Types Of Wood Siding For Houses

Board & Batten Siding

What Is The Best House Siding?

Unlike the horizontal siding options weve discussed above, board and batten siding is a vertical wood siding made by installing vertical boards along horizontal nailing strips let into the wall framing. The boards are installed with edges butt against each other with a slight gap for expansion and the joint is covered with a smaller vertical batten that is usually between 1 and 2 wide.

Common as an accent in gable ends of styles like the American Bungalow, Gothic Revival houses as well as other vernacular cottage style houses. It was one of the first types of milled siding available in the mid-19th century due to the simplicity of the milling process.

The picture above shows the siding from the top view rather than from the side like the other illustrations in this post since board and batten siding is one of the few wood sidings that is installed vertically.

What Causes Siding To Bow

Typically, weather is the primary culprit that you are dealing with in a situation like this. If you notice that your siding is not holding up as well as you would expect for it to, then it may be time to reconsider what you are going to do about this. Siding that bows for too long may not be repairable in the end.

Does Siding Go On Before Windows Before Roof

You should install both the windows and the roof before you ever worry about installing the siding. There are specific steps like this that must be done in a certain order if you are going to make the most of your siding and get the best results out of it. Carefully consider this fact before you get to work on it.

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Check Out Your Log Siding Prices

If youre looking for the cheapest wood on the planet, youre in the wrong spot. If youre looking for high-quality, custom-cut wood thats been kiln dried to perfection, get a cost estimate. Were competitive, but care more about delivering quality products that last the test of time with as little maintenance as possible, are easy to install with nary a scrap pile as evidence it ever happened.

Weve only spent a few days during the past few decades considering competing with places that have no problem pushing warped wood thats been tossed around like kindling for months or years with no regard to moisture. We care about wood. We have perfected the process. If that means something to you, give us a call.

Tongue And Groove And End

How to Buy Wood Board Siding

If youre after easy installation, tongue and groove is a great way to go. Even people with very little experience with installing wood products can easily figure it out. If you or your installer are looking for a fast way to finish a fantastic project, go with tongue and groove.

If youre hoping theres not a giant pile of scrap to clean up when youre done with your wood project, check out our amazing end-matched system. We seriously custom cut every single order. Youll finish one row and head directly into the next with little-to-no waste. Guess what else that means? You wont be scrapping wood you paid for! You cant go wrong with easy installation and almost no waste.

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How To Choose For Your House

Once youve narrowed down your choices, its time to choose the wood siding you want for your house. This is where your local siding experts come in. Get in touch with a contractor to schedule a consultation. The experts will know what types of wood will be best for your home and living situation.

In most cases, its best to purchase the highest grade of wood possible. Homeowners are encouraged to look for wood thats rot-resistant, insect-resistant, straight and flat, and also clear of splits and checks. Once your siding is chosen, you can get started with your project!

Board And Batten Siding

Most board and batten siding is made of wood, but vinyl options are available. Install the boards vertically or horizontally. Either way, the panels will influence the look of your home, making it appear taller or wider. The siding is popular among contemporary farmhouse-style homes. The siding is also good for traditional and modern homes like the one in the photo.

Board and batten siding consists of wide board strips that are 1-foot wide and while battens are 1/2-inch wide. The modern siding offers a similar look to interior wainscotting or beadboard siding. When searching for modern siding ideas, this option will pop up on your radar.

Depending on the size of the home and the thickness of the material, vinyl board and batten siding will cost between $2 and $7 per square foot. Another factor that will impact the price is if the materials are insulated or non-insulated siding.


  • Durable can withstand harsh weather climates.
  • Versatile works on any type of home.
  • Long-lasting the siding lasts longer than other types of house siding.


  • Time -installation takes longer than other house siding styles because there are more pieces to install.
  • Expensive because the installation process includes more pieces, it takes longer and therefore costs more.

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Home Exterior Color Trends For 2022

When youre in the avenue of updating your homes exterior material, you also have an opportunity to change the color of your home. But there are so many colors to choose from, especially if you choose to go with vinyl or wood siding, and it can be very overwhelming. So were going to share some of the top exterior color trends for 2021 to give you a little bit of inspiration and design ideas to get you the home of your dreams.

Can You Put Vinyl Siding Over Wood Shingles

What Are The Different Types of Siding?

No, its a bad idea to put vinyl siding over wood shingles. Lets think about this for a moment. You have no idea how much rot and mold accumulates underneath your wood shingles. Adding a layer of vinyl siding over damaged wood shingles would destroy your home. Adding wood shingles over your vinyl siding would not be a viable replacement option.

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Steel Or Aluminum Siding

Despite its high upfront cost, metal siding is an increasingly popular option due to its durability and little to no long-term maintenance.

The look of metal siding has improved significantly and many brands offer patterns and textures that faithfully mimic natural wood. With its natural resistance to the elements, mold, insects and fire, pre-painted metal siding can offer up to 20 years of maintenance-free service.

Family Handyman

  • Aluminum siding is relatively inexpensive to purchase and install

  • Aluminum and steel are highly durable and low-maintenance


  • Steel siding is expensive to purchase and installation can be time-consuming, driving up the overall cost

  • Aluminum siding can dent and the color can fade or turn chalky over time

  • Steel siding is prone to rust.

  • Neither aluminum nor steel siding are good insulators for temperature or noise.

Pricing Of Brick Siding

When choosing brick it’s important to note that you are usually choosing brick veneer siding. Brick veneer is lighter, easier to install, and more affordable.

Its uncommon for homes to use solid brick anymore because of the expense.

  • Brick veneer can range from $4.00 to $10.00 per square foot for materials only.
  • Real, solid brick can range from $20-$50 per square foot installed.

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E Vertical Wood Siding


For vertical wood siding, the wood strips are placed vertically which can help accentuate the height of the home. Just like the horizontal strips, these are joined together using tongue and groove. Woods used are pine, spruce and cypress.


The cost ranges from $5 to $10 per sq. ft.


What Wood Is Best For Siding

Cedar Siding * Cedar Siding Prices Patterns and Pictures

Many types of wood are excellent for exterior siding. Its all about finding the best type for you and your homes needs. Although there are virtually limitless options, pine and cedar are two of the most popular types among homeowners in the United States. Pine is a commonly found wood thats cost-effective and long-lasting. Cedar is an attractive wood thats sturdy and easy to work with.

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Styles Of Wood Siding

Lap Siding

Lap siding is a popular choice for home exteriors because it is attractive and easy to install. It is made of horizontal boards that overlap at the edges, creating a water-resistant barrier. It originates its name from this act of overlapping. Wood lap siding requires regular maintenance, such as painting or staining, to protect it from moisture and insects. Caulking may be necessary to reduce weather damage.

Drop Channel Siding

Drop channel siding is a type of lap siding with a groove or channel cut into the bottom edge of each board. This allows the boards fit together snugly, creating a water-resistant seal. Drop channel siding is versatile in that it can be installed vertically, diagonally, or horizontally. One advantage is that it allows room for expansion and contraction of the wood without interfering with its structure. It is easy to install and requires regular maintenance, including power washing, sealing, and painting.

Tongue-and-Groove Siding

Tongue-and-groove siding is a type of siding that is characterized by its interlocking boards. The boards fit together like puzzle pieces, with the tongue of one board fitting into the groove of the next. The tongue and groove interlock, creating contact for the entire length of each wood. This method can be designed in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal direction. It may be applied in a smooth or rough cut and looks best with knotty pine or clear wood.

Split Logs


Shake Siding

Shingle Siding

Wood Siding Profilesbevel Rabbeted Bevel Shiplap Tongue & Groove Channel Rustic Board & Batten Cove Lap Dutch Lap German Lap Siding

Because horizontal profiles naturally shed water, they resist water leakage better than vertical profiles.

Also vertical wood siding is prone to wick up moisture from the bottoms of the boards, particularly where there is snow buildup or splashback.

Diagonal siding is the most prone to leakage since water is conducted down the joints to window headers and other possible entry points. The most common profiles with typical installationdetails are shown in Figure 1-7 above.

– – Adapted with permission from Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction

More wood siding profiles are illustrated in the siding nailing schedule Table 1-3 discussed at NAILING SCHEDULE for Building Siding Materials

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What Is The Most Durable Exterior Wood Siding

If its durability youre after, then engineered wood would be the best option. It has the aesthetic appeal of natural wood and is made of bonding agents and a mixture of wood chips plus other materials that enhance its durability.

Its also extremely lightweight so you dont have to worry about the extra stress of weighted planks on your exterior siding. Likewise, the cost is relatively low and it has been known to withstand the passage of time compared to the other exterior wood siding options available.

House Siding Cost: Which Is The Most Affordable

Lets Talk Siding | Comparing pros and cons of most common siding types

Now that weve covered the different types of siding, like cedar shingles, vinyl, and more, its time for a review of the pros and cons, starting with the price.

If the price is of utmost importance, we suggest starting with vinyl. This durable material is a great option for your homes exterior and avoids the high maintenance headaches of other options.

Next on the list is wood siding, like cedar shingles, metal, and fiber cement.

Among the different types of siding, expect brick and stone to take their place as the most expensive choice for your house. While these options are also among the longest-lasting and durable selections for your home, their high cost may not make sense for every homeowner.

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Wood Fiber Cement Siding

Wood fiber cement siding is known for its durability. Its made with real wood in the form of cellulose fibers, which are mixed with sand, water, and Portland cement. Then, its molded so that it has the texture and grain of real wood. While it doesnt necessarily have a natural wood look, it has greater durability, fire resistance, and insect resistance than other types.

How To Maintain Your Wood Siding

  • Repainting and restaining should be done every 3-5 years.
  • Inspect your wood siding often and look for signs of mold or rot. Neglecting your wood siding can lead to costly replacement, but this can be avoided if you carry out routine maintenance.
  • Protect your siding against gnawing pests like squirrels by filling all the holes with wood putty before sanding the wood and repainting it.

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Wood Species Choices For Wood Siding: Properties Of Cypress Red Cedar Redwood Pine Spruce Siding/shingles

Red cedar remains the wood siding material of choice due to the natural decay resistance of the heartwood and its attractive appearance when stained or finished clear.

Other decay-resistant woods are popular in the regions where they are produced: for example, redwood on the West Coast and cypress in the Southeast and Gulf Coast.

On projects where premium wood species are not affordable, builders also use a wide variety of softwoods, including pine and spruce, which are not naturally resistant to decay.

While most suppliers of wood siding now recommend back-priming and priming of cut ends, these details are even more critical with the less decay-resistant species.

Our photograph of brushed wood cedar shingle siding on a Canadian home was provided by Carson Dunlop Associates .

Explore Your Options With Your Local Contractor

Vertical Wood Siding Types Sophisticated

Weve explored the many siding options for your home, including vinyl, engineered wood, cedar shingles, composite and more. Each of these products comes with a variety of styles and a list of pros and cons.

It can be challenging to know what to choose from the different types of siding, even with everything weve covered above.

Before making any siding investment, we recommend contacting a trusted local contractor that can come to your home or business and inspect your property.

At Colonial, we offer a free, no-obligation inspection that ensures you get the best information about your current house siding, any concerns, and recommendations on the best types of siding for your home.

Dont choose a siding option only to find out it is high maintenance or not durable. With the right contractor on your side, investing in siding can improve your homes curb appeal and value for many years to come.

Not sure how to find the right partner?

Start with local contractors who have experience and a reputation for doing quality work and providing excellent service.

Were proud to have a team of trusted contractors experienced with all types of materials and project sizes at CCI.

Give us a call today to learn more about how we can serve you in the Chantilly, Haymarket, Manassas, and the surrounding areas.

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Fiber Cement: Durability And Versatility

Fiber cement siding is a composite material is made from cement and cellulose fibers that are compressed and formed into different siding products, including clapboards, panels, battens, boards, and exterior trim. Solid and dimensionally stable, fiber cement takes paint exceptionally well, which means longer life for any paint job. Here are some other noteworthy qualities of this siding:

  • Moisture and rot resistant. Perfect for coastal areas prone to hurricane, storms, and flooding, fiber cement siding holds up where saltwater ruins wood siding and high winds blow vinyl and aluminum away.
  • Non-combustible. Fire feeds on wood and combusts vinyl almost instantly but fiber cement siding is so impervious that some insurance companies offer a discount for using it. Its now the siding of choice in areas prone to wildfire.
  • Pest resistant. You may live in the woods so you can enjoy the wildlife, but you dont want it feasting on your home. Woodpeckers, squirrels, and termites wont destroy your fiber cement siding.
  • Weather resistant. Fiber cement board stands up against hail and flying debris during storms. It also withstands the effects of temperature extremes where wood siding will shrink and swell, causing cracking.

How Much Does Wood Siding Cost

When it comes to cost, wood siding has mid-tier pricing compared to other material options. Natural wood siding installation projects range anywhere from $6,000$20,000, with the average project costing about $15,000. The total cost of your wood siding project depends on your homes total square footage and local labor costs in your area. We recommend using our cost calculator to estimate the cost of your siding installation based on your specific home.

Siding Cost Calculator

Below we break down the cost of a wood siding installation project by the particular costs involved. This way, you can budget smartly for your siding installation.

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Factors Impacting Overall Costs

The first consideration usually deals with removal of old siding. Then once removed, it obviously needs to be disposed of. While this adds a few thousand to overall cost, a professional contractor can usually have a crew take care of this in a day and clean up your yard plus dispose of the material.

The style of wood is the next factor to consider. This along with type of wood and quality are all factors that will impact cost. Pine, oak, cedar, and redwood are popular wood grains used for residential siding.

A contractor is likely to recommend the type of wood depending on the style, but also able to select whatever grain and quality you are willing to pay for. Wood quality deals with whether the surface has blemishes or knots. Clear grades are considered premium quality, while some homeowners prefer the more authentic look of knotted wood.

Sub-options within styles come up in bevel and split logs where you can select among many considerations in how the planks, or logs, are cut. With split log there may be the option to chink the material.

In contemporary siding jobs, this is purely stylistic, but mimics how log cabin homes used to be built where the mortar was visible between each log. Usually, an acrylic compound is used. This adds a wee bit more protection from water and wind to the building envelope, but does cost more both during installation and then for the ongoing maintenance.

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