Mounting Photos On Wood Or Board

Mounting Photos To Wood With Mod Podge

How to Mount Photos on Wood/Block Mount Photos on MDF board

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Laser-printed photos can become family heirlooms when you imprint them on wood with the help of Mod Podge decoupage glue and gel medium. The method actually makes the photo part of the wood, allowing you to peel away its paper backing after the Mod Podge dries. If you prefer just to apply the photo to the wood, rather than transfer the image to the wood, you don’t need the gel medium.

Mounting Photos On Wood Or Board

Mounting Photos On Wood Or Board. Mounting photographs on a larger mounting board and then giving it a larger frame makes both the picture and the display space look better, keeping the focus on your art. Wood frames offer a great variety of different looks, from clean, modern lines to intricately textured borders.

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Wood frames offer a great variety of different looks, from clean, modern lines to intricately textured borders. Photos may have a resin coating or not, but they are on paper, and paper is susceptible to environmental issues. A wood picture frame is a classic choice.

Here Are The Supplies We Used To Mount Our Prints On Wood Panels:

We cut our 1 by 10 into 6 pieces. The prints were printed on 8.5 by 11 inch paper, and so we cut them at 13 inches long.

At 10 inches wide, they were the perfect width to leave approximately 1 inch on either sides of the print, and cutting it at 13 inches, left an inch at the top and bottom.

I gave all the pieces a good sanding around the edges to make sure there were no splinters. I then stained them all with my favorite homemade DIY weathered wood stain. This stain has been used so many times in my home with success every time. It dries the perfect shade, not too dark and not too light with no orange in it. It works with the wood to bring out the colors of the wood and highlight its beauty.

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Diy Wood Mounted Photograph

  • 12 x 12 photo
  • 12 x 12 wood square

I had these 12×12 photos printed at Costco for only $2.99 each.

I bought a wood board that was 12x 60at Lowes that only cost $7.77. I had someone there cut the board for me into five equal pieces.

That gave me five boards for five different photographs. It ended up costing me less than $5 per photo board, which is a great price!

Step 1. Sand the edges of the wood board so its smooth.

Next, paint the sides of your board. I painted two coats.

If you are giving this as a gift, I recommend painting the back too.

If you are keeping it for yourself, you can either paint the back or leave it unpainted, where it wont be seen.

Step 2.

Next comes the scary part! Brush on a layer of Mod Podge on top of your photo.

It will look like you ruined it, and youll be wondering if you messed it up, but it will be okay. The Mod Podge dries clear, and will look fine after a few minutes.

I used horizontal brush strokes for the first layer, and once that dried, I brushed on a second layer using vertical brush strokes. This gave it a canvas-y look that I liked.

Just make sure you use full brush strokes straight across, to make it smooth. Once the top dries, brush the sides with Mod Podge too.

Here are the finished products. Arent they beautiful?

You can see a little bit of the texture on the photographs. This project is so cheap, so easy, is very quick to make. I hope you will give it a try!

How To Mount Photographs

Wall Mounted Wood Bulletin Board, Pine

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You can capture memories and moments in your own artistic way by mounting your photos. Dry mounting is a great way to preserve a photo for years whereas wet mounting is a good option for beginners looking for a quick mounting option. Wet mounting is usually very permanent and can cause a photo to yellow or decay over time, so it is not recommended as a long-term preservation method. However, it’s a good to skill to have if you want a quick and easy way to display photos at a celebration or event.

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Once They Have All Been Sanded And Stained I Wanted To Install Thesawtooth Picture Hangers

Flip the back of the wood panels so that you can access the backs. Measure down 2 inches and measure to the center of the panel and make a mark. This was where the center of the sawtooth picture hangers was to be nailed in.

I did this to all the wood panels so that I had them all ready at the same time.

Now its time to mount the prints on the wood panels. This is my favorite part, and the best part is I used 3 dollar carpet tacks for this part.

I laid each wood panel down and placed an art print on the wood block. I centered it on the wood and then I nailed in the small carpet nail tacks on the 4 corners of the print, holding it in place while I did so.

Since I laid them all out in a row, I was able to adjust and make sure that each print was in line with the next one. This made it easier to eyeball the prints on the wood panels. You could easily measure each one to make sure they were mounted the same, but this was easier and more quick for me.

Once I have mounted the prints on wood panels its time to hang them on the wall.

This can be easier than it may seem

Top Sources For Premade Mounted Frames

If you dont want to undertake all of the steps of mounting and framing a picture yourself, you can outsource some of the work by purchasing a premade frame and mounting materials.

You can also order standard-sized frames or frames in custom sizes with mounting board and matting cut to fit. Other framing kits include all the hardware you will need to hang your photos.

Frame Destination is one of the top online sources for picture frames and mounting materials. Frame Destination offers a wide selection of frames, mount boards, mats, mounting supplies, and hanging hardware, making it easy for you to mix and match materials and options to meet your needs.

You can order a basic framing kit in standard sizes or order a completely custom frame with specifically chosen mounting materials. All of the individual components are available for separate purchase as well as complete frame packages, so you can take on as much of the work to size and cut custom mounts and mat boards as you wish.

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Mounting Photos On Mounting Board

Cut Edges Flush To Edge Of Photo

How To : Mount Photo Prints to Wooden Panels

There is a lot of excess MDF on show and the photo is no where near straight so lets fix that! I used a band saw to cut away the bulk of the excess material but you could also use a jigsaw or a handsaw if you don’t have access to a band saw.

I also wanted to get rid of the white board on my print. So I cut as close to the outline of the photo as I could without actually cutting into the photo itself. The lines cut doesn’t have to be straight because we will sort that out in the next step.

To make the edges straight and to make sure the edges are perfectly flush with the edge of the photo I used a router with a flush trim bit installed. This is a bearing guided straight cutting router bit. The bearing can follow a straight edge and cut to match its profile.

I used a scrap piece of plywood to act as my straight edge. All you need to make sure is that’s its longer than the longest side of what you want to mount. To protect my photo from getting scratched a used some painters tape to stick some brown paper onto the plywood board This will help prevent messing up the photo.

With the underside of the straight edge covered with brown paper I could flip it over and line it up with the edge of the photo. I made sure get the straight edge of plywood bang on the edge of the photo. I then used 2 clamps to clamp the straight edge to the MDF board.

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Benefits Of Photo Mounting

If you want a cutting edge, clean, modern, simple look to exhibit your work or artwork, and photos you appreciate, Gator Board mounting is a great alternative. The more it is used, the more commonly accepted its appearance is. You will find this sort of mounting at trade shows, future construction reveals, in homes, and at art shows, businesses, or kiosks.

Mod Podging A Picture Onto Wood

  • 1Choose a wooden object to Mod Podge the picture onto. Choose something with a flat surface, such as a wooden block or a wooden board. You can even use a wooden jewelry box, as long as the lid is flat and smooth.
  • You can find lots of blank wooden objects in the wood crafting section of an arts and craft store.
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    Sizing Mounts For Display

    When choosing photos for display, one of the key considerations is how much space is available. The only option for displaying a photo in a small place is to make a small print or crop a photo to size.

    When considering larger display spaces, however, mounting and framing become important considerations.

    Balancing the size of the picture and frame against the display area is critical for the best view of the photo and also to make the whole display space attractive.

    For example, a framed picture that is too small for a large wall simply looks unbalanced and awkward.

    Mounting photographs on a larger mounting board and then giving it a larger frame makes both the picture and the display space look better, keeping the focus on your art.

    Gator Board Compared To Other Boards

    Wooden Framed Wall Mounted Chalkboards

    Stronger and stiffer than foam board, Gator Board can even come with adhesive siding for mounting. While some choose to mount on gator board themselves, the preferred option is to have a professional printer, like us, create a polished end product that will add shine and showcase the image or advertisement.

    While not a preference for storing work, Gator Board Photo Mounting is best as a display that incorporates clean lines and highlights the work more than needing an accompanying frame.

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    Diy Photo Transfer To Wood

    Heres what I used for this Mod Podge wood transfer:

    I started off with just a quick coat of the Milk Paint on the edges of the plywood. It dries super fast, so while it was drying I worked on my picture .

    Since the photo has text, I reversed the image before printing it onto plain paper using my laser printer. Laser prints work as well as DRY ink toner prints . You may have to do some research or experiment to see if your printer has dry ink.

    For step one, I squeezed out a generous amount of the Transfer Medium onto the image . . .

    TIP: I laid everything on my Mod Podge Silicone Mat which is great for this you can use wax paper if youd like but make sure to protect your work surface.

    . . . . and, using my foam brush, spread it out until the picture was mostly obscured.

    For the second step, I laid the picture onto the plywood and smoothed out any air bubbles using my fingers and the brayer .

    Make sure to keep a damp rag nearby to clean up any oozy extra transfer medium as when it dries it dries pretty hard and it tough to get rid of.

    And now the hard part: patience. I set my wood craft aside for 24 hours to dry.

    Once it dried I used a damp cloth to gently rub away the paper, revealing the picture .

    After removing that top layer, I let it dry a little and then did it again to catch any spots I missed or left-over paper fuzz. Its better to rub gently and repeat the wetting process than to rub too hard and rub the image away.

    Transfer A Picture To Wood

    If youre wondering how to transfer photos to wood, its a relatively simple process. Youll print a photo out on a dry ink printer . Youll paint a medium on the front of the photo, and then smooth it onto an unfinished or painted surface.

    The image will need to dry on the surface overnight, and then you will wet the surface and rub off the paper, leaving the image from the ink and the dried medium behind. This particular medium will give your image a white background .

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    Transferring A Picture Onto Wood

  • 1Choose a suitable piece of wood. Wooden boards work great for this project, as do wood disks with the bark still showing. If the surface has a rough finish, sand it down with medium to fine-grit sandpaper. This will make it easier to transfer the picture.
  • 2Paint the sides of your wood piece, if desired. Since you’ll only be transferring the photo to one side of your wood piece, you will have the raw edges showing. You can leave these plain for a rustic touch, or you can paint them with 1 to 2 coats of acrylic paint for a nicer touch.XResearch source
  • Let the first coat of acrylic paint dry before applying the next one.
  • 3Choose your Mod Podge. If you want the image to be opaque, without the wood grain showing through, you must use Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium. If you want the image to be translucent with the wood grain showing through, use regular, matte Pod Podge.XResearch source
  • 4Print your picture out using a laser printer and regular paper. Do not use an ink jet printer or photo paper, otherwise this method will not work. You must use a laser printer and regular printer paper.XResearch source If you do not have access to a laser printer, use a laser photocopier instead.
  • Your picture will come out in reverse. If this bothers you, mirror it first using an image editing program.XResearch source
  • If your image has a white border, it might be a good idea to trim it off, especially if you are using photo medium.XResearch source
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    How To Transfer Photos To Wood

    Learn how to transfer photos to wood in three simple steps! All you need for this photo transfer to wood is your favorite image and a medium. Its easy! Dont forget to watch the video in this post that shows you exactly what to do.

    Skills Required: Advanced Beginner. A photo transfer to wood takes some knowledge of how to apply mediums as well as a little bit of practice.

    NOTE: This tutorial uses a laserjet image and Mod Podge photo transfer medium. If youd like to do a transfer with an inkjet image and regular Mod Podge, go here.

    Hi, its David from Cheltenham Road with a quick tutorial on my favorite thing to do: a photo transfer to wood with Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium. This medium is easy to use and creates terrific results. In fact, Ill show you how to transfer photos to wood in three simple steps!

    Any painting of the wood is an additional step if you choose to do so . . . the photo transfer itself is simple as can be and makes great decor on its own.

  • DIY Photo Transfer to Wood
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