How To Install Wood Fence Post

Remove Old Fence Post

3 Tricks To Installing Stronger 4X4 Wood Fence Posts That Last Longer

Wearing gloves, hold the post as high as possible. Rock the post back and forth. If you can rock the post at least 90 degrees, you should be able to pull it out. Because the base of the fence post is embedded in heavy concrete, you may need help removing it.

You may need to loosen the concrete base by digging around it. With the narrow shovel, slice all the way around the base to try to sever tree or plant roots. Do not use the shovel as a lever. With the base loosened, try once again to loosen and drag the post out of its hole.

Core Drill Holes Through Concrete

When installing a fence on an existing concrete pad, some fence installers prefer to core drill through the concrete and set posts the traditional way embedded in concrete underground.

Using a rented core drill, you can drill a hole through your concrete slab for each fence post.

After drilling through your concrete, youd set the posts similarly to how you set posts in soil pouring concrete around the bottom of the post and finishing the concrete flush with your existing slab.

This video shows how a core drill works.

If you dont yet have a concrete slab in place, you may use a third option.

Are Steel Posts More Expensive Than Wood Posts

Steel posts are available at different prices. Some steel posts, such as the ones used for chain link fences, are less expensive than some types of wood posts. There are also specialty steel posts that are initially more costly than wood.

When comparing costs, remember that steel doesnt need to be maintained or replaced as often as wood. Also, a stronger post reduces the need for fence repairs after a storm. Speak with one of the specialists at Pacific Fence on how to install fence posts. Well help you make the right choice.

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Stake Out Fence Location

With the hammer, tap two wood stakes 34 feet apart. Bury the stakes very deep for strength, because you will need to run twine from stake to stake and keep it taut. Your fence will follow this line.

Make sure your fence posts are in line by staking the ends of the fence first, then using a carpenter’s square at the opposite corner for a perfect right angle. Place stakes every 8 feet between them, adjusting the length of the fence as needed to ensure posts can be set on 8-foot runs.

Installing Fence Posts: Measure Twice Dig Once

How to Set Wooden Fence Posts in Concrete

Next, make sure you measure out the distance between each post and mark the approximate location of each post. Typical spacing is right around 8 feet between each post however different circumstances may call for different measurements and it is not uncommon to have spacing between posts reach up to 10 feet. Once you have a rough idea of your post layout start by digging your first hole.

Digging fence post holes is backbreaking work so make sure you have the right tool to make it easier. A basic post hole digger should make things much easier for you and a pry bar can help when you encounter large rocks that need to be knocked loose. If you have access to one, you can also use a power auger and you can check with your local hardware store to see if they rent them. Dig the hole to be a little bit bigger than the fence post. If you are going to surround the post in concrete or gravel leave a little extra room to fill it in. Concrete usually requires a larger hole roughly 12 inches wide for a 4×4 post while gravel can be roughly 8 inches wide for a 4×4 post.

Next, take your fence post and stick it in the hole. Make sure it is the right height and adjust accordingly by continuing to dig or filling in the hole. For a sturdy post you should try and make your hole at least 2 feet deep. Once you get the height correct, it is time line your post up properly to install fence posts on your wooden fence.

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How To Install Sturdy Fence Posts

When it comes to building a wooden fence it is good to have solid fence posts to ensure the most stable installation possible. Fence posts are the main component that are responsible for keeping your enclosure upright and straight. Installing wooden fence posts can be tricky but with the right knowledge and tools, you can get the job done correctly.

For starters, make sure you buy the right kind of wooden posts. It is recommended you stick with pressure treated wood that is rated for ground contact. Also be sure to check the posts for straightness obviously the straighter, the better and be sure you acquire posts that are long enough to bury about 1 -2 feet of them in the ground. The proper wood will minimize rot so be sure to ask your lumber professional for advice or contact Fence Specialists for professional assistance.

Next, make sure you measure out the distance between each post and mark the approximate location of the posts will be set. Typical spacing is right around 8 feet between each post however different circumstances may call for different measurements and it is not uncommon to have spacing between posts reach up to 10 feet. Once you have a rough idea of your post layout start by digging your first hole.

Need more help? Give Fence Specialists a call at 531-5452 or check out this video:


Need Professional Help With Your Fence Installation

Fence post installation is not rocket science but some folks need assistance, in order to achieve the desired results. So, if youre not sure about your DIY skills or dont feel like doing the task by yourself, you can always rely on our professional fence installation services. We can provide you with high-quality materials and various posts, boards and fence types.

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Should Fence Posts Be Set In Concrete

Pro2Pro Tip: If the fence is long and you have to create lots of holes, consider renting a power auger or hiring a landscape contractor who has one.

Youll need to pour a concrete footing only for posts that support a gate, are freestanding at the end of the fence, or when rock stops you from digging deep enough, one-third of the posts length.

Concrete is costlyeach post requires two or three $5 bagsand slow, as posts must be braced until the concrete sets.


Setting The Post In Soil Or Gravel

How to Install Wooden Fence Posts
  • 1Try this method if you have dense soil. You can install your posts directly into the soil as long as it’s dense and has good drainage. The installation is more labor-intensive and a bit less stable than concrete, but also cheaper and more decay-resistant.
  • Due to additional strain, gate posts work better when installed in concrete.
  • 2Choose a durable fence post. Follow local advice if possible, since climate and availability will affect this decision. Unless you live in a desert, it pays to choose durable lumber, which comes in two varieties:
  • Posts made entirely from durable heartwood. Western juniper, black locust, and Osage-orange are excellent choices. Pacific yew, redwood, and most cedar and white oak species can last 20+ years in most conditions.XResearch source
  • Pressure-treated wood with about 1 inch sapwood surrounding a core of heartwood. Aspen, ponderosa pine, lodgepole pine, and Douglas fir are suitable examples. Buy this from a trusted source to avoid poorly treated wood.
  • Note All lumber should be labeled as suitable for ground contact. Not all pressure-treated wood is intended for burial.
  • 3Prep the wood against moisture . The sawn-off ends of the fence post are vulnerable to moisture. Consider these precautions if you live in a damp climate:
  • Bevel the top of the fence post to a 45º angle to encourage rain runoff, or plan on installing a post cap.XResearch source
  • Keep some dirt nearby to backfill the hole.
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    Check For Wires And Utilities

    Setting fence posts requires digging. Youll use a post-hole digger or t-post driver to set posts at least two feet into the ground. Dont forget to check for wires, plumbing, and other utilities that might interfere with post-placement. Most utility companies will come to mark their lines for free if you call before you dig.

    How To Replace Wood Fence Posts

    Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 13 years.

    duckycards / Getty Images

    • Working Time: 1 – 2 hrs
    • Total Time: 1 hr, 20 mins – 2 hrs, 40 mins
    • Skill Level: Beginner
    • Estimated Cost: $20 to $40

    Your wood fence gives your home and yard privacy, keeps pets safe, and can itself be a thing of beauty. But your wood fence is not so beautifulor functionalwhen one of the fence posts is leaning, broken, rotted, or otherwise damaged. Even worse, that non-performing wood fence post just might bring down the rest of the fence.

    Replacing a wood fence post while leaving the rest of the fence intact requires some patience and surgical precision. But post replacement is a very inexpensive project that is worthwhile because it can save the rest of your fence.

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    Unscrew Fence From Old Post

    Wood fence panels may be attached to the posts either on the insides of the posts or attached directly to the front.

  • Inside Attachment: Go to the rail side of the fence. Locate the metal brackets that hold the horizontal rails of the fence panel. Several screws or nails will be running through the bracket and into the fence panel. With the cordless drill or hammer, unscrew all of the screws both on the damaged post and on both of its neighboring posts.
  • Front Attachment: Go to the fence panel side of the fence. Locate the screws that attach the fence panels directly to the front of the fence posts. Unscrew these screws with the cordless drill or use the hammer if these are nails. Do this for both of the fence panels on both sides of the damaged post.
  • How To Install Wood Fence Posts For Woven Wire Fence

    How to Set Fence Posts That Wont Rot

    Posts, Braces, and Tensioning

    These videos show you how you can install a woven wire farm fence with wood fence posts using a hydraulic post driver. Typical applications are horse fence, field fence, garden fence, sheep and goat fence, deer fence – any fencing that needs strong wood posts.

    Farms & Fields | Homes & Gardens | Parks & Public Spaces | Construction SitesServing America’s Fencing Needs Since 1893

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    A Better Way To Build A Custom Fence

    Perimtec offers a system that is changing how fences are built.

    Our system combines the strength advantages of steel with the infill material of your choice to create a fence that is as unique as your property.

    A patented fence panel system

    that utilizes a U-channel frame between metal fence posts to hold fence infill materials securely in place.

    Side channels are attached to each metal post with self-tapping screws, and top and bottom channels attach to the side channels with bolts.

    Simple assembly this system requires no nails and no screws to securely hold your fence pickets in place.

    Heres how it works.

    Our steel channel fence frame can accommodate infill materials up to 1-inch thick.

    Finally, you can build a fence that does not warp.

    And the system works especially well to build a horizontal fence.

    You simply slide your fence materials into the fence frame for a secure & finished look.

    Perimtec fence systems offer the strength of steel fence posts combined with a steel fence frame. A fence that can stand strong for decades.

    In addition to complete fence systems, we offer gate kits for fence gates or yard gates that can be mounted to masonry fences, stucco, concrete or block walls.

    This fence system opens up a world of possibilities in terms of fence design. So, if your looking to mount your fence to concrete, go head and expand the options of what you can do with your fence.

    Here are several photos to show you various fences mounted to concrete slabs or walls.

    Should I Hide Or Show Steel Posts

    We can design a fence that either shows or hides the posts. Many people like the contrast of metal and wood. A structure that highlights the mix of materials has an industrial-style vibe that is currently in vogue. However, if you want the durability of steel but like the look of wood, we can make the steel posts invisible. We can build your fence either way. Check our gallery to see examples of mixed-media fences.

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    Installing A Wood Fence Post

  • Installing a wood post is quite similar to installing a metal fence post, as shown above
  • When installing a wood post that will hold a gate, first dig the hole about one-third of the fence post height and add 6 inches. Fill the hole with 6 inches of gravel and then put in the post. Add the concrete all around the post and let it set. If your gate is larger than 5 ft wide, use 6×6 posts.
  • For posts that will not hold a gate and are intermediate posts, you dont have to use concrete in the hole. You can just pack soil into the hole or gravel around it and on the bottom for more sturdiness.
  • If you are worried your posts wont be strong enough, you can still use concrete to set them. The only downfall of using concrete in every post hole over a large area of land, is the extra cost of the concrete.
  • How To Diy Fence Posts That Stay Put

    How to Install Fence Posts | The Home Depot

    When you take on a DIY fence installation project, a lot of decisions are left entirely up to you. This is great if you already know what to do, but not if youre stuck wondering which installation method to choose. One of the most important installation decisions to make is how to set your fence posts in the ground. Without secure posts, your fence wont stand much of a chance against the elements! Lets explore how to ensure your fence posts stay put.

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    Clear Hole Or Dig New Hole

    When you removed the old post, the fence post hole may have partially collapsed into itself. In many cases, you can use the narrow shovel to remove the soil.

    Lay down plastic or a tarp first, then put the removed soil on it. Dig a minimum of 16 to 24 inches or beyond the frost line for your area. For sandy or other soft soil, add another 12 inches to the depth. A good rule of thumb in good soil is to dig the hole to a depth equaling 1/2 of the above-ground height of the postso for a six-foot post, dig three feet deep in good soil.

    Make the hole diameter three times the post diameter. So, a 3-3/4-inch diameter post should have a hole that is roughly 11-1/4 inches.

    Sometimes, the hole will have collapsed so much that you must dig a new hole. Rather than the shovel, use the post-hole digger to dig a deep hole.

    How To Install A Wood Fence

    Save on labor costs with tips to build your own fence like the pros

    Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 13 years.

    Deane Biermeier is an expert contractor with nearly 30 years of experience in all types of home repair, maintenance, and remodeling. He is a certified lead carpenter and also holds a certification from the EPA. Deane is a member of The Spruce’s Home Improvement Review Board.

    pyzata / Getty Images

    • Total Time: 1 – 2 days
    • Yield: 32 linear feet
    • Skill Level: Intermediate
    • Estimated Cost: $800 to $1,200

    A wood fence around your yard not only gives you privacy and solitude, but it also discourages intruders, keeps kids safe while playing, and contains pets. On top of that, wood fences add beauty and substantial value to your home. Wood panel fences are one of the easiest fences to install yourself, consisting of pre-built panels with pickets that can be attached to new posts set in the ground.

    With professionally installed wood fences costing up to $55 per linear foot , it’s significantly cheaper to install a fence yourself by doing the labor. This guide yields 32 linear feet of fencingdouble the supplies as needed to enclose the perimeter of your outdoor space.

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    How To Avoid Concrete When Installing Fence Posts

    Heres how its possible to install your fence posts without concrete:

    First you have to figure out exactly where you want your posts to go. After youve selected the location use a shovel to remove dirt and rocks from the dig site, and make sure to dig at least 2 feet deep for a 7 foot tall post, and double the size of the posts parameter.

    After youve dug the hole you can dump 4 inches gravel into the hole and place the post in the hole as well. You have to be careful here to make sure your post is straight or it could cause instability in your fence in the long and possibly short term.

    After the post is placed, add another two inches of gravel on top of the four inches once the post is completely level and straight. Youre literally setting the fence post in stone so this will finalize its position. After you have confirmed its definitely straight add the last few inches of topsoil, which can be the dirt you dug out of the hole in the first place. You can add clay to pack down the hole to a compact pile of dirt to seal it in.

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