Concrete And Wood Coffee Table

Have One Custom Made By A Concrete Artisan

HomeMade Modern, Episode 15 — DIY Concrete Wood Coffee Table

This is the best way to go if you want a distinct look tailor-made to suit your decor. A concrete artisan can use custom forms, special casting techniques, and proprietary materials and coloring methods to create concrete coffee tables that are totally unique. You can also have the table cast to accommodate existing space restrictions. Keep in mind that custom concrete coffee tables take time to design and fabricate, and if youre in a hurry, this could be a disadvantage. Plan for a turnaround time of at least a few weeks.

Are They Easy To Maintain

Unlike a coffee table made from wood, a properly sealed concrete coffee table is practically waterproof and will be easy to wipe clean with mild soap and water. Most concrete coffee tables also have few or no seams, so there are no crevices to trap dirt.

To keep your concrete coffee table water- and stain-resistant, spend a few minutes waxing the table every few months with a food-grade beeswax, which will protect the sealer and preserve its effectiveness. Even when sealed, a concrete table can become stained if acidic substances, such as wine or lemon juice, are allowed to sit on it for extended periods of time. If stains do develop, there are a number of effective methods you can use to remove them.

Concrete Coffee Tables Offer Style And Durability

People are going crazy for concrete coffee tables, and its easy to understand why. With concrete’s ability to be molded into any shape and assume any texture or color, it works beautifully with styles ranging from traditional to urban-chic. A well-made concrete coffee table is also built to take a beating and can last a lifetime with minimal wear and tear.

Find concrete furniture contractors near me.

So where do you buy a concrete coffee table, and is concrete furniture a good fit for your lifestyle and budget? Here are answers to these and other common questions about concrete coffee tables, along with a look at your many design options.

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Style Sets Of Coffee Tables Or A Coffee And Side Table Set

Concrete &  Wood Coffee Table

When it comes to styling your coffee accent table or coffee table set, consider what aesthetic works best for your space. If you’re looking for some inspiration to find the perfect fit for your living room style, read up on all the details in our .To recreate a laid-back California vibe, think a rectangle wicker coffee table or a wood coffee and end table set to enhance the natural elements of your living room. Then, decorate your coffee table set with botanicals in or wooden centerpiece bowls. To complete the look, nest your modern coffee table and side tables together and display your favorite hardcover books and for a cozy feel. Or, if you want to style a modern living room, consider pairing a contemporary with your favorite set of wood coffee tables and . Its modern design and neutral color palette complement the natural wood finish of your living room coffee tables. Either way, sets of coffee tables have stylish surfaces that can be used for snack bowls and drinking glasses on movie night. If you choose a modern coffee table that has a glass top, accentuate its design appeal with small statuettes and other eye-catching decorative objects.

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Concrete Coffee Table Design Ideas

Element east studio in Montauk, NY

Built-In Curves

A concrete coffee table molded into soft, graceful curves brings a touch of elegance to this outdoor living space

Concrete Countertops By Crane in Covington, LA

Book Nook

A concrete coffee table left in its natural state has an organic look and feel that blends well with other interior design elements. The hollow center reduces the weight and provides room for storage.

Lawson Design in Orlando, FL

Brass Accents

Brass inlays add design interest to this rectangular concrete coffee table, giving it a sleek, streamlined look. Other unique embedded items that can be used to personalize concrete coffee tables include pebbles, recycled glass, decorative aggregate, and seashells

Concrete Central in Deer Park, NY

Two-Toned Tabletop

This concrete tabletop was colored using integral pigments and topically applied stains to create a warm, two-toned effect that complements the wood base.

Surface Scapes in Northport, NY

Mass Appeal

Weight and weather-resistance are assets for an exterior concrete coffee table, making it a permanent fixture in an outdoor living room

High-Gloss Finish

Concrete coffee tables can be given an attractive mirror-like sheen by polishing the surface. Polishing will also remove any small blemishes and flaws resulting from the casting process.

Sarche Concrete Design in Dallas, TX

Yin and Yang

Concrete Wave Design in Anaheim, CA

Waterfall Edges

Kerr Concrete in Evanston, IL

Custom Fit

Modern Art

Advanced Geometry

Are Concrete Coffee Tables Heavy

While it’s true that coffee tables made from traditional normal-weight concrete can be pretty hefty, many fabricators reduce the weight by making them with glass-fiber-reinforced concrete , which is not only much lighter than standard concrete but also more crack-resistant. Concrete furniture makers may also use lightweight cores or special reinforcement methods to keep the weight down, especially for larger pieces.

If you plan to buy a concrete coffee table for outdoor use, a heavier table made from solid concrete can actually be an asset. Thats because it will stay in place during high winds, so you dont have to worry about it blowing over or becoming a dangerous projectile.

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Finding The Right Coffee And Cocktail Tables For You

As a practical focal point in your living area, antique and vintage coffee tables and cocktail tables are an invaluable addition to any interior.

Low tables that were initially used as tea tables or coffee tables have been around since at least the mid- to late-1800s. Early coffee tables surfaced in Victorian-era England, likely influenced by the use of tea tables in Japanese tea gardens. In the United States, furniture makers worked to introduce low, long tables into their offerings as the popularity of coffee and âcoffee breaksâ took hold during the late 19th century and early 20th century.

It didnât take long for coffee and cocktail tables to become a design staple and for consumers to recognize their role in entertaining no matter what beverages were being served. Originally, these tables were as simple as they are practical â as high as your sofa and made primarily of wood. In recent years, however, metal, glass and plastics have become popular in coffee and cocktail tables, and design hasnât been restricted to the conventional low profile, either.

Visionary craftspeople such as Paul Evans introduced bold, geometric designs that challenge the traditional idea of what a coffee table can be. The elongated rectangles and wide boxy forms of Evansâs desirable Cityscape coffee table, for example, will meet your needs but undoubtedly prove imposing in your living space.

Cement And Wood Outdoor Coffee Table

Concrete Coffee Table with a Walnut Inlay

Cement And Wood Outdoor Coffee Table. Simple diy white and blue coffee table for patios (via www. Seville polished concrete coffee table. Hn home jeanneret boho concrete oval coffee table.

Image Source : Bryson Indoor/Outdoor Modern Concrete Round

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Purchase One From A Furniture Retailer

You can find a wide array of indoor and outdoor concrete coffee tables at stores ranging from large big-box retailers to smaller furniture boutiques, which sometimes sell their merchandise through . The advantage of a premade concrete coffee table is that you know exactly what youre getting in terms of color, finish, and final cost. However, you will have very few options for customization.

Will They Crack Or Chip

A concrete coffee table may develop hairline cracks over time, but these cracks are typically non-structural and may even enhance the beauty of the piece. If youre concerned about the potential for cracking, have your concrete coffee table made of GFRC, which is far less likely to crack. While the corners and edges of a concrete coffee table can chip, it generally takes a blow from a heavy object for that to happen. Fortunately, chips in concrete are relatively easy to repair .

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Concrete And Wood Geometric Collection: Coffee Table

Welcome! This is the third in the Concrete and Wood Geometric Collection, a series of four furniture builds brought to you by Jen Woodhouse and myself. In case you missed them, we previously introduced this bookshelf, and this dining table. Todays build is this coffee table, and check out that base! The base on the coffee table is different than the dining table in that it is formed with half lap joinery. I love half laps because they look fantastic, and they are really quite accessible.

As with the rest of the pieces in this collection, the plans are at, and Ive got a tutorial and build tips here for you.

Heres an idea of what you will need for this build:

Find Concrete Dining Tables And Patio Furniture Sets


Humblenest nashau farmhouse cottage stone coffee table. 5.the pavers i purchased were 12â x 12â for $3 each. Financing options to help you save:

8.5” l x 10.5” l x 8.5” d x 10.5” d. Welwick designs dark brown acacia wood outdoor patio coffee table $285 and. Concrete coffee tables 7 items starting at $295.

Accent cement coffee tables with table trays in jewel tones pastels to create a modern mix of unexpected hues. Is a fantastic way to give your living room or patio arrangement an urban appeal. Ashore grey mahogany wood outdoor coffee table.

Whether you’re enjoying a meal with your family, lounging around with your friends, or prepping for a party, these plans have you covered. Create a welcoming spot in your outdoor space with the faux wood patio coffee table with faux concrete tabletop from smith & hawkenâ¢. Consider placing a round outdoor coffee table in the center for a communal feel.

1800 x 1000 ironstone table click on our shop now for prices. Zen concrete table & monsoon chair natural 5pce. allow the finish to dry completely.

Stunning in its simplicity, the accent table set complements any space with its understated elegance. Hn home jeanneret boho concrete oval coffee table. Engineered with hollow or wooden legs and bases, our outdoor concrete tables and benches are easier to move than most others on the market,.

27.table features a thick concrete. Mason floating round concrete coffee table $1,191 $1,489. Round concrete gray wood outdoor coffee table.

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Coffee Tables & Accent Coffee Tables For Living Rooms

Typically the largest and lowest of all occasional tables, coffee tables help anchor the room. Going for a traditional aesthetic? Consider positioning a long accent coffee table directly in front of any and across from the . This arrangement leaves enough room for walking and makes it easy for everyone to take a seat on the sofa’s deep cushions. For those in smaller spaces, such as apartments or lofts, opt for a or a pair of small coffee tables that complement your loveseat. Or, if you have a large family room with a wide sectional sofa as the main centerpiece, opt for a set of white coffee tables and end tablesyou’ll provide your guests with ample space to set their drinks down and move comfortably around the living room.

How Much Do Concrete Coffee Tables Cost

A concrete coffee table can range anywhere from under $100 to over $1,000 depending on the size and design complexity. Although custom-made pieces will usually cost more because of the labor involved, they are often more economical than tables made from high-quality woods and natural stone because the raw material costs are relatively inexpensive, especially if recycled materials are used. Plus, youll be investing in a one-of-a-kind piece that will last for decades.


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Are They Weather

Absolutely! An outdoor concrete coffee table is no different from a concrete sidewalk, patio, or other exterior concrete when it comes to its ability to resist all types of weather extremes, which means you can leave your concrete coffee table outdoors year-round without worrying about damage caused by water exposure, harsh sunlight, or freeze-thaw conditions. The application of a penetrating acrylic sealer will provide even greater protection from the elements.

Are They Stain

Part 2. How to make a Concrete Coffee Table for the Patio (Wood Base)

Because concrete is a porous material, a concrete coffee table should be sealed to protect it from stains and water absorption, similar to concrete countertops. A good water-based penetrating sealer will not only make the concrete less porous, it will also repel most common food and beverage stains and make the concrete easier to clean.

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