Solid Wood Cribs Made In Usa

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Solid wood furniture brands by Vaughan-Bassett. Made in America.

The DaVinci Kalani has two major flaws. The first is an overly difficult assembly. Many of the cribs that we tested, including all three of our other picks, have four parts to assemble, plus the mattress support. Our other picks also all have front and back pieces that are identical, as well as two interchangeable sides. Essentially, they all have symmetrical designs that make it difficult to mess up the assembly. The Kalani crib, on the other hand, has 14 pieces out of the box and a sleighlike design with front and back pieces that are different from each other and need to face in a particular direction. Although all those pieces are labeled, we felt that the instructions rely too heavily on graphics over written directions. In terms of hardware, the crib uses bolts of five lengths , barrel nuts, wood dowels, and two types of washers. To put it together, you need the Allen wrench, which comes with the crib, as well as a Phillips screwdriver, which does not. We made several mistakes along the way and got pretty frustrated putting this crib together.

Most Amazon reviewers say that the Kalani takes about an hour to assemble in our case, the assembly took 78 minutesthe second longest out of the 10 cribs we tested, and a full hour more than some of the easier to assemble options.

Solid Wood Cribs Made In The Usa

When I buy anything for my baby, the safety and reliability of the product is what I care about the most. It also helps if it doesnt break the bank. Sometimes though, paying a bit extra for a quality product is money well spent. Im sure many other parents agree that cribs and baby bedding are one of these times!

So it came as a big surprise when I started researching baby products, especially nursery furniture. Its almost impossible to find good solid wood cribs made in the USA!

Upgrade Pick: Pottery Barn Kendall Convertible Club

*At the time of publishing, the price was $320.

The Pottery Barn Kendall crib is made of solid poplar, a hardwood that is much less likely to get nicked and dinged than the softer pine used in our other picks. The handsome, classic-looking crib is relatively easy to assemble and is the only crib we tested that comes with teething barsstrips of plastic that covers the top rails on both sides of the bed and prevent the gnaw marks that are common on cribs used by teething toddlers. If youre someone who wants to ensure that your furniture, including a crib, remains pristine-looking, the Kendall, which is Greenguard Gold certified for low VOCs and comes in white, gray, or a chocolate brown, may be the crib for you.

One thing that sets this crib above our other picks is that while both of our DaVinci picks are made of relatively soft New Zealand pine and the IKEA crib is made of beech and fiberboard, this heavy Pottery Barn crib is made of solid poplar . According to The Hardwood Handbook , poplar is a hardwood that is, generally straight-grained and comparatively uniform in texture. Crib designers we spoke to from other companies told us that poplar is a resilient, versatile wood, that, because of its color and straight uniform graining, is ideal for painted finishes, and that a crib made of poplar is much less likely to get dinged or marked up with use than cribs made with softer woods like pine.

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Where Are The Made In The Usa Cribs

A lot of the wood cribs sold on the American market originate from Asia, namely China, Taiwan and Indonesia. These cribs may be great, but I always try to support our domestic economy wherever possible.

I also have concerns that the safety standards in these kinds of countries arent the same as at home. This is just a personal thing, but it really shouldnt be so hard to find a good wooden crib made in the good ol USA, should it? Unfortunately, it really is.

How Much Does Wood Veneer Furniture Cost

Aria Convertible Baby Crib Made in USA

The average price of wood veneer furniture can range considerably depending on the brand, size, style, and type of furniture youre looking at.

On average, its common to see wood veneer furniture ranging anywhere from $300 $5,000.

Sometimes, the misconception of wood veneer being cheaper comes from furnishings that arent made from wood at all, theyre made from a laminate material. Laminate material has come a long way and can portray the look and feel of a wood veneer finish without the price tag. However, with laminate, comes the lack of durability.

Keep in mind that there are many different grains of wood that can impact the cost of your furniture. Many people assume that veneer furniture is always inferior and less expensive than solid wood. Oftentimes, wood veneer can be a more cost-efficient option than solid wood furniture. However, wood veneer is often used for high-end pieces and can at times be more costly than solid wood.

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What Does Cpsc And/or Astm Compliant Mean

To start with, CPSC stands for U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and ASTM stands for American Society for Testing and Materials.

With the exception of lead and phthalates, both the CPSC and the ASTM focus on crib structural safety. That is to say, they do not focus on safety from the standpoint of harmful chemicals that can be found in wood finish, wood composites, and glue. Instead, they want to make sure that cribs wont injure or even kill babies.

Therefore, on the one hand, it is great if a crib is compliant with CPSC and ASTM International standards. On the other hand, CPSC/ASTM compliance does not automatically mean that the crib you consider buying is non-toxic. Read on to see if the same is true for solid wood cribs.

New safety requirements for cribs

In fact, the latest regulations, 16 CFR 1223 and 16 CFR 1220 , adopted on December 6, 2013, have been a big improvement . To clarify, these new safety requirements resulted from infant deaths caused by cribs with drop-down sides.

Check Out These Additional Resources

Buying solid wood furniture made in America is a sustainable way to support local communities.

It also gives your family a heirloom piece to pass down for many generations.

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, we use solid wood in all of our frames and feature Kincaid Furniture in our showrooms.

Here are some additional online resources you may like to check out:

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Browse Amish Crafted Baby Cribs

A baby crib is the only place we leave our baby unattended so it has to be the safest crib available. Our American made baby cribs are solid wood and handcrafted by Amish furniture builders specializing in high quality baby nursery furniture. No detail is overlooked in the construction of our American made baby cribs. Each USA made baby crib is tested and certified to be the safest baby crib available by a licensed, independent, third party testing lab and exceed the CPSC crib safety standards.

From USA made baby cribs to organic Moses baskets to nursery chairs, we feature the safest American made baby products you’ll find. Our American made baby nursery furniture is available with non toxic, formaldehyde free finish to help you create the greenest baby nursery possible.

Are Wood Cribs Still Made In The Usa

Gallery Furniture – Louie Philippe Bedroom Collection ð

There are one or two good solid wood cribs made in the U.SA. An example is El Greco Furniture inc who make the Anderson crib made by The Land of Nod. El Greco is a family business which was established in 1975 in Jamestown, NY. As you can see from their website, theyre proud to be one of the last wood crib manufacturers left in the U.SA.

Their product, the Anderson Crib is made from solid American maple wood and is a convertible crib. With a sturdy, well-crafted construction the crib converts into a toddler bed for use up to 50lbs .

The crib has three mattress positions 16.75, 21.5, 26.25 .

As you would expect for a wood crib costing $799 and up, it meets U.S safety standards and is completely non-toxic. The toddler rail required for the conversion is priced at $119. However, if youre near Jamestown they do sell slight seconds with finishing flaws direct from the factory. As this time they dont ship, unfortunately.

Its a pity there are not more cribs like this on the market. The fact is wood cribs made in America really are dying breed.

As parents, were always trying to balance the books. I just worry when our children grow up, more and more of our domestic products and industries will be imported from Asia.

Im sure I speak for many parents in saying Id like the chance to support local manufacturers and businesses. Not only will I feel better about the safety issues, but maybe theyll be some Made in The USA products when my children grow up.

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Also Great: Davinci Jenny Lind 3

*At the time of publishing, the price was $200.

The DaVinci Jenny Lind crib is distinctive in both style and design, with retro spindle posts and wheels that make it much easier than any other crib we tested to move around a room, or pull away from a wall for cleaning. Of all the cribs we tested, its the only one with either of these features. The Jenny Lind crib weighs 45.5 pounds and comes in more color options than any other crib we tested. While the typical crib sticks to white and wood tones, with perhaps a gray option thrown in, the Jenny Lind comes in bright and cheery emerald green, cherry red, coral , navy, and lagoon blue, as well as white, black, and two shades of gray. Its made of the same New Zealand pine as our pick and like our pick is Greenguard Gold certified for low VOC emissions. Its not as sturdy, though, with thin spindle slats and legs, and it costs slightly more than our pick .

Like the Kalani crib, the Jenny Lind offers four mattress heights. The wheels, while uncommon on modern cribs, could be a nice touch for parents with small apartments who want to be able to move the crib from one room to another for naps or bedtime. Of course, theyre also a potential temptation for toddlers eager to turn their bed into a giant bumper car. While the wheels dont have any locking mechanism, you can remove them when you dont want the crib to be portable anymore.

How Our Organic Crib Mattresses Made In Usa Manufactured

The saying sleep like a baby didnt come out of nowhere.IT’S SAFETY

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics , one of the best thing’s parents can do for their children is to create a safe sleep environment by purchasing the safest baby cribs for their kids. This also means choosing a safe mattress that fits the crib like a glove regardless it is a natural solid wood crib or a convertible crib.

Things to Consider While Looking for the Best Baby Crib Mattress. Below we map out all the necessary factors to consider:

  • Dual or Single Firmness Options?
  • Verify Only Certified Organic Materials and No Synthetics and No PLA fibers
  • Look at the Fire Retardants
  • Crib Mattress Ventilation and Breathability
  • Estimating the Longevity of the Mattress

What all you going to like about Green Cradles Organic Crib Mattress

Our Organic Crib mattress has everything it takes to meet the standard criteria for one of the best crib mattresses for 2020 all over America.

Our Crib Mattresses comes with only extra firm surface, have no fire retardant chemicals, are completely breathable, and a long record of satisfied customers.

Since the mattress is only covered with breathable organic materials, your baby will be able to sleep cool during the night. We only believe using GOTS certified organic wool as the only fire retardant. Organic wool also helps regulate body temperature and help prevent your baby from possibly overheating.



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Testimonials C & J In Alabama

We are thrilled with our furniture from the craftsmen at AOS! We placed a large order, several tables were custom sized for us along with a dining table and loveseat. All arrived in pristine condition. Beautifully made from Quarter Sawn Oak and perfectly finished all over, every nook and cranny, underneath too. John was the driver who also performed in-home delivery and set up. He was most pleasant and extremely careful not to damage our home which was newly painted with new wood floors. We are so happy we are placing an order for a matching sofa!

The Most Popular Colors For Wooden Cribs

Trenton Convertible Baby Crib Made in USA

When it comes to wood colors, youll find a wide range of earth tones colors. Mainly in the brown spectrum, wood can also be yellow, orange, and red. Today, in the crib department, the natural wood color and the whitewash finish are the most popular.

Natural wood

Sure every type of wood as its natural colors. However, its the light brown tones that are mostly associated with natural wood. Since light-colored wood, such as pine or maple, are widely used to make nursery furniture.


Whitewash is a type of finish, created by applying a thin coat of white paint over the natural wood color.

The paint is very diluted, like watercolor, and does not hide the natural grain of the wood.

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Made By Parents For Parents

We believe parenting should be a joyful and memorable experience, full of quality time spent with your baby.

But the first years of parenting revolve around baby sleep. New parents spend a staggering 1977 hours a year just trying to get their baby to sleep. The resulting sleep deprivation adversely affects wake time with the baby.

So weâre redesigning the whole baby nursery experience. Weâre making it smart, intuitive, and delightful. We want to make the first years of parenting as joyous as possible, for the entire family.

Join us to be a part of this change.

New Parents Share Their Baby’s Sleep Journey Using Cradlewise

Ciara and Nathan

I can put her straight into the bed when she’s sleepy and it will soothe her to sleep.. If she starts to wake up, it starts bouncing again.. It has helped us both get more rest. Those extra few min make such a big difference to sleep-deprived parents. I’d definitely recommend Cradlewise to any parent.

Joelle & Adam

You are lifesavers! We’ve been pushing our baby in pack n play to get him to sleep all night. 2 mins, and he’s already asleep. We’re very happy. Worth the wait!

Erika Fischer

I was impressed that when it senses his waking it will start to gently bounce.. probably the biggest gamechanger.. Having almost a 9 hr stretch at night is almost like.. the clouds have parted. It’s really nice to have the support of something that does what I do.

Ciara and Nathan

I can put her straight into the bed when she’s sleepy and it will soothe her to sleep.. If she starts to wake up, it starts bouncing again.. It has helped us both get more rest. Those extra few min make such a big difference to sleep-deprived parents. I’d definitely recommend Cradlewise to any parent.

Joelle & Adam

You are lifesavers! We’ve been pushing our baby in pack n play to get him to sleep all night. 2 mins, and he’s already asleep. We’re very happy. Worth the wait!

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How Do You Know If A Crib Is Truly Non

To begin with, no government agency has a definition for the term non-toxic. In addition, there is no law that would prohibit a crib manufacturer from calling their cribs non-toxic, no matter what they are made of. In other words, it is not a legally regulated term and is virtually meaningless. It seems that some manufacturers use the term just as a marketing tool.

Also, my research of hundreds of cribs, including solid wood cribs, led me to the following discovery. Sometimes manufacturers use this term simply to mean that the amount of lead agrees with the latest government regulations. While this is laudable, dont they all have to comply with the latest government regulations?

Thus, to buy a truly non-toxic crib, it is necessary to look behind the marketing claims. Also, it is important to ask manufacturers the types of questions set forth herein.

Is Wood Veneer Furniture Good Quality

The Art of Door & Furniture Design: Made in America

La-Z-Boy Southeast | August 3, 2022

If youre shopping for wood furniture, you may have seen it broken down into two different types solid wood and wood veneer. You may be questioning what exactly is wood veneer furniture and is it considered good quality?

Chances are, youve heard of the many benefits of solid wood furniture.

But are you wondering what makes wood veneer different than solid wood? Is wood veneer cheaper? Is it going to last as long?

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, we help customers create spaces that accommodate their styles and needs with our quality furniture. From upholstered recliners and living room furniture to bedroom and dining room sets, La-Z-Boy is passionate about bringing comfort and quality to every room of the house. Our galleries are filled with wood furniture made of both solid wood and wood veneer.

In this article, well break down how wood veneer furniture is made. By knowing how its made and the differences between solid wood furniture, youll have a better understanding of the quality of wood veneer furniture. Youll be able to determine if wood veneer can offer what youre looking for in your next piece of wood furniture.

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