Best 5 Woods For High Handicappers

Mw8 Moon Wood Premium Golf Fairway Wood


The MW8 from Autopilot golf is the top choice for us. It has a very pleasant and premium look with necessary features to help the high handicappers most. Though the Autopilot Golf is a relatively new brand that started their journey in 2015, the build quality and the performance of the MW8 has marked its position among golfers wishlist.

You will have a good distance covered with the MW8. And for that, you should not face any difficulties to control your shot. The club offers various flexes like stiff, regular or senior and lofts as well. As the MW8 is shorter in length compared to other traditional clubs, it is easier to lift and control. You can be confident of having a high launch, and long distance if you connect well, even if you miss the center the MW8 gives a pretty good distance.

The Moon Wood is constructed with a graphite shaft and stainless steel clubhead. It has a premium matte color finish. And the thin club head design is very appealing in eyes. No matter if you are a left or right handed golfer, you will find both in the market. And loft angles? The MW8 Moon Wood offers 4 different loft angles.

Things we liked

  • Generates enough distance on mis-hits too
  • Premium outlook in a very much affordable price
  • Flex adjusting features

Things that can be improved

  • Shorter than usual fairway wood lengths

Why is this fairway wood best for high handicappers?

Wilson Staff Launchpad Mens Golf Fairway Wood

In order to hit a fairway wood from the fairway and hit it well, you will need a lightweight golf club design. The Wilson Staff LaunchPad is one of the lightweight golf clubs on the market with a very large sweet spot. The idea behind the LaunchPad is that you can get more clubhead speed and higher launch angles regardless of your swing speed.

The Wilson Staff LaunchPad is an easier to hit club than many of the others on the market. If you want to hit the ball consistently higher and get the ball out of the rough, this could be a good golf club to consider. When you hit fairway woods with a slower swing speed, there can be quite a bit of dispersion the LaunchPad helps to control some of that.


  • Distance will not be quite as long as some other fairway woods on the market

What Fairway Woods Should I Carry

From rocket 3-woods to soft-landing 11-woods, we help you decide!

This depends on three factors.

First, what ability level are you? Fairway woods are more forgiving than long irons, so if you are a beginner or a high handicap player weâd recommend putting as many fairway woods in the bag as possible, providing the lofts and gapping are correct. If you are a better player, then which woods you carry will depend on the following two factors.

Loft and gapping is the next point to mention. Fairway woods have to be able to fill the gap in the bag from the driver to your irons. Therefore, knowing how far you hit each club gives you insight into which yardages you need to fill with fairway woods. The best way of doing this is on a launch monitor with an experienced PGA professional or custom-fitter.

The final factor is the type of golf course do you play on? If you play a lot of links golf, then youâll likely need to hit lower penetrating shots, whereas inland or parkland golf requires you to hit shots that fly higher and land softer on the fairway or green. Fairway woods are definitely more suited to target parkland golf rather than fast-running firm linksland golf.

The same logic applies to playing golf in windy conditions. Fairway woods are usually designed to give higher launch which makes them difficult to control in the wind, especially when compared to long irons or driving and utility irons.

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What Is The Most Forgiving 5 Wood

There are a lot of excellent forgiving 5 woods, and all of the best 5 woods on our list above are quite forgiving. However, if youre looking for the most forgiving 5 wood, then we suggest trying the TaylorMade SIM Titanium Fairway Wood or the TaylorMade M6 Fairway Wood.

These fairway woods have every technology needed to give maximum forgiveness and to keep your ball in play, including an incredible sweet spot. So, keep in mind that the length can be affected tremendously when just hitting the ball anywhere other than the sweet spot on the clubface.

Callaway Rogue St Max Fairway Woods

Top 5 Best Fairway Woods for High Handicappers [2022 Review]

If you want a forgiving, easy to hit fairway wood, you will love the new series. These are the fastest woods Callaway has ever made and come in the normal Max version or Max-D . Both are a mid-launching fairway wood that is ideal for the everyday golfer.

Heres why they made the Golf Digest Gold List in 2022:

  • A.I. designed face is optimized for launch and spin.
  • Jailbreak frames provide tons of stability at impact for increased accuracy.
  • 27 gram high density tungsten to lower spin and promote higher ball speed.

Not to mention, its crazy long. According to Callaway, Our longest fairway wood ever and up to 10 yards longer claim is based on player testing across a range of player handicaps of Rogue ST Max 3W vs. Epic Max 3W.

You can choose from a huge selection of stock shafts including:


  • Tons of loft options 3W to 11W lofts.
  • Massive selection of stock shafts way more than competitors.
  • The Max-D version offers a draw bias head to help straighten out slices.


  • No adjustable hosel .

These new Callaway fairway woods are available in tons of lofts ranging from 15 degrees all the way to 27 degrees . And everything in between, including an easy to hit 20 degree heaven wood which can replace those hard to hit long irons.

> > Order your Rogue ST Max fairway woods here or here.

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Best Fairway Woods For High Handicappers 2022 Get The Best For Beginners Here

Most people in golf rush to their Drivers and Irons without much consideration for their mid to long range game and the quality of Fairway Woods they are wielding.

Fairway woods are pivotal to a quality game of golf off the tee and from the fairway.

If you are just starting to play golf, you should not overlook the usefulness of fairway woods. And if you are a high handicapper or an average player who is trying everything to shave strokes off their round and get closer to the green in fewer strokes, a good fairway wood may be the unique solution you have been searching for.

For a high handicapper, we are looking at a couple of criteria in our woods:

  • They have to be forgiving, with a big face and consistent when struck anywhere on the face.

  • They have to be easy launching so we arentt hitting the ball along the ground too often.

  • They have to be configured correctly with the right shaft flex and length, as with every club.

They also have to suit all budgets, many will not want to overspend on clubs as high handicappers and others will to try and take thier game to the next level. With that being said, lets jump straight into todays list.

At A Glance

Taylormade M4 Fairway Wood Review:

The M4 fairway wood secures 4.5 stars being better than its previous version and providing greater forgiveness and a better moment of inertia.

Multi-material Composition:

This fairway wood provides more forgiveness than others as it has a multi-material composition. The M4 fairway wood offers maximum distance and forgiveness through a larger sweet spot and various launch conditions. Besides, the mass pad divides its weight into the outward areas of the clubhead. It preserves the ball speed for the shots hit off-center.

Face Material:

Thus, the TaylorMade M4 has an updated face material thats stronger and thinner for improving its durability and speed. It is a part of their new technology incorporated in the M4 wood. It increases the clubface area and minimizes the ball speed on off-center impacts providing an increased distance more often.

Strong and Durable:

Besides, the material of the face is stronger and more durable than the last edition. The wood is available in two styles, an M4 and M4 Tour. They have an in-depth clubface and small-size head, and a rounder curvature on the head, respectively.


Carbon composite crown

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Taylormade Sim 5 Wood

The Taylormade Sim 5 Wood truly is a beautiful golf club. It should suit the eye of any low handicap that wants good distance and excellent shot shaping abilities.

  • Ultra-low CG for improved launch and performance
  • 80g v-shaped sole plate improves turf interaction, giving you the confidence to attack any lie
  • Twist Face technology improves accuracy on off-center hits
  • Ultra-strong titanium face + speed pocket maximizes distance

Wrapping It Up: The Best Fairway Woods For High Handicappers


Hopefully, Ive educated you about the needs of higher-handicap golfers when it comes to fairway woods. As always, I encourage golfers to get custom fit if possible. An internet article cant tell you the perfect club for your swing. However, if you dont have access to a custom fitter, some of the options Ive listed should work well for you.

About The Author

Greg Gibson is a Staff Golf Professional, Certified Clubfitter, Instructor, and Trackman Specialist at Golf Headquarters in Louisville, KY. He previously served as General Manager, Director of Golf, and Head Golf Professional at Shelbyville Country Club. To make an appointment with Greg contact the GHQ Louisville staff at 502-245-8600

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Which Fairway Wood Is Best For You

Golfers with slower swing speeds need a fairway wood that produces a lot of spin. A higher launch is also crucial since thats what many higher handicaps struggle with. All fairway woods come with graphite shafts that are easy to hit, but the flex you need can differ significantly.

Depending on where you tend to miss the golf ball, youll want a fairway wood that promotes a particular ball flight. For example, investing in a draw-biased fairway wood can be very helpful if you often miss to the right.

How Many Wedges Should A Beginner Or High Handicapper Carry

Why not carry them all?

There is a 14 club limit and you should carry whatever helps your game.

You probably already have a pitching wedge that came with the set. If you dont have a gap wedge, try to get one in the same model as the clubs youre now playing. This will give you consistency and fill the distance gap that this wedge was designed for.

Everyone needs a sand wedge. No other club does what it does out of the sand or around the green. The sand wedge is also the club that most players use to pitch the ball.

Many players, especially beginners and high handicappers, shun the lob wedge. It can be challenging to master and requires a good hack to make the ball go anywhere. But, nothing beats a lob wedge to get out of, or over, a steep bunker, or getting the ball to stop on a slick green so I suggest carrying four.

A lot of golfers think its more beneficial to carry another fairway wood or hybrid but in reality, youll use each wedge much more than those clubs.

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Callaway Mavrik Max And Epic Max

The Release of the 2021 Epic line marks the 3rd generation of metal clubfaces designed with Artificial Intelligence. I watch Trackman numbers for a living these things are HOT.

Theres no doubt that high handicap players will need a club they can hit a long way off the ground. Whether its trying to reach a long par 4 or trying to recover from a poor tee shot, distance off the deck is important. deliver remarkable ball speed both on center and off-center hits. Put them on the shortlist to demo for sure.

Things To Consider When Buying A 5 Wood

Top 5 Best Fairway Woods for High Handicappers [2022 Review]

When purchasing a new 5 wood, these are some of the top features to keep in mind:

The loft of the club: standard is 19 degrees, but adjustability in the club head is a great feature to have.

Center of Gravity: an optimized center of gravity leads to higher ball flight and better forgiveness. If you struggle to get the ball in the air, the right center of gravity can be a game changer.

Shaft Flex: shaft flex is important for any club you have in your bag- the faster you swing, the more important it becomes. Most golfers with slow swing speeds will do well with a regular flex, while players who swing faster should use a Stiff or X-Stiff flex.

Players vs. Game Improvement Look: some new fairway woods have a very large and bulky head that helps promote forgiveness if you like a more players-style streamlined look, be aware of the technology you choose.

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Fairway Woods Vs Hybrids For High Handicappers

Many golfers, high handicap players in particular, tend to prefer hybrids over fairway woods. While hybrids are very handy clubs it is still wise to have a decent fairway wood or two.

Newer golfers are often intimidated by fairway woods but this should not be the case. In many ways, they are actually easier to hit then hybrids. They have a larger head and good weighting. They also allow you to hit down on the ball which is a more natural way to strike.

Sure the shaft may be longer and the club might feel less familiar in your hands but dont avoid fairway woods. There are many situations where they will be the best club in your bag.

What Is A Fairway Wood

Before we introduce you to our top 10 picks for the best fairway woods for high handicappers, you need to know what a fairway wood is.

A fairway wood is a type of club that falls within the wood category and are characterized by their higher lofts coupled with a more shallow face. They had clubheads originally made of wood, hence the name. But in recent times, these were replaced with sturdier and more durable metals called metal woods.

From its name, its easy to see that this type of wood is made for long-distance shots from the fairway. In most instances, you may have to shoot the golf ball over hazards like hills or trees. And because of these purposes, its easy to see why a good fairway wood is a necessity in every golf bag.

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What Is The Best Lob Wedge For High Handicappers

As you can tell, there are a lot of great choices for the best wedges for high handicappers in 2022. The biggest thing to make sure of is that your wedges help, not hurt your game. Remember, you dont need any golf wedge sets, you can mix and match for whats right for your game.

If youre playing cavity back irons and have blade wedges, you could be making the game a lot harder. But Cleveland CBX Zip Core wedge makes its a lot easier. Thanks to Feel Balancing Technology, the Cleveland 60 degree CBX Zip Core Lob Wedge feels and swings just like a cavity-backed iron. It will give you the confidence needed to take a good hack at the ball, and the forgiveness required when you miss.

Going back to the original question, however, who makes the best wedges for high handicappers in 2022?

The Cleveland CBX Zip Core gets the nod and is a must have item for golfers looking to improve their short game.

The cavity-backed design, together with Clevelands Feel Balancing Technology, makes them feel and forgive like a game improvement iron. They play well off the fairway, out of the sand, and everywhere in between. Feel, forgiveness, and playability make the Cleveland CBX Zip Core this years best wedge for high handicappers, mid handicappers, and beginners as well. It was a nice upgrade from the CBX 2 and the original CBX wedge of 2018.

Mw8 Moon Wood Premium Golf Fairway Wood For Men And Women:


On the list is a fairway wood by the Autopilot Stores with the name, MW8 Moon Wood. The features and specs it provides us dont fulfill the requirements of every golfer. It offers a slower swing which high handicappers will surely enjoy to the fullest. Lets have a look at the MW8s specs.

Golf club loft 25 degreesQuick launch and high flight

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Taylormade Sim 2 Max Draw

After all the research and testing that we did, the TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Draw fairway still comes out as the best overall option for a high handicapper. With this golf club, you will find that you can get impressive ball speed, long distance, and lots of forgiveness.

TaylorMade does a great job of maxing out the technology and the performance that their fairway woods offer, and the SIM 2 Max Draw is no exception. If you are ready to transform your long game this year, this is the club that could do it.

How We Test Golf Clubs

Our testing for golf irons is built upon a comprehensive process combined with the knowledge and expertise of the entire Golf Monthly test team, headed up by technical editor Joel Tadman. As far as the specific procedure goes, before testing, the team will usually attend product launches and meet with the manufacturer’s R& D experts to understand the new technology.

When it comes to testing, we often head indoors first to try clubs in a controlled environment. This usually takes place on an indoor simulator using a premium, reputable launch monitor with premium balls. Our outside testing normally takes place at West Hill Golf Club, a course with top-notch practice facilities, both on the range and on course.

We think it is vitally important to do both and continue to test the clubs so they have been comprehensively put to the test in different conditions. It should also be mentioned that manufacturers cannot pay for a good review and we make our conclusions from the testing and our experiences.

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