Live Wood Edge Coffee Table

Live Wood Edge Coffee Table

Making A Live Edge Coffee Table | DIY Wood Slab Cookie Table

Live Edge Wood Coffee Table

Pine Live Edge Coffee Table With Hairpin Legs

Speaking of rustic charm, theres another beautiful live edge table that we want to share with you today. This one has a pinewood top and like the models we shared before its supported by hairpin metal legs. Its slender but also strong and sturdy and has a beautiful distressed finish which emphasizes the woods natural weathered look.

You can use it as a coffee table in a small living room or as an end table next to the sofa, as a nightstand or as an accent table for your lovely reading nook. The legs have floor protectors that prevent them from damaging the surface that theyre on. On average, the dimensions for one of these tables are 17.7D x 20.3H.

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Modern Design With Hairpin Legs

The most important idea about live edge wood is that certain surfaces are left natural and exposed: the bark, knots, holes and curved spaces for example. These elements bring out the natural shape of the tree and make each piece of furniture unique. You can make your own live edge coffee table in a few easy steps. Find a slab of wood with barn and knots on it, sand it down, stain it and attach four hairpin legs in the corners, just as shown on Zestitup.

Do Live Edge Furniture Warp And Crack

Mid Century Walnut Live Edge Coffee Table  Mustard Vintage

Live edge furniture are built with natural wood. The material is prone to warping and cracking, but only when it is not properly made or cared for.

Usually, the slab will crack if its exposed to water damage or harsh temperatures and chemicals. Wootique uses premium quality naturalist wood to produce live-edge furniture that is sealed and treated with a top coat, so you can rest assured they will remain beautiful and sturdy for many years to come.

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Can You Make Your Own Live Edge Coffee Table

Yes, you can. The first step in arranging your live edge coffee table is determining the size and shape that you desire.

The weight of live edge tables may surprise you, dwarfing your sofa in comparison. Therefore, if youre unsure about the size, Id recommend going smaller. Additionally, consider the desired thickness of the lumber.

Definitely the most time-consuming and frustrating aspect of this entire endeavor is acquiring the wood for the tabletop. There are numerous custom-made and pre-made coffee table bases available, so your only constraint is your budget.

Beyond The Coffee Table

We did promise you a glimpse into the world of live-edge coffee tables, but there are other fun and ingenious ways in which you add the beauty of live-edge wood to your living room. Floating shelves offer the easiest and the most practical option, and they do showcase the brilliance of live edge at its unmatchable best. From sleek shelves that are part of the living space entertainment unit to the slim mantel above the fireplace that comes alive each festive season, these smart additions can also complement your natural-edge coffee table.

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# The Number Of Offers

The best deals are often found on online marketplaces. live edge cedar coffee table is sold in many places by retailers. Online platforms can compete with physical retailers when they have a large dealer network and an efficient supply chain.

Online platforms often offer discounts and promotions during holidays such as Black Friday. These offers cannot be found anywhere else.

Custom Order A Custom Wood Slab Furniture Piece

How to Make a Live Edge Wood Slab Coffee Table with Epoxy Inlay

If youre looking for custom built wood slab furniture to fit your home or office space, we can help you out! Lets say you already have an idea in mind of a custom wood slab furniture piece that you would like to have. You can submit your idea to us via our Request A Quote Form or call us directly at 777-3772.

Just describe the type of furniture youre looking for, the size, shape, wood type, and any examples that you might have and we can give you a custom quote. From there, it takes a few weeks to build the piece of furniture itself by hand but once its complete, it will be shipped to your doorstep within a few weeks.

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Sheesham Resin Live Edge Coffee Table


Table Top Wood Used: Sheesham

Table dia: 34 to 35 inch

Thickness: 35mm

Table Height: 28 to 30

Table of Finish option: Matte

Each product is handmade and one of its kind. Perfect for residential or commercial places, completely natural wood.


6 Seater 5′ x 3, 6 Seater 6′ x 3, 6 Seater 7′ x 3, 6 Seater 7′ x 4, 8 Seater 8′ x 3, 8 Seater 8′ x 4, 10 Seater 9′ x 3, 10 Seater 9′ x 4, 10 Seater 10′ x 3, 10 Seater 10′ x 4

There are no reviews yet.

Wood Coffee Table Live Edge

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Quilted Maple Coffee Table

Stunning solid piece of quilted maple from reclaimed BC forest. Waterfall design with plate glass leg. Simple, yet artful. Designed by Canadian Live Edge, assembled by My Urban Workshop.

Spectacular BC Quilted Maple

A beautiful example of quilted maple from the forests of British Columbia. Waterfall design with plate glass leg. Simple yet stunning.

Delivery And Return Policies

Live Edge Wood Slice Coffee Table

Estimated arrival

The estimated delivery date is based on your purchase date, the recipient’s location , the seller’s processing time and location, and the delivery company. Other factors such as delivery company delays or placing an order on weekend/bank holiday may push the arrival of your item beyond this date.

After you place your order, CurlyWoods will take 8-10 weeks to prepare it for dispatch.

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This seller usually responds within 24 hours.

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Charcuterie Serving & Pizza Boards

These serving boards are made of a mix of hardwoods, maple, olive wood, walnut, oak, ash and mahogany. The boards with handles are about 24 inches long x 12 inches wide. All boards have rubber feet and are considered food safe. $95.00.

Lots of beautiful hardwood serving boards available! Spalted maple 1. Small Walnut live edge-$45.00

Hairpin Legs On Live Edge Coffee Table

Building a live edge coffee table is fairly easy and the fact that all the imperfections of the wood are actually desirable elements in the finished design makes things a lot easier. Theres no need to cut the wood slab to precision or to even stain it. Just use some sandpaper to obtain a somewhat smooth surface and a natural wood finish to bring out the materials beauty. As before, the table featured on Ispydiy has hairpin legs.

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Rustic Live Edge Coffee Table Idea

Finding the right components for a live edge coffee table is the most difficult part of all, even though all you need is a slab of wood and some legs or a base. Figuring it out the right combination is just part of the problem. Finding a piece of wood that has the right shape and size is not as easy as some of you might think. Have a look at this gorgeous table featured on Abeautifulmess. The intricacy of its design is simply amazing.

How To Fit Live Edge Furniture With Your Interior

Live Edge Slab Coffee Table

Adding live edge furniture to your home is a great way to add personality and a custom touch to your interior design. However, if youre not sure how to fit this unique furniture with the rest of your space, dont worry were here to help.

When choosing live edge furniture, its important to think about the overall style of your home. Is your interior decorated in a contemporary or modern style? If so, a live edge table or bench may not be the best fit. However, if your home has a more rustic or natural vibe, then a piece of live edge furniture is the perfect addition.

Once youve decided on the style of your home, its time to start thinking about the placement of your new furniture. When it comes to live edge furniture, its best to keep things simple. try to avoid overcrowding your space with too many statement pieces. Instead, choose one or two live edge pieces that will really stand out and make a statement.

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Making Live Edge Legs

Its not just the top of this coffee table that is made of live edge wood but the base panels as well. This is a 100% live edge coffee table and it looks really cool. Theres no bark on any of the edges so you need to refine al these surfaces and make sure they look beautiful while also retaining their natural characteristics.

There are three components to work with in total: the tabletop and two smaller panels that form the base. The design and shape are very similar to a bench so you can also consider this design for other types of projects as well. Check out this Youtube tutorial to find out all the details.

Perfect For Any Space

This stylish end table is another beautiful example of how well live edge wood and hairpin metal legs go together. Each individual table is supported by three heavy-duty hairpin legs with a matte black finish and has a wood slab top thats unique and different for each piece.

The wood comes from reclaimed cedar stumps and has a natural lacquer finish. As usual for this types of designs, the dimensions can vary and on average each table measures around 15.5L x 14.5W x 16H. The design is simple and versatile, with just a hint of rustic charm.

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Buying Is Easier Than Building

There is also the option of buying a live-edge table which would definitely be easier and quicker than crafting it. One of our suggestions is this StyleCraft table which has a gorgeous design and a very sleek and modern look. Its made with a natural teak wood top and three hairpin metal legs and each table is unique. Use it as a centerpiece for the living room or as an accent table for any other space.

When Buying An Live Edge Cedar Coffee Table How Should You Choose It

Live Edge Coffee Table

The quality of live edge cedar coffee table is of utmost importance when purchasing. This factor will ensure that your purchase is durable and long-lasting if you consider it while making your purchase. It is important to consider the features of your product. Take a look at the features it offers they have a lot to offer.

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Amazing Wood + Master Craftsman = Fine Furniture

At Dumonds Custom Furniture, were proud to say that each of our Live Edge Wood Coffee Tables is meticulously hand crafted right here in the USA. Using beautiful and unique hand selected wood slabs from around the world, we build Live Edge Coffee Tables like nothing youve seen before. Whether you decide to order one of the custom wood coffee tables for sale below or you decide to have a custom piece made to fit your personal style, you can rest assured knowing that your new furniture is built to stand the test of time.

Why Buy From Us

  • Our wood slab furniture is built by an expert wood craftsman with over 25 years of experience making furniture
  • All of our furniture is built in our solar powered off the grid wood shop
  • Our custom wood slab furniture is built using recycled, salvaged, & repurposed woods
  • We offer worldwide shipping and a 1-year warranty on workmanship
  • We season our wood -most pieces for 5 years or more
  • All of our furniture is made in the USA
  • Talk directly to the craftsman when you call

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Whats The Best Wood For Live Edge Coffee Tables

The types of wood thats most commonly used to make live edge wood slabs are alligator juniper, mesquite, gnarly wood, and salvaged wood.

Before you begin shopping for wood, there are a few things you should know. The most critical factor to consider is whether or not it is dry. It is not a good idea to work with wet wood. As the wood dries, it will bend and twist, so you must wait for it to reach equilibrium before working on it.

The definition of dry wood differs according to the region of the country in which you live. Dry is not the most accurate description, so people often refer to EMC when talking about wood moisture, which is short for Equilibrium Moisture Content.

EMC simply refers to the amount of water remaining in a piece of wood after it reaches equilibrium. Drying methods include air drying and kiln drying.

How To Make A Live Edge Coffee Table

Live Edge Wood Slab Coffee Table | ONE DAY WOODWORKING PROJECT

The more irregular the shape of the wood piece is to begin with the more detailed and unique your live edge coffee table will end up looking. Also, its good to have a thick slab of wood to work with so you can refine it and transform it throughout the project.

Removing all the bark is time-consuming but well worth the effort if youre going for a more modern and sculptural look rather than a rustic one. If there are any cracks or holes into the wood this would actually be an advantage because you can fill them with resin and create a really cool-looking table plus its a nice way to add a contrast color to the design. The entire process we described here is explained in detail in this youtube tutorial.

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What Else Can Be Made With Live Edge

Since live edge furniture is all the rage, people are starting to get more creative with the types of pieces they make. Here are a few ideas of what else you can make with live edge:

Since live edge wood can be used for many different applications, it is a versatile material that can be used in a variety of ways. Some other items that can be made with live edge wood include lamps, tables, benches, chairs, personal bar set up, coffee tables, shelves, doors, windows and more.

Finding A Live Edge Coffee Table For You

Think of a live-edge coffee table more in terms of a hybrid between a functional piece of furniture and a sculpture or a decoration. It serves both purposes at the same time and you can take advantage of that in a lot of cool ways. First step: find a great-looking table. This one from Mustardvintage could be it.

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Where Did The Idea For Live Edge Furniture Come From

The theory behind the live edge type of woodwork is that it was accidentally introduced during Americas early years, within log cabins, back in the days when settlers came to establish homes in new territory and needed usable furniture.

Because of the scarcity of necessity and time, you could mostly get one-piece tree slabs that werent finished and used to construct simple furniture, as well as tabletops.

Recently, a Japanese American architect and artisan named George Nakashima, refined the craft. He was credited with founding the live edge rebirth era back in the 1940s. Ever since that time, this style has maintained a high level of popularity and is extremely stylish.

A stunning live edge hardwood piece, often known as a slab, can be used in a variety of settings and areas across your home or company. While butcher block-style or milled wide plank benches and tables appear to be the most popular, live edge tables and benches provide a fresh dimension of character. If you adore the rustic style and feel, do not limit yourself to a single purchase because the alternatives are limitless.

For those on a budget, faux live edge is an excellent alternative to natural edge. If you choose this less expensive option, the manufacturer manually customizes the wood edges by cutting and whittling them to resemble a natural live edge look.

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