is tough while still being lightweight

The King Arthur: titanium and koa rosewood… Dude, how regal is this thing?!? The perfect mix of polished metal and rich wood inlay, this ring is built for a king. It doesn’t matter whether your throne is a construct of a hundred swords or a pile of memory foam covered in leather , this ring is for you!

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Offering A Wide Variety Of Stunning Wooden Wedding Rings

The Simply Wood Rings Philosophy. We love wood. Wood is warm, alive, beautiful, rich and purposeful. It symbolizes spiritual and physical nourishment. We offer one of the largest wooden ring collections on the internet and incorporate a variety of materials such as Oak , Redwood , KOA , Ash , Bamboo , Bocote , Bubinga , purpleheart , and hundreds more. Our artisans create handmade, custom masterpieces incorporating a variety of other materials such as dinosaur bone, meteorite, antler, precious metals and diamonds. Our Exotic Inlay Collection features wedding bands made with NO SEAMS anywhere in the final piece and protected with a patented Ring Armor thus protecting your one-of-a-kind masterpiece from the elements. Each Exotic Inlay Ring comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artisan. With decades of experience and utilizing skilled craftsmen throughout the world, Simply Wood Rings can customize the perfect ring for you and your loved one. We invite you to browse through our vast collection of rings featuring black ceramic, titanium, tungsten, palladium, platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Should you find a special ring that catches your eye but you would like to substitute precious metal for one of our contemporary metals, please contact us. We love to delight our customers!

A Brief History Of Wood Wedding Rings

Let’s just start off with a little quote from author David Russell McAnally from his article in Popular Science Monthly, November 1887:

“The materials of which wedding-rings have been composed are as diverse as the nations which have used the ring. The British Museum has rings of bone and of hard wood, found in the Swiss lakes…”

It’s 1887, and this dude is talking about rings, sitting in a museum that had been open for almost 130 years already. While the article doesn’t give an exact age of said rings, it does leave the impression they are, I believe the scientific term is, “old as #@& %.”

But when you stop to think about it, it makes perfect sense. Wood is one of the most common, easily obtained and versatile materials on the planet. Long before man mastered the art of carving stone into spears or mining iron ore to smelt into kick-ass battleaxes, wood was there to provide our most basic tools and supplies. Sure, you may have spent the better parts of your high school days earning that C minus in metal shop, but you started out cobbling together that crappy wooden birdhouse your mother swore was perfect.

Of course some of the first wedding rings were made of wood . It is kinda all we had when we began making stuff out of more than just our own dung. And mankind thrived once we had tools, shelter and hunting weapons. We owe our very existence to the fact that we got wood! … Wait… Scratch that last line, and let’s move on.

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How Are The Golds Made Of Colors

The different colors of gold are achieved with the metal that is added to the gold to complete the 250 missing parts to reach the 1000.

In the case of yellow gold, a proportion of silver and copper with a higher proportion of silver is used.

In the case of rose gold, copper and silver with a higher proportion of copper are usually used.

For white gold, palladium and silver are usually used.

Wedding Band Gold Wood Ring

Mens Wood Wedding Band #Engagementringsformen

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Men’s 80mm Comfort Fit Stainless Steel And Wood Grain Carbon Fiber Inlay Wedding Band

Service Needed

Plan Terms and Electronic Delivery.

4Allow ring sizing up or down two sizes.

5Costs may vary depending on specific service, size and material type.

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Product Details

Content + Care

Different Style Wedding Bands

Once you have a handle on your budget and the different price ranges available, now the real fun can begin! Set your price range filter and then begin exploring all the options. Narrow down the choices by gender and search through the womens selection or go for the mens options first. Check out the different kinds of metals, such a white gold and platinum. Keep in mind, most brides like their wedding bands to match the metal used in their engagement ring. The same goes for if youre on the hunt for wedding bands with diamonds or gemstones–youll want them to match the proposal ring as well.

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