Black Wood Farmhouse Dining Chairs

Shabby Chic Dining Chairs

Rustic Farmhouse Dining Chair

Shabby chic dining chairs are very popular so let Country Life Furniture provide you with a bespoke dining chair set so that you stand out from the crowd, with a mix of styles and colours to create your perfect look. You can even incorporate a bench alongside your shabby chic dining chairs, sized to fit your table and space perfectly.

How To Choose The Perfect Dining Chair

Your standard kitchen or dining room table without extra leaves installed generally fits four chairs. Measure out any size table and the chairs you’re considering and be sure to leave enough elbow room for everyone6 inches or more between chairs. Also important to consider: whether or not armchairs will fit under your existing table or the one you’re considering. To maximize space, choose stackable or foldable dining chairs that get out of the way when not in use.

Black Farmhouse Wood Chairs

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Measuring For Successful Delivery

When choosing a piece of furniture, it’s common to consider the measurements of the room. However, it is also important to think through a few more things like whether or not the furniture will fit through all doorways, or will it cross through your stairs?

Here are some measurements that you should consider before you order a large piece of furniture, so that it reaches its destined area in the house successfully, without much hassle.

~ Take the following measurements to make sure that the furniture fits ~

1 The height of your entryway.

2 The width of your entryway.

3 In case of stairs, measure the width.

4 Width of corners in stairs or passages & clearance to the next wall.

5 Height of the ceiling or overhang on stairs.

6 Width of interior doorways and clearance to the opposite wall.

8 Height from floor to any low-hanging fixtures in the way.

Note:For apartments and multi-story homes with elevators, it is important to measure the height and width of the insides, along with the elevatorâs opening and its distance from the opposite wall.

Follow these steps to ensure a smooth delivery of your furniture. Many a time, just an inch of space can make all of the difference and save you the time and energy when moving large furniture pieces.

There could also be times when you have your eyes set on furniture that you donât think would fit in. This is when Our

Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables

Shop Safavieh Country Farmhouse Dining Bradford x Back Antiqued Black ...

Every item of Country Life furniture is made from reclaimed wood, making us the perfect choice for anyone who wants bespoke and beautiful designs without impacting the health of our planet.

Find out more about our stunning range of products and get exclusive special offers by entering your email below to sign up to newsletter.

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Explore Different Types Of Farmhouse Dining Chairs And Get The One That Suits You Best

Some different variations and varieties gather around the farmhouse style décor concept and it all depends on your choices and taste and how you want your farmhouse dining area to look like. Let’s read further to get some kind of ideas on how you can decorate your farmhouse dining place with dining room chairs for more of a relaxed and beautified look.

1. Vintage Kitchen Farmhouse Dining Chairs -: Vintage farmhouse chairs are mostly exclusive and classic in ll the literal sense of the word. The vintage wood collection comes in both dark tones and soft tones and when put together with a little mix-up, this setup will make your farmhouse kitchen a beautiful place to dine in.

2. White Farmhouse Dining Chairs -: While we have talked about the neutral palette tones of the furniture, white is one of those colors which would always be more loved and preferred. Especially, for a farmhouse style, white aesthetics and the classic collection with a dark-toned table will give you the perfect dining setup.

3. Upholstered Chairs Are Always The Key -:Upholstered Chairs are not only inviting and comfortable for your dining area but they also accentuate your interiors and give a perfect style statement with texture and grace. Upholstered chairs can put an end to all your confusion, once it gets set up properly.

Farmhouse Style Mobile Home Dining Room

I shared on another post called, DIY Rustic Farmhouse Faux Fireplace and Mantel, how to build the mantel that you see here in the dining room. There is a fairly narrow space between the dining room table and the wall, so this was the perfect solution for having a space to decorate. It was originally brown, but after painting the chairs, I really felt like it would look best if it also got a makeover.

I used the same black chalk paint as I did on the chairs and the same technique. I love the finished results of this space! Its simple and easy to keep clean.

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Farmhouse Dining Chairs Australia

Farmhouses are a way of creating a relaxed environment for yourself and your family, away from all the chaos that the city noises create. However, decorating the interiors and producing all the brainstorming ideas is not always possible and can be tiring too. Moreover, an affordable décor like modern farmhouse dining chairs for your farmhouse can enhance and lighten the mood of the whole space without taking any extra effort. So, let’s go know more about the types and styles of farmhouse chairs that would help you to get the look for your farmhouses that you want.

Farmhouse Dining décor is a term that is mostly used by designers in the context of the country décor and country-style looks. Farmhouse dining chairs are mostly made up of all the old solid wood that gives a rustic style appearance with neutral tones and a woody palette. Farmhouse looks are always a style statement. Moreover, with a perfect aesthetic blend in with your interiors, the farmhouse would all look and provide you with a relaxed ambiance with perfect country-style vibes.

How Your Furniture Will Be Delivered

DIY Farmhouse Dining Table MAKEOVER

XPO picks your items for delivery and then deliver the items as per their pre-set priorities. XPO will call you to arrange a day for delivery.

FedEx picks your item when it clears mandatory custom duties. FedEx will deliver the item to you at their pre-set priorities without giving any call. It takes 6-7 business days for them to deliver you the item at your doorsteps.

Note : Tracking of your package gets activated only when it is picked up by our freight partner.

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New Black Dining Chairs + Spring Dining Room Tour

Hello there, friends! I hope everyone is hanging in there and not going too stir-crazy at home. Now more than ever though I think is the time to hold fast and keep fighting the good fight to stay home until we flatten the curve, as they say! I hope this blog can be a source of inspiration and an escape from any boredom, loneliness, or fears you might have during this time so thank you for stopping by to visit my Spring Dining Room Tour and to see our New Black Dining Chairs! Additionally Ill be sharing a round up of my favorite black dining chairs that I considered at the end of this post to stay tuned for that!

If you missed my post last week with my Styled Studio McGee for Target pieces you can check that out here, along with my spring living room here, and spring bedroom here. *Also, this post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure policy here.

Adding black to your home in furniture, accessories and lighting right now can ironically make it feel so fresh and new. The contrast is pleasing to the eye and the color gives it a cozy, modern feel, especially paired with greenery.

They are actually really comfortable but I have to say they are the best for not having to worry about spills or anything else so they would be great if you have kids and pets around, or really messy adults ~ haha!

I love the curves of the design and that they are modern but not too modern.

Types Of Dining Chairs

Choose a style and feel that matches the look and level of comfort you want. From elegant upholstered dining chairs with comfy padding that’s good for formal dining, to rustic, cushioned farmhouse chairs made from solid wood and the modern look of clear plastic shells over steel and chrome-plated legs, there’s a type of dining chair for any setting. To free up room in tighter areas, select space saving stackable powder-coated metal chairs or foldable wooden chairs. Find a comfortable seat at breakfast with a swivel chair with adjustable height, a bowl-shaped seat and rounded backrest. Or get cozy in handwoven rattan and bamboo seats over steel legs while enjoying a pot of tea in the afternoon.

From there ask yourself a deeply personal question: do I want a dining chair with armrests or a side chair without that slides in easier under any table. Go with the traditional or modern look of cross back, ladder back, slat back chairs or Queen Anne chairs with or without armrests and featuring a variety of woods. These dining room or kitchen chairs are as comfy as they are customizable: choose the color of your chair and select one or more chair pads in a variety of fabrics and looks. Select armless parsons chairs with built-in lumbar support and a style that you choosethe interchangeable liners or chair covers are available in a variety of colors and fabrics.

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Why Should You Purchase Farmhouse Dining Chairs

You can say, that there is a lot of hype surrounding the whole concept of the country-style Dining chairs and décor. However, in all these theories, it’s important to know if it is worth investing in a farmhouse dining chair and if yes, then why. If you’re looking to purchase dining chairs in Sydney, dining chairs in Melbourne, dining chairs in Brisbane or any part of Australia for your existing furniture, there are some factors that might attract you towards farmhouse dining chairs.

  • One of the best things about farmhouse dining chairs is that it still favors very natural materials that can be named as reclaimed wood, stone, wicker, and cotton upholstery. Furthermore, the matte finish and low shine materials, make the country-chic feeling all the more worth it.
  • The typical neutral color theory of the farmhouse chairs engages and encourages variations and varieties to be mixed and used. There is various texture and they add visual interest, contrast, and deepen the beauty of your dining area.
  • The farmhouse modern dining chairs usually use a blend of metal accents and rustic wood giving them a weathered look. Mostly, the color palettes for these dining chairs are either set up in a warm tone, cool tone, earth tone, or natural blues and greens.

Features Of Farmhouse Dining Chairs

Noble House Erica Farmhouse Spindle

Farmhouse dining chairs mostly use a technique of mixing up the old décor with the modern classic one and providing a very new look altogether. Hence, there are some unique features of country style dining chairs that make them rare and different from all the other styles

  • Firstly, the very first feature of farmhouse chairs is that while it tends to reflect and base the rural architecture, it also brings out the modern aesthetics with a twist of rustic charm.
  • Secondly, farmhouse dining chairs embraces both the old traditions and the new modern classic appearance providing the comforts of both a cozy as well as a perfectly stylish furnishing, further prioritizing simplicity and practicality.
  • With simple flourishes even simpler neutral color tones, and a weathered worn-out look, farmhouse chairs makes it practical in both its forms and functions.
  • Lastly, the farmhouse dining chairs equips for imperfections and distressed finishing. The scratched designs the knots on the wood collection and the weathered metal while choosing metal accents to reverberate the whole look beautifully.

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Dining Chair Cushions With Ties

As an optional extra, we offer dining chair cushions with ties to fit most of our farmhouse dining chairs. Dining chair cushions are custom made and are available in a variety of stylish and timeless fabrics that will set off your table and chair set beautifully. Dining chair cushion covers are 100% cotton and zipped so that they are easily machine washable. Non-zipped, spot clean cushions are also available.

  • Non-zipped cushions for chairs £50 each
  • Zipped cushions that are machine washable £55 each

Choose Stain : As Shown

    No. 502 Two Tone Black
    No. 501 Two Tone Blue
    No. 503 Two Tone White
    No. 505 Two Tone Grey
    No. 504 Two Tone Dark Blue
    No. 506 Two Tone Green
    No. 502 Two Tone Black
    No. 501 Two Tone Blue
    No. 503 Two Tone White
    No. 505 Two Tone Grey
    No. 504 Two Tone Dark Blue
    No. 506 Two Tone Green
    No. 502 Two Tone Black
    No. 501 Two Tone Blue
    No. 503 Two Tone White
    No. 505 Two Tone Grey
    No. 504 Two Tone Dark Blue
    No. 506 Two Tone Green

72″ L X 72″ D X 31″ H

As Shown


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Get in your Size, Stain and WoodCustom shop is Open… Get Started

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How To Chair A Successful Event

The recipe for a fab dinner party? Put half your energy into the food and drink. A quarter into the guest list. And the rest goes into seating. Thatâs because everyone knows a good chair takes the whole evening up a notch. Upholstered. High backed. Mid-century mod. Whatever your taste or style, youâll find just the right seating to clinch the title of âHost with the Mostâ.

  • Easy assembly
  • Designed with comfort in mind
  • Durable enough for everyday use

A Knightâs tale

Hereâs the story of a furniture brand with an eye towards design and value. We think your home should look like a castle â without costing a kingâs ransom to furnish.

Style for days

From traditional to mod, and everything in between, we have the most popular styles that stand the test of time.

Well made & well appointed

We pride ourselves on quality and craftsmanship. If our products don’t look good-or make you feel good-we’re not satisfied.

An eye for details

From fabrics to finishes and patterns to prints, we’re big on all the little things because we know they create a lot of wow.

Farmhouse Black Wood Dining Chairs

How To Paint Over Glossy Wood Furniture! Farmhouse Chair Tutorial

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Black Wooden Farmhouse Chair

Farmhouse : Dining Chairs & Benches

Create a welcoming setup with dining chairs that help transform your space. Elevate your open kitchen, breakfast counter or dining room with the right furniture & comfy seating. Check out to find a variety of dining room chairs, from clean-lined, minimal wood or rattan chairs to traditional upholstered armchairs for your formal dining room. Keep things clean & elegant with modern dining chairs or go vintage with mid-century modern designs that combine style & functionality. Embrace a casual, rustic aesthetic with farmhouse-style dining table & chairs with ladderback accents, usually made of wood or powder-coated steel. Need ideas to spruce up your traditional dining room? Make a decor statement with an accent chair like a dining armchair or a high-back chair with upholstered armrests. It brings luxurious comfort & pops of pattern with velvet or tufted upholstery. Mix it up with upholstered ottoman, stools & benches for a more casual setup. A mix of stationery & swivel styles work great as dining room chair for creating a dynamic seating style. Make room for more with side chairs, side benches & barstools that fit great in less traditional settings like a kitchen table or an eat-in counter. Stackable chairs also make a versatile pick for space-saving dining room decor.

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