Replacing Carpet On Stairs With Wood

What Is A Comfortable Stair Rise

How to Replace Carpet Stairs with Hardwood (DIY Hack)

A comfortable stair rise is the vertical distance from one stair tread to the next. Typically, a comfortable stair rise is between 4 and 7. 5 and is measured from the vertical line straight up from the horizontal line across the face of the step tread.

The stair rise should be consistent throughout the stair to ensure safety and comfort for the user. It is important to consider any additional safety measures when designing a comfortable stair rise, such as handrails and landings which can change the stair rise height.

The National Fire Protection Association recommends a minimum stair rise of 4 and a maximum stair rise of 7. 75. Additionally, a stair tread should be a minimum of 10 deep to ensure a comfortable step.

Affix The Edge Moulding

You dont have to include edge moulding on your new staircase, but it can certainly add a lovely visual touch to the final product. Unless youre a carpenter who can make your own, you will probably need to purchase prefabricated edge moulding and affix it to the stairs.

To do that, use construction adhesive and a nail gun to firmly attach the moulding with no leaning or other imperfections.

Painting Staircase Step One: Use Wood Filler To Fill In The Holes

Fill in all holes with wood filler. You could sand prior to this step, which might help you see the holes better. I simply vacuumed and began, since the only nail and staple holes I cared about hiding were in the 4 on the sides of each riser and tread.

Wood filler recommendations include using a putty knife. This tool helps to create a smooth finish and is an inexpensive knife to help with this job.

In areas where there was wood damage, such as splintering or chipping, I found the putty knife application to be useful.

For filling small holes, though, I used my finger. This was much more efficient and effective. Allow the wood filler to dry thoroughly .

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Deal With Tricky Details

Stair companies often farm out certain parts of a job, like designing custom railings, to skilled craftspeople. This type of work demands meticulous attention to detail, so youll want to monitor it closely to prevent mistakes that could cost you time and money.

Kim T., a California resident, discovered this when she hired a stair company to remodel her curved, carpeted staircase with wood. The project included a new railing. Unfortunately, the artisan who designed it was off in his measurements.

The curvature of the railing was way off, so it had to be ripped out and redone, she says.

To keep your stair renovation from going off the rails, dont hesitate to ask contractors to double-check crucial measurements. And speak up whenever you have questions or concerns.

Carpet Or Wood Stairs: Which Is The Best Option

Replacing Carpet On Stairs With Red Oak Hardwood In Dark Walnut Stain ...

Before you proceed to have your carpeted stairs changed into wood, it would be best to weigh the pros and cons of each material. It is important to be able to make an informed decision in the end.

Carpet and wood are both effective flooring materials for stairs that are crucial in providing access to different levels of the house. While this is a very important fact, this might be the only similarity that they share. They are different in various aspects, and you need to give each one careful thought before making your final decision.

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Can I Reuse Stair Carpetcan I Reuse Stair Carpet

If they are in good condition and not water damaged, then they can be reused. Install your pre-cut stair carpet starting from the bottom stair and work your way up. Use the aptly named stair tool to tuck the bottom of the carpet below the first step, then use a knee kicker to tighten the carpet across the step.

Coir Stair Carpet Cost

The average price for coir stair carpeting is $21 to $54 per sq.yd. or $3 to $6 per sq.ft. Coconut shell husks are used to produce durable, natural coir fiber for home products like ropes, floor mats, and carpeting. A 100% coir floor covering has a rough, rustic texture and is very durable. Coir fibers can be mixed with other natural fibers like sisal for stability and a slightly softer texture. Coirs natural mold and mildew resistance makes it a good choice in humid locations, although it can still absorb spills and stains. The rough texture and durability of coir make it a good option for stair carpeting. Coir is difficult to find in many options. It can sometimes be found at the same retailers who work with other natural fibers like jute, seagrass, and sisal.

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Finalize Your Design Choices

Do you love the polished, traditional look of clean white risers paired with rich espresso-hued treads? Or are you going for something more casual, like an oak staircase stained with a warm honey gold? Narrow down your ideas and review them with your contractor.

Its best to have magazine examples to show your stair guy exactly what you want, says Lonsdale. Then you can figure out if it can be done and how much it will cost.

Once you have a clear vision for your stairs, coordinate with your contractor to order your hardwood and other necessary materials.

Take Care Of The Treads

How To Convert Carpeted Stairs to Hardwood | Beyond The Basics

You can continue with carpet removal on the treads just like on the risers. Should you have a knee-kick tool at hand to release the tension of the carpet, it will be removed a lot quicker. Though you can certainly do it just by pulling up a corner using your pry bar, then the pliers to pull until you can use your hands.

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Next I Ran Some Numbers With Lowes

The second option at Lowes was the RetroTread route. The RetroTread 11.5-in x 42-in Unfinished Red Oak Stair Treads totaled $474.44much more expensive treads. But the RetroRiser 7.5-in x 42-in Primed Poplar Wood Stair Risers were only $117.63! So it evened out to $592.07.

All in all, the options were roughly similar. I had narrowed it down to either the 48 in. x 11-1/2 in. Unfinished Oak Retread and Riser kit from Home Depot or the RetroTreads from Lowes . The cost was similar, so I took a peek at reviews.

Going the Home Depot route would have allowed me to inspect each piece in store, but I chose the Lowes route as the better of the two. That was because I could decrease the amount of waste I had by using 36 treads instead of 48 treads, and the risers at Lowes were already primed.

So Im looking at $592.07 for the treads and risers. We have a nail gun, plenty of nails, a saw, and the tools necessary to remove the bullnose. So other costs would include the tread measuring tool, glue, stain, finish, wood for the landing, shoe molding for the landing, and probably some miscellaneous supplies Im not thinking of.

I added in a bit of overage, which ALL big projects have, and settled on adding an additional $250 to my figure. For the ease of comparisons, well say it would probably cost me about $850 to DIY my own stairs using the RetroTread method.

Remove Carpet From Stairs

The first step to replace carpet stairs with wood is to remove the carpet, carpet padding, and other hardware .

Keep in mind, this process can be time consuming, but it is important to get a flat surface that is free of debris.

First, use a box cutter to cut the edge of the carpet & padding on each stair.Ultimately, this made it easy to roll-up the carpet and discard it.

A flat head screw driver and a hammer are needed to remove the staples.

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Refinishing Builder Grade Stairs: Converting Carpeted Stairs To Wood

Phew, I have been writing this post in my head for a while now. Im happy to finally be putting pen to paper about something Ive been mulling over a lot lately: DIY vs. hiring a professional and the value of money and time. And the subject today is refinishing our main staircase by converting it from carpet to wood treads.

The carpet on the stairs is about 3 years old, so not terribly old. But its the builder-grade-beige bottom-barrel carpet that gets matted and worn easily. Also, its an extremely high-traffic areaprobably the most high traffic of the house. Even though we take off our shoes when we get home, its still busted.

Here are a few pictures of our builder grade carpeted stairs from two years ago. The carpet still wasnt in too bad of shape since it was new when we moved in.

Taking out the garbage, two cats, and a busy life have made them very difficult to keep clean. Our special needs kitty also had some accidents on the landing area that were very difficult to get completely cleaned out, so I knew we needed something that was a more pet-friendly solution. Heres what it looks like now.

Cost Of Converting Carpeted Stairs To Wood

Replacing Carpet On Stairs With Red Oak Hardwood In Dark Walnut Stain ...

If you hire someone to perform the work, youll pay between $100-$200 per stair, reports HomeAdvisor. The cost to redo 10 to 12 carpeted steps ranges between $1,080 to $2,700, including carpet removal. DIYers can complete the project in under $500, depending on the design of your staircase, number of stairs, and the type of wood used.

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What Are The Steps To Refinish Stairs

Refinishing stairs is a great way to bring a new look to an older staircase, and with the right preparation and technique, you can end up with a beautiful finished product.

1. Clean the Stairs: Begin by thoroughly cleaning the surfaces of the stairs, riser, and skirtboard with a degreasing cleaner or a gentle dish soap. Vacuum or wipe away any remaining dust and dirt.

2. Sand the Stairs: Use a palm planer to remove old finish and blemishes from the stairs and risers. Start with a coarse-grit sandpaper and move up to a finer-grit sandpaper. Vacuum away the sanding dust.

3. Prepare the Stairs: Before you can refinish the stairs, you will need to prepare the surfaces. Lay a drop cloth on the stairs. Use painters tape to protect the edges of the treads and riser. Apply the finish to the skirtboard first and let it dry.

4. Apply a Primer: If the stairs are stained, use a stain-blocking primer. It will help cover up any existing stains. Prime only the faces of the stairs, not the edges.

5. Paint or Stain the Stairs: Once the primer is dry, it is time to paint or stain the stairs. For a classic look, use a semi-gloss paint. If you want a more contemporary look, use an eggshell or satin finish.

If you want to stain the stairs, make sure the wood is dry and free of dust before applying the stain.

How Do You Remove Carpet Glue From Wood Stairs

Removing carpet glue from wood stairs can be a tricky and time-consuming task. The first step is to scrape away as much of the glue as possible with a putty knife or another sharp object. This will help to break up and remove the majority of the glue.

Next, use a chemical remover and a putty knife to break up any remaining glue. These removers usually have an unpleasant smell and are sold in most hardware and home improvement stores. Always make sure to wear gloves, long sleeves and protective eyewear when working with any chemical remover.

Spread the remover on the stairs and use the putty knife to scrape and scrape the glue away.

Once the excess glue is removed, use sandpaper or a steel-bristled brush to completely remove the glue from the surface of the stairs. A vacuum cleaner will help to remove any remaining dust and debris.

Finally, apply a coat of polyurethane or any other type of sealant to the stairs to help protect the wood and hide any remains of the glue.

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Prefinished Vs Unfinished Wood

At first glance, it seems like unfinished wood is less expensive at $400 to $900 for about 10 steps, while prefinished wood costs about $700 to $1,000 for the same amount of steps.

But prefinished steps come ready to install, where unfinished wood will need to be sanded and finished during installation, increasing the cost of labor. Unfinished wood is best if you want custom stairs, which can cost up to $30,000 for the finished project.

Find a Local Hardwood Stair Installer

Overview Of Carpeting On Stairs

Remove CARPET from Stairs | Carpet to Wood Transformation

Carpet installation on stairs is labor-intensive, so the cost is much higher than installing this flooring in the rest of the house. In fact, when you get carpet installation estimates, carpeted stairs might be given their own line item for labor.

As for the carpet, which is the second largest factor after the labor in stairway carpet replacement cost, there are many different types of colors, materials, and patterns to choose from, and cost varies significantly. Additional factors discussed below will contribute to the cost of carpeting a stairway, such as stair length, whether stair rail spindles have to be worked around, and site conditions.

The low end of the carpet spectrum is polyester or olefin, which costs $1 $2 per square foot or $9 $18 per square yard. Mid-range carpet choices for stairs are Triextra and nylon. The cost for midrange carpeting is between $3 $5 per square foot and $27 $45 per square yard. The most expensive carpet choice is wool carpeting. Wool carpeting is $20 per square foot or $180 per square yard.

The average price to carpet your stairs is around $550, which is for a 12-step stairway and using Berber olefin carpet without spindles. The high end of the spectrum is a 12-step stairway with spindles with wool carpeting can cost up to $2,500. Both projects will require around 12 yards of carpeting.

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Strip The Carpet From The Stairs

Step one is getting the carpet off of the stairs, so this project starts out with a bang. Use your utility knife to cut lengths of carpet, and pry it up in difficult places with your pry bar. Be extremely careful with the utility knife both for your own safety and to avoid cutting or scratching the wooden treads under the carpet.

What To Consider When Choosing Flooring Options For Your Stairs

Theres a number of questions to ask yourself as a homeowner before building or renovating your stairs. The first and most obvious question being: What type of flooring should you use? Choosing the best flooring will depend on several factors. Below are some of the main points to consider that will help you determine which material to floor your stairs with:

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The Easiest Way To Make A Template For Your Replacement Stair Treads

Since theres such an array of angles and necessary cuts for these treads, I opted to create a template for each individual stair tread. The material? Masking tape.

I simply used a length of tape for each side. I taped them directly onto the existing tread base. Then I lifted from the base and applied to the hardwood treads that were prepared for cutting, allowing for a 1 overhand at the front of the tread .

For the step that required a deeper tread than was standard, I used to treads, glued and binder with biscuits, then placed the template on top and marked my cut lines with a pencil.

My cuts were made with a table saw and a circular saw. Here I am, looking possibly my worst, but cutting the heck outta that wood.

PS. wedged between two saws is my Happy Place.

Once my cuts were made, I installed these treads with framing nails, taking special precaution to secure both of the original pieces in place to avoid shifting. Since I knew Id be installing a runner, I opted to nail most of the board down the center.

I followed the same technique for all three angled treads.

And then I finished it all off with stain, paint and a permanent runner.

So there you have it! If you intend to replace your carpeted staircase with hardwoods but your contractors all say its too challenging because of a “pie step or angled return, you can always just do it yourself and save the money!

Replacing Carpeting On Stairs With Hardwood

Replacing Carpeted Floors With Hardwood Floors

Youve finally had it with your stairs. The carpet on them is old, dirty, worn down and slippery. Ideally, youd love to replace that old carpet with hardwood that will match the rest of your house. But how much work will that take?

Many homeowners dream about this kind of project updating stairs from carpet to wood can result in a huge transformation for the look of a home. Stairwells are one of the highest-traffic areas of your home and can be a feature item with a distinct look.

However, this is not an easy project that you can do yourself in a weekend. Stairs are built in a particular way and have to be safe, as youre crossing between floors and want everyone to make it safely. Matching the wood can also be difficult unless you have a professionals eye and skill.

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