Can You Put Solo Stove On Wood Deck

Can You Use Charcoal In A Solo Stove

Solo Stove Yukon Review | Is It Really Smokeless and Worth It???

the solo stove works okay as an alternative means of starting a charcoal grill. It is much harder for the stove to get a solid briquette going compared to lump charcoal broken into small pieces no larger than 1-2 in size.

Can I use Duraflame logs in Solo stove? Can you use duraflame in Solo stove? The Duraflame site states that, they only burn with flames and do not generate adequate coals for cooking. I would not use a Duraflame-type log in a Solo stove. The Solo stoves are all double-walled to perform the gasifier function burn quick and hot.

Is it OK to burn wood with nails in it?

Can you burn wood that has nails in it? Yes, its fine to burn wood with nails in it. In most situations, the nails will simply fall into the ash. But, youll have to clean this out later.

Is burning cardboard illegal? No exemptions are allowed for burning plastics and household garbage. In recognition of limited availability of waste services in some of the more rural and sparsely populated areas of California, some exemptions may be allowed to burn paper and cardboard, and to use burn barrels, in designated geographic areas.

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Can You Use A Solo Stove On A Deck Or Concrete Patio

Learn whether you can safely use the Solo Stove on a deck, whether wooden or composite, or a concrete patio.

Whether you have the Solo Stove Bonfire, Yukon, or Ranger, weve got you covered.

Lets go!

The Solo Stove Fire Pit is fast becoming very popular as high-quality stainless steel warmer and cooker, but with the heat this Stove emits, many people ask whether it is safe to use a Solo Stove on concrete or a deck.

You can use the Solo Stove on a deck and concrete, as long as you use a Solo Stove Stand and a heat resistant barrier for a fire pit underneath it to protect the surface.

The Solo Stove will get extremely hot while burning, and for softer materials like composite decking, its advisable to have some additional protection.

Lets look closer at using the Solo Stove on these two different surfaces and better understand how to use it without damaging the decking, concrete, or the Solo Stove itself.

Thinking about buying a new Solo Stove Fire Pit or Camp Stove?

Make sure to check out our Ultimate Comparison Guide to Solo Stoves first!

Is The Yukon Solo Stove Worth It

It’s a great design that lets the pit suck air through the wood the entire time a fire is lit. But that design also comes with a downside: It burns wood hotter and faster than most fires, ripping through my soft fir logs in no time. In my experience, it will reduce a medium-size log to glowing ash in about 30 minutes.7 . 2020 .


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Can You Use A Solo Stove Under A Covered Patio

It depends on the type of covered patio. It should have a high ceiling and should be open for increased ventilation. You should never use wood-burning fire pits on a covered patio or deck as a general rule of thumb. Wood fires release highly combustible creosote, embers, and sparks which can cause damage to all kinds of flooring and house structures.

In addition, wood-burning fires are much more difficult to contain and regulate, making them too hazardous to use on covered patios. If you have to use the Stove, ensure that your fire stays small. Its easy to underestimate how much heat rises or how high flames can get once a fire is underway.

Always check above your Solo Stove site just as carefully as you check the vicinity and the base youre setting it on. Think about how the wind might blow the flames and how big the fire will be.

Solo Stove recommends leaving up to 20 feet between the Stove and any overhanging structure. This includes low branches, awnings, or patio overhangs. The fire will produce a lot of heat, and even if it doesnt set fire to the overhang, it could cause a lot of damage.

An overhanging structure will prevent the Stove from ventilating as effectively and could trap fumes down around the Stove. If youre sitting nearby, this is dangerous. Its much better to let the fires output dissipate freely into the sky without the interference of overhanging structures. The bottom line is that using a Solo stove under a covered patio is not advisable.

Where Are Solo Fire Pits Made

Solo Stove Review with Backyard Brian
  • Is Solo Stove made in the USA? Solo Stove is based in Texas, but the stoves are manufactured in China. Who owns Solo Stove? Jeff Jan owns Solo Stove. Is Solo Stove really smokeless? The Solo Stove is nearly smokeless. In comparison to other fire pits, the smoke output is significantly lower. Can you use a Solo Stove on a deck?

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What Should I Put Under My Fire Pit

Heat Shields Regardless of the location of the fire pit, putting a heat shield under the pit will protect the surface from fire and heat damage. Heat shields are fairly portable and easy to use. No assembly is needed simply place one under the fire pit on a flat surface, and light your fire without any worry.

Solo Stoves Shouldnt Be Set Up On Flammable Surfaces

Its really important to check what your Solo Stove is standing on, especially if youre camping or in areas with lots of potential fuel. Remember how hot the stove is going to get, and think about what its in contact with.

If youre camping or lighting your stove out in nature, make sure you clear the space where youre going to stand your stove, and the nearby area. Solo Stove recommends getting rid of all nearby flammable materials, and stresses that anything highly flammable, such as gasoline, should not be stored anywhere near the stove.

You should think about how far a fire could potentially spread if the Solo Stove accidentally got overturned, and use this as a guide for how much you need to clear. Take into account how dry the ground and surrounding area is as well wet ground doesnt present such a big risk, but dry ground can catch fire very easily.

Err on the side of caution and move more material than you need to, maximizing the safety.

If youre camping in an area with grass, moss, leaves, etc., consider building a couple of rings of stones around your stove. Clear away flammable material within the rings.

These stones will help you to ensure you have a good circle of safety around the stove, and will also serve as fire breaks if you do get sparks or anything else which could cause a fire.

Practice good habits and always ensure the vicinity is clear of flammable and highly flammable materials before you light up your Solo Stove.

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Can You Use The Solo Stove On A Wooden Deck

Your solo stove might be expensive but you will be amazed at how efficient it can be. Solo stoves are currently the ideal option for all kinds of bonfire nights and its not so surprising that any firewood log will work.

Solo stove lets you enjoy all your outdoor entertainment and it is more suitable for camping compared to a traditional fire pit. However, there are a couple of precautions you have to take when using the solo stove.

Solo stoves emit less heat than other types of fire pits but this is more reason you have to be careful with them. This bonfire is also very expensive however it is considered to be for very good reason, it is very durable and most come with a lifetime warranty as well. Solo stoves are designed for adventures.

Yes, you can use the solo stove on a wooden deck but you will have to use the solo stove stand or have a heat-resistant barrier placed underneath. Placing your solo stove on a wooden deck is possible but prolonged use without the solos stove stand can cause the heat to damage the deck. So, never place your solos stove directly on a wooden deck, it can weaken or potentially damage the deck.

One of the ways you can enjoy your solo stove is to have it placed in the right place that wont have you worried about fire. The solo stove is so unlike other fire pits and while its quite amazing, you want to protect your deck from it as well.

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Can You Put A Portable Fire Pit On A Deck

ANSWERED: How do I put the fire out in my Solo Stove fire pit?

If youre looking to add a touch of ambiance to your deck or patio, a portable fire pit is a great option. But before you buy one, there are a few things you need to consider. First, check with your local fire department to see if there are any restrictions on open flames in your area. If there are, portable fire pits may not be allowed. Next, take a look at your deck. Is it made of wood or composite material? If so, youll need to be sure to choose a fire pit thats designed for use on a wooden deck. Some models have special stands that help protect the deck from the heat. Finally, think about how much space you have. Portable fire pits come in a variety of sizes, so youll need to make sure you choose one that will fit comfortably on your deck. Once youve considered all of these factors, youre ready to shop for a portable fire pit.

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Can You Use Solo Stove In Snow

While our camping and stove-use isn’t nearly as often in the winter than the summer, it’s been fun to use it in the snow and will update this with summer use later in the year too. The Solo Stove is built for camping, survival and backpacking. It’s light and portable and doesn’t require special fuel besides wood.

Are Solo Stoves Worth It

  • Solo Stoves arent cheap, but you do get what you pay for, so keep that in mind. Yes, these smokeless fire pits are expensive, but theyre well worth the price, in my opinion. On top of that, their fire pits were heavily discounted at last check, which brings the total cost down substantially.

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Are Solo Stoves Safe On A Deck

Theres nothing better than sitting around a fire pit in your yard, toasting marshmallows over the flames. Solo Stoves are especially great for this as theyre virtually smokeless and get less hot than other models but are they ok to use on your decking?

Solo Stoves are safe to use on both wood or Trex decking, provided you also use the Solo Stove stand or a heat-resistant fire pit barrier underneath. Although Solo Stoves emit less heat than other types of fire pits, they could still damage your deck over prolonged periods of use.

Lets look in more detail at why Solo Stoves are fine on both wood and Trex decks, how they direct heat and why you should use that stand we mentioned or a fire pit barrier. Well also consider just how hot these stoves get on the outside, and if theyre ok to use on a covered deck, porch or patio.

About The Solo Stove Bonfire

At Home With The Solo Stove Bonfire

This Solo Stove design is a standout option as far as fire pit cookers go. The portable fire pit allows you to enjoy a campfire in your backyard or on a camping trip with the same efficiency. Every Solo stove product is a testament to superb design, and this fire pit doesnt fall short of that mark.

Once you have a good burn session going, theres almost less smoke to deal with than usual, which is one of the standout features. By the time the fire burns out, theres virtually no ash, which is more than you can say for some other fire pits out there. Even if you have a little car camping outing, this stainless steel Solo fire pit has you covered.

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Solo Stoves Dont Belong Beneath Low Overhangs

Its easy to underestimate just how much heat rises, or how high flames can get once a fire is really underway. If youre very focused on checking the immediate surroundings for potential problems, you might forget to look up dont.

Always check above your Solo Stove site just as carefully as you would check the vicinity and the base youre setting it on. Think about which way the wind might blow the flames, and how big the fire is going to be. As always, its better to be safe than sorry, so be extra cautious.

Solo Stove recommends leaving up to 20 feet between the stove and any overhanging structure. This includes low branches, awnings, or patio overhangs. The fire will produce a lot of heat, and even if it doesnt actually set fire to the overhang, it could cause a lot of damage to it.

Remember too that an overhanging structure will prevent the stove from ventilating as effectively, and could trap fumes down around the stove. If youre sitting nearby, this is dangerous. Its much better to let the fires output dissipate freely into the sky, without the interference of overhanging structures.

Precautions To Adhere To While Using A Solo Stove

Like all fire pits, Solo stoves should be handled with care, and this is because fires are unpredictable and can easily get out of control in a matter of seconds. These are a few precautionary steps you need to take in using a Solo stove or any fire pit for that matter:

1. Be sure to place the stove in an area free of cutter or flammable materials like dry leaves, papers, and the likes because embers can fly from the stove and land on such materials, thereby starting a fire.

2. If it is possible to keep the wood deck where you will be placing your Solo stove dry, then do so to ensure that any ember that lands on the wood will die because of the wetness of the wood.

3. Do not use your Solo stove on your wood deck on very windy days despite every precautionary measure you have. For starters, the wind can cause the stove to sway and fall, and the wind can cause the embers and Sparks to fly faster and farther, thereby increasing the risk of a fire outbreak.

4. Ensure that you have at least 6 feet vertical distance between your solo stove and any overhanging structure. The heat from the stove can damage these overhanging structures like awnings, branches, patio overhangs, and the like.

5. Ensure that you have at least a fire-fighting material close by using your Solo stove. A bucket of sand or fire extinguisher should be handy as you enjoy your fire pit so that you are prepared if the fire goes out of control.

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Can I Have A Propane Fire Pit On My Deck

Propane Fire Pits for Decks. For most decks, propane fire pits will be the most suitable choice. … In fact, you can not only use them on your deck, but also on your patio or in your backyard. But if you have a large concrete deck, you can also consider a wood-burning fire pit to produce a campfire experience.Feb 28, 2021


Its Doable But Not Advised

How to Light The Solo Stove YUKON

Though its not the most efficient process, you could theoretically cook over it by getting a grill grate. However, you should still err on the side of caution since its not the intention of the design. Additionally, though the design lends itself to being easy to clean, that premise applies to the ash left when the bonfire is done.

Some foods can present a challenge to clean if they were to fall in, and you dont want to have to deal with that. Even if you do get a grill grate, use a pot or a pan just to be safe.

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Can I Use Duraflame Logs In Solo Stove

Can you use duraflame in Solo stove? The Duraflame site states that, they only burn with flames and do not generate adequate coals for cooking. I would not use a Duraflame-type log in a Solo stove. The Solo stoves are all double-walled to perform the gasifier function burn quick and hot.Apr 19, 2021


What Can I Put Under My Fire Pit To Protect My Deck

Use Pavers Underneath the Fire Pit There are specially made fire pit mats, which are made to withstand the extremely high temperatures a pit can reach. Or simply arrange pavers or bricks in the area where your fire pit will be placed. These will protect the deck from being damaged by high temperatures.Dec 4, 2018


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Does Solo Stove Keep You Warm

4. Does the Solo Stove give off substantial heat? We have found that it gives off quite a bit of heat, plenty for a family to keep warm, and I’ve even found myself having to back away from it a little. We have had as many as five people around it at one time, and there was plenty of heat to keep everyone warm.


Hotter Fire & Less Smoke Means No Campfire Smell

Can You Put a Solo Stove On A Wood Deck?

Have you ever spent the night around a fire, then smelled like thick smoke for the rest of the day so strong that your significant other didnt want to lay next to you?

You know, the kind of smoke smell where you have to wash your clothes and scrub yourself hard in the shower to get it out.

With the Solo Stove Bonfire, your clothes wont smell like smoke!

One of Solo Stoves key features is their patented air-intake system that allows for hotter air to feed the fire, causing a secondary combustion, resulting in a hotter fire and less smoke.

And it actually works!

Note that low smoke doesnt mean NO smoke!

You will still see smoke coming from the fire, especially when you first light it while the smaller twigs first start burning. However, Kayla and I have found that there is significantly less smoke than a regular camp fire and this helps a lot with the campfire smell.

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