Dark Wood Floors In Kitchen

Do Dark Wood Floors Go With White Cabinets

Interior Design: Sleek Dark Kitchen Makeover

Choosing a kitchen with wood flooring and white cabinets for any reason is a timeless appearance that will never go out of style! It is like blue jeans. You can wear them with just about everything.

Now you have decided on a kitchen with white cabinetry and wood flooring . Perhaps you previously had tile and, like the warmer, the somewhat softer feel of wood flooring.

Alternatively, maybe you like hardwood floors throughout the rest of your house and want to extend them into the kitchen for consistency.

White cabinetry complements every kitchen design, from vintage-inspired to rural, classic to contemporary. White cabinetry may be used with a white backsplash, white countertops, white walls, and even a white ceiling to create a crisp, polished, clean, and spacious aesthetic. It is simple to accessorize, update, and add to because of its adaptability.

When it comes to matching your white cabinets with the right flooring, your first idea might be contrast. At the end of the day, though, do dark wood floors actually go with your white cabinets?

The good news is that, yes, they can! You can definitely match the right dark wood floors to your white cabinets to create a bit of contrast in the room.

For instance, dark types of kitchen backsplash are a particularly useful tool in tying these two tones together. Alternatively, using dark appliances or cabinet hardware can be great additions as well.

Should Wood Floors Match Countertops

Wood floors do not need to match the countertops, but once again, they should coordinate to create a cohesive, attractive space. Use the color scheme you picked of 2 dominant, complementary colors and 1 accent color. Pick a countertop within your scheme, and it will look great in the overall kitchen. Learn more about picking a countertop color here: Should Kitchen Countertops Match The Cabinets?

Dark Cabinets And Floor

Make a dramatic statement by adding dark kitchen cabinet colors with dark floors. Break up the drama by adding white or neutral countertops and walls. Solid-surface granite countertops with gray veins tie the colors together by providing contrast and a mix of dark in light in the gray veins.

Making cabinets, floor and walls the same or a similar color creates a contemporary kitchen. Enhance the look with stainless steel countertops, backsplash and appliances. Use high-gloss paint on the cabinet fronts and walls. for a statement kitchen.


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Hottest Trending Kitchen Floor For : Wood Floors Take Over Kitchens Everywhere

by Sherry Nothingam

There is little doubt that it is the kitchen that garners most of our attention when it comes to new home decorating and design ideas. The logic behind this skewed attention is perfectly sane and stems from the fact that the kitchen is the heart and soul that drives every home. In fact, in modern houses with an open plan living, the kitchen plays an important role in bringing everyone together and creating a wonderful social setting. Of course, this also means the kitchen needs to be a lot sturdier and its floor good enough to take all the traffic. Yet, surprisingly enough, wood is the most popular choice when it comes to kitchen floors in the year gone by. That is set to continue in the year ahead as well!

Hardwood floors with the right treatment can definitely last a generation. In fact, many homeowners living in classic residences built before the 60s are uncovering wooden pre-floors and giving them a whole new lease of life to create a refreshing modern kitchen. Charming, timeless and adaptable, the wooden kitchen floor is set to win more people across the globe in the next 12 months. So why not join in on the fun?

A Polished Kitchen Design For A Flawless Look

Cherry wood cabinets with cherrywood floors. Benjamin Moore Revere ...

The creative ordering of cabinets, the cool color contrasts, and a dark wood floor undertone creates good conformity that gives the design a goodly appearance. The golden vent and strings on the island stand blends flawlessly with the hardwood floor for an attractive mien. A wide opening on the side puts the dancing color scheme in a spotlight while the flourishing white wall vies for attention. With enough planning, you can get down this kind of design use a polished concrete wall corner, dark wooden floor, and supplement with dark purple cabinetry.

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What About The Sheen

Not Martin or Charlie! Were talking about the flooring finish. In addition to picking light or dark-colored flooring, youve got to decide on which finish you want. Sheen refers to the luster of the finish. With modern flooring, you can pick from either high-gloss or satin/matte/flat the latter goes by multiple names. The same color flooring will look different with a different sheen.

Moving Past Style Constraints

Just like any other feature in wood that you might want to add to your home, kitchen floor in wood does very little to disturb the color scheme of the space or even its overall style. Yes, the tone of the wood you use and its finish can accentuate a particular style at times. But largely speaking, wooden floors are neutral in nature and tend to easily adapt to a wide range of decorating styles. Whether you want to transition from a modern kitchen to beach style or move from more rustic touches to farmhouse theme in the kitchen wooden floors are right there playing their part in making that switch a whole lot easier!

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Grays For Dark Hardwood Floors

Image source: Third Coast Interiors

Grays and greiges are the most common paint colors, particularly with dark hardwood floors.

Consider gray walls to provide a new undertone to your home. Grays, despite being considered neutral, may have a variety of diverse undertones. It will look stunning next to a black or nearly black floor. You may inject a gentle tone of green, blue, mauve, pink, or silver into the area depending on the color you pick. You may also paint your walls a genuine gray color with no additional undertones.

Using gray allows you to enjoy a cool and modern vibe. Using a neutral wall allows you to incorporate colorful blues, greens, and purples into accent finishes and textiles while maintaining the neutral walls structure.

Take Ambient Light Into Consideration

A dark, cramped kitchen gets a bright and white remodel

Image source: Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes

Consider the light sources in the room before installing dark hardwood in your home. Is there enough natural light in the space or area? If not, do you have any above? If there isnt a lot of natural light, make sure the room has enough lighting from overhead lights and lamps. Otherwise, the dark hardwood will look excessively dark. We dont want dark wood floors that make space look way smaller and depressing.

The amount of natural light is a major consideration. If you have a larger area with plenty of windows, it indicates that you have a lot of possibilities.

The artificial lighting in the room might also have an effect. If there are several pot lights and other fixtures, and your kitchen remodeling ideas incorporate under-cabinet lighting, this may also make a difference.

Keep in mind that different cabinet face types, such as raised panels vs plain fronts, respond differently to light, as dark wood floors do.

The compass direction of the space also influences the look of light in the room. Northern-windowed rooms receive chilly light, but southern-windowed rooms receive plenty of warm light throughout the day. Eastern-facing rooms receive brilliant morning light, while western-facing rooms receive waning daylight, all of which influence the paint colors utilized in the space.

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Best Flooring With Laminate Cabinets

Laminate cabinets, which are made from compressed wood fibers wrapped around a solid core, come in many colors, including dark shades and printed patterns.

Some of these patterns convincingly mimic the look of dark wood. Laminate will also accept certain kinds of paint. This versatile material comes in a range of finishes, from matte to high gloss. Read move about painting laminate cabinets here.

To find the best flooring to go with dark laminate cabinets, look at wood or tile floors with a similar finish. For an earthy, natural feel, consider neutral-colored, matte-finish tiles with dark, matte-finish laminate cabinets.

What Color Flooring Goes With Dark Kitchen Cabinets

When choosing the right flooring color to go with dark kitchen cabinets, determine first if you want to enhance the richness of dark wood or if you want to create contrast. The color of your flooring will greatly depend on the main aesthetic attribute that you want to stand out in the space.

Pairing dark kitchen cabinets with light colored flooring is a classic pair which works timelessly for most design styles. White and light colored floors create contrast, break off heaviness and introduce balance between the dark colored cabinetry.

To enhance the color of dark wood cabinetry choose a dark color for your floor. To pull this off, try matching wood with wood. Dark kitchen cabinets and dark hardwood floors create an ultra-rich and opulent look, making kitchens feel more luxurious and elegant, while introducing a welcoming feel to the space.

Your color choices for the flooring will also depend on the type of material you use. Some options for flooring material include wood planks, natural stones and tiles.

Contemporary double island kitchen with raised breakfast bar, light porcelain tile floor and dark wood cabinets.

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Should Wood Floors Be Lighter Or Darker Than Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen wood floor doesnt necessarily have to be lighter or darker than the cabinets. But to create a proper balance between the floor and cabinetry colors, it is best to keep the colors within one or two shades lighter or darker than each other.

That said, darker wood flooring allows you to get creative with other lighter textures within the culinary space. Thus, we recommend light wood flooring for dark cabinets as its a complementary design that wont make your kitchen look like a dark cave. To put the finishing touches to this color scheme, choose stainless steel appliances as their glossy, light appearance is sure to wow your guests.

Stained Wooden Flooring For A Renewed Look

Hardwood Flooring : Light Hardwood Floors With Dark Kitchen ...

This is a large kitchen with a stunning dark stained hardwood floor that contrasts the ceiling while maintaining a surprising consistency with the cabinets and wall finish. This gives the kitchen a bold and strong appearance. A wider kitchen opening will reveal nice greenery outside the setting, but there is not much space for that. However, installing a central kitchen island with red granite countertop will make this kitchen look more modern.

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Kitchen Floors With Dark Cabinets

In this kitchen floors with dark cabinets design guide youll see what colors work best, ideal floor options and tips on combining dark and light kitchen flooring.There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to matching your kitchen floors with dark cabinets. Rather, it is important to consider the style, material, and color of the existing cabinets, as well as your overall design goals for your kitchen.

Of course, the floor and cabinets are two major design elements in your kitchen, and you dont want them to compete or work against each other. Instead, your kitchen floors should complement your dark cabinets.

Remember that the two elements dont necessarily need to match. For a more in-depth understanding of your flooring options for dark cabinets, take a look at some of our best style tips.

They include: what color wood your kitchen floor should be if you have dark cabinets, how to pair dark cabinets with light or dark-colored flooring, and the best flooring materials for dark cabinets.

Dark Brown And White As A Contrast

The deep wooden brown floor, cabinets and table creates dynamic contrast with the kitchen island. A good shade keeps the kitchen lively, and the sharp appearance promotes a nice ambiance. The wood used on the door and table and chair match the dark floor and are carefully selected and made to share only a section of the kitchen except for the floor that extends to all the edges of the kitchen.

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A Combination Of Different Materials For A Poised Look

The flooring, island, and cabinets complement one another perfectly here with the wooden part of the island appearing like an extension of the hardwood floor. This enhances the definition of the design, without affecting its poise. To make a stronger statement, this modern upscale kitchen in a penthouse condo matches the granite countertop of the island with the finish on the wall and creates an accent with scarce stainless steel appliances.

What Color Wood Floor For The Kitchen Is In Style

House Tour: Luxe Dark & Modern Kitchen

When it comes to deciding on the best wood floor colors that are in style, the lighter and more natural-looking variety, such as maple or pine pop to mind.

These timeless wood floors are a brighter option in kitchens with dark cabinetry. Oak is another classic wood flooring that is also available in light brown and dark brown stain colors.

All these wood types in light colors create an upscale feel that most home buyers still love today. You can never go wrong with grey or light brown wood flooring paired with dark cabinetry.

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Oak Parquet Wood Floor

Another stunning example of how you can modernize a parquet floor, we love how this oak design from John Lewis helps this large kitchen feel even more open but still special and welcoming.

  • 11 of 11 Trendland

    In a 19th Century Parisian apartment, Scandinavian interior designer Jessica Vedel and Talcik & Demovicova Architects created an amazing contrast between modern minimalism and old world charm. These vintage wooden floors feel so distinctive and memorable, it would be amazing to try and recreate the look in a new space.

  • Textured Features In A Welcoming Atmosphere

    This kitchen features a long black bench and table for dining purposes. The different shades created between the deep natural hardwood and the wall and cabinets give a subtle hint of elegance. The dark floor works in harmony with the dark brown bench and table. The choice of deep brown color for the floor is probably to maintain the warm and airy atmosphere of this kitchen

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    White Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Floors

    Here we share our white kitchen cabinets with dark floors designs including different combinations, flooring options, best colors, countertops, and granite shades.When youre planning out the design of your kitchen, you have to consider not only how you want each individual part of your kitchen to look but how theyll all look in one cohesive kitchen design. This means considering things like the color of your floors when you choose your cabinets.

    Color schemes play an important role in enhancing the look of any area, particularly kitchens. If you dont want to be overwhelmed by the countless options white is always a good choice, as it is a neutral hue that never fails to give your kitchen a trendy and modern appearance.

    White is popular because of its simplicity. Its properties make it a good foundation color for large sections, such as kitchen cabinets, that are time-consuming or costly to update or replace. Due to its simplicity, it can also prevail over previous short-lived trends, so you dont have to worry about being out of date.

    In this guide, well look at everything you need to know about pairing your white kitchen cabinets with a dark floor. [toc}

    Should Wood Floors Be Lighter Or Darker Than Cabinets

    Dark Wood Floor Kitchen Ideas : Gray Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas ...

    Posted on – Last updated: July 21, 2021

    Remodeling a kitchen is a huge undertaking, but it can also greatly impact the look and resale value of your home. For this reason, it can be incredibly complicated to sort out all the different elements you will need to decide on. Floors, cabinets, walls, countertops….so many choices! And should the wood floors be lighter or darker than the cabinets? Decorators all agree on the answer.

    Disclosure: We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

    Wood floors can be lighter or darker than the cabinets, as long as the colors complement each other. The best way to do this is to start your project by picking 2 complementary colors and an accent color. Use these colors when you select the parts of your kitchen decor.

    Below, find a thorough list of everything leading decorators agree that you’ll need to consider when picking the right color combinations for your floors, cabinets, and other kitchen decor. Learn how to pair different kinds of wood, match the right wood undertones, when and how to use contrast, and more.

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    Samples Simplify The Decision

    The best way to decide if a light or dark-colored floor is right for you is to sample the flooring before you make an investment. Having physical samples of the floors can allow you to see how lighting , dust, and other factors affect them. Youll also get a feel for how the color looks with your furniture, cabinets, and wall colors.

    How do you do this?

    You ask for samples!

    Whether you shop online or in-person, your floor seller should be glad to offer free samples.

    For example, Ambient sends up to 5 free samples, and additional samples are just $1.

    So sample both light and dark flooring! And check out a little gray or greige while you are at it.

    Its the sure way to decide if light or dark flooring is right for you and your rooms.

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