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Are All Us Flags Made In The Usa

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Unfortunately, all U.S. flags are NOT made in the U.S.A. Here at the United States Flag Store we strive to always be transparent in what you are buying. On products that are made in the U.S.A. will clearly say so.

Made In the USA – Just for Fun

  • In 2013, The United States Flag Store sold approximately 150 thousand American made stick flags that were to be supplied to the crowd at Barack Obama’s inauguration.
  • The flag was first called”Old Glory,”by a young sea captain named William Driver in 1824.
  • Back when the flag was first adopted in 1977, the flag had 13 stripes and 13 stars.
  • There is an American flag on the North Pole, the northernmost point in the world. It was placed there by explorer Robert Peary.
  • The first iteration of the American flag had a Union Jack in the upper left corner where the blue field and stars were. This flag was known by both “The Continental Colors,” and the “Grand Union Flag.”
  • The first American flag was sewn by Betsy Ross.
  • The stars and the stripes. There are 13 stripes on the American Flag that represent the original 13 colonies of the United States. The stars in the blue field stand for the number of states in the union, currently at 50, although Puerto Rico was being considered to be added.

Questions Weve Got Answers

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    The Brave American Difference

    Every piece is handcrafted by the veterans we employ at Brave American.


    Made in America Matters to us. Everything we manufacture is made right at our warehouse in Brighton, MI.


    Our whole mission is to give back to our true heroes. Employing and empowering veterans.


    Handmade, Veteran made, Highest quality. Each piece is meticulously crafted to perfection with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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    Who Makes The Best And Highest Quality American Flag At A Low Price

    While there are a lot of great companies out there, The United States Flag Store is happy to say we most certainly offer some of the best and highest quality flags at a reasonable price. We are one of the largest manufacturers and vendors of American flags in the world and do our best to pass the savings and low prices onto you, the consumer.

    Why Should You Choose The Wooden American Flag Wall Art

    Large Wooden American Flag (Carved Stars) Home / Office Decor ...

    Wooden flags are becoming increasingly trendy in home décor. They are widely available in stores, homes, and cafes.

    What makes them so appealing?

    New radiance

    Thats right, wood American flag wall decor adds a new dimension to beauty. Traditional fabric flags produce gentle beauty and eye-catching motion effects, and wooden flags provide classic and vintage beauty.

    Wood is an essential decorative material in retro décor styles. As a result, this is a must-have item that will complement most décor styles.


    Sure, its made of wood. If you are concerned that the wooden flag will become ripped or faded, do not use it. If the wooden US flag wall art on the wall is well-painted and anti-mold, it will last a very long time and will not distort over time.

    Its time to get inventive

    Do you enjoy do-it-yourself projects? A wooden American flag wall art is a unique way to start a handcrafted décor project. You can design your personalized ornament.

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    How To Make Wooden American Flag Wall Art Diy

    It is not difficult to make a DIY wooden pieces project. It only takes a little dexterity and imagination. Making a DIY product at home will save you money, but the beauty effect will be superior to other industrial items.

    What youll need:

    • Wooden panels, which you may repurpose from leftovers or buy as blank boards that are easier to create.
    • Cutting tools, which can be saws, scissors or cutters.
    • Paint: acrylic paint, anti-mold paint and protective gloss paint will be needed.

    How to make wooden american flag wall art?

    Sketch the shape and image you want to construct

    Use a pencil to sketch on the wooden board

    Cut it out

    Primer before painting to make the paint layer more attractive and lasting

    Paint Color

    After finishing the task, let it dry for 2 to 3 hours before applying a top coat to protect it.

    Thats it you now have a work of your creation ready to adorn every part of the house.

    The Perfect Outdoor Wooden Patio Cooler

    • Cooler Contains an Insulated, Galvanized Steel Liner to Keep Drinks Cold
    • Dimensions: 26.7″ x 18.1″ x 31.1″
    • Holds up to 55 quarts
    • Perfect for Patios, Parties, Cookouts, Decks, and Pool Areas
    • Patriotic American Flag Design
    • Comes Equipped with Drainage Spout and Bottle Opener

    Outdoor coolers are an essential part of your patio set up. Whether for an event or you just want to relax outside with a cold drink nearby, they’re perfect for every occasion. This ice chest is also for the 4th of July or for that patriotic someone in your life.

    The Wooden American Flag Outdoor Patio Cooler is equipped with galvanized steel insulation to keep your drinks or food cold all day. While being 26.7 inches wide and 18.1 inches deep, there’s plenty of space for your party/snack, beverage needs.

    This Outdoor Wooden Patio Cooler can hold up to 55 quarts, making it the perfect size for holding all of the food and drink items you’d like.

    Not only that, but since the Wooden American Flag Outdoor Patio Cooler stands at 31.1 inches tall, it is the perfect height for a side table or drink holder. The drainage spout gives you a convenient way to empty out your cooler at the end of the day .

    You’ll never have to worry about losing or finding your bottle opener ever again, since this cooler comes with one attached! Make sure you take advantage of this Wooden American Flag Outdoor Patio Cooler’s handles too!

    Perfect for fathers day, the 4th of July, or any of the outside activities your heart desires.

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    Why We Love It

    Whether it’s The Fourth of July Memorial Day or Veterans Day we are ALL proud to be Americans! So let’s show that American Pride all year round with our beautiful American Flag Wooden Art!

    The American Flag was created June 14 1777 when the Continental Congress past an act making an official flag for the new nation. Originally the American flag had 13 stripes and 13 stars. Now as I’m sure you know there are still 13 red and white stripes on the American flag but there are now 50 stars!

    Hang our beautiful flag on your front or back porch or in your living room or kitchen to show your American pride ALL year long. If it clashes too much with your home decor NO BIGGIE simply bring it out during patriotic holidays!

    PS – Check out how our friends used their flags in the photos above! Elda Lara Lia Holguin Mason? @hoosier_modern_farmhouse@thewoodenriverhome


    • Beautifully crafted from wood with raised painted stars
    • Comes ready to hang on the wall
    • Dimensions: 44″ Wide x 1.5″ Deep x 30″ High
    • Packed: One Per Package
    • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within THREE business days!

    Whether it’s The Fourth of July Memorial Day or Veterans Day we are ALL proud to be Americans! So let’s show that American Pride all year round with our beautiful American Flag Wooden Art!

    PS – Check out how our friends used their flags in the photos above! Elda Lara Lia Holguin Mason? @hoosier_modern_farmhouse@thewoodenriverhome


    Outdoor Wooden American Flag

    Best In-Depth Wood American Flag Build | Save Money Woodworking | Cedar Sense

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    Collection: American Made Handcrafted Wooden Flags

    American MadeHandcraftedWooden Flags, Wall Art.

    • 91107 3-D Bald Eagle Rustic Wooden American Flag w/Engraved and Painted Stars
      Regular price
    • 911327 Rustic Wooden American Flag Concealed Wall Storage
      Regular price
    • 91115 3-D Rustic Wooden Waving American Flag
      Regular price
    • 91112 – Farmers’ Tribute Rustic American Wooden Flag – Vinyl Stars
      Regular price
    • 91111-E Rustic 1776 Betsy Ross Wooden Flag With 2nd Amendment – Engraved
      Regular price
    • 91111 Rustic 1776 Betsy Ross Wooden Flag With 2nd Amendment
      Regular price
    • 91110 Handcrafted Thin Red Line Wooden Fireman Flag
      Regular price
    • 91109-E Handcrafted Marine Wooden American Flag – Engraved
      Regular price

    Old Glory Handmade Wooden American Flags


    Old Glory is a rustic yet elegant wooden American flag. All handmade with individually cut pieces nailed to a sturdy frame, stained, and torched for that rustic-charred style. Then finished with 3 or more coats of high gloss poly for protection and shine that will last a lifetime. A perfect complement to any room where you can show your American pride and patriotism proudly!

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    Large Wooden American Flag Outdoor

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