Quadra Fire Expedition Ii Wood Insert

Quadrafire Expedition Ii Wood Heater

Quadra-Fire® Expedition II Wood Insert

From $5,470*

The Quadrafire Expedition II Wood Heater is the focal point to any area. A traditional fireplace, sleek in design. Quadra-Fires wood fireplace inserts can be installed into either an existing brickwork chimney, or into a new build using the optional zero clearance box. Quadra Fires patented technologies gives you ease of operation, higher efficiency and longer burn times, all while using less fuel.

Quadra-Fires patented four-point burn system Solid 6-8mm steel construction Tuned for optimum burn time and performance Most comprehensive warranty on the market

**Heating output varies depending upon ceiling height, fuel used, building insulation and atmospheric conditions

*Price is for the base model unit only. It excludes accessories or optional extras, flue, hearth, delivery and installation. For more information and pricing please contact us

For more information or to receive a quotation, contact our friendly team via phone or email, book a FaceTime consultation or even visit one of our showrooms in Abbotsford or Blackburn. .

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Quadra Fire Wood Insert

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Is this VC insert in the same “new” category, an not much known about them?Are there any opinions on PE vs Quadrafire in general?Any opinions on burn times/output between PE and Quad inserts? Is 2.1 vs 2.4 firebox that big of a difference in terms of heat/burn time?THANKS!!

Quadra Fire Expedition Ii

The Expedition II wood fire insert is powered by the Quadra-Fire four-point burn system for long-burning efficiency, along with the Automatic Combustion Control which gives you more air when you want it for easier start up or that extra boost of heat when needed. It can be installed into either an existing brickwork chimney or into a new build using the optional zero clearance box

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Quadrafire Expedition Ii Wood Burning Insert

See it in our Ottawa or Carleton Place Fireplace Showroom!

The Expedition II steel wood insert represents great value for those looking for an easy to operate wood insert. Feraturing the Quadra-Fire four-point burn system which provides an impressive fire that can be easily seen through the large 275 sq.in. cast iron glass door. The Automatic Combustion Control gives you more air when you want it for easier start up or that extra boost of heat when needed. This is done automatically once you set the ACC so no need to stick around and tend the fire, just enjoy the heat.

Whats A Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

Expedition II Wood Insert

For those of you who may never heard of a wood fireplace insert – lets break it down for you. A fireplace insert is essentially a wood or gas fireplace that is created in order to fit into existing fireplaces in your home. Its as simple as that! But what exactly are the benefits of purchasing a wood burning fireplace insert vs. a traditional wood burning fireplace?

Were glad you asked! There are several great reasons for getting one of these traditional fireplace alternatives, including:

Theyre Energy Efficient: The design of a fireplace insert allows for a hotter and longer lasting fire – giving some models over 80% efficiency! Fireplace insert designs will also redistribute heat throughout your home rather than losing it through a chimney.

Theyre Good for the Environment: Did you know that wood is one of the best fuels for the environment? Thats right – since its a sustainable resource thats completely renewable, it definitely makes less of an impact on the environment around you in comparison to other fuel sources. Wood is also considered to be a carbon-neutral fuel!

Theyll Help With Your Heating Bills: Tired of high heating bills in the cold Missouri winters? Then get a wood fireplace insert! Theyre designed to increase heat output in certain zones of your home. Also, when a wood burning fireplace insert is usually installed with insulation, which will help keep the heat inside.


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