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Rust-Oleum Wood FloorTransformations – Application Video

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Rough Up The Corners And Edges With A Sheet Of Sanding Screen

The buffer you rent wont be able to get into the corners or right up against the baseboards, so you have to do these by handjust remember to wear gloves. All you have to do is scratch up the current finishyou dont want to wear it down or sand through it. Add a little bit of pressure and only go over the areas three or four timesthat should be enough.

Hard Floors That Have Been Waxed

Before polyurethane was used to seal hardwood floors, wax was often the go-to sealant. This means that if you live in an older home your floor were either sealed with a coat of wax, shellac, or varnish. And if wax was used, the new finish won’t bond.

Pro Tip: To check if your floor was sealed with wax, find a corner with little wear. Apply some mineral spirits directly onto the floor and let it set for a few minutes. Then use a clean white cloth to wipe up the mineral spirits. If you see a shiny or brown residue on the cloth, you have wax.

Having wax doesn’t mean you have to sand your floors, but it does mean that you won’t be able to use any of the products listed above. The best way to get the shine back is to buff on a fresh coat of wax.

If you want to remove the wax entirely, you’ll want to do a full refinish. Although, this can be a DIY project, we recommend hiring a professional.

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Clean The Floor Again

Mix two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid into a gallon of warm water. Dampen mop to clean the floor and neutralize the etcher and clean up any remaining residue. Make sure the mop is only lightly damp as not to cause any water damage to the floor. Mop in small sections and clean up puddles as they form.

Wear shoe covers to keep the floor clean and free of any dust or particles. Then wait another 30 minutes for the floor to dry.

Pro Services For The Un


Like the idea of a low-cost kitchen makeover but dont trust your thumbs? Pro refinishing services will re-do your laminate countertops for you. You get all the benefits no tear-out, fast turnaround and a complete budget-friendly countertop redo at a slightly higher price. Plus, you’ll have an experienced pro doing the work.

You’ll pay $400 to $650 for an average kitchen countertop refinishing, and the pros will be in and out of your home in about four hours. A five-year warranty is standard.

  • Get-A-Grip products are made for refinishing cabinets, ceramic tile, and both laminate and cultured marble countertops.
  • Munro Products specializes in cabinet refinishing, but also makes a system called SurBond for refinishing laminate countertops.

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Address The Problem Areas

Return to the spots you marked. To make deeper scratches or areas where the finish is worn away less noticeable, they need to be doused with some mineral spirits to darken the spot a bit . You can also take the approach from the chemical etching method where you can apply a little bit of stain that matches your floors color with a paintbrush or cotton swab. However, deep scratches are porous, so theyll absorb more stain than you think. Aim a little lighter than your floors stain and then wipe away the access.

Pro tip: Use two colors of stain to match the grain of the floorit adds some dimension to the scratch so the repair looks more natural.

For the high-traffic spots stripped of finish, youll need a bit more time. First wet the section with some mineral spirits to test how it would look with a coat of polyurethane. If it looks good, add a layer of polyurethane to seal it and let it set for two days before jumping into buffing.

Watch Now: The Simple Method To Make Hardwood Floors Shine

Hardwood floors in high-traffic areas in your home may require a deep cleaning by a flooring professional. Experts like these typically use a scrubbing machine designed to remove embedded dirt.

After deep cleaning your floors, here’s what you need to do to keep them in tip-top shape:

  • Surface clean three times per week using a vacuum or micro cloth.
  • Deep clean once per month using a concentrated wood floor cleaner.
  • Professionally deep clean once per year.

Illustration: The Spruce / Elnora Turner

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Set The Buffer On A Sanding Screen

For this project, you need a few sanding screens. When your floor is clean and the edges are roughened, put a sanding screen under the buffer. You actually dont attach the screen to the bufferit says put under the weight of the machine.

Pro tip: When you go to rent the tool, ask for a brief tutorial at the improvement store. Theyll also tell you to lock the machines adjustable handle in place before you start using it.

Buffing And Recoating With Polyurethane

Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations Application Video

This approach is similar to using the chemical abrasion kit, but instead of using a liquid to rough up the floors, youre using a buffer. Buffing is a little messier than using a chemical kit, and might look like sanding, but all youre doing is roughing up the existing finish so the new finish will bond. Youre not fully sanding to entirely remove the finish and scratches, youre just roughing it through screening. This is still a shallow solution to repair surface scratches and marks.

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Touch Up Deeper Scratches

Use a tiny artist paintbrush or a cotton swab to apply some stain that matches the stain of the floor. Feather the stain out to make sure it blends in with the floor and then blot it with a rag. Dry the stain for a minute with a hair dryer and add a very thin coat of finish from the kit. Feather out the finish around the edges so there arent ridges you can see or feel. Then dry the patch with the hairdryer again.

Option : Apply A Revitalizer

If you’re looking for a quick way to bring back the shine to your hardwood floors and your floors are only showing minor signs of wear, then you may want to apply a revitalizer.

Revitalizers require the least amount of effort which makes them very DIY friendly. They’ll fill in scratches and add a glossy finish to your dull floor.

After cleaning your floors, you simply apply the revitalizer using a special mop. Wait a few minutes and your floor will be looking shiny and new again.

There are quite a few brands on the market today. The Bona Hardwood Floor Revitalizer is our favorite, but Rejuvenate also has a popular product that is well reviewed.

Watch the Video

This video shows how to use the Bona Hardwood Floor Revitalizer:

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Coat The Floor In New Finish

First, plan out how youll apply the finish and recruit two helpers. The last thing you want to do is get backed into a corner or not have enough hands to complete the task. Make sure all of you are wearing shoe covers.

Put the finish applicator pad on the block and pour some finish into another plastic-lined box. This way you can get a good coating of finish on the applicator and in addition to minimizing drips. However, you dont want to squeeze out the excessthis will create bubbles.

As you spread the finish on the floor, give your helper a head start coating the edges against the walls and baseboards with a paint pad and/or brush while you follow behind with the applicator.

Pro tip: Lightly moisten all of the tools youre using to spread the finish so theyre more pliable. Rinse them with water and squeeze out until theyre barely damp to the touch.

To properly spread the new finish, work with the grain of the floor and gently pull the applicator at an angle so the excess finish continues spreading to the dry side of the floor. Have your other helper follow closely behind you to smooth out drips or puddles with a brush. You want to catch any extra finish before it dries. Evenly apply the finish in as few strokes as possible for the best resultsa single steady pull should do. Keep the pad wet at all times because you dont want the dreaded dry-brush look. Also, dont stress about the milky and streaky color of the finishit dries clear.

Option : Store Bought Abrasion Kit


Hardwood floor abrasion kits are a great way to bring back the shine and luster to your floors, and there’s a lot of great ones on the market today. They may be called by a different name, but whatever the manufacturer calls their product, they all basically do the same thing.

An abrasion kit uses chemicals to etch the existing finish on your floor so the new finish will properly bond.

Our favorite store bought abrasion kit is the Rust-Oleum Transformations Wood and Laminate Floor Renewal Kit. Although, not particularly difficult, the process is going to take some time, and it’s best to plan for at least 24 hours before you can use your floors again.

Watch the Video

This video gives your step-by-step directions on how to use the Rust-Oleum Transformations product.

Note: If you use a different product, be sure to follow the manufacturers directions.

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Fix Protruding Nails Deep Gouges And Ridges

Nails that stick out from the floor will get caught in the sanding screen and wreck the screen, and possibly even damage the buffer. Use a tool to hammer them into the floor. Either make them flush with the wood or sink them a little deeper. Once youve sunken the nails, fill in those spots and other deep gouges with some putty. Then, let the putty set.

With ridges, the buffer will go right through the finish to the wood and damage the stain. Panels many buckle in the presence of humidity. You might also find a ridge where one plank sits a little higher than the ones next to it or if they cup slightly. First stand on a ridge to see if you can level it. If thats possible, secure it with a nail . For ridges you cant flatten, use a sanding screen to roughen them by hand and remember to avoid those areas with the buffer.

When Refinishing Is The Best Option

Unfortunately, some hardwood floors are beyond quick fixes. Dry, grimy floors with deep scratches and wide gaps may need refinishing.

Getting the job done is a lengthy and labor-intensive process. Planning to DIY? You should know each step: Sanding, patching, staining, and top coating could take a weekend or more to complete if you’re refinishing less than 500 square feet.

If you want your floors professionally refinished, you can find local contractors using several online services like Yelp or Angi. Average cost depends on your area, but you can expect to pay at least $3 or $8 per square foot.

You’ll want to get bids from three or more companies, which will involve a visit to your home to inspect the floors at no charge. Before deciding which contractors to reach out to, do the following:

  • Read all of their online reviews carefully. Got questions? Message the person who left the review for additional information. Concerned about fake reviews? Authentic ones usually provide details about the user’s experience.
  • Check the Better Business Bureau for complaints. But if you spot one, don’t assume the worst until you read how the consumer’s claim was resolved. Even contractors make mistakes from time to time. But a well-intentioned one will settle customer problems in a professional manner where all parties are satisfied.
  • Confirm that the contractor is bonded, licensed, and insured to work in your area. Ask for each number and certification, then confirm if all are up to date.

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Fixing Those Darn Gaps

Trowel filling after sanding is the easiest way to repair deep gashes, dings, and gaps when refinishing your floors. But if done during the wrong time of year, it’s not a long-lasting fix.

Why? In a nutshell, wood compresses during the winter and expands in summer.

When you fill gaps between floorboards when it’s cold and dry, the material used is often squeezed out during sultry weather. That’s why it’s best to fill floors when the humidity is higher during the summer.

But even then trowel filling is not a perfect fix, especially when used to patch small crevices where filler can easily come loose. What to do? Only fill larger gaps. Leaving the smaller ones unpatched will accommodate wood expansion.

Innovation Makes Flooring Diy Simple

Transform the look of any outdated floor with Rust Oleum HOME Interior Floor Paint


Renew Worn Wood and Laminate Floors in One Day with Rust-Oleum Wood Floor Transformations

Issaquah, WA January 15, 2013

DIY projects seem to be everywhere we look. Nowadays one cannot turn on the TV anymore and not see a DIY project. Whether someone is renovating a home, garden, kitchen, bath, car, boat, RV, whatever the case may be, DIY happens. Some projects are far more complicated than others without question. The one area that most people shy away from is wood flooring. However, with innovation of product comes a great deal of simplicity!

Rust-Oleum, a trusted name, brand, and product. Trust for commercial and individual use alike. People, especially people with the beauty of hardwood floors, know that “traffic” happens. Traffic that will lead to scuffs, wear, and tear! In different times, repairing and finishing wood floors was a huge task. Task that requires sanding, stripping, matching, buffing, and drying. Plus without expert knowledge in this area we could find different colors, discoloration, and wood warp. Rust-Oleum has changed all that!

Rust-Oleum Senior Brand Manager Ann Gearty: “Rust-Oleum Wood Floor Transformation Kit can bring back style, luster, and durability to ANY floor, including the high traffic areas.”

  • Product to complete a 15×15 area.
  • No sanding refinishing prep.
  • Easy to use and understand instructions.

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Ventilate And Seal Off The Room

Youre going to be creating a good amount of dust by buffing. Prepare the space by opening your windows and placing fans in them, closing ducts, and sealing off the working area. Cover all doorways to the affected room with sheeting, and seal the seams and slip opening entrances of the sheeting with duct tape. Make sure you wear a dust mask.

How To Refinish Hardwood Floors Without Sanding

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Hardwood floors are extremely durable, however, they do experience wear and tear. They develop scratches and travel paths, and simply lose their shine. Doing a full refinish can be an expensive and difficult project, fortunately, there’s several ways to refinish your hardwood floors without sanding them down.

If you’re looking for a low-cost way to bring back the pristine look of your hardwood floors, and you don’t want to deal with the hassle of sanding, this article will give you three different ways. In most cases, you should be able to do the work yourself, especially if you enjoy a DIY project. However, if you want to hire a professional to save you time and hassle, that’s always an option.

Hardwood floors require periodic maintenance in order to keep their shine, but that doesn’t mean you need to sand, stain and reseal them to bring them back to life. Since the majority of scratches are at the surface level, the three methods listed below can get you a close-to-new finished look, without the hassle of a full refinish.

Pro Tip: For best results, before starting a DIY refinishing project, do a thorough cleaning of your hardwood floors. Read our article to learn how.

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Diy A New Finish Without Sanding

If deep cleaning didn’t restore your wood floor’s glow, you could give it a fresh new finish without sanding or staining using one of the following products:

  • Rust-Oleum Wood Floor Transformations Kit: It includes everything you need to create a fresh, semi-glossy polyurethane finish without changing your floor’s color. Once applied it takes 24 hours to dry, and seven to 14 days to cure. FYI, this stuff is not compatible with waxed wood floors.
  • Minwax Hardwood Floor Reviver: Designed to restore a wood floor’s existing polyurethane finish. The high-gloss sheen will last up to six months.
  • Rejuvenate Wood Floor Restorer: This stuff is created to restore previously sealed old hardwood woods. It’s available in both satin and glossy finishes.

Another good thing to know is that products like these that were created to refresh floors without sanding have a thick consistency that will fill light scratches and soften small dings.

Secure Your Buffer Rental


This approach requires a tool you most likely dont own. Head to your local home improvement store to rent a buffer. Make sure you plan out exactly when you want to restore your floorsthe rental is the most expensive piece of this project and you dont want to have it sitting around if youre not ready to use it.

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