Used Wood Pallets For Sale

Are There Benefits To Recycling Wood Pallets

A BEGINNERS GUIDE to Finding Pallets

The benefits of recycling wood pallets are many. Not only does it help to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills, but it also helps to save trees. Many academic studies have been published and conducted on the effects of pallets in landfills.

In addition, recycling wood pallets helps to create jobs and boost the economy.

Pallets removed from landfills can be used to create new products or even fuel for power plants. This helps to reduce the number of greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere, which is good for the environment.

Pallet prices have been on the rise in recent years so recycling your used pallets is a money maker. More than 75% of pallets are recycled, according to NC State University.

If youre needing a creative way to make money from your used pallets, consider starting a pallet recycling business. There are many ways to easily recycle pallets, and there is a growing demand for recycled pallets.

Handling Used Wooden Pallets What Is It

Used pallets come from the recycling sector and the circular economy.

Each pallet is collected from partners, customers and suppliers, who have themselves received these pallets. They generally cannot reuse them for their own activities so they call on us to collect and recondition them.

On receipt at the processing depot, the pallets are unloaded onto distribution areas.

Consequently, qualified operators sort them individually according to:

– the size

– characteristics

– the quality level .

Buy Recycled Wood Pallets

Recycled pallets are a more cost-effective & environmentally friendly option compared to new pallets. Our recycled pallets fall into two categories: reconditioned or remanufactured.

We extend the same amount of quality of care and materials in our used pallets as we do with all products.

Recycled Pallets Facts

  • Used pallets can cost up to 30% less than new
  • Standardized repair process for reconditioned pallets
  • Standardized dismantling and manufacturing process for remanufactured pallets

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How Much Are Pallets At Lowes

Although Lowes does not sell the normal transport pallets, you can buy others, such as sod grass pallets, for $584. You can get wooden, metallic, and plastic pallets from hardware stores, furniture stores, Target, Walmart, and Home Depot stores. On average, pallets sell for $120, depending on their material and size.

Used Wood Pallets For Sale

Large Wooden Pallets for sale in UK

We recycle and reuse wood pallets as much as possible. Provided it meets your shipping needs, recycled pallets are great for your bottom line and also for the environment.

Quality used wood pallets and refurbished wood pallets maintain their strength and structural integrity to safely transport your product. Used or recycled pallets can also be heat-treated for exporting.

We offer Grade A and Grade B used wood pallets at the industry standard size of 48 x 40 four-way, but can also build you any custom size needed.

Just call and let us know what you need.

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Where To Find Removal Disposal And Haul Away Services In Raleigh Durham Nc

How do I get rid of pallets near me? The simple answer: Contact us and ask about our haul away and disposal services. We specialize in recycling used shipping supplies Raleigh Durham NC.

The end result of your peak season is a stockpile of unwanted pallets and other recyclable materials. With more work coming your way you need more room, which means you need these wood pallets or other recyclables gone yesterday.

Before you book another company, give us a call. Our fast haul away services are the best in Raleigh Durham NC.

Overall Advantages And Benefits Of Used Pallets Vs New Pallets

Cost effective

The price of used pallets can vary depending on whether you are purchasing as is, repaired, or remanufactured ones. Each of those types will vary in price based on the quality level. All of those options however, will cost you less than buying new pallets.

Widely available

Used pallets are widely available and come in all varieties. Many pallets can only be used once due to the regulations placed upon those industries. This leaves used pallets in circulation all over.

In case you only need a few pallets, Facebook marketplace or Craigslist may be your best option.

Verde Trader mainly deals in the wholesale and distribution of used containers at this time, and cannot fill smaller orders.

Environmentally friendly

Pallet reuse benefits manufacturers and breathes life into key logistical tools, this in turn benefits everybody. The decision to put a perfectly good product for reuse aids green initiative movement all while lowering your cost.

With the exception of the industries where regulations forbid it, there are very few sound reasons not to take advantage of the benefits of used pallets.

Verde Trader is a used industrial packaging marketplace. Our goal is to service companies all of sizes.

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What Kind Of Pallets Does Lowes Have

Lowes has many pallets, including wooden, plastic, and metallic ones. Most of these pallets come from the shipment of merchandise to their stores across the US. You can get recycled pallets if youre looking for a sustainable option.

Lowes has a largeselection of display pallets, in various sizes and shapes. The average size of the pallets is 42 by 48 inches. Lowes also has different pallet sizes depending on their use and display types, such as under the rack, side-stack, and middle aisle stack-outs.

While Lowes may offer pallets for free, some pallets, such as metallic shipping ones, belong to the manufacturer. So, Lowes cannot dispose of them but need to return them to avoid losses on their part.

Recycled Wood Pallets For Sale

Watch This Before Building with Pallet Wood!!!

Our recycled grocery pallets, i.e., 48 x 40 4 way entry pallets, are repaired, graded and sold based on each pallets condition. A brief description of each grade follows:

Premium A Grade

These are our highest grade recycled pallets and all of these pallets have 6 leading edge deck boards. These pallets are ideally suited for automated packaging lines where stringent pallet specifications are required.

Standard A Grade

These pallets have generally been repaired more often than our Premium A grades and may have 4 and/or 6 leading edge boards. None of our A grade pallets contain double or sister stringer repairs. These pallets work well with modest unit loads and for downstream customers that require a recycled GMA pallet with no double stringers.

One Stringer B Grade

These pallets contain only 1 double or sister stringer repair per pallet. While technically a B grade or #2 pallet, these pallets can work in place of A grade pallets in certain applications. The result is a cost savings.

B Grade

These pallets contain 1 or more double or sister stringer repairs per pallet. These pallets are our most economical grocery or GMA pallet. These pallets suffice when the downstream customer requires only a recycled 48 x 40 4 way entry pallet and is unconcerned with double or sister stringer repairs. However, because of the stringer repairs forklift entry can be inhibited and is a common complaint among end users.

Other Sizes

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Pallet 100×120 Industry Size

Perimeter pallet, with 5 runners

There are several names depending on the region of the 100X120 pallets with 5 skids, such as perimeter pallet, framed pallet, industry pallet, etc.

The size 1000X1200 is the most used in England with 5 soles and is the standard size with the boards on the 1000 mm side.

On the other hand, the 100X120 format is widely used in continental Europe by industry and beverage producers . Originally the boards of the tray were on the 120 side but this pallet was gradually replaced by the English model offering a de facto standardization.

Review Markings And Stamps

Look for the stamps or markings that many pallets have. If you see no markings, it came from a domestic product. Any wood or plant products from outside the country require an International Plant Protection Convention stamp on the pallets.

Approved markings, as noted by the IPPC, include:

  • HT : Heat treatment using conventional steam or dry kiln heat chamber
  • DH : Heat treatment using dielectric heating
  • MB : Methyl bromide treatment
  • SF : Sulphuryl fluoride treatment

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/4 Pallet Outer Dimension 400×600

EPAL Grade A pallet. The 1st choice is defined by a palette that has been used very little, it is mainly “white”.

EPAL pallet Grade B The 2nd choice, is of classic used quality, it and a palette that has already been used several times. rather grey – black color.

Important : The repair of European pallets is subject to membership and approval either by the EPAL or by the UIC . Depending on the volumes repaired, approved repairers are audited once a month. During this audit, the quality of the repair and also the raw materials are checked and must correspond to the specifications. Note that the nails are standardized. A compliance mark is engraved on the head of the nail.

The pallets 80X120 can also be sorted according to the number of boards present on the tray. In this way, if you have packaging requirements, increasing the minimum number of boards will reduce the gap between the boards.

Tips For Where To Sell Pallets Near Me

Wooden Pallets for sale in UK

Aside from knowing where to sell pallets near me, there are a few tips to follow that will help you get maximum CASH for your used pallets:

  • Research: Do some research and find out who pays the most for used pallets in your area.
  • Negotiate: Dont be weary and afraid to negotiate a price with the buyers. Remember that you have the upper hand because they need the pallets more than you do.
  • Get creative: If you cant find any buyers who are willing to pay what youre looking for, get creative. There are multiple ways to earn cash money from used pallets if youre willing to get creative. For example, you could start a pallet recycling business or even use the pallets to build something yourself.
  • Additionally, you can contact pallet companies to come and pick up your pallets for free. If you just want to dump and get rid of the used pallets and dont care about making money from them, go this route. However, some will pay you for them.

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    Scout These Locations For Free Pallets

    Any business that has inventory will most likely use pallets. When you’re asking yourself where you can find free near pallets near me, there are several places to start that often lead to success. Some of the best businesses to look to for free pallets include:

    • Hardware stores

    However, if you turn to grocery stores as your source, inspect the pallets closely for spills or stains. Some stains can turn to mold in due time.

    Also of note, an old study from 2010 by the National Consumers League found that 10 percent of pallets carrying food produce harbored E. coli bacteria. Although an update to that study hasn’t been published since, use your discretion if choosing to use pallets from supermarkets.

    Pet Supplies & Food Stores For Wooden Pallets

    Food and pet supply stores usually get their products on wood pallets. After the reception, they generally throw the pallets away as they consider them a waste. Check with your local food store or pet supply store if you can pick out some of them. In some countries, a store has to pay to get rid of them, so they will be happy if someone do the job for them and for free! If they are not free, do not worry, maybe you can still buy pallets for only a small amount, for next to nothing.

    Always ask the store staff when they are getting their stock, and ask them to keep some pallets for you from that day. Most of the time they will gladly help if they can!

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    How To Get Free Pallets At Lowes

    If youre looking for free pallets, the best way to get one is by asking the staff or management at yournearest Lowes store. If there are any available pallets marked for disposal, theyll let you take them home. You can also call your local Lowes store to know if they have any free pallets to give away.

    Lowes will give you all their unwanted pallets, including wooden ones. By giving these items for free, Lowes saves on storage space and reduces disposal costs.

    After getting free pallets from Lowes, youll have to use your own means of transport to take them where you need them. Lowes does not provide transportation for free pallets, whether paid or otherwise.

    Use The Power Of The Internet

    3 Must Have Jigs | Woodworking With Pallet Wood

    As already said, Craigslist is a good starting point, but you can also try Facebook community pages such as our Facebook page 1001 Pallets.

    Also, if you are ready to buy new or nearly new wood pallets, you can find some at Amazon like recycled 1000 Lbs. wood pallet. But, they are expensive and this is not a solution to consider if you need more than one pallet for your project.

    We regularly receive new classified ads from people giving or selling pallets. You can be notified if a new classified ad is available in your area. Simply subscribe here.

    And remember to read our How to tell if a pallet is safe for reuse before going in search of free pallet wood! Do you have other tips worth sharing with our readers?

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    Used Or Recycled Pallets

    If youre looking to buy high-quality used wooden pallets, then First Alliance Logistics Management is your only option. FALM has been efficiently providing the pallet industry with first-rate services for over 25 years. Our primary objective is to provide our clients with the most cost-effective and streamlined solutions for their business.

    Recycled wooden pallets are the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way to ship your product. FALM supplies all grades of recycled pallets across the US. FALM has the inventory of recycled pallets to meet the needs of high demand customers and the flexibility to deliver small orders of 300 pallets and upwards to full truckloads delivered daily. Apart from the fact youll be saving your enterprise money, its a great way to reduce waste and have a beneficial impact on our environment. Additionally, when you buy recycled pallets, youll notice they are typically drier than newer wood material. Due to having less moisture build-up, recycled pallets stand to be more durable, weigh less, and are less suspectable to mold.

    Used/Recycled Pallets

    Aaa Pallet & Lumber Co

    AAA Pallet & Lumber Co. is the place to go in Glendale, Arizona when you are in the market for used and recycled wooden pallets. We go through all the pallets that come to us, identify the repairable ones, and recycle the lumber and hardware that we can in order to lower waste and costs. We reassemble all of our pallets with high quality fasteners and they can handle any job you need them for. We do orders in bulk as well as single orders. AAA Pallet & Lumber Co. is the place to go for quality pallets! Call us Today at to get more information or to place an order. Also, if you are looking to sell your pallets, feel free to get a quote! The average size of pallet in our inventory in Glendale, Arizona is 48×40 4w Grocery Mfg. Assoc , these are commonly found in many manufacturers, warehouses, and distributors across the world. These fit quite comfortably in the common sized 18 wheelers, usually just over 8-foot-wide, it offers plenty of room for maneuverability of the pallet.

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    Are Pallets Free At Lowes

    Lowes gives free pallets to its customers. However, not all Lowes stores provide free pallets as some recycle them as part of their sustainability program. So, you have to ask the store in advance if they can provide you with some. You can also enquire about the availability of free pallets at your local Lowes store by calling ahead of your visit.

    Even though the pallets placed behind Lowes stores are free, it is advisable to request its staff for them instead of taking them without their permission. You can be convicted of shoplifting if caught taking the pallets without Lowes permission.

    Ispm15 Compliance And Drying

    Wooden pallets for sale (all sizes)

    You export your products? ISPM15 treatment is mandatory for all shipments on wood packaging and pallets. We provide you with a certificate for customs clearance.

    Important : The ISPM15 treatment does not dry pallets and wooden packaging. To avoid any risk of mould and other aesthetic disorders on your pallets, we strongly advise you to go through an additional drying cycle .

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    Euro Pallet Vs Standard Pallet

    The type of pallet also affects the price. For example, EURO pallets are a type of pallet that is standardized throughout Europe. Theyre slightly different in size and style than a standard wooden pallet, so they cost more.

    As the economy is global, there is a use for EURO pallets in the United States as well. If a company uses EURO pallets, theyll need to buy them from a supplier who specializes in that type of pallet.

    When looking for who buys used pallets near you be sure to differentiate pallet classifications.

    New Openings Are Always A Good Reflex For Finding Used Wooden Pallets

    Stores carry all their shopping items on wooden pallets from one city to another. If you hear about the opening of a new shopping mall or store in your town, go there and ask to purchase pallets at your fixed price. They are busy with other tasks at this time and want to get rid of their scrap as soon as possible, instead of piling it. Many stores can give them to you without taking any charges.

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