Cellulite Wood Therapy Before And After

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Before And After Frequently Asked Questions

I GOT LIPO TREATMENT! DOES BODY SCULPTING WORK?! Wood Therapy, Cavitation & Skin Tightening…

Lymphatic drainage massage Los Angeles has proven to be highly effective in treating different conditions. However, it remains delicate, especially if you dont follow lymphatic massage drainage before and after hacks.

We answer a few questions on the lymph system massage to help you prepare to get the most out of it.

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Ice Body Sculpting Therapy

Ice sculpting therapy is a 100% natural process involving thermogenesis. It is a fat-burning process that breaks down fat cells, allowing our body to relocate, remove some of the fat cells through the lymphatic system, or use them as an energy source, while contouring the body and tightening the skin. The thermogenesis process occurs when skin

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How Much Can Laser Treatment Cost

Laser therapy is not cheap, thats a fact. But if you are not afraid to try something new and can afford it, you are likely to be satisfied with the results.

If you choose treatments at professional clinics, a series of procedures for one area will cost you several thousand dollars.

If you do decide to look at devices for home use, the price is significantly lower. You can count on a device for a few hundred dollars, and sometimes even less.

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Vacuum Butt Lift Therapy Faq

Q: How many treatments will I need?A: Typically just 2-4 sessions will give you outstanding results when done in a 1-2 week timespan! The trick is maintaining the results with a proper treatment plan. We recommend 6-8 treatments your first month , then 1-2 times a month for maintenance. Just like working out, consistency is key, but let me do all the hard work for you!

Q: How soon until I see results?A: You will start to see a difference after just one session! To make your results long lasting, a series of treatments is recommended.

Q: How does it work?A: We use wood therapy to break down cellulite and fat deposits in the thighs, while activating the lymphatic system. We then push the broken down fat cells up to the buttocks and apply vacuum therapy cups to hold the fat in place. This allows us to retrain fat cells to sit in the buttocks, but without maintenance treatments or surgical intervention, the fat cells will eventually shift back to where they started. Once a month maintenance is often enough for most people to enjoy their results indefinitely!

Q: Is there any downtime?A: Nope! No needles, no surgery, no downtime! Just results.

Q: Is it painful?A: You may experience a slight pinching sensation as the cups are being applied or removed, but otherwise it is pain-free!

I Recommend Everyone To Try It

ØاÙØ© تÙاز٠ضبط اÙÙÙ?س ÙستÙر٠cellulite on legs before and after

Had the Wood Therapy treatment done and I recommend everyone to try it! Not only is she the only place in buffalo that offers this treatment as well as many other great services like the MLD. I felt instant length in my legs and saw great results. Julie is so knowledgeable in what she does and cares for each of the treatments and clients. Cant wait for my next!

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Wood Therapy: Cellulite Destroyer

The rise in popularity of wood therapy in aesthetics salons these days is due to the marked reduction in localized fat and cellulite that comes with a maderotherapy massage.

Of course, we recommend that our clients adopt a healthy diet and an exercise program, like dance workouts, in order to keep fit and make good use of all the extra energy theyll discoverr.

Is Wood Therapy Safe

Since wood therapy is a 100 percent natural, non-invasive holistic massage treatment, it is generally considered safe. However, as I mentioned you should always consult with your doctor or massage therapist prior to beginning any new treatments just to be absolutely sure that this type of treatment is right for you!

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Too Early To Tell If These Work

Laser-assisted liposuction

Liposuction is an invasive medical procedure that works well for removing small amounts of fat.

Bottom line: While liposuction can remove unwanted fat very effectively, its not recommended for getting rid of cellulite. It can make the dimpling more obvious.

Adding a laser treatment to liposuction, however, may help get rid of cellulite. Its too soon to tell whether laser-assisted liposuction is effective.


A technique called ultrasonic liposculpting is a non-invasive procedure that targets and destroys fat.

Bottom line: There is no evidence that ultrasound alone can reduce cellulite. When combined with another cellulite treatment, however, ultrasound may reduce the appearance of cellulite. Its too early to tell whether it will be effective. More studies are needed.

Dont Eat 1 Hour Before The Appointment

Wood Therapy: A Reliable, Ideal, Body Scultping Method

Being stressed about the massage can push you into the insatiable stress eating. Not to mention the extra pounds youll probably put on, eating would also make you uncomfortable.

When the therapist moves to your lower back, youll be agitated every time he/she presses down. And when it comes to your stomach, things might turn out quite ugly.

You shouldnt starve yourself, either. You have to be in the perfect state for a massage to be enjoyable. Generally speaking, it would be safer if you have a light snack one hour before the appointment.

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Can Wood Therapy Be Done At Home

Yes, it can just as with any other massage. Wooden therapy instruments are even sold on Amazon and that tells you that it can be a DIY project.

Nevertheless, since your home therapy sessions will not be provided by a professional, you are less likely to enjoy the full benefits of a professionally done job.

This can be compared to the massages given at home by a partner and those done at a facility.

While the former can be romantic and stress-relieving, they wont deliver long-term relief as a professional one would.

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Can You Do Wood Therapy At Home

Theoretically, yes you can do a wood therapy massage at home. You can even buy a number of different wood therapy instruments on Amazon. However, since at-home sessions arent being performed by a registered massage therapist, you likely wont get the full benefits of a professional wood therapy session. Just like theres a HUGE difference between the massages you might get from your spouse or partner and the ones you get at a spa. While theyre great for relieving some stress and can be pretty romantic, theyre not likely to provide you with long-term relief.

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Is Wood Therapy Feasible At Home

Although it seems easy and interesting, so it may occur to you to do this for someone at home, think carefully beforehand.

You can do wood therapy at home only if you have previously attended training in one of the salons, and many offer you this opportunity.

Although this treatment would be good for relaxation, regardless of the fact that you have no experience, you can harm the person you are massaging because you need to know in which direction to move, in what way and how many times. Especially if you want to achieve appropriate results in this area.

What Does Wood Therapy Feel Like


I used to laugh because I would think about it kind of feeling like Chase running his toy trucks on my body only a little more relaxing and with nice smelling candles and spa music! I experienced a bit of discomfort during my first few sessions because it was a new feeling for my body and also you have to work with your massage therapist to figure out the appropriate amount of pressure to apply .

But after a while, I really just felt so relaxed both during and after my sessions. This natural way of implementing repetitive movements with the wooden tools to manipulate the stubborn areas of fat is surprisingly satisfying.

One of the strangest experiences was the feeling of the Vacuum Swiss Cup that they use to suction fat from areas of your body and transfer it to the lymph nodes, helping you to tone, and reduce cellulite. It feels kind of like someone is trying to give you a giant hickey!

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How Does Wood Therapy Massage Work

The process involves the rotatory movement of wooden contrivances on the blubbery part of the body. It can be a leg, midsection, thigh, buttock, etc. This wooden massage stretches the skin and provokes lymph sewerage. Toxic chemicals are also wasted away along with the lymph. It ultimately boosts blood flow, stimulates metabolism, and escalates fat breakdown. This therapy eventually results in cellulite retardation and well-toned skin.

Hot Lasers Fine For Light Skin Tightening

These are the lasers that use high energy and can be ablative and non-ablative.

The first option is mainly used to treat acne, remove tattoos, remove hair, and even cut skin for surgery. Ablative lasers are good at treating superficial tissue and creating controlled damage, but this option is not used for cellulite. Otherwise, you would have to cut through the skin to get to it.

Non-ablative lasers work through short energy pulses that stimulate collagen production. It can tighten your skin a little bit, but its generally superficial enough to get to cellulite, which sits pretty deep in the skin.

Separately, it is worth mentioning Cellulaze, a technology that is a household name for anyone interested in laser therapy for cellulite. Its a type of ablative hot laser customized specifically for cellulite removal.

It is suitable for cases of mild to moderate cellulite. However, the results wont work forever, it lasts for about a year on average.

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Wood Therapy Before And After Results

Wood therapy gives great results that can be seen after 4-5 treatments.

Effects you can expect:

  • expelling excess water from the body
  • faster metabolism

As with most treatments, dont expect cellulite to instantly recede. Wood therapy requires discipline and a certain number of repetitions. Nothing is possible overnight, not even this.

Make sure to schedule the wood therapy treatments so that they are repeated at shorter intervals, just enough so that the cellulite does not relax.

In the meantime, by no means overdo it with fats and carbohydrates, because in that way you are not helping the one who is doing the therapy. However, it would be good to exercise, that is, to assign yourself some type of physical activity. It can also be a walk.

The result will not be missing.

The Dos & Donts Before A Massage Appointment


I remember my first-ever massage. I was nervous about undressing in front of a stranger who would also work on my body.

If the next appointment would be your first, its totally normal to feel this way. Putting the following steps in mind can help you have a great first experience.

Even if youve been into massaging for a while, reading these tips would get your comfort to a whole new level.

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Communicate With The Therapist

Generally, therapists would have you fill a form before your appointment. It should tell them whether you have anything that needs special attention. Nevertheless, its always better to restate these facts right before you begin.

Talk about things that might feel tinder with the massage pressure. This includes pregnancy, injuries, broken bones, surgeries, etc.

Also, remember to warn the therapist about your allergies. Even if you think it wont matter, itd be safer to avoid oils and lotions containing such allergens.

If youre uncomfortable about the therapist touching a certain area of your body, its perfectly normal to discuss it. You can ask to completely exclude it or find a way thatd be less awkward.

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What Is The Process Like

Wood therapy is an efficient way of reshaping the body without harming the skin or tissue, such is the case with surgical contouring procedures. Each wooden instrument has a specific use for a particular area of the body. Wood therapy will help eliminate stored fat in different parts of your body. Thus you can tone and lift your butt, for example, without having costly, painful, or invasive plastic surgery.

This natural therapy also minimizes the amount of time taken off work and other responsibilities. Furthermore, many people are afraid of anesthesia or needles, while others may be afraid of the pain from the surgery and during recovery. For these patients, wood therapy is an effective and holistic alternative.

Vacuum Butt Lift Center Spa also offers facial wood therapy services by our trained therapists. Facial wood therapy is a natural method that tones and tightens the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and contours the face. This process works by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen, and by improving blood circulation. The result is rejuvenated and healthier skin.

Wood therapy is taking off in the cosmetic and spa industries. More than 20,000 spas in the United States are offering this service, like Vacuum Butt Lift Center, which is based in New York City in Staten Island. At Vacuum Butt Lift Center, we offer a range of non-surgical body sculpting treatments to our clients.

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Let Me Tell You It Was Amazing

Ive been following Julie for a while and have been dying to get in for Wood Therapy and MLD. I booked an appointment in July for MLD but I was lucky enough to snag up a last-minute appointment for Wood Therapy, and let me tell you, it was AMAZING! Julie explained the process and was so helpful and sweet during the whole thing. Im 9 months post-partum with twins so Ive been looking for a way to help get my stomach back to where it was. I felt a huge difference after just one session and will definitely be booking more in the near future!

How Can A Laser Remove Cellulite

Amazing results after just 2 PureSculpt Treatments!

Laser treatment of cellulite is a minimally traumatic method of correction of fat deposits by laser, which photoacoustically destroys fat cells and fibrous bands holding the orange peel with a short rehabilitation period and a fast and permanent aesthetic effect.

The laser has a complex effect on the treated area: it breaks down fat cells, activates collagen synthesis by deep tissue heating, coagulates vessels, and increases skin turgor.

A powerful collagen framework is formed in the area of the procedure, which allows for durable and long-lasting results.

Actually, the lasers of different brands differ slightly in the way they work or how the procedure works. And thats logical, otherwise, there wouldnt be so many different options. However, the general principle that weve described is the same everywhere.

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Think About The Massage Type

How much do you know about massages? If you think theyre merely a great way to relax, then you need to do a quick google search.

Massaging has become much more versatile lately. For instance, deep tissue massages aim to alleviate chronic muscle pain and aid in faster injury rehabilitation.

Another type called Shiatsu focuses on certain pressure points in your body that are thought to induce bursts of energy. Bowen, Reiki, and crystal therapy are other great massages that I wont discuss to keep things simple.

After reading about the different massages out there and deciding what suits you, youll be left with a quite similar task.

Just like doctors, not all massage therapists can do everything youve read about. Call and ask the receptionists about the available services. They can also recommend alternatives if they dont serve what you need.

Try Cryo T Shock For Cellulite Removal

The best way to get an understanding of how cryo t-shock works and the positive impact that it can have is to try it for yourself.

Make an appointment for one introductory session or buy a package deal of sessions to save money and start your journey to a better-looking and feeling body.

If youre wondering what to expect from cellulite reduction treatments, speak to an expert who can help you learn more. We offer a free cryo consultation to discuss your goals and answer any questions that you may have about the process.

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What Is The Brazilian Maderotherapy

Brazilian maderotherapy , is a body sculpting treatment. As its name suggests, is a therapy that involves the application of a wooden tools different sizes, especially designed to adapt to different parts of the body.

It is considered a holistic technique able to contour the body, reduce stress, and relieve muscular pains and joint.

Brazilian Maderotherapy treatment is designed to operate on the principle of high and low pressure using a vacuum. This treatment is combining wooden cups vacuum and lymphatic drainage therapy therefore, it is working on a much deeper level than traditional wood therapy.

Each session lasts about 45-60 minutes, and you can see changes from the third session, although we recommend a full cycle of 10 sessions for satisfactory results. Treatments to be performed every day, or if clients are hypersensitive, every other day. Number of cycles/block of treatments needed, will depend on the client.

Tool set for Brazilian maderotherapy treatment consist of five specially designed wooden cups of different sizes that create a vacuum on the skin.

The benefits of Brazilian maderotherapy treatment:

1. Break down of the fat cells

2. Body contouring aka Brazilian but lift

3. Faster and improved lymphatic drainage.

4. Improved circulation

5. Improved fascia health

6. Immediate result

You can learn this fantastic wood therapy technique by taking a group or an individual course, online or virtual training course.

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