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Big sale for solid wood oak tops in stock! Discount 44% ! Price with discount 92,00 EUR /m2. MOQ is 30 pieces.

Wood Plank Countertops And Thick Table Tops 1 3/4

Make a bold statement with these extra thick plank table tops. 100% solid wide-board hardwood. Shop Mahogany countertops, Maple countertops or Walnut countertops. Up to 48″ x 110″. Crafted with pride in Vermont and detailed by hand just for you. FREE shipping in the Continental U.S. Volume discount: Save up to 35% on 4 tops or more. Call 1-800-748-3840

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We Specialize In Solid Wood Table Tops For Dining & Conference Room Tables Kitchen Islands Restaurants And For Countertops We Offer Custom Table Tops For Restaurant Commercial Office Education Hotel And Residential Installations In Any Custom Shape Diameter And Size

Our custom made solid wood table tops and finished tables are handcrafted to endure generations of use. Our tops feature our legendary perfect glue lines and our kiln dried hardwoods are of the highest quality. We offer our hardwood tops in virtually any size, in square, round, rectangular, oval and custom shapes, and in standard thicknesses from .75″ to 2.5″. The hardwood lumber for each and every table top is hand selected to provide the greatest eye appeal, and they are finished in our low maintenance and durable no-ring 2k polyurethane finish.

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Table Tops For Professionals

Purchasing a ready-made table top for your next project will speed production, reduce labor and eliminate waste. No one wants to spend their valuable time milling, gluing, sanding, sanding, and sanding some more. These table tops are the perfect solution for the professional who wants to grow their business without growing the companys payroll.

Whether you need 1 table top or 40, let us be the solution! Volume discounts available on 4 or more table tops, call 1-800-748-3480 for pricing and details. Ideal for work table tops, kitchen islands, dining table tops, desk tops, replacement table tops or table tops for restaurants.

Unedged panels. For the serious woodworker, you can get unedged panels, sanded top and bottom, cut to size with unfinished edges. Ideal for kitchen countertops or to incorporate into your larger project. Select unedged as the edge profile option. Finishing is not available on unedged panels.

Table Tops For The Diyer

Solid Wooden Table Tops for Sale

Making a table top can be challenging. The answer? Let us do it for you! Get just the top you want for coffee tables, dining tables, benches, end stands, desks, kitchen islands, bath vanities and workbenches.

Add legs or a table base! Pair your custom table top with table legs or one of our custom table base kits. We feature desk and dining room table, bench and coffee table, end table and kitchen island kits in dozens of styles. Most feature our exclusive EasyBase system for an heirloom-quality table base you assemble in less than 10 minutes using just one supplied tool. Alternately, our metal legs attach directly to tops without aprons for a clean, easy and less expensive build.

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Wooden Table Tops For Sale

  • Wooden Table Tops For Sale
  • In this section, we have collected special offers for you so that you can save on the purchase of oak table tops. Here you will be able to see promotional offers for which no additional discount is included.You can buy these table tops right now from our warehouse. We regularly add special offers for our existing and new customers. All products in this section are of high quality and ready for shipment to your country.

    Natural Wood Table Tops By Tablelegscom’s natural wood table tops are hand-crafted to your custom specifications. Each premium-quality kiln-dried hardwood board we use is hand-selected and matched for color. We craft our premium solid wood table tops starting with 8 extra-wide planks. We do this to minimize seams, improve grain consistency and ultimately yield a higher-quality, better-looking table top. These heirloom grade custom table tops are designed with family and legacy in mind, built to last for generations.

    Our real wood table tops are made with high quality wood types like Hard Maple, White Oak, Black Walnut, Cherry, Red Oak, Soft Maple and Mahogany. Unfinished table tops come sanded and ready for finishing. If you’d like your hardwood top finished, we’ll hand-rub Monocoat natural oil for a deep penetrating 0% VOC finish that lasts. This clear coat is the professionals choice, creating a durable, gorgeous satin-matte lustre that enhances the natural wood grain and resists heat, spills, scratches and dents.

    Solid hardwood table tops are ideal for wood dining tables, wood coffee tables, wood kitchen islands and more for your home. They work equally well for restaurant tables, conference tables, desks and other commercial applications. Add one of our custom wood table bases for a complete solution, or order together with one of our wood tables for sale.

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    Get Ready To Turn The Tables With Table Tops That Give You Options

    Smart design isnt static. Like your mood, your needs can change. Adjusting on the fly gets real easy with tables ready to roll with the times by being cleverly interchangeable. You can mix and match a wide variety of table tops with table legs or trestles to find the perfect fit for your needs.

    With small, medium-sized and large options available, you can find the right table top for rooms of any size. Since switching out table tops is easy, you can use different table tops for different occasions. Having more people over for dinner? Changing to a bigger table top is no problem. The LAGKAPTEN seriesavailable in white, black, gray and light blueis available in three different sizes. Feel free to name one Thanksgivng or birthday party size. Like several other options in table tops, the LAGKAPTEN features pre-drilled holes for easy assembly and a hardy, lightweight particleboard that uses less raw materials and is easy to transport.

    Settled on table tops and want legs and know how to use em? See our options in table legs and trestles.

    Not sure exactly which combination you want? Spark your imagination with our build your own desk planner. For more ideas check out our desk combinations to see how you can put shelving and drawers below the table tops of your choosing.

    Solid Wood Table Tops And Custom Live Edge Tables

    PART 3 How to build a solid barnwood countertop / table top

    At the Lumber Shack, we take pride in offering quality, solid wood table tops and custom live edge tables made from local and sustainably selected wood. No matter what part of the country you live in, we guarantee that a great shopping experience will be our priority and that youll not only find the best products on the market in our inventory, but youll love the way we provide the services you need when you need them so you can stay on schedule with your personal or professional custom solid wood table top project.What our customers love about our solid wood live edge table tops is the freedom to customize your design and dimensions. We carve our products with finesse and precision but mostly with heart, and it shows in our beautiful live edge table pieces.We have 13 years of experience crafting beautiful wood table slabs in a way that preserves the character of the wood. Each tree is unique with its own story to tell and we believe that your custom solid wood table top should also be beautiful and one of a kind. Our solid wood products are all kiln dried so that the moisture level in our wood slabs is exactly right for the most beautiful and long-lasting table top. We also heat sterilize our custom solid wood table tops to ensure the table youre designing is safe and ready to become a stunning piece in your home or in your customers home.

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    Solid Wood Table Tops

    Get American-made natural wood table tops cut to size just for you. You select dimensions, thickness , species, edge detail, corner radius and moreover 1,000,000 options. Ideal for use as dining table tops, coffee tables tops and more. FREE shipping in the Continental U.S. Volume discount: Save up to 35% on 4 tops or more. Call 1-800-748-3840

    Our Custom Made Solid Wood Restaurant And Dining Table Tops Represent Superior Quality And Handcrafted And Finished The Endure

    We offer solid wood table tops in a variety of species and in nearly any size imaginable. Our table tops are made from wider boards than what is commercially available and the hardwoods are of a finer grade than most of our competition. Our larger, industrial equipment allows us to make machine flat tops from fewer select wide boards rather than a glued up top consisting of what amounts to a group of sticks. We handcraft our table tops in Black Walnut, Cherry, Ash, Maple, Sapele, African Mahogany, White Oak, Hickory and other species both exotic and domestic. Our live edge Black Walnut is un-steamed, taken from large rescued storm downed trees and then carefully kiln dried in our in-house dehumidification kiln to assure quality. Our domestic and imported hardwood lumber is of premium quality and also kiln dried.

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    We Fabricate Custom Sized Solid Wood Wide Plank And Live Edge Table Tops For Dining & Conference Room Tables Kitchen Island Tops Bar Tops Desktops And Countertops We Offer Custom Table Tops For Restaurant Commercial Office And Library Installations And To Cabinetmakers And Residential Home Decor Enthusiasts

    With two decades of experience in solid wood table top construction, heirloom furniture making and design we always deliver quality that is second to none. Our custom made table tops and finished dining tables are handcrafted to endure generations. Our tops feature our legendary perfect glue joints and our kiln dried hardwoods are of the highest quality. We offer our solid wood tables, tops and surfaces in virtually any size and in square, round and rectangular in standard thicknesses from 1.25″ to 2.5″ with thicker tops in select hardwoods. The hardwood lumber for each and every table top is hand selected to provide the greatest eye appeal in terms of color and grain. Our live edge tables and tops are crafted from rescued, not “reclaimed” slabs that we kiln dry ourselves. Our tops are finished in our durable, no-ring and easy maintenance Milesi 2k polyurethane finish that mimics a fine hand rubbed heirloom quality finish. All Tables and Tops are handcrafted in the USA by in East Dundee, Illinois.

    For solid wood table tops and complete finished solid wood tables, we will provide you with the lasting quality you deserve.


    Our Custom Made Hardwood Table Tops Are Finished In A Durable And Natural Looking Heirloom Quality Satin Finish For Ease Of Maintenance And Lasting Eye Appeal

    Solid wood table tops handmade from original hardwoods for sale on the ...

    Table tops are finished using our time tested and easily maintained 2k polyurethane finish. Our custom made hardwood table tops are finished in a no ring, durable and natural looking heirloom quality satin that allows the texture of the hardwood to remain apparent while offering superior durability in even the most demanding environments. Maintenance involves wiping with a damp cloth and in the event the finish needs to be renewed in time, it is an easy process to restore the finished top rather than having to strip the finish as is required with thick plastic coatings such as lacquer, epoxy and pour on finishes that were developed for flooring. We will custom stain hardwoods such as Sapele, White Oak, Makore, African Mahogany, etc..

    Shipping, our store and capabilities: We ship our table, bar and counter tops nationally with a trusted network of freight carriers and use UPS for smaller pieces. Local delivery is available as well. Our tops are used for dining, cocktail and occasional tables and for desk tops, conference tables, kitchen islands & counters. We are a production facility, so we can handle large orders and quantities of table top products but take a personal interest in every single top we produce. Whether you need a single handcrafted table top or dozens, and are looking for superior quality hardwood tops at a fair price point, we might be just what you’re looking for.

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