How To Make Wood Window Screens

Adding Screen Mesh To The Frame

DIY Window Screens

9. Position the wood window screen frame on a flat surface with back-side facing up.

10. Cut standard or pet window screen to desired size, ensuring theres overlap on all 4 sides.

I chose standard screen, however if my cats take a huge interest in climbing it, Ill be changing it out to pet screen that I used in my screen door post HERE

11. Use an electric staple gun to attach screen to the frame.

Find various

12. Trim excess screen material by running a utility knife along a metal ruler.

Cover the staples with some kind of trim work if desired. I left mine as shown above.

How To Make Window Screens With Spline

I used a router and a router bit to make the groove for the spline. I installed the bit in my router and set the depth of the router bit to ¼.

Then I used a Kreg Multi-Mark to mark where I wanted to rout the groove for the spline.

Next, I attached a fence to the router and routed the grooves on each side of the frame.

Create Your Own Wooden Gate Window Screens

The first thing youll notice about this site is the quality of the photos. Its the kind of site that will give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for things to try at home and if youre looking for a plan for an attractive wood window screen, this site has that too. We love the old-style rustic effect these window screens create, and if you think youd like to replicate it in your home, it could be just the project youre looking for.

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How To Replace A Screen In A Wood Frame

  • Total Time: 1 hr, 30 mins
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Estimated Cost: $10 to $20

In older homes, insect screens in wooden frames often cover window and door openings during the warmer months, and when those screens get torn or worn out, replacing them offers a bit of a challenge. It’s possible to take them to a hardware store and have them rescreened, or you can buy a roll of screening and replace the fabric yourself. At one time, window screening was usually a metal fabric, but today it’s more common to use screening made of fiberglass mesh, which is more durable and easier to install than metal screening.

Make The Stiles And Rails

How to Make DIY Wood Window Screens (Free Plans!)

The height of the stiles is the measured height of the window opening. Cut the stiles to length and include the sill angle on the bottom of each. Test fit the stile blanks in the window opening and fine-tune them for a perfect fit.

Route a 1/4-inch wide and 1 1/16-inch deep mortise on each stile end and in the middle of a third rail is being added. The mortises are as long as the rails are wide. Square the ends of the mortises with a 1/4-inch wide chisel.

Subtract 3-inches from the window opening width for the width of the rail blanks.

Cut the rails to this length, and cut the sill angle on the bottom rail. Test fit the bottom rail for the fit of the angle.

On the table saw, cut tenons on the end of each rail by removing a 1-inch wide and 1/4-inch deep piece of material on each face of the rail. Now build the wooden frame of our window screen.

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Easy Diy Window Screens For Our Bus House

This plan is a little different from most of the others weve included because it isnt for making a window screen for your home this one shows you how to make a bug screen to keep insects out of you bus house. If you take your vacations on the road or perhaps if you live in a bus house permanently this plan could be invaluable.

How To Make A Window Screen

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Window screens are indispensable in the summer for letting fresh air in your home while still keeping those nasty bugs out. Whether your window screen is broken or you don’t have one at all, making one is not a big investmentall you need are a few materials and some tools!

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How To Build A Custom Window Screen

Pro2Pro Editor, Chris Ermides, decided to upgrade the tattered window screens that came with his house by building new ones

We recently purchased an old two-family that is in desperate need of repair. On the list are a lot of exterior projects that include residing and a complete top-to-bottom paint job. Its all too much for us to handle on our own so we are in the process of bidding out contractors to help. In the meantime, Im chipping away at projects where my experience as a carpenter can be put to good use on the weekends. Given the time of year, on top of the list is getting window screens in as many windows as possible.

Most of the screens that came with the house are torn and tattered. They are all made out of 3/4 stock and include spacers to fill the gap where the locks register to hold them in place. Its not a good look. On top of that, because the screens were joined using metal corrugated fasteners, they have not held up well. I chose to rebuild them using 5/4 pre-primed finger-jointed stock thats suitable for exterior use. For the larger windows, which are 48 wide, I went with vertical grain Douglas Fir and a joinery technique that Tom Silva used on this screen door build.

I let the assembly dry for about an hour before giving the corners a quick sand to remove any imperfections and then primed any remaining exposed wood. With the assembly primed, I applied two coats of an exterior-grade trim.

Fasten And Trim The Screen Fabric

How to build a wooden window screen – DIY Now

Attach the screen fabric to the frame with staples spaced every 2 inches along the full perimeter of the opening. Use a sharp utility knife to trim away the excess screen material to within 1/2 inch of the staples.

Reattach the screen molding with small finishing nails or brads. If the old molding is in poor condition, this is a good time to cut and install new screen molding. If any screen fabric is extending beyond the molding, you can carefully trim it off with a utility knife.

To prevent rusting of the nails, countersink the nails and putty over them. If desired, you can also repaint the frame at this time.

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The Finished Diy Window Screen

And there you have it! A wooden-framed DIY window screen that fits perfectly, works and looks super slick, and does the job of letting in that fresh air flawlessly!

One thing I love about this style of window screen is that it stays indoors! So it stays cleaner and will last longer.

Above is how the window screen looks with the window closed

And above is with the window open.

Isnt it pretty? Its so fresh and seamless with the rest of the window!

With window closed, heres how the screen frame lays on top of the handles. This does leave a small gap along the side, which I dont mind. The window is closed at this point anyway, requiring no hook or additional hardware to keep it closed.

You could of course build your frame to bypass the handles if desired.

And when the screen is open, the frame rests on the metal handle plates. I think its perfect!

Thanks to the spring hinges, it works as slick as can be, opening with ease and stays closed all on its own!

Plus. that squeaky screen door sound is absolutely EPIC.

Add Fiberglass Screen To The Frame

Once you know how to replace one fiberglass mesh screen youll be looking to do it for all your window frames or sliding screen door.

Heres the video that shows you this process.

Layout the screen frame on an even, flat surface.

Lay the fiberglass screen over the frame so that it is 2 inches wider on all sides.

Place the spline on top of the screen where the recess is located. Embed the spline into the recess with the spline tool .

Use the utility knife to trim the excess screen. Hold your knife at a 45-degree angle to the screen frame and cut away the excess fiberglass mesh.

Go back over the spline one more time with the spline tool and youre done. WooHoo!!

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Loads Of Great Ideas To Help You Get Inspired

As you can see, there are loads of great ideas online that are sure to give you plenty of inspiration for the kind of home improvements you can try in your house.

We love searching for plans like this because its great to see the levels of creativity on display from DIYers from around the world. We hope you enjoyed reading and watching these plans as much as we did finding them, and hopefully, now youre ready for your next project!

Adding A Support Board:

How to build a wooden window screen

1. Create a support board by cutting a 1 x 2 to the desired length. .

I decided to treat my support board as part of the window moulding, so I cut mine the entire height of the overall picture window, measuring 81 long.

2. Add a few pocket holes using a Kreg Jig pocket hole maker along one side of the support board.

Pocket hole placement tip:

You have the ability to hide some pocket holes with the wood window screen hinges if you pre-measure where you will be installing the hinges.

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Window Screen Frame How

3. Measure the size window screen desired, ensuring the top and bottom boards overlap the sides.

Strength tip:

Screwing into the sides of wood grain will create much stronger joins than if you screw into the front of wood grain.

Size tip:

4. Cut 1 x 2s to desired lengths.

My screen frame measured:

Diy Privacy Window Screen

We really enjoyed watching this video for several reasons. First, its very professional and easy to follow, making it a good option if you need practical help in making a window screen for your home. Second, we love the result at the end its an elegant solution to giving you a little extra privacy. But third, we think this YouTuber has the most amazing voice that just makes you feel relaxed and comfortable from the moment she starts speaking! Give it a watch and see if you agree!

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How To Put A Window Screen Back In And Position The New Screen

  • Lay the new screen material over the frame. It should overlap the frame by about 3/4-in. to one inch.
  • Cut each corner at a 45-degree angle just slightly beyond the spline groove. The cuts keep the screen from bunching in the corners.

If you think you need a heavy duty screen, here are tips for installing a heavy duty window screen.

Cut The Cleats And Screen Fabric

Build Removable Wood-Framed Screens | Pro2Pro | This Old House

Cut two pieces of 1×2 lumber about 4 inches longer than the width of the frame. Nail one of these cleats down to a large flat work surface, such as a work bench.

Lay the wooden screen frame onto the work surface next to the cleat, so the top edge is parallel to the cleat, about 3 inches away. Cut a piece of screen fabric about 2 inches wide than the screen opening and about 12 inches longer.

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How To Make Custom Window Screens With Wooden Frames

Learn how to make custom window screens with wooden frames. Window screens keep insects, animals, and birds out and let fresh air in. Custom window screens are fairly straightforward to build with the right tools and materials.

Choose a hardwood over soft pine and fir. Popular is fine and paints easy. Oak or other straight-grained hardwoods make a good choice as well.

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How To Make Window Screens For Old Homes

My 1850s house was lovingly cared for by the previous owners. They restored the wood siding, front porch, and added a reclaimed antique front door.

At some point, aftermarket aluminum storm windows were added to the house. And thats the one area the previous owners didnt touch. The house looked like it was from the 1850s and the aluminum storm windows looked like they were from 1950s.

The aluminum storm windows looked out of place, but they were also missing all of the screens. Opening the windows meant insects and bees were constantly buzzing around the house.

One of my first projects was to remove the aluminum storm windows. Then I built new wood DIY window screens and wood storm windows that better fit the look of the old home.

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How To Make A Window

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Woodworkers often find themselves doubling as the resident fixer-upper. As the go-to person who has the tools youll often be asked to fix this or build that for the house. I recently did some window repair on my own house, and I must say that all of the things Ive been learning about the craft helped me do a better job than I might have a few years ago. Regardless of what you like to build, a few DIY skills for the home are nice to have and can win you a few brownie points in your household. Here are some instructions on how to make a window perfect for a loft, small house or shed .

Make a Matching Window ScreenMake your own screens, using lightweight 1×3 boards . Cut four pieces of 1×3 to fit the opening. Using a table saw, cut a 1/8 wide x ¼ deep groove, 3/8 from the inside edge of all four pieces. Cut the lap joints on the table saw. Join the pieces together using galvanized brads and waterproof glue. Once the glue has dried, cut a piece of insect screen 1 larger on all sides than the inside opening. Lay the screening over the frame and, using a tool made especially for this purpose, press the screen and a retaining spline into the groove. Trim off any excess screening with a utility knife.

For more great ideas for tiny houses and backyard buildings, check out Building Small by David & Jeanie Stiles, available at

Diy Window Screen Ideas

How to Make DIY Wood Window Screens (Free Plans!)

Published: Jul 30, 2021 by Allison · This post may contain affiliate links · This blog generates income via ads

Are you in a region where bugs and insects are rampant? If the answer to that question is yes, you will need to get a window screen for yourself, one that can protect you and your loved ones from bugs and insects.

Most insects and bugs come in through the openings in our windows and doors. In this article, I have listed 25 DIY window screen ideas that will most definitely keep the bugs away. Most of them are very easy to make.

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Nails Not Always What You Think

  • Assemble the frames using corrugated nails like a professional. This wrinkled, flat nail shoots perpendicular across the joints, clamping the frames together tightly, and they won’t come apart. Picture a solid, flat staple without arms or prongs. Turn the flat nose of the gun perpendicular to the joint and pull the trigger. The flat staple or nail, penetrates flush into the wood across the joint, and the corrugates pull the joint together from both sides. Use two nails or staples per joint. Rent or purchase a corrugated nail gun and use 5/8-by-3/4-inch corrugated nails. The process is quick, and the nails hold the frame together permanently. Screws or nails split wood easily when used in this manner, and glue is ineffective when used outdoors.

    When the frame is complete, measure and stretch the screen across it for a simple frame. Shoot the staples into the channel to secure the screen if you’ve rabbeted them. Use staples with a wide crown of at least 3/8 inch, with legs that penetrate at least 3/8 inch deep into the frame. Anything less and the screen can pull loose. If you’ve made the frames with the rabbeted channel, cut and place 1/2-by-1/2-inch molding in the rabbeted channel over the staples and pin it to the frame, using 1-inch pin nails and a pin nail gun.

  • Learn How To Make Window Screens For Your Home

    Im ready to open my windows and let some fresh air in. The trouble is I need to make new wood window screen for one of my windows. Do you have broken or missing screen? No worries, because today Im going to show you how to make a window screen, so you can let some fresh air into your home!Originally published May 10, 2016, updated May 28, 2019

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