King Size Wooden Bed Frame With Headboard

What Size Is A Full Bed Size

King Size Headboard

A standard full bed, or double bed, has a mattress that is 189 cm long and 135 cm wide. Its not the biggest bed size, but still big enough for two people to share the bed space and sleep comfortably. A standard full bed frame will be both longer and wider than the mattress, so youre going to have to consider that when measuring the space where you want to put the frame. Not sure a double bed is quite big enough? If you want an even bigger bed, take a look at our queen size beds and king size beds.

Best Natural Finishes For Your Wood Bed Frame And Headboard:

My favorite wood finish is an all natural furniture wax made from bees wax and olive oil. You can get the easy non-toxic wood finish wax recipe here. You can also buy them, these two are both great : a beeswax furniture polish, and a butcher block wood conditioner

I also selected a couple of great DIY bed ideas you can explore a DIY upholstered bed frame here, an IKEA hack bed frame with storage here, and a pallet bed frame here.

Happy building!

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Why Choose A Wooden Bed Frame

There are many reasons for wooden beds popularity. Firstly, they are built to be super strong and durable. Because they are made with high-quality wood material, the comfort of your wooden bed will last a long time.

Wooden bed frames are also the cheapest frames available. Without compromising on comfort, wooden beds have it all, are long-lasting and offer the benefits of style.

Wooden beds also add a comfy and warm feeling to your bedroom. With their rustic wooden tones available in any colour from light to dark, you can create a classic or contemporary look. A wooden bed is an aesthetic piece for any room and can make a statement at a low cost.

A wooden bed is also great for any age. We know how hard it is to find a kids bed that will last your child through to adulthood. Having a wooden bed not only will last them for years, but it will also match their room décor as they age. And for the messy kids, these frames are super easy to wipe clean.

These beds are a fantastic choice for creating a relaxing haven right in your bedroom. Whether its for a master bedroom, childrens room, or even a spare room, rest assured that its comfort will stand the test of time.

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Wood Headboard King Bed

Eliza is a creative interior designer who swears by the power of sleek interiors and quality furniture to transform daily personal and professional life. With a B.Sc. in interior design from Philadelphia University and a well trained eye for craftsmanship, she offers unparalleled advice on how to arrange your space to make it sophisticated, comfortable, and functional, whether its the office or bedroom.

King-sized beds are the epitome of luxury and provide the highest level of comfort thus, you need a headboard that can live up to the beds imposing reputation. However, because there are so many different brands of wood headboards, it might be difficult to pick the one that is most suitable for your bed. After spending several hours researching and evaluating dozens of wood headboards across many price points, we have settled on this definitive list.

How To Install Bed Rail Brackets

Modern Pioneer Solid Wood California King Size Platform Bed Frame

This important step is not difficult, but it requires patience and accuracy. If you do it right, the rest of the DIY bed frame is super easy! Lets see how to install bed rail brackets in detail.

These surface mount bed rail brackets come in 4 pairs. The brackets with the slots goes on the 4 bed posts, and the brackets with the claws goes on two 2×6 66 long side rails, one on each end.

Set a 2×6 rail on a foot-board post, the top of the rail should be flush with the top of the post. The end faces of the rail and post are touching when mounted.

Set the pair of brackets in a locked position onto the post and rail, and .

First, pre-drill each marked drill hole, and attach the slot bracket onto the 4×4 post using 2 to 3 long screws. If you are off, the rail will not be flush to the post. Remember to keep checking at each step! We used these 2 1/2 screws to attach the brackets to the 4x4s.

This happened to us once. We filled the drill holes with JB Weld wood putty and redid it.

Next, attach the claw bracket to one end of the rail, check everything is square and flush. We used 1 1/4 screws to attach the brackets to the 2x6s.

Dont tighten the screws too much on the claw brackets yet. At this stage, we want to easily hook and unhook these brackets. In the final step when we get the brackets hooked together, we will tighten the screws so the bed is rock solid!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wooden Bed Frames

  • How much do wood bed frames cost?

    There are many decent wooden bed frames available for $300 to $700, with some high-end models costing $1,000 or more. Wood bed frames made with solid hardwood are usually more expensive, but they are also generally more durable. Size and design can also impact cost.

  • How can I stop a wooden bed frame from squeaking?

    There are several ways to eliminate bed frame noise. The first step is to determine where the noise is coming from. Check for broken slats and make sure all bolts and screws are tightly fastened. Use oil to lubricate the screws and bolts, or add plastic washers. You may also be able to reduce friction by applying wax to problem areas, using cork to plug gaps, or inserting raisers under the legs. To protect your wooden bed frame from unnecessary swelling, keep it away from water and heat sources.

  • What type of wood is best for bed frames?

    Wood bed frames can be made out of hardwood, softwood, or composite woods like plywood or fiberboard, each of which has its own benefits. Durable hardwoods like maple, cherry, mahogany, oak, and walnut are generally considered the best types of wood for a bed frame. Softwoods such as pine, cedar, and fir are easier to shape, but they may not be as strong. Composite woods dont offer the same look as a natural wood frame, and they may contain adhesives and other synthetic materials. However, they tend to have a lower price-point and may be more resistant to damage.

  • Was this article helpful?

Built In Storage Make Use Of Your Room

We dont all have the luxury of space in our homes! For those of us with more compact living quarters, and cosier sized bedrooms or studio apartments, it sometimes feels like we must make do with a smaller bed to save on space. We get it space is precious, and a standard sized full bed takes up a lot of it. But have you considered full, queen or king bed frames with built-in storage solutions? Its exactly what it sounds like your bed frame doubles up as storage space either in the headboard or below the mattress in the form of draws or shelves. This clever feature means you dont have to compromise on space and ensures important belongings are always within reach of your bed!

For example, a full bed frame with built in draws underneath could be practical for storing bedding sets, duvets or even clothes. And what about a bed frame that lets you flip up the bed base, so you can use the entire space underneath for storing your things? Even if you opt not to go with a double bed frame with storage solutions, a lot of our bed frames are high enough to slide boxes beneath.

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King Bed Frame And Headboard

Modern Beds Bed Frames And Headboards For Your Bedroom

How to make your own wooden bed frame – Super King Size – DIY

Designing your sleep space with is the best way to create a calming environment to retreat to at the end of a long day and your bed should be front and center. The focal point of any bedroom, modern beds set the tone for the rest of your space. From modern platform beds that promote an open layout to statement canopy beds that bring your eye up, we have modern bed and headboard options to suit all tastes and styles.

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Gather Materials And Tools For Your Bed Frame Project

When we showed our DIY bed frame plan to a nice Home Depot employee, he got so excited for us, and cut most of the wood for us with great care, which made it so much easier! Take the plans and cut list with you ! Some of our resource links are affiliate links, see full disclosure here.

4×4 posts: 4×4 @ 12 L, 4×4 @ 46 L , cut from 4×4 @ 12

2×6 rails: 2×6 @ 48, 2×6 @ 66, cut from 2×6 @ 12 ( Some readers asked about using 1×6 or 1×8. They tend to warp, especially at a long length. Look up local lumberyard, they usually carry more varieties than hardware stores! if not, maybe glue 2 pieces of 1x6s instead!

2x4s : 2×4 stringers @ 68, 2×4 @ 48 for top of headboard, cut from 2×4 @ 8, and 2×4 @ 12

1x4s : 1×4 @ 48, 1×4 @ 211.5, cut from 1×4 @ 10

Plywood slats and spacers: 3 wide x 5 long. We used PureBond 1/2 thick plywood which is a great quality, formaldehyde-free plywood. The sheet is 4×8. Home Depot cut it to 4×5 first, then to 3×5 slats for us. We cut one of them into smaller spacers later.

Slat supports: 2×2 @ 63, cut from 2×2 @ 8, save the extra to use for stringer supports

Please follow good practices to build safely and smartly. Follow safety guidelines for each tool. Work on a clean level surface, free of clutter or debris. Always use straight boards. Always wear safety goggles and hearing protection. And remember to check for square after each step!

Shop For Beds Of All Sizes At Big Lots

Shop at Big Lots for the perfect bed frame at a price you’ll love. Surround your king-, queen-, full- or twin-size bed with a bed frame that accents your room perfectly.

Queen size bed frames, full size bed frames and more sizes are offered here at Big Lots and deliver an array of styles so you can find one in a cinch. Our bed frames give your mattress the support and durability it needs.

Bed frames house your bed in style and durability, creating a sleep sanctuary for your bedroom. Whether you have a twin-size bed or a king size bed, Big Lots has a wonderful bed frame to suit your needs.

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Painted Wooden Bed Frames

If youre not a fan of natural wood beds, you can opt for a grey or a white wooden bed. These brighten up the bedroom and still give that natural look. While a black wooden bed can create a more sophisticated feel.

For a unique wooden bed, you can also have a painted one with exposed solid wood parts. This can transform your bedroom and can match any décor. Enjoy a traditional or contemporary style without compromising on comfort, cost, or durability.

Best Overall Bed Frame

Shop King size Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame with Headboard in Medium ...

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Additional Tips: How To Adapt This Diy Bed Frame Plan To Any Size Bed With Or Without Headboard

This DIY queen bed frame plan can be easily adapted to create other sized beds using the reference chart below.

Pin this to your DIY Furniture or Bedroom Ideas board!

For example: to build a king size bed frame, just add 16 inches to the length of all the horizontal components: the 1x4s, 2×4 and 2×6 on the headboard, the bed slats, and the 2×6 on the headboard.

To build a twin size bed frame, reduce 21 inches on the length of all the horizontal components: the 1x4s, 2×4 and 2×6 on the headboard, the bed slats, and the 2×6 on the headboard. And reduce 6 inches on the length of the 2×6 side rails and 2×4 stringer ( you only need one stringer because the twin bed is a lot narrower.

To build this DIY bed frame without a headboard, just change the two taller 4×4 posts to the same height as the shorter 4×4 posts, omit everything above, thats it!

Some of you might be wondering if parts of this wood bed frame can be made from pallets. The answer is yes!

However, not all pallet wood are suitable. Before you start, please check out this detailed guide on where to find and how to work with pallets!

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How Do I Know Which Bed Size Is Best For My Space

Sometimes, the size of bed frame youre purchasing is determined by the size of the mattress you already have, but if you have more freedom, you can start from scratch to choose the right bed size for your space.

If youre more than 6 tall, we recommend a bed frame that can fit a mattress at least 80 long: twin XL, queen, king, or California king. We also recommend leaving at least 24 of open space around your bed so that you can easily move around and get in and out of bed.

For a guest room that does double duty as your home office, you may want to choose something smaller, like a full-size bed frame. We provide the length and width of all our bed frames on its ordering page, so double-check before you place yours in your cart.

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The Bed Frame Buying Guide

King Size Floating Bed Frame [Easily build your own!]
  • Most bed frames are made of metal and can be wiped down with a wet cloth to remove accumulated dust. Youll also want to do this if you ever need to fold up and store the frame, such as during a move or to set aside for when company visits.
  • If your metal frame has any rust spots, brush the rust off with steel wool. Afterward, coat the area with a sealant.
  • When storing a bed frame, it is important to wrap it in some kind of blanket. Moving blankets are ideal for this. Not only does this protect the frame, but it also keeps the metal frame from scratching anything else in your garage or storage unit.
  • Not all bed frames are ideal for all mattress types. Before you select a frame, make sure you know it will accommodate the type of mattress you plan to buy. Additionally, not all bed frames are capable of being attached to a headboard. If you plan to use a headboard, check to see what hardware, if any, is needed to get the job done.
  • If you ever need to move your bed around the room due to a remodel, consider using a set of sliding discs under the feet. These discs protect your flooring, while making it a cinch to push the bed into a new position.

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