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What To Look For In A Wood Bed Frame

How to make your own wooden bed frame – Super King Size – DIY

The right wood bed frame for you will depend on your personal needs and preferences. Overarching factors like the size, price, and type of bed frame are the first details shoppers usually focus on. Once youve established the general type of bed frame you want, you can focus on more specific details such as the design, color options, material type, ease of assembly, and noise potential.

Quality MaterialsBed frames can be built from many different types of wood, such as pine, oak, maple, or walnut. Some manufacturers also use composite woods like fiberboard or plywood. Depending on the type of wood, a bed frame may offer different advantages such as being sturdier, more lightweight, more durable, or less prone to cracking. Often, wood bed frames include components made from other materials like steel to reinforce their construction.

PricThe average wood bed frame is a little more expensive than its metal counterpart, with the majority of frames falling between $300 and $1,000. The price of a wood bed frame can vary according to its construction, performance, and materials. Frames with simpler designs generally cost less than luxury frames made with high-end materials.

DesignThe bed frames design should fit into the rooms overall aesthetic. Many wood bed frames have classic designs that work well with any room style. Others have more elaborate designs intended to be a focal point of the bedroom.

Buy King Size Bed Online: Add A Sense Of Relaxation And Style

Buying a king Size Bed is a versatile addition to every bedroom, whether you’re planning to replace your traditional furniture or primarily selecting it for your new bedroom. Unlike, the queen size beds, this incredibly enormous and beautiful wooden king size bed furniture creates a room for a comfortable and relaxed sleep. The design and structure of these solid wood king size bed are precisely crafted by our design experts to provide you the amenities required while resting and sleeping.

Buy wooden king size bed online from our latest collection which is created to accentuate the interior of your bedroom. Each king size bed has a specially designed headboard with the proper height to supply you with pleasure as well as comfort. The assortment of designer king size bed online will leave you mesmerized by its crafty looks as they are crafted from high-quality mango and Sheesham wood, so be assured of the longevity of the product and relax like a king on a Sheesham wood king size bed.

Bring Home Custom Made King Size Bed For Unmatched Comfort

You can choose the best bed designs for your master bedroom from available options or opt for a customized wooden king size bed. Yes! we provide custom furniture according to the needs and specifications provided by the customer. Our matching bedside tables accentuate the appearance of the well designed wooden king size bed with ease when the right finish is picked.

Walken, Ornat, Drewno, Dorian, Amiro are our premium range of solid wood king size bed with storage along with amazing upholstery on the headboard. These are a complete amalgamation of comfort, style, durability, and liveliness.

We also have a huge range of luxury wooden king size bed without storage for people who have a mild taste of furniture and like to go with something that is affordable. Bacon, Florian, Melisandre, Kingsley king size bed with a simple design and elegant headboard have a very lightweight.

They can easily blend with any home interior and the ones who love the striking look in their bedroom design can opt for Adolph, Allan, Travis, Harley instead. They have a unique and robust headboard with the perfect structure to provide you with the required comfort. Avail the opportunity and get one for your home. Buy wooden king size bed furniture online in India at the lowest prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wooden Bed Frames

  • How much do wood bed frames cost?

    There are many decent wooden bed frames available for $300 to $700, with some high-end models costing $1,000 or more. Wood bed frames made with solid hardwood are usually more expensive, but they are also generally more durable. Size and design can also impact cost.

  • How can I stop a wooden bed frame from squeaking?

    There are several ways to eliminate bed frame noise. The first step is to determine where the noise is coming from. Check for broken slats and make sure all bolts and screws are tightly fastened. Use oil to lubricate the screws and bolts, or add plastic washers. You may also be able to reduce friction by applying wax to problem areas, using cork to plug gaps, or inserting raisers under the legs. To protect your wooden bed frame from unnecessary swelling, keep it away from water and heat sources.

  • What type of wood is best for bed frames?

    Wood bed frames can be made out of hardwood, softwood, or composite woods like plywood or fiberboard, each of which has its own benefits. Durable hardwoods like maple, cherry, mahogany, oak, and walnut are generally considered the best types of wood for a bed frame. Softwoods such as pine, cedar, and fir are easier to shape, but they may not be as strong. Composite woods dont offer the same look as a natural wood frame, and they may contain adhesives and other synthetic materials. However, they tend to have a lower price-point and may be more resistant to damage.

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Mellow Naturalista Classic Solid Wood Platform Bed

Solid Oak Wood King Size Bed Frame Wooden 5ft Farmhouse Style

My choice for folks looking for an affordable option is the Mellow Naturalista Classic Solid Wood Platform Bed. This mid-century modern-style frame comes without a headboard and arrives ready to assemble. The Naturalista Platform Bed can be purchased in twin-king sizes and has 8.5 inches of underbed clearance.


  • Price tag. A weighty solid wood platform bed at this price is difficult to beat
  • Finish options. The 4 available finishes would suit both modern and traditional interior design styles. I tested the cherry, which looked striking without overpowering my decor
  • Assembly. The Naturalista comes with a complete set of tools and took less than half an hour to put together


  • No pre-drilled attachment holes. This frame does not come with holes or hardware for attaching a headboard
  • Odor. The Naturalista had a varnish smell that took time to dissipate, something to keep in mind if you have respiratory issues or allergies

The Mellow Naturalista Classic Solid Wood Platform Bed is easy to assemble and comes in at a great price.

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You Ought To Glance At The Various Benefits Of A King Size Bed In Your Bedroom

Utmost Comfort: One cannot skip this candid perk that a king size bed with storage offers, the extra comfort! Those few extra inches in length and width means so much more than you think they enable you to stretch your arms and legs as wide as possible. You can also pair it up with mattress such as appropriate king size mattress and foam mattress sleep comfortably in any position you could desire.

Boom for Big Family: If you have a large family, then king size bed is the boom for you. Because what is better than spending a Sunday morning with the entire family cuddling in the master bed!

Smash for Taller People: If you’re an exceptionally tall person, those extra inches can be the smash for you. Because there is nothing worse than dripping off the bottom of your mattress or over your bed frame. So sprawl over your large wooden king sized bed without sliding off the bottom or sheering your face into the headboard.

Wide Variety: If you’re looking for something sumptuous in making up your bedroom, our enormous collection of wooden king size beds online available at the rock-bottom price for master bedroom made with mango and Sheesham wood which can add a touch of ‘chic’ or ‘suave’ depending on your taste! Buy solid wood king beds online at Wooden Street, because we have a large variety of designs, materials, and finishes, and you can pick the one that compliments your room the best.

How Do I Know Which Bed Size Is Best For My Space

Sometimes, the size of bed frame youre purchasing is determined by the size of the mattress you already have, but if you have more freedom, you can start from scratch to choose the right bed size for your space.

If youre more than 6′ tall, we recommend a bed frame that can fit a mattress at least 80″ long: twin XL, queen, king, or California king. We also recommend leaving at least 24″ of open space around your bed so that you can easily move around and get in and out of bed.

For a guest room that does double duty as your home office, you may want to choose something smaller, like a full-size bed frame. We provide the length and width of all our bed frames on its ordering page, so double-check before you place yours in your cart.

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Additional Tips: How To Adapt This Diy Bed Frame Plan To Any Size Bed With Or Without Headboard

This DIY queen bed frame plan can be easily adapted to create other sized beds using the reference chart below.

Pin this to your DIY Furniture or Bedroom Ideas board!

For example: to build a king size bed frame, just add 16 inches to the length of all the horizontal components: the 1x4s, 2×4 and 2×6 on the headboard, the bed slats, and the 2×6 on the headboard.

To build a twin size bed frame, reduce 21 inches on the length of all the horizontal components: the 1x4s, 2×4 and 2×6 on the headboard, the bed slats, and the 2×6 on the headboard. And reduce 6 inches on the length of the 2×6 side rails and 2×4 stringer ( you only need one stringer because the twin bed is a lot narrower.

To build this DIY bed frame without a headboard, just change the two taller 4×4 posts to the same height as the shorter 4×4 posts, omit everything above, thats it!

Some of you might be wondering if parts of this wood bed frame can be made from pallets. The answer is yes!

However, not all pallet wood are suitable. Before you start, please check out this detailed guide on where to find and how to work with pallets!

Choose The Right Wood To Build A Bed Frame

Build a simple King Size Bed Frame out of wood

Do NOT use pressure treated lumber, there might be chemicals in them that you dont want! If you use reclaimed wood, make sure they are clean and safe to use!

To build a wood bed frame that is beautiful and sturdy, we need to choose wood for strength, work-ability and beauty. Select wood with structural integrity, tight grain, small knots , few cup and twist, and no splits.

Knots are very dense, making them hard to drill and cut through. Study the plan to see where the screws are, and select boards with few knots in those areas.

We used Douglas Fir for our DIY wood bed posts and rails. It is a popular structural/construction lumber on the west coast. The wood is very stiff and strong. Southern Yellow Pine / Spruce Fir is also a great choice and popular on the east coast. Other great choices are Poplar, Ash, Oak, Alder, Birch, Cherry, Walnut, and Maple.

If you are using other species of lumber, make sure that the wood is good for structural use. Dont just base on the name hardwood or softwood. An example about hardwood vs softwood: Doug Fir is a softwood that is super strong, while Basswood, a hardwood, is super soft and will not hold the screws, which means a bed frame that will fall apart!

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How To Choose The Best Modern Bed

When it comes to choosing the best bed for your room, there are a lot of factors to consider. Before making a purchase think through bed type, bed size, style and material so you can make the best selection.

Choose a Bed Size

The first thing to consider when choosing a bed is the proper size. Consider the size of your room, whether you sleep with a partner and if you prefer to sprawl out when deciding which bed size is right for you.

  • Queen Beds: The most popular bed size on the market, a is great for couples or individuals who want a little more space. Another perk? They fit well in any medium-sized and larger bedrooms.
  • King and California King Beds: Great for couples and those who love to stretch out, are perfect for the primary suite. For taller individuals, opt for a which is longer. If you love to feel engulfed by the luxurious comfort of your bed, king beds are the way to go.
  • Full and Twin Beds: Modern are perfect for small spaces, kids’ rooms and vacation homes. For the continual host, twin-sized beds are the perfect solution when you’re short on space but don’t want to sacrifice style for practicality. If you have kids, modern twin beds easily transition from childhood to teen years with their versatile look that suits a variety of aesthetics and color palettes. Or upgrade your teen or college student to a when they outgrow their twin.

Popular Bed Frame Profiles
Bed Frame Materials

Get Solid Wood King Size Bed Online In India From Wooden Street

We have a colossal spectrum of wooden king size bed with storage, whether you need to store out-of-season clothes and accessories or the one without storage option. Our modern collection of modular king size bed, double bed designs, King Size Bed Design, single bed design, bunk bed design and kids bed design will leave the onlooker stunned by its unique style and gorgeous grace.

Scroll down through our designer collection and see our ageless assortment for your wishful sleeping area. The Adolph, Walken and Harley king bed are stylish models with excellent storage options and various finishes like teak, mahogany, walnut, and honey, etc. We assure you that our wooden king sized bed will amazingly blend with every bedroom and create an aura of perfection with sophistication.

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The Detailed Diy Bed Step By Step Tutorial Will Cover:

  • how to build a modern bed frame without need for box spring, and is easy to disassemble when moving
  • how to adapt the DIY bed frame and headboard free building plan to any size bed
  • the best natural finishes for your wood bed frame and headboard.

* Some resources in article are affiliate links. Full disclosure here .

Last summer, inspired by this amazing book: The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, we decided to embark on an epic decluttering of everything, the first things we let go of were our huge mattresses and box-springs. Oops! So we just spent an entire year sleeping on the floor.

When I shared my DIY bed frame idea with our dream mattress companySleep On Latex, they generously sent us some amazing gifts to support our DIY project : a heavenly mattress made of 100% natural latex foam, certified organic cotton and organic New Zealand Wool! Plus two luscious latex pillows!

Hubby is always super supportive. This time, he is not only supportive, but beyond excited about how surprisingly easy it was to build this bed and how much he, a born perfectionist, loves our new, sturdy, gorgeous DIY bed! This wooden bed would look beautiful in any home from modern to farmhouse style.

What Are The Different Types Of Bed Frames

Affordable Variety / King Size Bed Frame Solid Acacia Wood

Donât know which is the right bed frame for you? At Casper, we have a variety of bedroom furniture to complement your lifestyle. There are almost unlimited options when it comes to bed frames, but here are four standard types, one of which is sure to suit your bedroom:

  • Foundation + Metal Bed Frame â A durable, modern bed frame design with a simple look.
  • Upholstered Bed Frame â Silent, sturdy support with a cozy, fabric-wrapped appearance.
  • Adjustable Bed Frame â A remote-controlled bed frame that can transform into several different pressure-relieving positions.
  • Platform Bed Frame â A thick, sturdy base typically low to the ground.

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Assemble The Diy Wood Bed Frame

Time to enjoy the sweet fruit of our labor and assemble our DIY wood bed frame!

First, place the headboard and footboard where you would like the bed to be. Lift the 2×6 side rail and slide the bed rail bracket claws into the slots so they lock in place. Two people can do this pretty easily.

If you have trouble, loosen the screw on the claw brackets a little. After the brackets are hooked together, tighten the screws so the bed is sturdy and solid.

Place the 2×4 stringers sideways into the U-shaped slots on the headboard and footboard. Add the slats. No need for box spring!

Add your favorite mattress and pillows! We LOVE our beautiful mattress made of 100% natural latex foam, organic cotton and wool, and our latex pillows, gifts from Sleep On Latex , a company which has received tons of raving reviews! You can read more about their unique story here.

We can honestly say that when things are made with love and care, they radiate joy into your living spaces. Our bed, mattress and pillows bring smiles to us each day.

Because we are inspired by the amazing book: The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, we are adding furniture very slowly and only choosing things that spark joy in us.

We will build night stands or other pieces at some point, but for now, why not get creative with things we already have and love? A wood crate and a white bar stool can hold a few books, a cup of tea, and some lovely plants. Life is perfect.

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