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Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors

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Its an excellent area rug pad specifically designed for hardwood flooring. Its made with felt and natural rubber and its extra thick for more cushioning. Its hypoallergenic with no harmful chemicals, VOCs or off-gassing. Its made in the USA. And, youll also find that its one of the most affordable high quality area rug pads youll find online.

Youll want to find the right size based on the size of your area rug. The is designed to be slightly smaller than the area rug so that the padding doesnt show. Its also designed so its super easy to cut and trim down to the exact size you need.

If you can get it for under $100 , grab it. Thats one heck of a deal on a GREAT area rug pad! .

Do Rug Pads Damage Hardwood Floors

Do rug pads damage hardwood floors?

The issue on whether a rug pad can cause damage to hardwood floors has always been a major concern among homeowners.

In answer to the question, not all rug pads can damage your hardwood floors.

Although rug pads do a great job preventing area rugs from slipping on hardwood floors, installing the wrong one can easily stain or discolor your floors. Some of these rug pads also dull your hardwood floor.

The Best Rug Pad For Hardwood Floors

Placing a rug on a hardwood floor is the perfect way to add a splash of color to a space and make a living area more comfortable. But if you don’t sit it on top of a non-slip rug pad, it could damage your expensive flooring and even pose a serious tripping hazard.

So, if you’ve got your eye on an area rug to complete a room with a wood floor, you’d be well advised to place a rug pad under it.

Here’s why as well as a look at which is the right rug pad for hardwood flooring.

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Spend More To Save More

When you are trying to stay on budget, you might be looking at the cheapest options. And thats okay! In fact, getting an item for less than what its worth could be one of the most satisfying feelings ever. However, in the rug market, you might want to think over whether you are staying on budget or not. Because sooner or later, getting a cheap rug pad may not be such a steal after it ruins your hardwood flooring.

What if I say a rug pad, an accessory essentially made to protect your floor, ends up spoiling it with stains and discolorations? You might think its quite ironic for it to happen, but its true! Quality matters so much in keeping your flooring safe from any damages. For instance, low-quality rug pads have the tendency to leave stains on your flooring. They are usually made of a synthetic fiber called PVC that discolors and stains your hardwood surface.

Investing in a rug pad may seem over the top but a good quality pad will leave you an impeccable impression. They provide much more absorption and protection that prevent stains and spills from seeping through your floor. You only need to shell out a little bit more to keep your hardwood floor looking flawless, but we assure you that it is worth your money.

How To Measure Your Area Rug For A Custom Cut Rug Pad

3 Recommendations for Best Rug Pad for Hardwood Floors  HomesFeed
  • First, measure the width of the rug. Include binding along the edge in your measurement.
  • Second, measure the length of the rug. Include any binding but DO NOT include fringe or tassels.
  • The result should be the exact size of your area rug. Provide your retailer with these measurements and request that your rug pad be trimmed slightly less on each side for a proper fit.
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    What Rug Pads Should I Avoid For Hardwood Floors

    All rug pads are not created equal. While some rug pads will protect your hardwood floors, others will destroy them.

    Avoid putting rug pads made from the following materials on your hardwoods:

    These materials can have a bad reaction to your floors, causing prominent discoloration. Sometimes these materials can even attach to your hardwoods, leaving a permanent stain.

    Also Great: Rug Pad Usa Super Lock Natural

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $31.

    Were not big fans of thin rubber-mesh rug pads, but they are necessary in certain cases, and some people just prefer them. If you have a low-profile door, or if you keep a rug outdoors or in a damp area, we recommend the Rug Pad USA Super Lock Natural rug pad. We tested three mesh rug pads, and this was the only one that explicitly advertised being made of 100 percent natural rubber, rather than some other, rubberlike materials such as PVC. Although weve been unable to confirm the exact materials in competing pads, some have received a number of complaints about their leaving behind sticky residue.

    The Super Lock Natural also has a denser construction than the other mesh pads we looked at, giving it more surface area to grip the floor and a bit more cushioning underfoot. A denser pad should also protect your rugs better from wear. Plus, this pad comes with the best warranty of any of the models we recommend: 20 years.

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    Best Choices For Area Rug Pads:

    My top choice is the Gorilla Gripfelt option. Its made with a combo of felt and rubber for the ideal balance of both. It has extra thick cushioning, so its softer and make the rug more comfortable. It also helps it last longer by providing a protective layer between the area rug and hardwood floor.

    Its made from natural rubber and felt. One side is felt for softness and the other side rubber for a grippy surface. Its hypoallergenic and uses 100% recycled felt. Its made in the USA, so that makes me feel more comfortable about the lack of chemicals and regulations.

    There are no harmful chemicals, VOCs or off-gassing. Its mold, mildew and moth resistant.

    Its actually Amazons choice, too and now happens to be one of their best sellers in the category.

    And, it actually comes with 20 year manufacturer warranty!

    Why You Need A Rug Pad For A Hardwood Floor

    Which Rug Pads are Safe For My Floors

    A hardwood floor is a beautiful thing not to mention a big expense.

    And while an area rug can lend a wooden floor a pop of color and pattern, it can also scratch up its surface, wear down its finish, and leave it stained from bleeding dye.

    A quality rug pad will protect your wood floor from all of this wear and tear, saving you the stress and expense of having to have it refinished in years to come.

    What’s more, if you place a rug on a hardwood floor without a pad, then it’s certain to slip, slide, and bunch up, creating a serious tripping hazard. Sandwiching a non-slip rug pad between the area rugs and hardwood floors in your home will keep it locked in place.

    Because hardwood floors don’t provide any cushioning on their own, thick rug pads can help make your rugs feel a lot more luxurious underfoot. This is great in the bedroom or living room, where sitting on the floor or walking barefoot is common.

    This extra cushioning also provides soundproofing, which often goes a long way in rooms with hardwood floors with all those echoey surfaces.

    And the more cushioning under your rug, the longer it will last.

    Unlike rug tape, a rug pad anchors your rug in place through friction rather than an adhesive. That means it won’t leave behind a residue that ruins your hardwood flooring.

    The best part?

    Because a non-slip rug pad anchors your rug firmly in place, you don’t have to lift it up to vacuum either,making the housework a lot easier as well.

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    What Are The Best Types Of Materials For Area Rug Pads If You Have Hardwood Flooring

    First, let me just state for the record that you are better off using padding that is specifically designed for area rugs . Each is designed and optimized for its own uses. Carpet cushion for wall to wall carpet does not have all the right properties for areas rugs, and it may in fact damage your floors.

    For example, many carpet cushioning is made of PVC and this will most likely cause discoloration in many types of flooring. Also, these lack the rubber backing that hold the area rug in place, preventing slipping.

    What Kind Of Rug Pad Is Safe For Hardwood Floors

    Like I just stated above, rug pads that contain materials like rubber, latex, PVC, adhesives, and other toxic materials are not safe for your wooden floors.

    The only rug pad you should use is one that is made from 100% felt material.

    I am talking about a high-quality felt rug pad like the RUGPADUSA 100% Felt Protective Cushioning Rug Pad.

    Why Do I Recommend the RUGPADUSA 100% Felt Protective Cushioning Rug Pad?

    • This rug pad is made of 100% recycled felt- it does not have a rubber backing or any other material that may stain your beautiful hardwood floors
    • Its a suitable choice if you have a rubber or PVC-backed area rug- area rugs that have rubber or PVC backing can stain your floors, just like rug pads with such materials. Placing this felt rug pad is a good way to protect your hardwood floors against staining by the area rug
    • It prolongs the life of your hardwood floors by protecting it against damage especially in high-traffic areas. Furniture and foot traffic exert a lot of friction on both the area rug and hardwood floor, causing a lot of abrasion, wear, and tear. But when you place a thick rug pad beneath the area rug, it provides a protective cushioning that absorbs all the shock and impact from foot traffic, thus extending the life of your hardwood floors
    • It prolongs the life of your area rug as well by proving a thick, bouncy cushioning that absorbs all the impact. Your area rug is bound to last much longer when a rug pad is installed than without

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    Rug Pads For Hardwood Floors

    Our rug pads will protect your hardwood floors and prolong the life of your rugs. Get free shipping and a 10-15 year warranty on any of our USA-made rug pads.

    Not sure which pad to pick? Find the perfect pad in 3 easy steps

    We manufacture all of our products here in the USA to ensure quality standards.

    10-year guaranteed warranty

    If your rug pad is defective, damaged, or rendered ineffective from use, return it to us for a replacement.

    Free shipping and returns

    We provide free shipping and free returns within 60 days of every purchase.

    Custom cut

    We custom cut our rug pads to fit your rug’s exact dimensions – free of charge.

    Could A Rug Pad Damage My Floors

    Best Non Slip Thick Rug Pad for Hardwood Floors (30"  x 60" )

    Yes. PVC rug pads are usually the main culprits when it comes to floor damage from rug pads. PVC is a cheap plastic that can affect the finish of your floors over time, often because of material or chemicals rubbing off and sticking to your floors. Hardwood floors should avoid PVC for this reason, as they are the most susceptible. Felt and memory foam won’t do this, and since rubber is a natural material, it is far less likely to cause this kind of damage.

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    The Best Rug Pads For Hardwood Floors

    Each of these three rug pads from our range have been specifically designed for hardwood floors. They’re engineered to protect hard floors, keep rugs of all shapes and sizes anchored in place, and provide plenty of underfoot comfort.

    Plus, they’re each made from high-quality, non-toxic materials right here in the USA and come with a 10-year warranty and free delivery and returns.


    Our RugPro carpet pad is made from a bespoke low-clay rubber blend that anchors your rug to any hard surface through friction rather than an adhesive that will eventually deteriorate and damage your floor’s finish.

    Its felt upper also grips any area rug you place on it while providing a comfort boost.

    And because it’s one of the lowest-profile pads in our range, the RugPro is the perfect choice for hallways, doorways and smaller rooms where door clearance is an issue.


    Our Contour-Lock rug pad has been specially designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, making it the perfect choice for hallways and entrances.

    Its heat-pressed 1/8 felt top is backed by a natural, low-clay rubber blend that provides plenty of grip and cushioning.

    This quality rug pad will stop any rug from slipping on a wood floor and provide the kind of added comfort that makes a house a home.


    After a rug pad for an area rug that’s going to sit in a living area with a hardwood floor? Look no further than our 1/4 Superior-Lock.

    How We Picked And Tested

    A great rug pad should have firm but supportive cushioning and keep a strong grip on both your rug and the floor it should also fit the dimensions of your rug, and it should not damage your floors over years of wear. Rug pads can be made from many materials, including PVC, rubber, felt, or memory foam. Generally, the best rug pads combine a layer of synthetic felt with natural-rubber backing.

    We primarily considered three types of rug pad:

    Felt and rubber: Our experts agreed that felt backed with rubber was superior to other pad types because the felt provides cushion underfoot while the rubber backing excels at gripping the floor and preventing slips. Paul Iskyan, a rug expert who cleans carpets for ABC Carpet & Home in New York, told us that felt density was more important than thickness in a rug pad, because a denser pad wouldnt flatten over time like a less dense one might.

    Felt: If you have a large area rug with heavy furniture on it, a felt-only pad could be sufficient, but this type generally provides the least amount of grip.

    A good rug pad can last for many years. Some come with 10- or 20-year warranties, and many should easily outlast those. Stephanie Waterman, account manager for rug company Armadillo & Co, told us that in many cases the pads outlive your rug and can be easily cut down and used again and again. Since there was so much inconsistency in coverage, we decided a good warranty was helpful, but not critical to finding a quality rug pad.

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    What Thickness Rug Pad Should I Get

    You should base the thickness of your rug pad on your personal preference and the thickness of your rug. For thin rugs, you can go up to ¼ inch thick on the rug pad. For thick, plush area rugs, consider going up to of an inch on thickness.

    In general, for smaller rugs, youll want to choose a thinner non-slip rug pad, and for more oversized rugs, youll select a pad that offers to cushion.

    Can Cheap Area Rug Pads Ruin Your Hardwood Flooring

    Best Rug Pads For Hardwood Floors [Top Pick 5]

    Many find it surprising that cheap area rug pads can hurt their floors. This is because they are coated with toxic chemicals such as phthalates or PVCs which have VOCs and off gas into the air. These chemicals can often wear down the finish of your floor , and they can also stick to the floor.

    Have you ever seen those thin pads stick to the floor underneath when you remove an area rug pad? Those are cheap pads you want to avoid. (and note that they do not provide much cushioning or shock absorption for the area rug.

    You want to avoid the use of these phthalates or other chemicals stronger as these are toxic and they are dissolving agents, so theyll wear down the finish on your floor. Not only can they stick to the floors, but they can stick to themselves causing creases and bunches.

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    Why You Need An Area Rug Pad And Whats The Best One If You Have Hardwood Flooring

    Many people spend weeks or months trying to find the perfect area rug the right color, texture, pattern and size, but then the area rug pad becomes just an after thought. Assuming that you care about your hardwood floors and your new area rug, make a smart choice for the padding and dont skimp.

    After all, hardwood floors are a big investment. Choosing a cheap area rug pad can result in scratched up floors, worn down finishes and bleed through the carpet. Believe me, Ive seen all sorts of messes simply by not choosing the right area rug pad, or worse, not even buying one.

    And, unfortunately in todays price sensitive world, there are MANY inexpensive, but INFERIOR area rug pads that can cause serious damage to the floors.

    The main issue with the cheap ones is that they are coated with adhesives which enhance the grip. BUT, these often have toxic chemicals which can off gas . And, in addition, they can stain the floors and wear down the finish .

    All of this is completely avoidable by choosing a high quality area rug pad. Its a tiny investment to make your home safer and will save you money in the long run both for the floors and helping the area rug last longer. So, in the end, it will be less expensive and healthier.

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