Thin Wood Planks For Walls

Horizontal Planks Wood Accent Wall

How to Install Wood Plank Wall | Under $40

Source: vintagetub

I love this shiplap wood accent wall by vintagetub that uses horizontally attached broad planks. The wood has a matte mahogany stain and has a dark textured finish. You can install this wood accent on your bathroom window wall like in this design. It looks very elegant and matches any theme your bathroom has!

Black & White Molding Accent Wall

Source: 25thandbrick

This is a lovely entryway wood accent wall in white by 25thandbrick. It has narrow, long rectangular panels all over. The design is simple, classic, and looks very chic due to the white color. Additionally, black curly hooks are also attached to the wall for hanging coats, hats, etc. This idea is very versatile and can be replicated in your walk-in closet, mudroom, or even your bathroom.

Distressed Wood Walls Remastered

Warm up any room! As-Is Brand Wood Planks are made from real, sustainable pine and are treated to achieve their rustic, weathered, reclaimed barn wood appearance. These DIY wood plank panels are consistent in height but have varying lengths to create a natural plank, wood look that is easy to install in almost any indoor application.

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Peel & Stick Reclaimed Wood Planking


DIYers who want walls get a lot of attention without the hard work it takes to do a typical panel project are taking a serious look at the variety of peel and stick reclaimed wood planking on todays market.

No power tools required to install this paneling and you wont have to devote days to finishing the job.

Arrange reclaimed wood planks any way you like: vertically, horizontally or craft a herringbone pattern by peeling the backing off thin wood plank veneers and affixing them to the wall using attached, high-bond adhesive strips.

This is an ideal solution for busy people!


  • -Installation couldnt be easier
  • -Get as creative as you like
  • -The slim profile allows one to mount panels directly to drywall
  • -No trimming or having to remove wall outlet covers.


  • -Costs will run between $10 and $16 per square foot
  • -Theres no warranty on the adhesive material extending beyond 10 years
  • -Will stay put longer in spaces not exposed to temperature extremes
  • -Best used in small areas or to create focal points.

Diy Weathered Wood Kitchen Accent

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Source: theoldsummithomestead

Liven up your classic monotone kitchen or any other space by adding this wood accent wall by theoldsummithomestead. The design uses weathered wooden planks laid horizontally across the wall. The wood has an olive-brown stain that would suit a space of any color. It is a simple but spectacular way to spice up your kitchen space.

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Cut To Fit Wall Planks Around Obstacles

I kept working my way down the wall installing planks until I reached an obstacle to cut around. In my case, the first obstacle I reached was a hole for a light box for a light outside my shop.

In this case, I marked where to cut and used a jig saw to carefully cut out the pieces to fit around it.

You can see where I cut these pieces below on the left.

Now I did come back to this later in the project to install a cover and make this look a little nicer. Likely, you wont have a recessed box in your wall like this to worry about haha.

But when I came to trim I needed to cut around or outlets/switches, I just marked and cut to fit with my jig saw.

For the left side of this door, I just trimmed several small pieces to staple in between the trim and the adjacent wall.

For outlets, make sure to turn off power first, then remove the plates and cut to fit the wood plank pieces around the box. I loosened the outlets and slid the trimmed boards behind them, then tightened the outlets back up on the outside of the wood and reinstalled the plates.

However, if you dont want to mess with that, you can also install outlet extenders instead.

Is Wall Paneling Outdated

When Amanda Harding was commissioned to write an article about the Most Hated Home Design Trends That Are Back in Style Now, she had no trouble choosing the first on her list: Wood paneling.

Thanks to home designers like Joanna Gaines, wall panels arent just trendy but the number of types and styles on the market continues to grow.

What was brand new and exciting back in the 1970s has returned big time, so you might conclude that wall panels in any number of versions are back to stay!


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Minimal Dining Room Feature Wall

Source: zowiesbabyjourney

I love how this simple wood wall accent instantly lifts the look of the classic white kitchen and dining space. This wooden slats design by zowiesbabyjourney uses thin beige wood-lined vertically across the wall. This addition also helps in reducing the echo in the hall. It is a modern and elegant way to decorate your plain dining area.

Reclaimed Wood Why It Is Superior To Shiplap

How to Install a Decorative Wood Wall For Less than $200

You can buy these reclaimed wood planks here

Reclaimed wood needs no introduction. We all love high-quality, upgraded wood from multiple sources, such as old barns, bowling alleys, sheds, wine casts, retired ships, factories, and more. If we are honest, we all love the rustic, weathered, and natural charm, this expensive and qualitative material brings. With all the fine attributes reclaimed wood possesses, it is not hard to guess why it takes the upper hand when the choice narrows down between shiplap and reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood lives for centuries and decades. When you are fortunate to have it in your home, you can spend your life content with the aura of mystery, historical significance, untold stories, and sustainability it provides.

No other material can beat the uniqueness and beautifully aged look of reclaimed lumber. The whispers of the past and the closeness of nature fill your space with warmth, no matter where you use it, whether, in your business space or your home.

Lets look at all the reasons reclaimed wood is the best choice of material for your space:

You can but these reclaimed wood planks here

The world considers trees as renewable resources, but the unfathomable number that we chop down annually devastated our wildlife, the environment, and the local communities. Using reclaimed wood reduces landfill waste, deforestation, and protects the environment. It lives for years and does not cause any harm to your health and your home.

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Dark Antique Wood Accent Wall

Source: classicdesignsbycassie

I love how modern and rustic the wood accent details by classicdesignsbycassie look in the living room. The layout is simple, with dark and roughly textured wooden planks stuck horizontally. What makes it more designer is that the entire space is not filled with wood accents and allows your wall paints to show. The wall above the fireplace and the front of the cement shelf have a wooden accent, which makes it more detailed and sophisticated.

Notes About This Wood Plank Accent Wall Project:

A Note About the Wall Plank Material:

For this project, to keep things quick and simple, I used these precut PureBond Wall Planks. However, you can cut your own ¼ plywood strips if you prefer.

You can use thicker plywood or even solid wood for this, but ¼ plywood planks are lightweight and really easy to install so Id recommend it over thicker materials. Just a personal preference.

Nail/Staple Lengths:

The instructions suggest using brad or finish nails to secure these boards to the wall studs, but staples work as well.

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You want to make sure to use a nail long enough to go through the plank boards and the drywall/wall covering and into the studs behind it.

Depending the thickness of the planks you choose to use and your existing wall covering , this length may vary and youll have to determine what you need for your situation.

What About Existing Trim?

You can opt to remove the existing trim on the wall and replace them after installing the planks OR just cut the planks around the trim.

I know its more work, but Id advise at least removing the crown and baseboard and replacing them after installing the wall planks for best results.

In my case, my wall was unfinished and didnt have any trim, so I just added crown and baseboard after installing the planks.

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What Is Wood Paneling For Walls

Wood paneling is a kind of wall finish that is created from wood-based panels. Generally speaking, wood paneling is mainly used only for constructional uses.

This has been the original option by the majority before plaster walls have risen. Wood paneling is also known as a decorative reinforcement or treatment for walls. Check our guide to creative accent wall ideas here.

Nevertheless, wood paneling for walls has become well-known again nowadays and it is still common in numerous construction and renovation activities. Some wood wall panels are used for insulating the walls, but most commonly, they are used only to revamp the appearance of the walls.


This type of wood wall panel was originally built in boats during the 19th century, that is why it is called shiplap. Meaning, it is mainly designed for ships. The panels form intersecting line patterns to generate a weatherproof seal. Newer shiplap designs do have notched panels and seams.

These boards are normally made out of medium-density fiber or wood and they can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position. Shiplap is customarily installed in living rooms or kitchens to produce a more natural atmosphere.

They are also suitable for your homes exterior fittings. Shiplap offers a very neat and refreshing effect which is truly captivating. See the exterior shiplap siding design guide here.


The only drawback of a beadboard is that it has grooves in it that can easily accommodate dirt and dust.

Thin Barnwood For Walls

Thin Reclaimed Wood Planks Bundle for DIY Projects

Planks come in random lengths between 1-4 feet and are 316 to 38 thick. This 45 x 45 Reclaimed Solid Wood Wall Paneling in Brown allows you to easily install real wood planks to walls and other smooth surfaces to add warmth and texture to.

What They Did With A Fence They Took Out Of The Trash Is Inspired Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall Wood Accent Wall Old Fences

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Nothing Can Beat The Originality

You can buy these reclaimed wood planks here

In a world where everything we buy comes from mass production, reclaimed wood offers us refreshing originality. Shiplap will mostly look cliché wherever you observe it, but reclaimed wood will never have two features looking the same. Even if you live in a block with twenty houses and all contain reclaimed wood features, each will look unique and wholly original. We challenge you to give us one reason to dislike this quality!

Irrespective of our status, we all love to have a one-of-a-kind creation in our home. Which other material can give us the personalized and distinctive look that reclaimed wood can? The distinct lines and the unique markings on the reclaimed wood all add to this divine woods charm and appeal. You do not even need to stain it or paint it to disguise them because the beautiful flaws only create an intricate and natural design.

Neat & Polished Shelved Panel Wall

Source: interiorconsilions

This wood accent wall by interiorconsilions with thick white shelves is perfect for making a passageway accent or covering up any blank wall in your home. The wall has a wooden pallet design, with each plank having a unique texture in the same stain. The white shelves stand out against the neutral background. You can switch the colors according to the theme of your home.

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Plush Felt Wall Paneling


Whether youre getting the band back together or you find this products look to be unique and irresistible, plush felt wall paneling has your name written all over it.

These distinct wall panels deliver an elegant, sophisticated look while absorbing sound like a sponge.

If you like your rooms quiet and lush, you would be hard-pressed to find another material that competes.

Once the realm of sound studios, plush felt panels have been adopted by interior designers, but its impossible to find per-panel material and labor estimates, so we cant offer you a national average.


  • -Available in a wide range of colors, styles and patterns
  • -The more wall you cover, the quieter the room
  • -Easy to maintain using a vacuum to freshen panels
  • -Sturdy, durable and these panels withstand humidity and moisture.


  • -Make sure the panels you choose are made of a high-quality felt
  • -Not all plush felt panels meet fire code standards
  • -Could fade if exposed to non-stop sunlight
  • -Vulnerable to rips, holes and other textile damage.

Should You Paint Wood Paneling

DIY SHIPLAP TUTORIAL: How to plank your walls the easy & inexpensive way!

It generally depends on you. If the wood panels you have installed in your walls do not match with your decor, it would be advisable to paint it with a color that will match the color of your interior space. It is never a bad idea to paint your wood paneling. Painting can even help brighten up your wood wall paneling if you feel that it is looking dull by itself.

For more related ideas, check our guide to the best types of basement wall panels.

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Thin Wood Planks For Walls

Wood Wall Planks Thin

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Tongue And Groove Panels


Its easy to mistake shiplap for tongue and groove panels, but look closely and youll notice that differences are found in each ones profile or edges.

Tongue and groove planks, say experts at This Old House, have a small projection sticking out of the center of one sides edge, while the other side has a corresponding small indentation. During installation, the tongue of one plank fits into the groove of its neighbor.

These panels come in wood, fiber cement, vinyl and metal. Home Advisor estimates the cost of these panels in MDF or plywood at between $1 and $5 per square foot.


  • -Tongue and groove panels insulate better than shiplap
  • -Consistently sized planks made to precise dimensions
  • -Joints on both sides of the panels produce a tighter fit
  • -Install can be as easy as using a nail gun to attach panels to studs.


  • -Tongue and groove is harder to install than shiplap
  • -Install requires more precise nailing techniques
  • -Tongue and groove could cost 50-percent more than shiplap
  • -Finished boards may be sealed with toxic VOC coating.

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Thin wood slats for wall. Ripping all of those into even slats takes a bit of work. Photo about Wall of thin wooden slats. These slatted panels are incredibly simple to fit and can completely transform any room.

These rustic shiplap boards have been distressed primed and painted to give them a look of vintage rustic wood. The reason we used both liquid nails and real nails is because the combination of these 2 things will really help hold the slats in place over the long run since thin wood has a tendency to warp and move. Interior wood wall panelling from the Wood Veneer Hub is authentic distinct and modern.

In the past couple of years wall paneling has become a stapled trend in the interior design projects commercial and DIY alike. You can find boards in 8 10 or even longer at a lumberyard. They are ideal for creating accent walls or a focal point for any room in your home.

Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar Flake Board Closet Liner Panels Project Pak. Slats allow partition walls and doors to be semi-transparent letting in light and eye sight when positioned in a parallel form but enables changing shadows and views with horizontal and vertical movement. Image of joined closeup overlapping 116364635.

Some of the most reviewed products in Wood Wall Paneling are the Timeline Wood 1132 in. By 8 ft made with horizontal grooves that are configured to accept a variety of merchandising accessories. See more ideas about slat wall slats wood slat wall.

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Beadboard Wood Wall Paneling

Traditional beadboard features narrow strips of wood with a small ridge or bead between each board. Beadboard is typically only used on the lower three or four feet of wall, an application known as wainscoting. Its a good choice for walls that already have a chair rail or another type of wainscoting border in place.

Beadboard wood wall paneling can be installed as individual boards or large sheets with the beadboard pattern mounted to the front. This House of Fara Red Oak Beadboard wainscoting can be stained or painted. It includes the necessary chair rail and baseboard molding for a complete look.

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