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Types Of Gold Console Tables


If you love dramatic yet elegant themes, consider a black and gold console table. For a more tranquil atmosphere, opt for a white and gold console table. Both gold marble console tables and gold and glass console tables are timeless and classy, making your home feel sophisticated. Depending on the color scheme in your home, different shades of gold could complement your decor best. For example, would a white gold console table suit your home best? What about a rose gold console table? No matter what you prefer, there are many reasons why you won’t regret getting one.

Finding The Right Console Tables For You

Few pieces of furniture are celebrated for their functionality as much as their decorative attributes in the way that console tables are. While these furnishings are not as common in todays interiors as their coffee-table and side-table counterparts, console tables are stylish home accents and have become more prevalent over the years.

The popularity of wood console tables took shape during the 17th and 18th centuries in French and Italian culture, and were exclusively featured in the palatial homes of the upper class. The eras outwardly sculptural examples of these small structures were paired with mirrors or matching stools and had tabletops of marble. They were most often half-moon-shaped and stood on two scrolled giltwood legs, and because they werent wholly supported on their two legs rather than the traditional four, their flat-backed supports were intended to hug the wall behind them and were commonly joined by an ornate stretcher. The legs were affixed or bolted to the wall with architectural brackets called console brackets hence, the name we know them by today which gave the impression that they were freestanding furnishings. While console tables introduced a dose of drama in the foyer of any given aristocrat an embodiment of Rococo-style furniture the table actually occupied minimal floor space . As demand grew and console tables made their way to other countries, they gained recognition as versatile additions to any home.

Gold : Console Tables

A console table or sofa table is a highly versatile and functional piece of furniture. It can be placed in any room with endless adaptability. You can use it to fill an empty space or to accent your decor. The right console in the right place can make all the difference. At Target, youll find a wide range of console tables or sofa tables that meet your need. If youre finding it difficult to choose the right console then here are some tips thatll help you choose. First, you need to decide where you want to use your console table? In the living room or entryway or behind the sofa? This helps you narrow down the size of the table. Next comes, the type. There are traditional tables that are made of wood. They can have a minimal finish or decorated with intricate designs. You can opt for modern or contemporary tables that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. There are also other styles like rustic and vintage for you to choose from with storage features and different colors. Browse through our store and find the table that uplifts your space.

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Table Shapes And Styles

Rectangular: A classic coffee table style, fit perfectly with larger sofas while rectangle end tables with storage provide space and nighttime accessibility.

Square: Square coffee tables are effortlessly stylish and are great complements to smaller sofas and sectionals.

Round: Modern in design, round tables with storage are a perfect fit for contemporary homes. and end tables are also a great solution for smaller living rooms, as they take up less space.

Oval: An alternative to round tables, oval tables tend to be longer and are a good fit for larger living rooms.

No matter what your furniture style is, you’ll find just the right accent table materials for your space.

Types Of Decorative Tables

Console Table in Dark Wood &  Gold

Coffee Tables: Low tables typically placed in front of the sofa, coffee tables are an easy place to set remotes, decorative , magazines and books, as well as an essential piece of furniture for your living room. Find in a full range of sizes and designs. Whether you have furniture from the , pieces, items from the , or from another top collection, consider its style and color when selecting complementary coffee tables.

Console Tables or Entryway Tables: Taller than coffee tables and with narrower tabletops, console tablessometimes called entryway tableslook stylish nestled against the wall with set atop. If you’re looking for an organic feel in the entryway, consider decorating your console table with or to house your faux botanicals or fresh florals. In addition to styling, entryway tables serve as functional surfaces behind a sofa or they create beautiful storage in your entryway.

End Tables: Smaller and with less surface area than coffee tables and console tables, end tables are usually used at the end of a bigger piece of furniture. For instance, a rectangle end table with storage near your bed is perfect for placing your favorite flowers in or nearby. Alternatively, if you want to maximize the space in your bedroom, think about including a small wood end table for extra storage or even as a secondary desk.

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Uses For Gold Console Tables

Tables like these are prized for having multiple uses at once. A gold sofa table can go beside or behind a couch or chair so that you have a place to put food, drinks, books, computers, or other items within easy reach while relaxing. There are also gold entryway tables and gold foyer tables, which beautify your home by themselves and also by holding other decorations, such as vases and photographs. They’ll make everyone feel happy and welcome as soon as they walk in the door. You can achieve a similar effect with a gold hallway table anywhere in your home. If you find a gold console table with drawers, you can also store and organize other items better.

Gold console tables are perfect for anyone who needs a practical yet beautiful way to make their home more livable. Alibaba.com is prepared with a variety of wonderful options.

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Other Occasional Tables We Offer

Choose from a variety of table options. We have classic side and coffee table styles as well as more contemporary designs like . In addition to these, we also have mid-century modern coffee tables and end tables, rustic styles and more. We also offer nesting tables and other living room , which can be a great space-saving solution in smaller homes and apartments. Our accent tables are great for adding to any space that needs an extra surface. To create a beautiful entryway or for a surface behind a sofa, try our console tables. Whether you choose one table or mix and match a wood and glass coffee table set, you’ll create a beautiful space with our selection of occasional tables. Find the perfect accent table from our for your living room, bedroom or wherever you need to add an extra surface.

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Console & Sofa Tables

  • Made of metal and glass
  • Tabletop with clear glass
  • Alaska & Hawaii shipments are subject to ground delivery charges
  • Assembly may be required
  • Modern and contemporary console table
  • Constructed from metal and mirrored glass
  • Brushed gold finish
    • Alaska & Hawaii shipments are subject to ground delivery charges
    • Assembly may be required
  • Constructed from MDF wood and metal
  • Velvet polyester fabric upholstered drawer
    • Alaska & Hawaii shipments are subject to ground delivery charges
    • Assembly may be required
    • Constructed from metal and MDF wood
    • Walnut brown finished wood
    • Alaska & Hawaii shipments are subject to ground delivery charges
    • Assembly may be required
  • Made of metal and glass
  • Metal frame with goldtone finish
  • Clear tempered glass tabletop
  • White tempered glass bottom shelf
  • Assembly required
    • Alaska & Hawaii shipments are subject to ground delivery charges
    • Assembly may be required
  • Made of iron and glass
  • Gilded painted iron frame
  • Spacious tempered clear glass tabletop
  • Beveled mirror shelf
    • Alaska & Hawaii shipments are subject to ground delivery charges
    • Assembly may be required
  • Made of marble and metal
  • Stainless steel welded base with goldtone finish
  • Handmade by master furniture craftsmen
  • White marble tabletop with gray veining
  • Assembly required
    • Alaska & Hawaii shipments are subject to ground delivery charges
    • Assembly may be required
    • Modern and contemporary console table
    • Constructed from metal and MDF wood
    • Walnut finished wood tabletop with gold-tone edges
  • Made of marble and wood
  • Gold Console Tables Furniture


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