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Trend #5 Clean Aesthetics

How to Build Cabinets

We love the white backsplash that works well with the white cabinetry.

Kitchen cabinetry has not been spared the modernization wave that has influenced home décor in recent years. One of the most obvious impacts has been the adoption of clean aesthetics in cabinetry constructions. This minimalism trend is likely to continue into 2022 and beyond. Modern cabinets are free of the ornate design work often found in traditional cabinet door styles. They feature a recessed panel door with smooth edge profiles and simple clean lines offering only the simplest of design elements. Even the handles themselves come in low profile styles, not demanding too much attention. Essentially, all the clutter has been pared down to the bare minimum. This type of cabinetry works perfectly with a modern styled kitchen, complementing other components like the countertop and the backsplash.

Trend #2 Color Customization

This gray island cabinet has blue undertone for a more personalized feel.

Homeowners are no longer satisfied with cookie-cutter kitchen designs. They want something unique that builds character and personality or provides a bold statement. Color is one of the most effective ways to take notice. A different color of paint on your cabinets can make all the difference and separate you from the pack. Manufacturing companies are taking notice too. Even though they provide the latest and greatest finish colors, they are still appealing to the masses. So, they have teamed up with paint companies to provide a limitless array of color for you to be inspired by.

For cabinetry, homeowners are favoring customized colors that perfectly fit their kitchen spaces. Neutral colors are currently big favorites with tones like grey, yellow and soft greens but dont count out the darker color pallet. Black, navy, and emerald green has the high-end allure many desire.

Basically, homeowners are seeking out unique colors that not only stand out but work specifically for their kitchen. If you are ordering custom made cabinets, you can choose any color you want. If you already have cabinets and want to renovate them, either get a professional painter or get ready for some extensive DIY painting work.

Trend #3 Increased Use Of Oak Wood

This white oak cabinetry helps bring warmth into the space.

Oak wood cabinetry is starting to creep back into the kitchen and bathroom marketplace with Cerused and driftwood finishes. In the 1970s well into the early 90s, they were the cabinet of choice. Usually seen in a honey spice stain, a version of a raised panel cathedral door with wild grain patterns became the mainstay in many homes at that time. After a much-needed departure, the popularity of maple, cherry and a rise of engineered wood alternatives reduced the use of oak cabinet constructions. Materials like wood veneer and painted MDF are now more common in cabinet door construction than ever. But as with other parts of the house, many homeowners are seeking connections to their past and a renewed attention to vintage, with kitchens being no different.

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Personalize Your Custom Office

With the help of our professionals and our variety of stone countertops, you can personalize your home office space to fit your needs and style. Upgrade your office and make it easier to clean by adding stone countertops.

Out of the Woods offers a wide variety of countertop styles and colors to beautify and sophisticate your office such as granite, quartz, marble, and quartzite. Browse our office countertops gallery below to find the right look for your Utah office.


How Organization Can Improve Your Life

Cabinet Features Layton Utah

There are many benefits to improving the organization of your home. This organization can improve your life in many ways, both by creating a better environment and relieving stress. Taking the steps to increase the organization of your property can help to ensure that you are far more comfortable in your home. One of the best ways to improve the organization of your property is by adding more storage space! Our built-in cabinets can be used to easily increase the storage space of your home, without requiring substantial modifications to the property. Contact our experienced team at Out of the Woods for more information about how our built-in cabinets can be used to improve the organization of your home.

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Strategies For Improving Organization

In order to obtain the benefits that organization can create, you will need to know how to improve the organization of your home. One of the most beneficial strategies for improving organization in your home is to ensure that all of your belongings have a specified place. Adding built-in cabinets to your home can help to provide you with increased storage space, so that you can dedicate various places for everything. You may also be able to add organization to the kitchen by increasing the cabinetry in the kitchen. This can go a long way toward helping you to keep your space organized, which can go a long way toward improving your life.

Cut Your Face Frame Parts

Begin by cutting 2″-wide stiles 18″ longer than the dimension from the toe kick cutout to the top of the case . If you need to allow for uneven walls, make the stiles 214″ wide, and later trim the overhangs on the sides to fit the opening. You’ll also cut the middle rail beneath the drawers 2″ wide.

From 112″-wide stock, cut the top and bottom rails. To calculate the length of all three rails, measure the case width and add 14″ for the two 18″ overhangs. From that number, subtract twice the stile width for the rail lengths. Rout a 18″ round-over on the top inside edge of the bottom rail.

Position the middle rail so its top edge is flush with the upper face of the middle stretcher. Cut the upper and lower vertical dividers to fit between the middle rail and the top and bottom rails. Using two pocket-hole screws at each joint, assemble the frame . The screws won’t show after you glue the frame to the cabinet.

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Out Of The Woodsfinish Carpentry

Albert goes above and beyond to make sure his clients are happy and well taken care of!!! He is a very talented carpenter and built many custom cabinets for us. He works hard, communicates well, keeps the work space organized and clean and takes great pride in his work. We couldnt be happier with our built in cabinets!!! Its rare these days to find someone who actually cares about the finished product and Albert sure does!!! We look forward to having him do many more projects for us in the future! We love Albert!

Albert is the consummate professional for cabinetry and finish work. He has done several projects for us personally and we have referred him to several clients. He can handle whole house cabinetry with either site built or custom installation of factory made cabinets that will be indiscernible from site built. He shows up when he says he will, he works diligently, he cleans up after himself at the end of the day and he stays on budget and timeline.He is really a remarkable craftsman and just a great guy.

Albert is doing amazing jobs on our kitchen cabinet installation projects. We and our clients are very happy with the outcome of the installations.He is always kind, very professional and has great personality. Always kind and responsive. Highly recommend his work and business.

Begin With The Right Cabinet Dimensions

DIY How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets A to Z

The sample base and wall cabinets shown below have these features to make building them as simple as possible:

  • The 34″ plywood case eliminates panel jointing, planing, and glue-ups.
  • Face frames cover plywood edges. Overlaps on the sides let you fine-tune the cabinet width during installation.
  • Plywood-panel doors and drawer fronts require no routed profiles.
  • The drawer slides we recommend provide lots of mounting flexibility and the chance to undo minor mistakes.

Learn why it pays to buy good plywood.

The cabinet cases shown here were made from birch-veneer, medium-density fiberboard -core plywood for economy. You can instead use hardwood-veneer plywood, solid MDF, plain or melamine-covered particleboard, and solid wood. Double-check the material thickness before calculating cabinet sizes and cutting dadoes and rabbets.

Build the face frame from solid wood to match or contrast with the sides. Choose clear, straight-grained wood, and assemble the frame soon after machining to reduce warping.

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Trend #6 Multiple Finish Colors In One Kitchen

Green tones, oak, and neutrals for this beautiful kitchen!

Thanks to technology, homeowners today have an almost endless list of cabinet finish colors and techniques. From warm browns to weathered gray, the choices are mind-boggling. For more ideas, check out our Dark Kitchen Cabinets article. Homeowners are taking advantage of these unique choices. One of the upcoming trends in 2022 involves mixing different finish colors for a completely unique look. You might have the upper cabinets finished in painted white while the base cabinetry is a natural wood look. It is all about creating an interesting design by combining different bits and pieces.

Fit The Case To An Opening

Want to learn more about built-in cabinet installation? Here are the techniques for making them blend into a room.

To allow built-in cabinets a margin for unsquare walls, design the case 12″ narrower than the opening between another cabinet and a wall or between two walls. You’ll fill the gap with the face frame overlap on the sides.

To calculate part sizes for a base cabinet that’s wider or narrower than the one above, follow this formula:

  • Multiply the thickness of the plywood or MDF sides times two.
  • Subtract 34″ to allow for two 38″-deep dadoes joining the bottom to the sides.
  • Subtract that number from the case width.
  • Cut the cabinet bottom to that length. For example, to make a cabinet 3334″ wide using 34″ plywood, cut the case bottom 33″ long. To size the stretchers, use that same number minus the 34″ dado allowance. Calculate upper cabinet sizes the same way.

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    Create A Productive Space

    Your office should be spacious enough and have plenty of storage for you to work with ease. An optimal office space should be easy to maintain and make it easy to organize and find anything you need at the moment.

    Whether you are trying to add more space to your work area to accommodate more computer screens, or just to upgrade the design to add to your productivity and creativity. Out of the Woods has many countertop options to ensure your workspace is as efficient as possible.

    Standards Help You Design


    Over the years, cabinetmakers have standardized some cabinet dimensions based on practical considerations, such as the average height of people. You needn’t adhere strictly to these, but vary them at your own risk of discomfort.

    • Standard base cabinets measure 3412″ high, for a 36″-high work surface with a 112″ countertop.
    • At 24″ deep, standard base cabinets allow you to bend over and reach in to retrieve anything at the back.
    • Make cabinets as wide as you like, but remember that the wider the doors, the greater the tendency to rack and warp. Also, the wider the door, the more clearance you’ll need in front of the cabinet.
    • Standard wall cabinets measure 12″ deep. Deeper cabinets hinder access to the countertop below.
    • Wall cabinets commonly mount 18″ above the base-cabinet countertop.

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    Cabinet Care & Maintenance

    North Davis Cabinet uses topcoats that have been tested by KCMA, product distributors as well as in house testing to ensure the highest of quality against moister, wear, foods, beverages and household agents typically found in a kitchen or bathroom. From time to time however, all cabinets will need a regular cleaning and care. Following a few simple guidelines should allow the beauty of your cabinets to be enjoyed for years to come.

  • Cleaning/Care & Maintenance Guidelines
  • . NDC does not recommend using any cleaning products within the first 30 days. Only use a soft, damp cloth, and dry the surface immediately.
  • . Keep the cabinets dry. Wipe up spills,spatters, and water spots as they occur with a soft, damp cloth, and dry the surface immediately. A spill left unattended could soak through the surface and cause damage
  • . Use only mild detergents to remove food residue, grease, body oils, or smoke residue.
  • . Do not use detergents with silicone, wax, ammonia, bleach, or abrasives. These products may damage the finish
  • .NDC recommends the use of Guardsman’s Deep Clean Purifying Wood Cleaner between 6-12 times each year. This can be purchased at Ace Hardware or go on line to WWW.Guardsman.com . Make sure to wipe off all excessive cleaner from the surface after cleaning.
  • . For cleaning/dusting use a clean soft cloth such as, a cotton cloth, a cheesecloth, dishtowel, flannel, or chamois. Never use scouring pad, steel Wool, or powdered cleaners or paper products.
  • Trend #4 Minimalism Is The Way To Go

    Keep it simple with white cabinets and minimal appliances.

    Minimalism is the perfect style trend of the kitchen area where organization, cleanliness, and efficiency would be the holy trinity. It enables clear, clutter-free surfaces and stylish and sleek materialswhat more would you ask for? And minimalism certainly does not have to look boring or unfinished.

    Since the kitchen is definitely the workhorse on the house, it may not be easy even to picture getting a minimalist take on one. But simply because less is more with regards to minimalist interiors, this does not mean the area needs to be empty. The appearance must be clean but loaded with luxe stone, gorgeous finishes, and sleek appliances.

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    Reduce Your Stress Level

    Being constantly surrounded by clutter and disorganization can easily feel overwhelming. Constantly feeling overwhelmed can significantly increase your stress levels. By organizing the area, you can prevent the environment from causing you extra stress. By reducing your stress level, you can ensure that you remain much happier while you are within your building.

    Now Mount The Doors On Your Cabinet

    Making The Wall Cabinets – Kitchen Cabinets – Woodworking

    Learn about 4 types of hinge installation for face-frame cabinets.

    Thanks to their adjustability, European-style hinges make mounting doors as easy as assembling them. Begin by drilling 138″ holes 12″ deep with a Forstner bit . We positioned the holes 414″ from the top and bottom of the door for plenty of clearance, with the center of the hole 1316″ from the stile edge.

    Place a hinge cup in a hole with the straight hinge edge parallel to the stile edge , and mark the center of the mounting screw slots. Then drill screw pilot holes and install the hinge. Repeat for the other hinge.

    Hold the door in position centered vertically in the opening, and mark each hinge screw mounting location along the frame edge. Drill pilot holes and screw the door to the frame. Refer to the hinge instructions for details on adjusting the door position.

    Trend #1 Open Shelving

    Floating shelves to help balance out the space.

    Open shelves look beautiful in the magazines, but not necessarily a must-have for most homeowners. Lets face it, you have to have a matching set of dinnerware or specialty pieces you want on display. But with good organization and the right kind of shelves, you can create a really unique cutting edge style for your kitchen. Open kitchen shelves instead of wall cabinetry is becoming an even hotter trend. While you may find it hard to go without your beloved closed door wall cabinetry, open shelving has plenty of benefits. It introduces a light and airy feel offering the illusion of more space which is especially great in smaller kitchens. Its efficient, since you can see and grab what you need without taking the time to open cabinet doors to look inside. Considering everything is out in the open, be thoughtful about whatever you place on the shelves. Every utensil, bowl or glass has an impact on the overall aesthetic of your kitchens look and feel.

    Options For Fabulous Bathroom Countertops

    In a day and age in which hats are no longer a wardrobe staple, surely home is where you set your toothbrush. Our bathroom countertops see it all, from creams and lotions and minty smears of Disney-themed toothpaste to scented candles and various pieces of beach-themed décor. In such a space, you want to make sure that your countertop fit your needs.

    Bathroom countertops should be both beautiful and functional. You have several factors to consider when choosing material, including appearance, durability, ease of installation, sustainability, and cost, and for heavens sake, it goes without saying that countertops in the bathroom should be easy to clean. We know you have a lot of options for the countertops in your bathroom. Heres the skinny on just a few.

    Efficient Use Of Space

    Bookcases and built ins help to make more efficient use of space in your area. They can be attached to the walls or built in to the walls in the room. Not only is this a way to provide far more functional storage space, but it also can be used as a room divider in large spaces. Implementing storage space to any room allows you to keep the room far more organized, which will ultimately enhance its overall appearance.

    Trend #7 Move Over Double Bowl Sinks

    Custom China Cabinet Layton Utah â Out Of The Woods Custom Cabinetry

    Single sink for this clean and sleek kitchen!

    Focused on functionality, todays kitchens are being designed with large single bowl sinks or with multiple sinks. Since handwashing dishes isnt a regular occurrence in households these days, the need for a double bowl sink is less important. In part, the farmhouse design has become extremely popular. Farmhouse sinks are popular mostly for their large deep sizes, that allows for more comfortable use, and style. If the apron front sink doesnt fit into your design, then opt for a single bowl undermount sink in the same width as a double bowl. These sinks are perfect for larger items such as cookie sheets, stockpots, and skillet handles. For those of us that receive unexpected guests, you can quickly stow dirty dishes out of sight in these generous sink basins. In addition to the main sink, you might find an additional prep sink at the end of a run or in the kitchen island. This allows multiple people to work in the kitchen at the same time.

    There are all kinds of sink and faucet designs to considerfuturistic, vintage, whimsical, luxury etc.

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